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  • Aj M.

    Chill neighborhood hangout spot. Most attractive barista(s) on earth.

  • Veronica S.

    CLOSED - Stopped in once for some coffee. Thought it was A-OK, but apparently they are having financial problems and the Chicago Ave. location is now closed.…

  • Danny W.

    You probably wouldn't right swipe this place if you found it on Tinder cause of the name, but if you can get past the Ugly Mug it's truly beautiful on the inside. With a very charming and chill staff, totally cozy vibe, and super high speed Internet, it's quickly become one of my go to spots to post up with my laptop for a few hours. They've got sidewalk seating and a patio in the back that shields the wind really well so if nice out it's definitely must do...and it's very dog friendly. The coffee is great and the food is even better. There's breakfast sandos, other AM delights, and severral lunch options of which I'd recommend two from personal experience. The Velociwrapter is basically a turkey club with a kick of jalapeno and The Charming is a veggie wrap with portobello shrooms chick peas and some other stuff for the non meat eater. Overall it's an awesome local spot and unlike a said Tinder swipe I was talking's always been a satisfying experience.

  • Agnes I.

    --Great place! --Not busy. I got here around 6:15pm on a Monday night. --Big enough for group meetings yet still intimate. --Lots of tables for you to work on your laptop and a few couches. --I don't drink coffee so can't comment on that but I ordered gre

  • Gino W.

    Not a fan of the whole hipster atmosphere because the dispositions tend to be offputting. However, the hipster vibe at Ugly Mug Cafe isn't like that. AND the coffee is apparently from a quality bean. Ordered a latte and I drank it without any sweetener added. So, if I am in the West Town/Ukrainian Village neighbourhood again and want some coffee, Ugly Mug Cafe will get my business.

  • Samantha G.

    I came here late on a Saturday morning and planned to have a free latte (using the Freebie app -- it's awesome!) I wasn't expecting such an extensive (and creative) drink menu, or food options! Being a little overwhelmed with options, I asked which flavors were most popular or their favorites. Two recommendations were made -- coconut and Thai almond. I went with the Thai almond iced latte. It is an interesting flavor that I didn't particularly love... I definitely felt like I was drinking some strange Thai curry. The appearance was a little off-putting (almost as if the milk was curdling, but it wasn't.) I didn't ask what the ingredients were but I'd be curious to know. Even though I didn't love my drink choice, I liked the cozy atmosphere and friendly service, and they have several items I want to try so I will be back!

  • erica f.

    Umm hello this place is perfect. Employees were welcoming and friendly and everything I ordered was legit. Remember that horrible movie with the souped up cars when Eva Mendes said "I hired some thugs to make it legit" ? This place was exactly what Eva was talking about. They're chalkboard full of signature coffee drinks is amazeballs. The Ron Swanson tastes just like Ron Swanson

  • Renee E.

    I've become quite a fan of Ugly Mug Cafe. I may never have discovered it, but I teach a class twice a week around the corner on Ashland. Usually, I bike about 14 miles roundtrip to West Town (at 5 am!! on wednesdays) and I had some time to kill before my next class in Logan Square. I needed to refuel, so Yelp led me to Ugly Mug. Sometimes you just want a chill cafe that isn't the sterile chain with the green logo (actually, I never want that...) I sat outside on their sidewalk patio and enjoyed my coffee and read my paper. Pleasant start to my morning. I also ordered a Velociwrapter and a cookie to go for lunch later (after getting up at 3:45., biking 14 miles, and teaching 2 classes, I'm super lazy about wanting to prepare food.) The wrap was delicious and to my surprise came with a side of tortilla chips. The cookie was no disappointment, either. Since then, I've visited a few more times, sat inside for a business meeting, had more coffee, more cookies, and another Velociwrapter to go. The staff has always been incredibly nice and they also have a loyalty punch card. They also have many really interesting coffee drink offerings: thin mint, pb&j latte, butter coffee. I'm not really a coffee drink girl, but my interest is piqued.

  • Alex Z.

    This is about the third time I've been to ugly mug. I don't think I will go back. Of the three times I've been there, two of the times their internet was down (by the way the place was not crowded when it was down). Being that the main reason I go to coffee shops is to get work done, I ended up wasting $15 on a sandwich and shake and had to just scarf it down and return home since I couldn't do anything there. This unreliablility makes this place worthless to me, especially with Lovely bake shop a few blocks away and some great places along milwaukee a bit farther. The food was alright. The sandwich wasn't cheap but it wasn't bad. The shake I had 'gravity of love' tasted very chalky (the chalky taste you get when you have cheap chocolate ice cream) but I might be spoiled because I'm used to the quality that you'd find in places in lakeview. The greater than 1 star is because even though this is a horrible place to work, they do have friendly staff and nice but not overbearing music. If they had reliable internet they would have a much better rating. EDIT: I did get a reply from the management taking responsibility and saying they're switching their service. When they do I hope to give it a shot again.

