McMae’s Tavern & Grill

913 S Route 59
Bartlett, 60103
This is my "go to" place for dining when I want to eat out. When I think of a bar-restaurant, I think of typical bar food, but MacMae's offers fresh, creative entrees. Food is delicious, and every item I've had on the menu is very, very good. Restaurant attracts couples, families and people who want to sit at the bar and watch sports. Very friendly atmosphere and servers are all very nice. If I had to make one suggestion it would be to replace the chairs, as they are part of the previous establishment's. Other than that, the place is terrific. I hope their business continues to grow.
Awesome local bar. The food and drinks are great. The service is always excellent. They have tons of different food and drink specials throughout the week. Everything I have tried here was excellent. I will definitely continue to come back
Great staff and great food but the service brings me back. Ribs are fantastic, burgers and wings too. Great place to watch sports.

(630) 736-1100

American (Traditional), Pubs

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D’licious Crepes and Roti

225 S Main St
Bartlett, 60103
Indian/French cousins? How do you combine these two kitchens? India wasn't even an French colony! France and England (India was their colony) are as far apart as it gets in the culinary world. That's what I thought to myself until we decided to stop by today. It sounds illogical but tastes great! In short, they made it work! I had a spicy burrito as and a hot sauce lover, I figured I'll get the usual bit of Tabasco or some other mild sauce. I was wrong! It was pleasantly hot. I wouldn't want it any hotter. My wife and son had crepes and they loved theirs too. We will be back. I will bring others with me to show them what's possible if you think outside the box!
New in town and gave this place a try.. While the food is pretty good it was the service that stood out. The owner works every day and makes you feel at home. Nothing better than to have the owner visit your table and explain things and offer to help. He even let us know about free coffee in the mornings.. I suggest the strawberry crepe with ice cream.. light but filling..
Decided to drive all the way to Bartlett from Schaumburg to try this place out Solely based on the rave reviews. We got the paneer roti with masala eggs and the paneer burrito. The flavors were good, and the prices reasonable. I've had way better Kati rolls in NYC, so this was kinda of a let down. The burrito was supposed to have spinach in it but it was pretty scarce. Also decided to share a dessert crêpe, the strawberry & Nutella. Again I've definitely had much better elsewhere. Not really sure I would drive back to Bartlett again for this place.

(630) 855-5373

Indian, Creperies, Cafes

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Sam’s Grill & Pizza

385 S Prospect Ave
Bartlett, 60103
Does not look appealing from the outside at all, but it's so much better than you could ever imagine. They need a bit of a facelift, but the food is so amazing! Just give them a try!
Read some reviews on Yelp and decided to give it a try. I ordered a fish taco and my girlfriend had a slice of pizza. The pizza was average but the fish taco was very good. I have a healthy appetite and the fish taco was enough to satisfy (along with a few delicious fries). Will be back to further explore the menu!
This place is legit. I honestly laughed at the "Pizza" sign on first sight but after checking it out, it lived up to all of the hype. I ordered the buffalo chicken pita and fries. Both were phenomenal. Sam says they aren't able to deliver anymore. Thank god I love a block away! Only improvement would be later hours. Like 4 am or so.

(630) 483-1111

Pizza, Burgers, American (Traditional)

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AJB Polish Deli

879 S Il Route 59
Bartlett, 60103
Amazing I'm addicted everything is just perfect there!!!!from the hot lunches to the deli I couldn't ask for anything better. Prices very fair and easier to get in and out than any major supermarket. I am here almost once a week wether it be for the soup the hot lunch or the plenty full d3li meats. A great little polish deli!!!!
I love coming here for cheap deli meats and sausage. Their beef Tatar is pretty legit as well. Raw meat and I've never gotten sick.. So it must be good. But, this place is tiny. If more than two people are in there it becomes crowded and almost chaotic. Maybe it is just me as I enjoy my personal space My husband adores their soups too. I've never had it as I don't think they're gluten free.
As you enter AJB you immediately notice 2 small shopping isles. The fact is, that's one too many for a store slightly larger than a box of wooden matches. However this match box packs a powerful punch concentrating on homemade soups, a variety of handmade kielbasa and a carry out hot lunch counter. This is not your everyday lunchtime destination...tender baked chicken, kielbasa swimming in a savory kapusta, hand made cabbage rolls, breaded pork chops, crusty on the outside/tender on the inside potato pancakes, cheese and fruit blintzes...I can go on. AJB needs to get rid of the small grocery isle of canned goods and such and open up the floor plan to accommodate what customers really want, homemade polish food, a focus on specialty deli items and some breathing room to enjoy it! A few small tables to eat your lunch would be a welcome addition to the atmosphere. As is, the footprint of AJB is a tight fit for customers.The cashier area is tell tale...2 is company, 3 is a crowd!

