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  • Erin M.

    I owe this store a huge thank you! I had a work event at 11 o'clock on a Tuesday that I had completely forgotten about until literally 15 minutes before it started. I was also in charge of ordering lunch for about 20 people at the event. I called this store on the way to the meeting (around 10:50), and they took care of everything. Food was delivered just 5 minutes after 11, as if I had it planned all along. Highly recommend, esp in a time crunch. Thank you!

  • McKenna C.

    I order from here all the time because they're the closest and deliver to my building. Literally every time I add something extra on my sandwich I am charged for it but it's never on my sandwich. They have great delivery guys but I wish they would pay more attention when making the sandwiches.

  • fearnjamie f.

    This place is horrible. Starting from the makers ESP to the manager. Ordered three subs two being made wrong. I called after we got home to let the lady know being that it should've been made correct. The manager tells Me to bring it back In so she can see it and then make me another one. Sorry but w 4 kids and a job not really easy to pack them All in and go right back to your store to correct your error Then the manager calls back to say the maker swears he made it correct. I let the lady know that it was not correct and to look at her video. Her response is its not worth it. I agree except that ur employer is lying I also told her to accuse a customer that she is lying is also bad practice. This place is a gong show. Make sure u watch them make it bc the workers clearly can't read and follow instructions

  • Lauren J.

    Unfortunately, deliveries regularly take 45 minutes to an hour from this location. So much for freaky fast...

  • Megan O.

    Do not order online if you have special instructions. I wanted no tomato or no dressing on my sandwich but there is no where to make those requests. This has happened twice where I have just gotten meat and bread. They did not put on the onions, seasonings or the lettuce. So this third time I called after placing my order online, they confirmed no tomato and no sauce yet when I received my sandwich, just meat and bread again. I guess I won't be ordering delivery anymore until they fix the customize your sandwich section online.

  • Tanya R.

    Jimmy johns on Wilson rocks!!! They delivered to me on a Wednesday at Montrose beach's The Dock when a group of friends and I were chillin on the beach listening to live reggae!!!! AMAZE-balls!!!!! I ordered the Vito (my fave) and was left completely satisfied!! Thank you JJ for making my dreams come true!!!!

  • Rod W.

    I carefully reviewed the menu and ordered a Slim 4 Unwich with cheese. It's supposed to be turkey breast according to the menu. They brought me a ham sandwich. Not only do I not eat pork, pork is not allowed in our building! I called and the manager gave me lip service and said he'd send another sandwich. He wasn't very apologetic at all and seem very distracted. In fact when I told him I received a ham sandwich, he said "ok". I told him it is NOT ok! He seemed like he was too busy to talk to me. Students here at the dorm tend to order from JJs a lot, as do some people holding events here. I can assure you I will most definitely discourage people from ordering from here in the future. At least the driver was apologetic. I would have been less upset if the manager had at least pretended to care. I wasn't looking for free food, just a sincere apology (though a free beverage would have been nice).

  • Rod C.

    Fast Delivery as advertised! They gave me a credit for an error they made with an delivery order. I'll always come back to a store/location that knows how to treat their customers!!!

  • Jen K.

    Took almost 90 minutes to get my order and when I did get it, my vegetarian sandwich had almost no lettuce, a few cucumbers (although I asked for extra), and that's it. It also came smooshed and soggy, and had a foul sour taste, so I didn't even eat it. If I hadn't been forced to leave the driver a tip when placing the order, he would not have received the 20% I always leave. Will not order from that location again.

  • Allen B.

    JJs sandwiches. tasty no doubt for a plain meal. HOWEVER, this review is in regards to their impeccable service. Fast. so damn fast. My sandwich was done before I could even put my wallet back into my pocket.

  • Jesse T.

    The sandwiches are awesome but paying 8.75 for one with a drink just isn't worth it...

  • Klar Z.

    Same Jimmy John's flavor, price and speed but the guys at this one ran my order out to my car so I didn't have to get my son out of his carseat and put him back in. That's worth a good review.

  • Jessica P.

    Ordered delivery and it took over an hour. When ordering JJs this should never happen considering they're known for their fast service. Sandwiches are usually made well if you want to risk the long wait for them.

  • D H.

    Terrible. The food is terrible and the ONLY reason to order from here is the "fast" delivery. Fifty minutes to wait for a crappy, over priced sandwich - don't waste your money on this joint! They lie to you when you inquire about when you'll get your food and the "manager" wants to give you a free sandwich NEXT TIME, I wouldn't take free food from this place.

  • Richie D.

    Everyone knows of JJs by now. They're nothing new. But what may be new to you is that they now offer the "JJ Unwich" which is the same old yummy JJ but without the bread. Instead, it's wrapped up in a bed of lettuce. I wish the sandwich wasn't the same price, however, it's a great fast food option for those who are Gluten intolerant...or a Truman College student. Attention pedestrians: Be careful when crossing Wilson at Racine! Those crazy JJ delivery men in their beat up cars will take you down to provide their "wicked fast" delivery times to get a $1 more of a tip! As I'm sure you have imagined, this is offered at all the JJ locations, not just the Wilson one.

  • Brian H.

    Never will visit this store after their delivery driver blew a stop sign and nearly ran my roommate and I over. When I called the store to complain, a Jeremiah answered and said he'd get the manager - he came back and said he was the manager after placing me on hold. Jeremiah was pretty rude about the whole thing - I doubt I will ever be eating at Jimmy John's again

  • Cameron H.

    Since their inception at Eastern Illinois Univ (good ole ChuckTown), I have been in love with them. When they finally migrated North, I was in heaven. From the french bread, to the jalapeno Kettle potato chips, to the chocolate cookies, I will always be a fan. My sandwiches of choice are: #11, #15, and #13. If I do the veggie(#13), I get it on whole or 7-grain bread.

  • Brian P.

    Delivery is insanely fast (as they promise). Every order is perfect. I order from here twice a week.

  • A M.

    Good location from my perspective. Super fast service. Clean. Love the Turkey Tom 8" sandwich. Refreshing.

  • Erica T.

    My local Jimmy John's. Their french bread is the best! I love getting their "yesterday's homemade bread" for 50cents, and eating it with my salad, pasta, or just plain with butter or honey! Also, they have a punch card - buy 10 subs, get one free!

  • Lawrence Y.

    This is actually the FIRST Jimmy John's location I had ever eaten at, when I visited Chicago back in 2007. Three years later, I find myself in Lakeview, ordering lunch from this same JJ's. I'm really surprised at how fast they've been able to deliver my sandwiches, especially during lunch hour. So I give them 4 stars! and a big shout out to the Billy Club, jalapeno chips! and a hooty hooooo to salt & vinegar chips!

  • Y. W.

    Nice clean place with fast service and decent prices. My only complaint is that they don't give you a receipt or put your sandwich in a bag unless you ask.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Very Loud
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

Jimmy John’s

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