  • Aaron J.

    I usually order delivery, but decided to go in and check it out. Great food, as expected, but they're also super friendly, helpful, and the atmosphere is awesome. I highly recommend going in and checking it out, or at least get it delivered.

  • julie q.

    So it's right down the street from my house and aside from having to wait for 30 minutes for a caprese sandwich (which is really good) and a walk of shame wrap (guac, eggs, bacon, maters, and spinach which is also a really good bfast wrap) it's not horrible. The coffee is just awful. I don't know which roaster they use but every time I drink my iced coffee my stomach just churns because of the bitterness. My husbo's latte is never that great either. Between this shop and Awake Cafe (formerly Swim) I'll take this one because the quality is better and prices are cheaper.

  • Fygar F.

    Took me my entire first visit before I realized the namesake of this cafe. They have an eclectic collection of mugs and plates (think SpongeBob plates, holiday mugs, or a cup that proudly exclaims "#1 Boss"). It's a really fun, airy place and not too busy the few times I've been there. Great sandwiches and coffee. And... a really fun playlist! From MC Hammer to Journey to Led Zeppelin.

  • Christopher M.

    I have been to Ugly Mug twice and both trips I left with an outrageously delicious beverage. I should point out that in neither instance did I have just a regular cup of Joe, but one of their specialty coffees: the first time a pumpkin spice latte and the second time an egg nog latte. Both, in addition to being season appropriate, were delicious. Both times our barista was very friendly and helpful, and the first time we went they had a DJ playing - random, but very cool. I loved Ugly Mug so much I would go out of my way to come here, so whether or not you're in the neighborhood I'd recommend stopping on by for a delicious treat. 70/365

  • Kate H.

    Their coffee is delightful & I always enjoy the witty chalkboard sign whenever I'm passing by, even if I'm not stopping inside Also if you buy a bottomless coffee the staff lets you pick your mug. My fav is the "A Giant Cup Of I'm The F%#*&@ Boss" mug

  • Irene G.

    Good coffee, cute space and friendly staff. I'm a fan.

  • Kelsey K.

    This place is my jam. Lattes are delicious, bagels are the bomb, and the staff is rad. Always plenty of comfy seating and in a great location.

  • Stephenie P.

    What's not to love about the Mug!?!? The staff are awesome, super friendly folks. The drinks are terrific and the food is delicious. Plenty of space to find the right seating arrangement, though I tend to hang out at the counter, and they have lovely back garden area plus sidewalk seating. The owner is always looking for ways to support the neighborhood and often has after hours events for different fundraisers. It's great to have the Mug as part of my community!

  • jerry d.

    Helpful and knowledgeable staff, great tea and ambiance. They did have a vegan option which was nice!

  • Sara A.

    I ordered a cinnamon coconut latte and it was the best I've ever had. I had a Jordan cataland for breakfast, I didn't enjoy it much too messy for me. But I regret not having one of their croissants as they look phenomenal. I'm still giving it a 5 for potential they have so many good things you can never go wrong. Ever. The staff are extremely nice and are always in a good mood.

  • Kevin M.

    Cool place. Best coffee shop I have been to in the area. Also they have plenty of plugs for computer work! Music was good too

  • Katie K.

    I'm in love with any place that let's me walk in, order verbatim "I feel like want something delicious" and get just that. PLUS they have more milk alternatives than just soy! My heart and caffeine addiction will always be in ugly mug's arms.

  • Kyle G.

    I've been frequenting Ugly Mug for the past year or so, really since they opened, usually for coffee, occasionally for lunch or for a bagel & lox on weekends. It's been a convenient neighborhood spot with friendly staff. Their back patio is dog friendly, which is a plus in the summertime. However, they are soo slow. The coffee is great, but food is clearly not their thing. It typically takes them 10-15 minutes for a sandwich or wrap (and that is when they are not busy) so I only get food when I have plenty of time to kill. Today I went in and had 30 minutes to pick up a sandwich to take on the road before a meeting. I figured this would be plenty of time. I ordered the sandwich and a tea and took a seat on the couch next to the counter and waited. After about 15 minutes, I wasn't surprised, but started to get anxious. After 20 minutes, I asked the guy I ordered from if my sandwich was coming out soon. He asked me what I ordered and then said he never got the ticket. This was odd because he was the one who took my order. With only a few minutes to spare, I asked for a refund and left without any lunch. No apology or anything. I was so annoyed. This had a been a nice little, convenient cafe, but there are plenty of places in the neighborhood that I can get a coffee and decent food in a timely fashion. Bottom line: The food is nothing special. Slow, slow service.

  • Michelle C.

