The Garage Cafe

228 Elgin Ave
Notus, 83656
Big Block Burger... YUM! Could have used a little more cheese, but I'm also a cheese-o-holic. So take that with a grain of salt. :) Our waitress was exceptional. Ten guests and she was able to keep three tickets strait and make sure everyone got what they ordered. There were some mistakes, but that's to be expect when you've got a large group of people. The important things: Waitress kept our drinks filled. Waitress was polite. Waitress was attentive. Food was top quality Orders were mostly correct, only VERY minor things missed. We left satisfied! I absolutely love coming to this place. As long as long as they keep this up, they will never have to worry about losing my business.
Excellent service, great food, friendly place. Great decor. Had half order chicken fried steak with tomato slices - perfect portion.
I went here today thinking I would get a great meal after reading all the excellent reviews. Well I did not .I had the chicken fried steak and eggs. I have eaten it, a thousand times at restaurants all over the USA. Never have I been charged to put gravy on the hash browns, NEVER! It's not the $1.50 for the tablespoon of gravy that was smeared on the potatoes it's the principle of it,and as it turned out I'm pretty sure it had soured. I'm still burping sour milk as I write this review.The only good thing was the cfs. itself, It was pretty tasty, but I will never go back again.I probably should give it a one for sour milk gravy.

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