2933 N Kirk Rd
East Aurora, 60502
Went here for the first time today, hubs told me about $1 pockets so we figured it'd be a good day for me to try it out. (He works down the street & has eaten here a few times) So we make the trek out there, arrive at 3:57, they were serving $1 pockets until 4. As we walk in, we notice the sign advertising the special deal is still out so we figure we are okay. Walk in, 2 people in line ahead of us. Guy in front of us says "are you still offering the dollar pockets?" "yes." He orders, walks away, the cashier says "it's after 4, we are no longer offering the dollar pockets." "seriously? we were in line at 4" "yes, we told him when he walked in he was the last one."(which was a lie, because I heard him ask) Mind you, there is no one behind us in line. I understand having a cut off time for a deal-especially if you have a bunch of people in line, but we were in line at 4, & they still had the sign up outside. So we decided to leave & not get anything. I was really turned off by the customer service. It would have been nice for her to tell us as soon as we walked in that they weren't offering the dollar pockets anymore, that could have changed the whole interaction. Originally, we were going to eat there regardless of the deal. So we go to leave, the manager is outside taking down the signs as we are walking out. Get in the car, I say "let's go talk to the manager because that's ridiculous how they handled that." Long story short(ish), we don't even get a chance to discuss the real issue at hand(customer service), he simply said, "give them the deal" & walked away. We made sure to thank him for giving us the deal, because he certainly didn't have to. We got two pockets, Southwest & Greek. Southwest has beans, roasted peppers, corn, cheddar, tomatoes, spinach & lettuce with a chipotle ranch dressing. Greek has black olives(canned), tomatoes, spinach & lettuce, & feta with a greek dressing. Both were tasty & nicely seasoned. I liked the Southwest better overall. Would I come here again? Maybe, maybe not, poor customer service is a big turn off for me. I know we got the deal, but that wasn't the point, the whole thing was handled wrong.
Oh my how I loved that we stumbled upon this place. They will make everything to your liking, everything is so fresh and makes you feel good about eating out! Great prices as well I just wish it was alot closer! Maybe not I'd probably be here everyday!
Always a winner!! A fast, delicious meal with fresh made bread and healthy options. Sandwiches, salads, calzones & pizza all made to order. Delivery & catering available.

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Barbeque, Greek, Asian Fusion

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