    I really wanted to like this place because their menu sounds really awesome and they have a lot of natural and alternative options (non-dairy, vegan, etc.) So it sounds like a great lunch spot and convenient near my work. About 10 of us ordered food, and I'm not really one to complain about delivery times or a couple of items they forgot, because hey, it's food service during a busy weekday. That stuff doesn't really bug me. It was just the food that was not so great. It was actually pretty awful. I tried the tabouli salad - honestly the worst tabouli I've ever had because it had no flavor. It looked great but was very bland and had no flavor - no taste of parsley or lemon or pepper. Not sure what recipe it is, but even the balsamic dressing did not bring this back to life. Tried some of Movin to Cali, also very dry and flavorless. Also had a veggie-type of tomato based soup that was decent. Most co-workers also said that there just wasn't a good flavor to their meals, nothing memorable. The espresso options sound good and they have other cool sounding smoothies, so I may try one of those another time, but likely won't order for delivery again from here.

  • Howard L.

    Ugly Mug is my new coffeehouse for the neighborhood. I went in recently and found it warm and inviting on a cold snowy day. Tried the mocha which was delicious. The staff was friendly, the décor hip and laid back. Most of the other patrons looked like they were there for hours, so a great place to hang out. Some hipsters were there but otherwise a nice crowd. Drop by for a coffee and try it yourself! They do have some breakfast items and sandwiches as well. The one negative is the sandwiches seem pricey for this place and neighborhood.

  • Fiona R.

    You know the coffee is great in a place when you drive 2 miles out of your way to get a fix!! And not just once but a couple of times a week. It's so difficult to get good coffee in this city, let alone espresso. I love that Ugly Mug supports local coffee roasters Passion House. I mostly visit weekdays but recently I came on a Sunday mid- morning and ordered my usual latte and since I'm a bagel lover I ordered a lox bagel with avocado, red onions, tomato and arugula. OMG it was delish ! My boyfriend ordered the Cuban sandwich and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Ugly Mug also supports local artists and the artwork is on constant rotation. I seriously wish this place was within walking distance from my house, but I'll still be there several times a week nevertheless!! Check it out; you WON'T be disappointed !

  • Clint B.

    Local favorite coffee shop with great latte and cappuccino drinks. I tried the lentil soup and was a great choice.

  • Tucker P.

    The food is amazing. I dig how they source so many items from bakeries and stuff right in the neighborhood. The coffee is fantastic. The staff have awesome attitudes. They're fun too. Last Sunday, one of the employees was controlling the mix from his iPod and I dug his eclectic choices (I'm a DJ so I'm partial to such things:) This place is a must-visit for my frequent trips to Chicago. Peace from Akron, Ohio.

  • Tim L.

    Simply delightful. Great house blend black Coffee and non fat cafe latte!!! Velociraptor was tastes even at 9:28am Momma got the breakfast bagel sandwich on everything bagel.

  • Paul F.

    Nutella latte was mediocre..... Just lack of smiles on a nice and warm spring afternoon. Don't think I will be back. Lots of other cafés nearby....

  • Marissa D.

    This place has a lot of character! Always an interesting conversation while I'm there. The staff is usually very friendly and accommodating. They have a lot of options for drinks and sandwiches. My boyfriend and I stopped here one night for the west town art walk and where instantly greeted with a delish complimentary drink! Not to mention there sandwich board always cracks me up! I feel comfort in the fact they don't take themselves so seriously and enjoy being a part of the area without being pretentious. Other coffee shops in the area don't give me that welcoming feeling. Keep up the good work Ugly! ;-)

  • Kimberly K.

    Cute little coffee house with some nice food options. The reused mugs add a cute touch and the atmosphere is cozy. Super friendly staff. Free wifi and you're even able to print documents if you're using it as your office. The coffee and food are pretty good. It's a nice option in the neighborhood for a quiet morning or afternoon!

  • Nissy A.

    This is my neighborhood coffee shop and it's everything that one would want for a local spot. The coffee is delicious, staff is very friendly, food is good and the atmosphere is welcoming. They have free wifi and printing capabilities which is great. It's a great place to work or just to go and enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee. The best part is, they allow dogs inside!!

  • Robert P.

    Besides the forgettable quality of both the food and drink (after circa eight visits), two experiences led me to writing this review. On the way to work, I stopped by for some coffee and yogurt/granola/fruit parfait deal (which cost nearly $4, mind you). Got to work, and to my f*cking delight, they chefs over at Ugly Mug put not yogurt in their yogurt parfaits, but cream cheese. Yes, CREAM CHEESE. I was displeased. So much so, that I made a point to bring it back before I got home after work and ask for a refund. They surely must have felt embarrassed and thus told the brilliant chef in the kitchen to check his/her recipe, right? Fast forward a few weeks. Stop in there for the same order, assuming that lightning would strike twice. Well, I was wrong. Cream-cheese parfait again. Awesome. And now, Ugly Mug, you have earned a scarcely-written review from me on this hungry April morning. Convenience is king for me, and had this place been at least a mediocre net experience, I would frequent here. But given their sheer ignorance and lack of any other positive notable quality, I can tell you that despite their proximity, this will be an establishment that I go OUT of my way to avoid. One star.

