Forest View Lounge

4519 S Harlem Ave
Forest View, 60402
Great, laidback dive bar feel with good food, a beer garden, and clean bathrooms (including lotion). You have to try the burgers! Owners and bartenders were very nice and attentive, and patrons were kind, diverse, and inclusive. Still a good amount of energy despite initial dive bar feel. Video gaming, jukebox, and big TV make for a great night. I had such a good time and have absolutely no complaints.
I love this place. The owners and staff are friendly from the moment you walk in. The patrons are just as friendly and talk to everyone. Good bar food, good drinks, jukebox, video slots and poker. Always have a good time here! It's not fancy, but it's warm and friendly and it's my favorite hangout since moving to the western suburbs!
I have to admit when my boyfriend told me we were going to this bar I wasn't too thrilled. I had never seen this place before, and I had my heart set on venturing out into the city for some fun. I'm way too happy we made to it The Forest View lounge! The Forest View lounge has that cool laid back neighborhood bar feel to it. Everyone inside was very nice. The owners Marge & Donna really make you feel welcome, and that's why I've been back twice since my first visit! The Forest View lounge has a menu with some good bar food on it! I went extremely hungry ( I'm almost embarrassed to type everything I ate!!), and ordered quite a bit of food! Try the Oozy burger! A fat hamburger patty stuffed with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. My mouth had an orgasm. I swear. #Whore I also tried the gyro puff(This was just blah for me.), seasoned fries(Yum), some of my boyfriends chicken tenders( awesome), and a slice of pizza. Omg looking back at this I cannot believe I ate so much. #FatBitch #DontJudgeMe I really wanted to try the ass burner burger, but not really up for a hot ass on a party night! Good thing The Forest View lounge is open during the day so I'll have to try it for lunch! I totally needed a stretcher to wheel my big ass outta there.......I will definitely be back!!!

(708) 484-3067

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