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  • Deb B.

    The food truck was at Diversey and Sheffield last week and the guys working there said the owners were looking at renting the abandoned Bagel store there. Anyway, spent $13 for an o.j and an egg sandwich. Both tasted good, but $13 for a sandwich and small o.j while I am out to get on the Brownline? Think the place is a great fit for them once you are downtown and are limited to paying a lot more for food. Being a resident here, it would be sad to see these guys open up here just to close. The area is pretty empty by 9am once everyone is downtown or in the burbs working. Like trying new places out, but, lol Starbucks would seem like a bargain to these guys. Decent food, expensive, and not sustainable in this area. Will try them if I miss my breakfast and they are near my job downtown.

  • Joe L.

    Can you all please come over to 225 N Michigan Ave? You would knock it out of the park in this building for breakfast. Toss in salads for lunch and you wouldn't need your food truck. Just saying. Had the doc this morning on a quick stop. Fresh roll, great crunchy bacon, eggs were fresh. OJ was really good. I would be a return customer if it was closer to my building, but sadly it's not. I guess I have to follow the food truck and catch them when they are in my neck of the woods of the loop. it's sad I wish the east side of the loop had more mom and pop shops instead of corporate america places.

  • svetlana k.

    Great breakfast truck! The prices are a bit steep from $7-9 per sandwich but the sandwiches are delicious. Their English muffin is more like brioche style but super fluffy and buttery. Very flavorful sandwiches. Will definitely come back but not very often due to the price.

  • Thomas C.

    The line outside the truck, and the dreary weather that STILL is Spring (???) in Chicago forced me to finally stop and give Eastman a try. Got the Doc, the reviews are true, tasty, white cheddar, bacon egg, sounds basic, but tasted delicious. Wait is about 7 to 10 minutes because your stuff is not sitting under a food lamp, they are making it for you. 6-7 bucks is a steal for what you are getting, and from a food truck no less.

  • Anthony P.

    We did not eat here but I am giving them 5 stars based on customer service alone. We recently had car troubles in front of the restaurant and our car wouldn't start. We sat for about an hour, while waiting on our auto club to arrive. While we sat, a really nice, sweet gal (who said that she worked at Eastman) offered assistance. I explained that we were waiting on the help to arrive. She then went to work and we never saw her again...WRONG! Just a few minutes later, she came back with another employee and they brought us free cookies and coffee! I just thought that was REALLY nice, kind, and thoughtful. It really helped, despite our crummy morning. They get an A+++ for excellent customer service...and the cookies were good too Please go to Eastman and spend all of your money! NOTE: this review was intended for the actual restaurant, not the food truck.

  • Ezeibe A.

    It's just that good.

  • Roxane P.

    If you're the type of person who is into healthy eating, you know the one who wants a hearty all natural breakfast without the preservatives; well the Eastman Egg Company is the place for you! The Eastman Egg Company is all about incorporating and promoting both healthy eating and local businesses. In fact all their products are raised, baked and brewed locally! Their meats and eggs are from the Slagel Family Farm a local farm, their bread is baked fresh from La Farine Bakery located in Logan Square, and their coffee is from Sparrow Coffee Roastery which is located in the West loop! So, not only are you getting a great product, but you're supporting local business! As for their food I do have a warning, it's quite mouth watering, so don't say I didn't warn you. With many amazing sandwiches to choose from, I'll share with you my favorites! My go to Breakfast is "The Doc," which is eggs, bacon, and white cheddar on ciabatta. I do add spinach and tomatoes to mine which takes it to the next level. This is a great post morning workout breakfast that's way better than gulping a protein shake. Another great sandwich is "The Fairfax" which includes: eggs, Egmont cheese, sautéed bell peppers, spinach and their house green goddess sauce on a 7- grain roll! Oh and I can't forget about their Griddled Potatoes, which takes potatoes to a whole other level. This magnificent side includes: potatoes, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme and coriander, it's to die for! Definitely a place to check out or keep your eye out for their Food Truck! Either way, enjoy that delicious healthy breakfast you know your body is asking for!

  • Sam C.

    Mediocre egg sandwich for $7. I think it's way over priced. The prices on the photo of the truck on this site aren't the same as they were downtown. Just because we work there doesn't mean we all make a lot of money.