  • Rebecca R.

    Such a cute little place with outdoor seating in front and out back. The staff was also very friendly. I ordered a simple americano to-go (which was very good) but the food people were ordering looked great too! I'll stop back in with my computer for another great cup of coffee and try out some of the wraps that looked promising.

  • Adolfho R.

    I like what I crave and I eat what I crave. This cozy establishment has gained my approval. I go to Ugly Mug as often as I can. I love their coffee and that's just to begin. There soup draws me inside with this winter awful weather. Definitely warm and delicious. Their sandwiches are simple ingredients but quiet unique in their taste which sets them apart. Furthermore, I enjoy that they have random events. Definitely giving back to the community. One thing I do miss is their almond croissant. Sigh... Either way if you're in the neighborhood and need to do work on your laptop this is the spot to drop by.

  • Scott N.

    Enjoyed my first catered brunch from the Ugly Mug this weekend -- service was impeccable and the assortment of breakfast sandwiches was delicious, not to mention HUGE. Highly recommended!

  • Arlyn T.

    Ugly Mug is my go to place for the best coffee, service and wit in Chicago! I found out that the owner spends the majority of his time researching the finest beans, and roasting companies and keeps several varieties, on hand at all times. There is a menu there just like most other places but there is a strong level of customer customization and creativity that other coffee houses just can't touch. I'm pleased and amazed every time.

  • Stephanie A.

    I love the movin to Cali sandwich, the Nutella latte and Nutella hot chocolate. This place does get busy so it might take a while to get your drinks/food but it's worth the wait. I'm so happy this place is a block away from me. I hope it sticks around u.

  • Amanda C.

    Great service and absolutely delicious chai latte. My friend is a regular here and is never disappointed- I myself wasn't. Guys behind the counter were friendly and can whip up some great coffee!!!

  • Vanessa N.

    Came here on a whim and was pleasantly surprised - the salad was super fresh, the "life changer" sandwich was delicious, and the Thin Mint Latte was yummy! This place has a cool vibe and the staff is friendly. A little pricey but not too bad. Great for a quick lunch - they also have outdoor seating available!

  • Beth W.

    Visited Ugly Mug a couple of weeks ago and didn't have the best experience or the best first impression. Disruptive music playing over the speakers, odd smell in the place and a pricey cup of hot green tea. With all the other great options this city has to offer, don't think I'll be going back to Ugly Mug.

  • Brandon M.

    Terrible food service. Waited over an hour for two breakfast sandwiches and watched people get served before us. When asking for an ETA, we were told it was coming right out. 30 min later with no food we left.

  • Shana S.

    Ugly Mug has good coffee at pretty average prices. The food is not bad, but it is pricey. I tend to get drip coffee (in a cat mug!) when I'm there so I can't speak to the price or quality of their espresso drinks. Wait times for food can be pretty long - I ordered a bagel & cream cheese once and was already due for a refill by the time it was ready. The folks at Ugly Mug are friendly and helpful (some more than others). On a few occasions I've been offered a to-go coffee after handing in my mug and getting ready to leave, which is great!

  • Rebekka T.

    Every time I've been here something has gone poorly...they burn my bagel, my cappuccino is cold, they give me the wrong order/food item. Once I get my food, it's not usually that great. I think the worst thing though is I've tried to go there a couple times and they were closed way before their hours stated. Once, the barista told me they were closing up as I was ordering, it was 2 HOURS early. I really wanted to like it, but this place doesn't feel like a serious business. With places like Caffe Streets, La Colombe, Star Lounge/Dark Matter, Big Shoulders nearby, they are falling way below the bar. A good start would be to actually be open when they say they are.

  • Michael B.

    Cute place, but disappointed with service. Purchased coupon but manager said those were sold without their knowing and wouldn't honor it. Would have hoped they offered some discount since we only went due to coupon. Oh well

  • Emily C.

    Great coffee place. When we went on a Saturday they had a DJ playing, which was pretty fun. The barista also told us they have jazz night once a month. The pumpkin spice latte was fantastic. 278/365

  • Arthur H.

    Came here to use an Indie Coffee Passport. First time in. Nice space. The shop is on the north side of the street so the large glass windows at the front get a lot of light, which is good on a cold winter day. Friendly service. Coffee drinks and sandwiches were quite good.

  • Ivon G.

    I really wanted to like this place but I had horrible service. I waited 20 min for a bagel with cream cheese!!!

  • Kara D.

