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User:Joshua T.

Great location near my girlfriends house. Has a lot of square footage and has tables on the outside in case you wanted to enjoy the good weather. It's just like any other Starbucks has great customer service at this location

User:Brad B.

Drive thru blows.. Can't believe it takes almost 20 minutes to put liquid in a damn cup

User:Diana G.

Employees were nice and the drinks were good. Only thing was I got a birthday cake pop and my sister said it was nasty. Like they rolled up cookie dough and put that fondant on the outside.

User:Kevin R.

I have visited this Starbucks hundreds of times and have never had a problem. ALL the employess are friendly and attentive. The manager Karen runs a tight happy ship. Oh, and Tony is Hot!

User:Shawn C.

I go back and forth with this Starbucks. The employees are always friendly and smiling each and every day. Plus it's a on a very busy corner and with a drive thru they move those lines like there is no tomorrow. The only downside is every so often I have had the wrong order or my coffee hasn't been as hot as I'd like. But that is about 5% of the time I visit them. Either way I still stop by for the smiles.

User:Sally S.

I've only been coming here for a year or more...I'm talking everyday, every other day or at least a few times a week. Today, I just wanted to give a big thank you to Jerry for the afternoon of 1/13/2014. Honest to God, I was crying - waterworks and all and tried to conceal with my sunglasses. Not sure if I succeeded. It was a bad day. I would have never expected to lose control of my emotions at a drive thru window. All in all, it was a terrible day and Jerry really made me feel a lot better. Pecan tarts were unavailable so I took a stab at a sort of almond/cheese danish. (It was great by the way!!) In case I didn't enjoy(Jerry and Russell have become very knowing of my love for the pecan tart), Jerry provided me with a coupon to redeem a free drink in the future. Jerry, thank YOU for making my day and many others prior to this one. You're a star asset to this Starbucks location, along with Russell who always greets me with a smile, always announces my name at the order window, Jose & Evan just the same. Thank you so very much guys. It's no wonder why I keep coming here! Keep up the wonderful warm hospitality. Dziekuje bardzo Jerry!! :D

User:Danielle B.

My favorite Starbucks to go to is the one in Burbank. They are always so nice and friendly. I go there all the time and I know a lot of the employees that work there. I really enjoy going to this Starbucks.

User:G R.

Easy in and out parking along busy Cicero Av. After making several stops running errands, my butt felt like it was dragging on the ground and I needed a caffeine pick me up. Nothing too different here, the coffee is reliably just what you would expect it to be, same for the other offerings. However, one thing did stand out, it was the the laid back friendly vibe. The people behind the counter seemed genuinely happy to wait on you.

User:From A To Z.

This first star is for convenient locale, the second for the only 2 baristas that actually remember me/gets my drink correct. My order is nearly never correct (after a ten minute wait) and I either have to spend more time waiting for the drink to be corrected, or suck it up and deal. I hate being "THAT customer" but c'mon- $6 for a cup of coffee and it's neither prompt nor correct.... So to top it off, I finally had enough and attempted to politely let the manager know about my consistent poor experiences and she interrupted me to yell at me even across the store as I was leaving. It was embarrassing and unprofessional. My coworker (also a former regular) stopped going there due to an employee's racist remarks about another customer. I was appalled, and should have stopped going as well. I guess I've received my karma for supporting a store that is atrociously disrespectful to their customers. Keep yo bonus stars, I'm out!

User:Ian J.

Great place. Must be new, part of large shopping center and right next door to Chipotle. Immaculate inside and a ton of space inside to do work.

User:Marisol R.

Went for iced mochas and cake pops late in the evening. The car in front of us waited a while for whatever reason, meaning we waited a while for our stuff. When we drove up to the pick up window, they had our order ready and the employee right away apologized for the wait. We said it was fine and he told us the total would go from $11 something to $4 something. I really appreciated that. One star short of five stars because the woman that took my order at the speaker spoke very fast, and I felt like she was rushing, making me feel rushed.

User:Patrini S.

This is my favorite drive through Starbucks. My order is always correct and my drinks are always perfectly made. The window teller is always courteous and friendly. I will keep coming back.

User:Benjamin H.

They know me by name !!! Every time my fiancé and I come here in the morning they are ready and call our order by name !! Love this place and the happy go lucky people in it.

User:Sweatytoothed M.

The employees are always friendly and helpful--willing to custom-make my drinks, call other sbux if they don't have accessories I'm looking for, and my drinks are always ON POINT. One of the workers here was at 47th and Cicero and she is great no matter where she is! The only reason I didn't give it 5stars is because it isn't always as clean in the table area or bathroom as I would like it to be-- still a great experience here though!

User:Christina J.

Starbucks! My order is always correct and piping hot. Never a long wait and the customer service is great. I go out of my way to come to this Starbucks location.

User:Sylvia T.

Love that this location has a drive-thru and very friendly staff. The perfect stop when I am heading down Cicero to get on I-55.



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Mon :5:00 am - 9:3
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Outdoor Seating : Yes
Wi-Fi : Free
Good for Working : Yes