Klondyke Cafe & Tavern

14873 Hwy 2
Laclede, 83841
Yea, yea, yea...the prime rib IS the best in North Idaho, but like someone else mentioned, it's what the Klondyke means to Laclede that makes it what it is. Walk in at any time of day to get a warm hello from whomever is serving (maybe even Bruno the owner) and a friendly group around the old (literally) horseshoe bar. If you're one of the few to stick around past 8 you might get to roll a few dice and turn the jukebox up loud. There is always someone to chit chat with, a paper to read, or a game to watch. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend more than just a meal stop in Laclede, make sure you go back more than once. If you drive thru on a regular basis on your way to Sandpoint, make a point to stop everytime :)
We have been dining on Bruno's cuisine for years... A mandatory stop each time we visit North Idaho to see my sister. the Klondyke is a hidden gem where the food tastes delicious and the hugs are free. It functions as the town center for most of Laclede's population, Bruno serving as both master chef and master of ceremonies at the many events hosted there. If one is seeking an authentic North Idaho experience, pull off Hwy 2 and pull up a stool. You won't be disappointed.
We love this place for its prime rib dinners on Friday nights, don't want to miss it. My wife, our dog and I try to drive up here annually to visit my father and his wife they live in Laclede and introduced us to the prime rib dinner night so we make sure our stay coincides with a Friday just so we can enjoy this tradition. The klondyke cafe looks like a little hole in the wall place off hwy 2, it's much more than that, the people are real nice, although I haven't mentioned I'm from California, that might change if I let them know. Regardless great food great people, you don't want to miss it. The only con I have is they don't have a ramp for the disabled. It's is the first year we've ordered food to go since its real tough for my dad to get in the door. They still deserve the 5 stars Great place can't say enough, wish they opened one near us..

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