    When I saw this place was going to open a few months ago, I was soooooo excited! There weren't very many options for a good coffee place where you can study. We went to a few tastings and introductory pre-opening events and it was always excellent. There were some issues with the initial opening (think silly inspection stuff); when they finally opened, I was very eager to give it a real shot. They are my favorite coffee shop in the city! Yes, Big Shoulders or Inteligentsia has better coffee, but neither of them have the ambiance or proximity to me. I have ordered many drinks from their menu. The white chocolate peppermint mocha is my favorite by far. Their sandwiches have always been excellent as well. My favorite is the Noble Square :-). Do note, if the sandwich has horseradish mayo, I would ask for it on the side your first time because it definitely surprised me with the strength of the flavor. The environment has been very good for studying. I am a PhD student and need somewhere reliable to get caffeine and be out of my house to get work done. The chairs are comfy enough and the wi-fi is reliable. The service has always been my favorite part. The employees are always smiling and seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs. Micky (the owner) is often present and takes great pride in his shop. I even used them as a hub on my scavenger hunt when I proposed to my girlfriend! Last note, there are many "ugly" mugs in the back you can choose from. Do NOT take the rainbow sailboats mug, it is mine.

  • J V.

    Ugly Mug Cafe is such a great addition to the neighborhood. The coffee is fantastic! It's so good, I don't need to add any sugar or syrups to make it palatable, which is pretty impressive because I have a sweet tooth! And the food is just as wonderful. The creativity and super fresh ingredients, not to mention the made-to-order items, make this more than your average cafe; it's definitely a place to come and hang out, either with friends or do to a little work. The staff is also great! The owner, Mikky, really cares about his customers and the neighborhood, and is constantly finding new ways to keep The Ugly Mug full of new beverages, menu items, and community building events. He has staffed the cafe with a very knowledgeable waitstaff who, if you become a regular like I have, quickly learn your name and drink preferences. The music great and the cafe is always cheery and happy. Stopping here for my morning coffee totally starts my day off on the right foot. Thanks, Ugly Mug Cafe, for kicking ass!

  • Mike Y.

    Solid coffee drinks, great people. Had a red velvet whoopie pie today... Yeah, you shoulda been there. It was good times. Had the Carmel Ecstasy Latte, so good. I'm glad this place is within walking distance of work.

  • Luci L.

    Fast, friendly with some pretty ugly mugs! Great espresso and sandwiches, and tunes to match!

  • Dan R.

    On the good side the sandwiches are pretty good, so is the coffee. We live in the neighborhood and we also order sandwiches from this place but never really stay in to eat. I'm a supporter of our neighborhood businesses and I appreciate that the owner reached out to me to acknowledge the feedback.

  • Morgan F.

    So if you thought trying Flo was a good idea only to rock up and there is a 45min+ wait, head here to Ugly Mug Cafe for amazing smoothies and wraps! Brekkie wrap 'walk of shame' so so yummy! Im a smoothie girl and this is the place to go

  • Jennifer M.

    Better than I could have even wished for! Open early, toys for the kids and amazing build your own smoothies for them too!

  • Ozge C.

    Very friendly and fast service. I had the Lived in Portland sandwich and mixed berry smothie, my hubby had Movin to Cali and Nutella Latte and they were all very delicious. It is a very relaxed spot and the food and drinks are delicious!

  • Marc D.

    Great food, great service, friendly staff, good variety of options to choose from. Open early on the weekends, very chill.

  • Delia V.

    Head over heels about Ugly Mug in the Noble Square neighborhood. A true small business gem. The coffee is great, lunch is a bonus, but the best part is that in many ways it brings the community closer. LOVE THEIR SMOOTHIES, BTW. TRY THE SUMMER OF FORLONE.

  • Kate C.

    Their drinks must be fantastic, becuase the service is slow and bad and the food is overpriced and poorly done. For $8 plus tax and tip, I got an untoasted bagel and a smoothie that took three people 10 minutes to make. There wasn't a line or anything, the place was half-empty and there was only one person who received an order ahead of me. 10 minutes! The $4 bagel was cold, hadn't been toasted. I said that I wanted it for here and it came in a bag. So, I left. Bad value. Dismissive and preoccupied counter staff. Smoothie was so-so, and they somehow managed to ruin an ordinary bagel. I won't be back.

  • Matthew A.

    Love this place. Great atmosphere. Wonderful neighborhood. Lovely staff. Good internet. Delightful coffee. Delicious food. Family friendly, but quiet enough to sit and read/study. Totally non-exclusive, open minded vibe where everyone's welcome. Thanks!

  • Melissa R.

    I keep trying to give this place a chance but somehow they always mess up my order in some way. This includes giving me a smoothie with bad yogurt, giving me the wrong sandwich, or a hard/burned bagel after waiting for a sandwich for 15 minutes, or forgetting that I ordered a latte. The actual food is pretty decent when I actually get the right order but does not make up for their mistakes. I pretty much only go here because it's hella close to where I stay. If the customer service was better I would definitely dig this place.

  • Nora B.

    Nothing special. Not great service. Stopped serving egg sandwiches after noon:( I'll give them one more chance, but there are better cafe's in the area...

  • David E.