(630) 213-8313

Delis, Ethnic Food, Polish

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925 S Rt 59
Bartlett, 60103
Always delicious place. Smells so good right when you walk in the door. I usually get the oreo ice cream or a smoothie. I don't eat a lot of sweets but it's a good place to cool off and relax with friends. Excellent quality desserts.
2nd time in a row we have gone for hot fudge sundaes where we've gotten soft serve instead of scoops of ice cream. And it's super annoying. That's why we didn't go to Dairy Queen or Sonic.
I give it 5 stars because I love the Ice cream the service is friendly and has a patio to enjoy a little sun. They sure please your requests. We had a banana split with all the toppings on the side. Hot fudge and caramel no extra charge awesome

(630) 372-1633

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts

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The Dogfather

957 S Rt 59
Bartlett, 60103
Food is super hot and fresh...
Chicken gyros and Italian Beef with garlic --- YUM!!!
Try the Italian Beef on Garlic Bread, oh my god.

(630) 540-7500

Hot Dogs

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Emily’s Mexican Grill

968 S Bartlett Rd
Bartlett, 60103
A hidden gem. The steak burrito and horchata I had today were on the mark. I got my steak burrito "loaded" which included sour cream, cheese, rice, beans and avocado. This is key: they are generous with the avocado! The fresh cilantro added a little something special. The steak was freshly grilled, juicy and plentiful. Three super salsas available: mild green, smokey spicy red salsa and a peppery HOT green. Granted the $8.50 price tag on the burrito is bordering pricey, but the freshness and portion size make it worth it to me. Super clean dining area. Service was speedy and polite. I'll be back.
Good, fast, cheap, and easy... Don't worry I am talking about the restaurant. I stopped here the other night as I just wasn't in the mood for my clean eating diet. We got steak, chicken and el pastor tacos. The best part though? The salsas. Most of the flavor on the food came from those. I was very satisfied. They even forgot a part of our order and came running out to get us. I'll definitely be back.
Best Mexican in Bartlett by far. Love my all American steak burrito, and the kiddos love the quesadillas.

(630) 540-9410


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SIR Nick’s Pizza

105 E Lake St
Bartlett, 60103
Awesome pizza !!!! Best pizza in town !! Their thin crust is amazing ...haven't tried their other stuff ...
Sir Nick's has consistently been a great place for pizza and sandwiches, and there is unquestionably something for everyone on the menu. Their slices are a great value (i.e., huge and filling) and are representative of their double dough pizza. If you are not a fan of double dough pizza, please know that they also make a delicious thin crust pizza (and nice pan and stuffed pizzas). Although Bartlett has some tough competition in the pizzeria market, Sir Nick's always stands out as a great option. The one particularly unique pizza offering that they have is the Gyros pizza, which is absolutely delicious on a thin crust or double dough pizza. For sandwiches, the Italian Beef, Gyros, and Maxwell Polish all offer great value for the money, but I would recommend getting The Chief grinder sandwich -- Italian Beef and broiled cheese on toasted garlic French bread -- if you want something really special for lunch (or dinner). The owners of this Sir Nick's location are always very nice, and they definitely deserve your business!
Purchased the Groupon few weeks ago, ordered food online and used it with no problem. I went in this past weeked hoping to use another Groupon and was told I could not for online orders. This not stated anywhere on the deal, and again, I had no issue three weeks ago. Will never eat at Sir Nick's again.....horrible customer service.

(630) 372-8888


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Moretti’s Ristorante & Pizzeria

1175 W Lake St
Bartlett, 60103
Sat at the bar as I waited to attend my meeting and must say I was very disappointed in the service. Got a beer and had to track her down to place a food order and once the food order arrived she never asked if I needed anything or even If I wanted another beer. Finished and tracked her down for a check. Good was decent bar food and beer I thought was kinda flat for Guinness. The chicken sandwich was decent for bar food but I wish they had a better microbrew beer selection and tad more attentive service.
Service was very attentive with drinks constantly being refilled friendly too! Got The chicken avocado wrap and was quite good with fries other diners around the table had similar experience. Large portions too I took half home but ate all the fries!!
I've been here twice, once was a bad experience the other was decent. They need more food places in bartlett- seriously! I had the grilled calamari app and it was DISGUSTING! It was rubbery and had no flavor. It took me close to 5 minutes to chew a piece down the size of my pinky. The other time I went I had mozzarella sticks and the vodka gnocchi which were both very good! The bartenders could use a little work, the only good one I saw was a guy who was on top of it. The one chick poured me a 312 and a greenline draft and got them confused and had to actually turn around towards the tap system to figure it out. They don't have more than 6 beers on tap- you should know your product enough to know the 312 is a wheat beer and will be the cloudy one but I guess common sense just doesn't bless us all. Other than that I love the ambiance and will return one more time to try a pizza, I hear they do those very, very well.

(630) 837-4992

Pizza, Italian

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Tipsi Monkey Taco & Tequila Bar

778 W Bartlett Rd
Bartlett, 60103
This place is the absolute best. Food is excellent, drinks are outstanding, and most important... The service is World Class with a great staff!!!
The best tortilla soup I have ever had. It tasted so fresh. But, it was really spicy so if you don't like spicy, don't order the soup. Marguerites were wonderful. Salsa was wonderful. It, too, tasted very fresh and had wonderful flavor. Will definitely be going back.
Went to Tipsi Monkey for dinner tonight and loved it. Food was fresh and flavorful. Loved the tacos for 2. It came with a wonderful assortment of fresh condiments to put on your tacos. The dessert nachos were fantastic. Great way to end our dinner. Can't wait to go back.

(630) 855-5668

Mexican, Tex-Mex

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