  • Linh N.

    Versatility and transportability aside, I love a good egg sandwich in the morning. I may even declare it as one of my favorite breakfast items. Since its appearance on the corner of La Salle and Adams on certain mornings, I've lazily stalked this truck for several weeks now. Lazily, because I spot the truck on the way to work, make a note, even go so far as to look up the menu, but somehow, I just never make it there. No, wait. My first attempt at procuring an Eastman sandwich for breakfast ended in failure, because they were not open yet and had to move due to lack of permitted parking spaces. So, since then, my pursuit has been lukewarm. What is that adage about what you wish for? Well, maybe not quite that extreme. Maybe more like that objet you've admired for a long time, from afar, then finally come face to face. And it's merely OK. Nothing remarkable. Luster gone in 3-2-1. The coffee is damn good, though.

  • Brennan H.

    I'm all the way from Louisiana and this here is a hearty breakfast in the form of a sandwich. Very flavorful and surprising place!

  • Dee M.

    We first walked by this food truck a few months ago and have been thinking about it ever since. It is parked near our place every Saturday yet it took us months to be available when they were there. I would say it was worth the wait. At first when I saw the $6 and $7 price tags of the sandwiches I was thinking I would be disappointed. But, when we finally got our sandwiches and I could took one bite of that fresh bread, fresh eggs and quality meat, I no longer thought it overpriced. We had the Doc and the Eastman. The Doc was with Bacon, Egg, and White Cheddar. The bacon was delicious, as was the rest of the sandwich The Eastman was Egg, Ham, Cheese, Cucumber, Chili Sauce, and the same fantastic bread. We loved both sandwiches and while they left us less motivated to get our errands done after eating them, we would totally go back for more!

  • Rudy C.

    I come from a city where food trucks have been around for a while and it's fairly new to Chicago I hear. I was incredibly impressed with Eastmanegg! Everyone is very kind, accommodating, and they have DELICIOUS iced coffee. Get the iced coffee! I also ordered the Scoundrel brekky sandwich and it is worth every penny of the 7 dollars I spent on it. It's loaded with food...ham, egg, cheese and other things I forgot that was on it. Erin who works for them is incredibly awesome too! She helped my company coordinate an event with them and it went as smooth as it can get every second of the time. I will definitely be at this coffee and food truck often and I'm sure we'll do business again! Thanks for a great first experience with you guys! I'm excited for the store to open!

  • Angela H.

    You know you have a winner food truck when you've memorized their schedule and then created workout goals around it!! EE is outside my building (& my gym) typically Wed & Friday mornings. If i've worked out 2x before Wed morning I treat myself to an Eastman. Nice thick piece of juicy, perfectly salty ham. Thinly sliced cucumbers cut the fat and refresh your taste buds. And the sweet chili sauce gives a nice kick that brings it all together. I tried to get one of my VPs to try it, but it was just 'too adventurous' for him. He got The Doc and really enjoyed it. I've tried their other sandwiches but keep going back to the Eastman because there's nothing else like it! My only complaint is they typically leave at 10:30a. I wish they would stick around for lunch time! I work with offices across the world and that means my mornings are crammed with meetings because of the time difference. One morning while sitting in my meetings I just couldn't get that perfectly crafted breakfast sandwich out of my head. I had to rush outside to get a sandwich in between meetings! Yes, I am a bit food crazy.

  • Dan P.

    Well, If you want to pay 20 bones for 2 breakfast sandwiches and a coffee this is your spot. Honestly, the dunkin sandwiches are just as food for half the price. Also, who the heck puts breakfast sandwiches on ciabatta bread? If want to be surrounded by hipsters, who are supported by their step dad while you order food, go to this place!

  • Vincent P.