    This place keeps getting better and better since it opened. Great coffee. Killer sandwiches. Wonderful vibe. Down-to-earth. My only complaint is that their tables are a bit wobbly! (And they could use some more scones!) But seriously, love it here.

  • Paola C.

    This is a lovely coffee bar in my neighborhood, literally a block away from where I live. Yes, I am lucky! Thin mint latte is my favorite, together with the Slow Rider it's my favorite Sunday brunchie!

  • Jeana C.

    Got a groupon here and I fell in love with this place. Will definitely return. I love their Veloci-wrapter (something like that)-- must try! The others were good as well like the Ugly Mug sandwich. Everyone that worked there were really nice as well.

  • Meg B.

    Just moved into the neighborhood and found this awesome little joint. The coffee is great, so excited to see halfwit. The staff is super fun and personable, the few times I've been in they've all been really fun, joking around with me and dancing. It's definitely not your traditionally stuffy hipstery condescending place. Great coffee, great atmosphere, AND they have coconut milk!!!! I'll definitely be back again and again.

  • Ali H.

    Oh, ugly mug, I wanted to like you so badly. Proximity to my apartment and a promisingly cozy interior left me feeling very encouraged during my first couple visits. However, I must say tis not to be for us. It IS cozy inside, this is true. The ambiance is nicer than Swim (which recently closed anyway so its sort of a moot point), so there's that. The coffee is... good... I've overall enjoyed the drinks I've had. However, the food is really rather overpriced and nothing to write home about. I also don't like that they have that little pass through toaster right out behind the counter. Things seem strangely set-up and subway-esque. And you'll have plenty of time to observe the weirdness while you're waiting for your drink or sandwich for like 10 minutes. Anyway, a sandwich and a latte set me back 14 dollars. They didn't have prices posted for a while so this was a bit of a shock, considering that I'd expect an average BLT-style cafe sandwich to be 5-7 dollars. Anyway I think they lowered some prices and/or posted some prices now... but sandwiches are still over 7 dollars, and they aren't worth it. I'll spend 8-10 dollars on a sandwich at Cha'va any day since they are interesting, complex and creative dishes on a rotating menu with locally sourced, organic, and free range ingredients. That's different. Anyway the real hair that broke the camel's back is that the owner/manager/guy that goes around telling people what to do is a prize jerk. Almost every time I've been in here (6 times now), there has been some demi-crisis; too many people, too few staff, wrong food, food taking FOREVER to be prepared, drinks taking FOREVER to be prepared. Which displeases him. And he acts badly. He is rude to his staff, rude to the UPS guy that came for a delivery, rude and acting like it's the customers fault that he's so busy, can't we tell that they don't have time to make us a latte or a sandwich?!?!!? It makes the space very uncomfortable (I've seen SEVERAL people leave after waiting in line for several minutes and witnessing his behavior) and unpleasant. Ain't got no time for that in the workplace, and with all the excellent cafes around the city, I won't have to feel bad about spending my money here. Luckily Asado just opened up down the street, and with big shoulders only a couple blocks away, there are still great coffee options you can feel good about patronizing. Unfortunately Ugly Mug isn't one of them.

  • Suzy F.

    The Ugly Mug has great potential but 'an employee' sabotages the cafe's success. 'The employee' is rude to other employees and walks around the store stressed out about food delivery times and quality. 'The employee' hits on any woman who is attractive and/or appears single (he's hit on me and 2 girlfriends on independent visits). I gave The Ugly Mug 3 tries. The last was earlier last week and 'the employee' was talking loudly about his potential reality TV show. The coffee is really good and the food is nice (despite being slow) - it's a shame that 'the employee' makes the experience uncomfortable.

  • Jordan B.

    Everyone here is incredibly friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the coffee and food tastes great. Their coffee game has really stepped up since they made the switch to Halfwit. All of the baristas are great, but consider yourself extra lucky if you go in while Annie Tarwater is working. She's a coffee princess.

  • Genia R.

    I've been here quite a few times in the morning and multiple times in the evening for client meetings. The food is really good, especially the bfast sandwiches. I like that they update their menu items and keep some things seasonal. The coffee is great - and for a local cafe I enjoy the fun varieties in flavors. It's a great place to just chill for a bit, there's a good energy flow. And any client I've ever had a meeting with there loves the place so that makes me feel good too. Definitely a place to add to your list of cafes.

  • Daryl K.

    Yeah. So I checked this place out.... and ah.... pretty um cool. The sandwiches are a creative mixture of ingredients, the bagels are fresh and I happened to stop in when they had glazed & infused donuts. Which were a nice surprise. I'm gonna go back. Maybe every day for the rest of my life. Oh yeah. The staff is pretty friendly. & charismatic.

  • Bocce G.

    I had a great latte (though over $5...maybe because of the soy?) but the employees were silly, loud, and obnoxious while all of the clients were quietly working/studying. I may go back for a drink to go, but will never go there to study again...

