Crazy Beaver Grub & Pub

510 S Oak St
Chebanse, 60922
Place is a diamond in the rough. Not much from the outside but bartender is super inviting n food was great. Great find and I'm from Chicago where there are a ton of great joints.
My first experience wasn't great, but that was right after they opened. I've given them a few more tries since then & they've been pretty good! Decent selection of beer/alcohol. Food has always been good! Pizzas are delicious. I'm not sure of the schedule, but I believe they routinely have entertainment. For being in Chebanse, it's a nice little place.
Great spot for a small town! The food was good, the bar selection is good, and the service is good. We tried the nacho beaver, BLT flatbread and chicken Philly sandwich. Good taste to all! A bit pricey for a place out in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately you do not get the same treatment as a outsider as the localS do. Our biggest complaint is that it is too quiet. There wasn't any music playing in the background, there was a jukebox but something low should be playing

(815) 697-3239

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