    I visited this food-truck at Hyde Park's food-truck hub (57th and Ellis). Beware, my ratings may have been effected by the weather. When I got to the food-truck, there was a small line. I ended up ordering the scoundrel with a iced-coffee and a bag of chips since it was the best deal, and I wanted to see as much as possible what they had to offer. As soon as I finished ordering, a storm starts, so I had to wait there in the rain, half sheltered half soaked. The expected wait time I was given was 10-15 minutes. When they finally called my name, I was happy to grab it and head back to my office to see what I got wet for. After I crossed the street, the rain stopped...Lucky me... Anyways, onto the food. Egg, Turkey, and pretzel bun. What can go wrong with pretzel buns? This meal definitely did not. I enjoyed eating it even though the traditional bacon was not there. The iced-coffee was a nice alternative to hot coffee that I usually get, but if all you want is caffeine, this will do. The bag of chips by Tim's was definitely over-priced. For breakfast in Hyde Park, this is definitely one of the best options. For lunch in Hyde Park, there are better food truck options. This didn't get my appetite wet enough to come back for lunch, but maybe for breakfast if I am ever near that area early enough. After my initial review, I heard back from the manager of the truck asking for feedback. I appreciate the fact that they are actively looking for improvements.

  • Norah S.

    I tried it once at a event and they did group group takeout I ever had.

  • Charlie C.

    Fantastic. Food trucks are the best thing... ever. I like the concept that these guys have. Quality local-ish products prepped in an easy-to-go package. We ordered the 3 breakfast sandwich offerings they had the day we went... all of them were tasty. The price was right for what we got-I will certainly be following them on whatever social media outlet they use to convey their dining locations. Tips: provide consumers with some sort of hot sauce or salt/pepper to jazz up their eats. Not that its needed, but might be nice! mmmm.mmmm...good!

  • Nick E.

    I think these guys are doing a great thing with their food truck. They were very courteous and friendly with their service. However, that being said I ordered the fairfax sandwhich and it was awful! It had absolutely no flavor to it. The only thing semi enjoyable thing about the sandwhich was the bread it came on and that was even a little bit stale. If these guys want to charge me 6 dollars for a very unsatisfying small sandwhich it had better knock my socks off with flavor! Lower your prices or figure out your spices fellas! Can't do bad business like that, your product needs to speak for itself.

  • Lauren H.

    I literally just finished my sandwich...and it was so tasty, i had to write a review. The Scoundrel just changed my life! It was so delicious! The spinach, the turkey, the egg and the pretzel bun, make a good marriage! But, that mustard spread...*faints* I'm a fan for life, plus the employees at the food truck are very friendly. Can't beat that! As I was recycling my wrapper, it dawned on me that I should've taken a picture...but it's seriously too late for that now. Ha!

  • Katie B.

    I love food trucks, but I'm not overly excited by Eastman Egg. The ingredients are fresh & the price is right, but I don't like overly breaded sandwiches. Would love these breakfast sandwiches if the croissants or English muffins didn't overpower them.

  • Chrisa H.

    After my last review, I received a very nice email from the folks at Eastman, offering me a free sandwich and a second chance. I thanked them for the offer and asked that they donate the sandwich instead, and it would try them again. Last week I ordered another scoundrel. This time, it was like the first one I had - fluffy eggs, velvety turkey, melty, delicious cheese, and sweet and tangy mustard. Kudos, and thanks for a great breakfast.

  • James N.

    While $8 is a little steep for a breakfast sandwich, the Scoundrel is worth it. The smoked turkey was tender and had a great flavor. The pretzel bun was also a nice touch. I'll definitely go back if I'm in the area.

  • Jim K.

    Get the Doc! Bacon, egg, and cheese...sounds simple but the quality of the ingredients is high and the home made bun/muffin pulls it all together. I tend to get an extra egg as i like the ratio of egg to bacon to cheese to bun better with the extra egg. And for an extra $1 its a pretty good value. A little pricey for breakfast but a pretty good value when you factor in the quality of the ingredients.

  • L J.

    The scoundrel was $7.50 for a pretzel roll, a slice of turkey, small portion of scrambled eggs, a little spinach, and some mustard. No side. It might be kitschy for a food truck, but I give it three months until they can't make rent.

  • Happiness L.

    Wow! Amazingly delicious and a very friendly staff. I was on my way to get something from a different locale and spotted the Eastman Egg food truck and decided to stop. So glad I did. So so so yummy! The Eastman Egg, Ham, Egmont Cheese, Cucumber, House Sweet Chili Sauce, was customized as I selected the 9 grain roll. I also had their yummy coffee too. $9 was high, yet totally worth it for the quality.