  • robert s.

    I love this place. I have met some interesting people in here. The coffee is great, moving to cali is my personal fav sandwich. The staff I love, funny, attentive and just add to the atmosphere. They all wear many hats, they do love the place. The owner cracks me up, surprisingly intelligent. I look at him and think the "grand daddy of grunge" . Very happy you guys are here.................

  • Daniel S.

    Coffee is good, but the place is sweet. If only they served coffee like Asado, I'd give this place 6 stars.

  • Joshua K.

    I both work and live in the neighborhood, and I love seeing places like this open up in our hood! I usually get in there 2-3 times a week for either a coffee or a sandwich to go. All of the sandwiches that I've tried have been great. Not your standard shaved deli meats, they're thick sliced cuts. The pickle-jalapeno slaw they put on a couple of the sandwiches is fantastic! Staff is friendly! Check this place out!

  • Olivia A.

    Always see pass this place on my way to work and decided to stop in on a cold Saturday morning with my son just looking to grab some coffee and a pastry. My experience from beginning to end was awesome! Staff was great, coffee was great, the kid liked his cinnamon roll and the fact that he could choose his own cup! Their wi fi isn't all that great, so it's not a place you want to hang out at if you have to get work done. The best of it all was the MUSIC!!!! Where can you go drink coffee and listen to Mos Def annnnd Atmosphere?! Um probably only... The Ugly Mug!

  • Angela K.

    Delightful! So happy to have a new coffee shop around the corner. Very friendly staff, tasty coffee, good sandwich (Slice of Summer = cucumber sandwich! A favorite of mine that most places don't have.), and I bought a pound of locally roasted beans (Passion House) for home -- the Ugly Mug house blend, smells amazing and tastes great! QUITE a deal, spent just over $10 for all of it. I kinda thought he forgot to ring something up! But nope. Just a fair deal. They should definitely keep the sandwich board out front, I almost walked by it and I was actively looking for the store.

  • Billie B.

    LOVE. The ugly mug has quickly become one of my favorite coffee shops in Chicago. They serve passion house, which I haven't been able to find anywhere else. The coffee is a lovely medium roast with lots of sweet undertones unlike some of the stronger dark roasts in the neighborhood that I find bitter. They also have AMAZING bagels. Like oh my goodness. these bagels. let me tell you. The best part about this place is the staff though. Hands down. They are all extremely friendly and attentive, and they like to include us customers in their conversations and jokes. It's really a special spot and I always feel welcome when I walk inside and know I will be receiving a drink, a bagel, and entertainment. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Dante M.

    I first visited Ugly Mug Cafe with a $10 Groupon. I went there hoping to find a place with good coffee, espresso and decent breakfast food. Ugly Mug more than met my expectations. They also serve Glaze and Infused Donuts (I'm a huge fan). The ambiance was very pleasant and relaxing (cool artwork), reasonable priced, fast and friendly service. Just get there early if you want your breakfast egg sandwich on a bagel. they run out of bagels on the weekend around noon. I'll definitely be going back again.

  • Jennifer C.

    Its so so sometimes I go there and I get a decent cup of coffee and other times its terrible. If you go there I would just stick with there regular coffee. I dont think there flavored coffee is worth it.

  • Heather O.

    Good coffee and good space, however, the music is REALLY loud. If you're not doing work there and you're not reading, the volume level is probably fine, but if you're looking to get work done, find another place. Also wish they had at least one gluten-free pastry option but since most coffee places around here don't, I'm not holding that against them; it'd just a perk in my book.

  • Brian R.

    amazing food, great coffee...NICE staff. Try the open face egg sandwich or the Movin' to Cali .... Ugly Mug welcome to the "hood

  • Leang E.

    I came in really liking the old school decor, but was really disheartened by the service. I knew I placed an order for a medium, but got served a small. I didn't realize this until I sat down and saw someone else order a medium drink that got called out and noticed the size difference. I asked about it and then was told that I ordered a small. I didn't have my receipt to verify my order since the machine was broken, but I am pretty sure I would know what size I ordered. She said she could make me a new one, but it felt uncomfortable to be corrected and I didn't have time to wait since we were heading out for a road trip and wanted to get on our way. I also ordered an Open in Your Face breakfast sandwich and the tomato part was missing. I was eating this in the car so no time to go back and get it corrected. I understand that they had probably just opened up shop a few days prior, so I'm hoping if I go back that they have worked out the kinks. Prices are pretty comparable to other coffee shops.

  • Jon G.

    After a few forgettable visits I went in for a chai latte this weekend and saw the "barista" pour a pre-made chai latte from a carton (prob. from costco or restaurant depot) over ice and hand it to me. For the $6 they charged me, I could have gone to Family Dollar and bought the whole carton myself. Shame on you Ugly Mug!

  • Kristina M.

