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  • Thomas F.

    I ordered from here and was very satisfied with the food. Delivery was quick, shorter that expected. Would like to try more of the menu next time.

  • Diana G.

    I believe my mom said they changed ownership in June. We decided to order for delivery from them. Egg Rolls & Crab Rangoons - Okay, but had better Combo Fried Rice - Nothing special Beef Chow Funn - This was okay, but very little noodles and they made it more Americanized by putting cabbage and other veggies in it. Orange Chicken - Okay Nothing really stood out. Rather go elsewhere.

  • Chris B.

    Good food

  • Michael G.

    My sweet and sour sauce was separate from the chicken but came in a folded paper container. Spilled/leaked frequently in a short trip home. Otherwise food was good.

  • david C.

    Awesome Chinese food for great price. This place has changed owners a few times over the past few years and for a while it wasn't too great. In the past 2 years or so the quality of the food has definitely improved. The lunch specials are easily enough for 2 people(or enough to save for later) and are all about $7 and under. The General Chicken is my favorite. The people are very friendly and delivery is always super fast! I would definitely order take out as I'm not sure dining in is still an option.

  • Francisco B.

    Got the Thursday chicken lo mein lunch special. Large portion and home made quality.

  • Darren F.

    came here because i wanted Chinese food that comes with fried rice instead of the traditional white rice lol.. from the outside, this restaurant looks kind of ghetto with the sign looking kind of faded.. the inside looks very simple and have plenty of tables and seats to dine in.. the service is great and the people is nice there! i ordered the Mongolian beef dinner special which is a little over 6 bucks after tax.. in the special it includes a egg roll, a can pop, and a square foam box of half Mongolian beef and half chicken fried rice! they pack that box with food i tell you! the portion is big enough for 2 people or you can make it into 2 meals! the food was really good and the flavor is well balanced! they have a big menu with a lot of great food from Chinese to Thai dishes to choose from and it can get pretty hard if you are a indecisive person like me haha... if you want good food in a big portion for a very low price then this is the spot! i cant wait to come back here to try out other dishes!

  • Joanna G.

    I really wish I could give this place a better review but the food was terrible. I ordered some food today for delivery since I was iching for some Chinese food. The crab rangoon was really oily and tasted old. As for my main course of pad thai, wow horrible! The noodles were still hard, I just ate some of the meat and threw out the rest, honestly there was probably 75% of it I did not eat. The only thing that was average was the egg roll but even that was not stellar. I will not be ordering from here again, sorry the first impression is always the most important and I can't see myself ordering here again.

  • Ben C.

    Relatively inexpensive and really good. The portions are huge and I've noticed that 50% of my orders arrive with a beverage I didn't even pay for, so that's ice.

  • Yesenia C.

    OK lemme give you a run down on why this place is awesome for carry out and delivery.. they're QUICK!! and quick in a good way meaning everything is tasting as good as it should. Its hot. Nothing is forgotten. And they're friendly too! You can call ahead, pick up or call for home delivery. TRY the combination fried rice as its not overcooked or full of soy sauce so it may not be as dark as others.. any dishes containing veggies you will see Vibrant fresh veg colors. Broccoli that's Green not grey. The spicy Thai chicken wings are my new favorites to get along with the usually faves of egg Foo young or general tsao chicken. And check it out.. a SOUTH SIDE place that actually makes Thai food along with traditional Cantonese/Mongolian Awesome!! Pad Thai on the south side?? Absurd! But this place has it and does it right. And lets not forget the reasonable pricing... OK gonna order now..


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Opening Hours

  • Tue


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

There are not many restaurants in America serving authentic Chinese food. A little research on Restaurant Listings directory can help you locate the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Chinese cuisine is continuously evolving, and you can find a variety of dishes categorized as the food for lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic friendly. So, if you have a group of friends with different taste patterns, save the hassle and visit the nearest Chinese restaurant in your city.

Wing Wah

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