  • Luke D.

    I ordered the Fairfax sandwich and was told it would be ready in 7-10 minutes. 20 minutes later I had a flavorless sandwich served on a heavy, bready, tasteless roll. I pitched it after three bites as it wasn't worth finishing. A complete waste of time and money. Eastman owes me $7.

  • Vince A.

    The star of this breakfast show was the coffee. I have not had as good of a coffee in quite a long time. Breakfast was a scoundrel that subbed bacon for the turkey. It was tasty but lacked something to really go over the top considering the price(9 bucks). I'd definitely stop again.

  • Alex S.

    Just happened to walk by this truck on my way for coffee - WHAT A GREAT DISCOVERY :) I had an Eastman sandwich and a Dark Matter iced coffee - excellent! What a great way to start off a Monday morning. I will now be following @Eastmanegg on Twitter to figure out where they will be located within the city!

  • Kristen C.

    Try the scoundrel! A pretzel bun for breakfast - brilliant! Delicious fresh-made breakfast sandwiches that are "real" breakfast or would make a fantastic lunch. Non-fussy coffee and tea selection. Quick and definitely a nice spot for lunch too.

  • Rachel G.

    Love this truck. I saw it outside my building as I was on my way to the Daley Center to partake in some morning lawyering, and vowed to try it after I was done at court. So glad I did. I can't remember the name of the sandwich but it had a delightful spread on it, some cheese, and fresh yellow bell peppers. YUM. Just what I needed to pick me up after slumming it on 22 (if you've been to the Daley Center, you know what I'm talkin about). I sincerely hope they make this location a weekly stop, as I will definitely try more of their breakfast sandwiches and coffee next time!

  • Christina E.

    I stumbled across this food truck last week after missing my morning train out of Union Station, and boy am I glad that I did. This is quite possibly my new favorite food truck. I had the Scoundrel sandwich, which was excellent. The coffee was A+ too. There was a bit of a wait for food, but the staff was super friendly. I will definitely be back next Thursday - I can't wait!

  • Brian M.

    I had the Eastman sandwich that had a nice kick to it. I definitely recommend their breakfast sandwiches!

  • K K.

    I had the Scoundrel from the food truck this morning. It was DELICIOUS! Whatever the mustard spread is they put on it.... IS AWESOME! What a great way to start the day.

  • Heather B.

    These are by far the best breakfast sandwiches you can get. SO fresh and incredibly tasty. The English muffin used for The Doc is incredible. Can they really be home-made?? After the first time I'd sampled their great food, I went back a week later and the delightful girl serving remembered my name - unbelievable. Now I'm enthusiastically greeted by name whenever I go. What a fabulous way to start the day Eastman is. Ditch your regular breakfast sandwich and switch to Eastman!!

  • Craig W.

    stopped by for my first sandwich this morning - forget the name but it had Munster cheese - Excellent! Super nice proprietor, was very quick service and you can't beat Dark Matter coffee our new Tuesday morning ritual!

  • Joel P.

    Just happened by the Eastman Egg truck this morning at 7am on Wacker Drive, stopped, bought a breakfast sandwich with egg, turkey (some other things) and a honey mustard sauce on a pretzel roll... oh my, incredible. A bit pricey. But a) great eats and b) I'm good until lunch.

  • Tyler S.

    Great spot for breakfast sandwiches. Found it when I was visiting and was blown away by the Eastman sandwich. The sweet chili sauce paired with cucumber and ham was perfect! Also the owner and staff were very friendly. I am definitely going to come back when I visit Chicago again. Highly recommend!

  • Brit S.

    Was going to pick-up medication for my dog, then low and behold there's a food truck parked out front. Being from Austin I am a food truck fan, and will give any one of them a try. Well, on this day I won. My advice, get the scoundrel and add bacon! Best breakfast sandwich I have had in quite some time. Thank you boys.

  • Lisa M.

    Best breakfast sandwich and outstanding coffee along with great service. Definitely worth the wait. Happy you are near my building 2x each week.

  • Lamar S.

    Go with the Eastman. It is fantastic. I just wish I could start every day with one of their breakfast sandwiches and the Dark Matter coffee.


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The Eastman Egg Company

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