Longneckers Tavern

13 Main St
Batchtown, 62006
Ok this is my hometown bar and it wasn't on Yelp or any other website for that matter but I wanted to add it because it's my hometown bar. I only get to visit here a few times year when I visit my family but it's a warm fun place that is better than Cheers because my friends are there, my parents house is a .5 mile walk, it's in the country and they make my crown and seven the way Mark likes them...tasty....and strong! If you are ever in that area you can stay at my parents house or my cousins or my aunt and uncle's or my friends houses because they always have room and if you tell them you know Mark they will probably fill your car and your belly full of gas to help you along your trip because that's the way we are. Have a great day! Mark

(618) 396-2606

American (Traditional)

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