Pizza Factory

910 Main St
St. Maries, 83861
YUM! SITREP Interestingly enough, this is the only pizza joint in the town St. Maries, and luckily for us it practices good old school pizza tossing traditions. SETUP On the main drag of St. Maries, it is probably one of the only places in town that does NOT serve hamburgers - and that is a welcome relief. This is more old school Sicilian in style and that is my preference in any event. [I get sick of all these places that call themselves "Chicago-style" and/or "Deep Dish" and then end up being neither.] This is delicious thin-crust pizza, with all your traditional styles: Cheese, Pepperoni, Combo, and Veggies. I love it. WIFI And when I popped in here, there was a strong WiFi signal to be had. I honestly don't know if it was this places' wifi or the business next door, but you know what? If it works, it works. And if it works while I am having lunch, then all the more power that I can EAT and SURF at the same time. HOURS It is also one of the food establishments that stays open later than most. So if you are running around at 8pm, looking for dinner and Handi Corner, Bud's, Grub Box, etc., are all closed, you've lucked out if you come here. THE LOWDOWN Great little pizza joint on the main drag of town.
A solid hometown pizza option. Calzone was excellent, and HUGE! Fresh yeast dough had character. Daily lunch specials are written on a board by the counter. This is apparently a small chain of pizza restaurants but the teenage girl that took our order behind the counter didn't know that (it is described on the last trifold of menu), she just looked at me like I was from Mars when I asked about that. While travelling in Idaho the next day, I saw another Pizza Factory location in another small town. Old but clean building on the downtown main street, and picnic-table style facilities with loose bench seats is very casual, almost too casual. Seats & tables seem a bit low in height for adults. XM radio playing in the background.
Very fast and very good hand tossed pizza!

(208) 245-5515


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