    Love love love this place. The staff is amazing and their coffee is just as good. The atmosphere is perfect and its very easy to get to. The only downfall is that I don't live closer so I can go in on a daily basis.

  • Emma Mae B.

    Ugly Mug quickly became my favorite coffee shop in the area. Fun staff, varying soundtrack, great coffee & breakfast sandwiches. It's a great place to go just to grab a cup of coffee or to hang out for hours (which I do).

  • Dana L.

    i'm gonna keep this short so i don't bore u. great coffee and variety of specialty drinks, great food, HUGE sandwiches, awesome hummus they make in house, nice little hidden patio in the back, friendly atmosphere and not intimidatingly hipster like most coffee shops around here, and the people are really nice and fun. i'm so glad this place opened, we definitely needed this in our neighborhood, and not another freakin' sushi place.

  • Danica T.

    Rolling out their opening day in West Town to a much anticipated and needed arrival, Ugly Mug is offering up a variety of coffee and tea with a splash of bakery items. This coffee shop is just what this area needs and hoping they get the kinks worked out and can continue to roll out a great product. The atmosphere is ideal, plenty of seating with generous hours of operation.

  • Shaza O.

    More like "pretty mug." This place has delicious coffee, chai and espresso. Nice and quiet and the staff are friendly. Definitely worth a stop in on a lazy Sunday in west town.

  • Jill F.

    Not a "serious" coffee shop like Asado but a really great addition to the neighborhood. Delicious banana bread and fun concoctions like the Thai Almond Latte and Cinnamon Coconut (which is as close as I've found to an Ipsento without having to trek up to Ipsento).

  • Michael D.

    Oh yes! They have Passion House Coffee! Havent tried the food yet but coffee and tea are great and the service is really friendly. Check it out!

  • Megan M.

    Tasty bagels, friendly staff, spacious, comfortable atmosphere, not pretentious! Just a nice local coffee shop. I love it.

  • Kelly W.

    If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I absolutely would. We bought a Groupon & decided to give Ugly Mug a try for lunch today- what a gem! My boyfriend had the Movin' to Cali & I had a lovely veg concoction- whose name I cannot recall.. They were unexpectedly fabulous. The hummus- complimentary & homemade- and DELICIOUS! The Portland-esque staff is incredibly helpful & take great pride in their food- & it shows. I had a Nutella latte- spectacular. Yay for Ugly Mug!

  • Derrick A.

    I have been twice now! I live next door. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is nice. Seems a little hipsterish but then again I'm a manhattan transplant who thinks any of that childish hipster crap is annoying. The only thing I would have to complain about is the coffee being a little weak. I will have to try the espresso to see how that goes ;)

  • Matt J.

    I was excited to learn a month or so ago that a new coffee shop was rolling into town! Just over a day into their operations, I have already visited twice - once for a post-dinner coffee, once for a quick lunch. Both experiences were quite positive. The latte I ordered was made carefully and quite delicious! The Movin2Cali sandwich was also extremely fresh and tasty. I especially appreciated the healthier celery/carrots/humus side, as opposed to something like potato chips. Only -1 star for the fact that I asked (twice) for the avocado citrus crema on the side... only to find it on my sandwich. Still, it tasted pretty good. I will certainly be returning for breakfast and coffee in the near future!

  • Alison P.

    I visited Ugly Mug Café today for the first time since they opened. I ordered my iced coffee and sat at the bar to watch the hum of activity as my vege/egg sandwich was being expertly prepared in back. The staff was very friendly and the vibe is that of a much more established coffee house, not one that's been open less than a week. With a steady line of customers while I was there, it was fun hearing all the folks excited with the new addition in Noble Square. I also love the reclaimed furniture - although the wire racks under the old pews which provide seating for "to-go" orders are begging to be used as magazine stands! - and the quirky nature of the place. I'll definitely be back!

  • S M.

    Great local coffee shop - went in for an egg sandwich but tried the Rockaway - a smoked salmon sandwich - great stuff! Perfect place to work, read, and even has coloring books for little ones. Great addition to the neighborhood.

  • L P.

    This place has amazing coffee and soups!! I am so sad that I will no longer be working close by but I will be back. The set up is really cute and perfect for studying

  • Karan D.

    Staff was friendly, place was clean, and my sandwich (MovinToCali) was delicious!

  • Rose C.

    friendly staff and decent coffee. it's a cozy space and comfortable enough to sit and get work done all day. my beef: they close earlier than their posted hours! like 1-2 hours early! not cool. especially when i typically go to cafes to sit and finish some work and plan around their posted closing hours. also, their food is not anything special. i always feel sad spending money on food that i know i can make better myself (well, i'm speaking for the sandwiches. the soup is pretty good---i understand they get it from the same folks that make soup for green zebra next door). but happy there's another option in the 'hood---esp now that swim cafe is closing.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Accepts Bitcoin : No
    Good For : Breakfast, Brunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Dogs Allowed : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

Ugly Mug Cafe

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