Mad Bomber Brewing Company

9265 N Government Way
Hayden, 83835
Really cool place, came here after a long day of outdoorsy fun. Had the American Amber, really good beer! Would definitely come back if I were ever in the area!
Great people and atmosphere! Love the beer , the list always changes very nice selection of darks and ipa's! Also we want to support our Veterans why not spend our dollars there?!!Tom and his crew have a great brewery , We have met the nicest people there, all are welcome!
This place has great tasting beer and amazing Staff! You can also bring food in from somewhere else, because they don't serve food.

(208) 762-7343


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Owl Cafe

9178 N Government Way
Hayden, 83835
Love being able to have breakfast all day. 2 eggs, toast, hash browns, and FANTASTIC bacon! Four thick, meaty slices cooked to perfection Not a fancy place but clean, friendly and the food was great. Will definitely be back to try say ah gravy and biscuits
This is the best breakfast in town! The old fashioned hearty grease spoon type. The small location and mostly older folks draws us in weekend after weekend. The chicken-fried-steak is not only a steal of a bargain but the golden, crispness-without the dryness that often comes with these qualities-of the home-breaded chicken is absolutely delish! Our son always goes for the small plates and always enjoys a fluffy pancake. We will go time and time again, perhaps until we are one of those old couples in the corner!
Got the owl stuffed hash browns and eggs. Hash browns were stuffed and extra crispy. Eggs were scrambled light and fluffy, toast was lightly buttered. Everything was great, wish I could get this back home.

(208) 772-4912

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

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Donut House

8761 N Government Way
Hayden, 83835
Got some donuts for an AMAZING deal!!! They taste delicious, way better than store brand ordinary ones. The service was very friendly and we really appreciated that they are open late and enjoyed the selection available. Thanks donut house!!!
Really good donuts! The reason I gave it 4 stars was because sometimes they are out of some donuts.Beside that really good!
Very good donuts and a very enjoyable visit. The staff was helpful and friendly. A yummy variety of donuts. Would definitely go back if we were in the area again.

(208) 635-5288


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Northwest Pizza Company

8158 N Government Way
Hayden, 83835
Excellent gluten free pizza in a size other than small! My wife said it was great. My son and I shared a large raised hand toss which was tasty without being greasy.
Really good pizza. Crust is top notch, sauce is seasoned conservatively, cheese and toppings are very good and portioned generously. The restaurant has a gorgeous interior. Prices were very good considering the quality of the food. Excellent value. Will return when visiting CdA again.
I would have given it 5 stars, but they put onions on the pizza that I specifically requested no onions on. Lesson learned, check it before you leave! They were willing to make another, but I didn't want to wait any longer. Good pizza, loved the crust. Husband said it was the best he had in a very long time.

(208) 930-4818


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The Local Deli

121 W Prairie Ave,Ste A
Hayden, 83835
My family and I have been going to The Local Deli for years.. just wanted to swing by and leave them a positive review and recommend them to anyone that is trying to get down on a delicious home made style sandwich. Not only is the food good but customer service is awesome as well. Super friendly, kind, and efficient. They are really fast at making the food for how good of quality the sandwich really. Great place, great people, great food.. what else could you ask for. Get in there, buy some food and support a local business. Cheers!
GREAT local place. Prices on food and beers can't be beat! Super fresh ingredients. The Cobb salad has tons of bacon! $2.00 beers as well with only local brews! I will definitely come back! Also a great place for kids!
You'll find very fresh ingredients and good flavors. Several good beers on tap also. If your in Hayden and want a really good sub sandwich you should stop here.

(208) 762-4676


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Porch Public House

1658 E Miles Ave
Hayden, 83835
The New York steak and the soft tacos are at the top of the menu for me.The soft tacos are spicy but good.Great service and gets a little crowded sometimes so go on a weekday.Love it here highly recommend this restaurant.BTWs I'm 11
This place has a great location and wonderful food! Their specials are always really tasty and their swimming angel, chicken with a peanut sauce is wonderful. Their beer selection is always on point and they have a full bar-- a perk that their sister restaurant in downtown CDA, Moontime, doesn't have. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because the service is kind of hit and miss. Everyone is super nice, but it can just take a long time. All in all, a great local stop!
We went to porch first time and were very disappointed. It was slow, but we had wait for 15 minutes (with an infant) before someone came to our table. All the servers were looking at our table and were just ignoring us. And it was 4 servers at that time and it was pretty slow! You never ignore table with little baby!Usually I am very mellow because I am working as server too, so I know how it is. When finally waiter took our beverage order, we were looking at tables who came after us- they already had beverages and appetizers!! After we finished our meal we had to wait another 10 minutes with pile of dirty dishes on our table. And servers were just chatting to each other! I would never go back and wouldn't recommend porch!

(208) 772-7711

American (New)

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Kynrede Cafe

8885 N Government Way
Hayden, 83835
Small, intimate, cozy atmosphere with wonderful hospitality, service and food. Everything was delicious. We were enticed by a tantalizing aroma from the smoker as we entered the restaurant. Much to our delight, this aroma came from the Huckleberry ribs which were one of the specials this evening. We also enjoyed the tortellini soup and the Mediterranean quesadilla. Delicious warm bread topped off the experience. We had no room for dessert, though we're sure it would have been fantastic. We WILL be back!
A hidden treasure in Hayden. We always enjoy eating here. We were with a group of 8 recently; the food was great and our friends enjoyed their meals, especially the "potato" desserts. I appreciated the great service. When the food came out everyone got the correct meal without being asked. This is a great out of the way place to take your wife for a nice quiet meal, or reserve the back room for a small group of friends.
Great place for a quiet date night. The place is a house converted to a cozy restaurant and only a few tables per room, making it intimate. Food is good, in some cases great. NOT a place to bring kids or a group.

(208) 772-8643


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Chomper Cafe

2345 W Prairie Ave
Hayden, 83835
I want to give this cafe four stars for having weird tasting gravy, and when I say weird I don't mean bad just unexpected--let me rant and explain. I read others opinions regarding service, setting and flavors of plates. I usually judge a place by its ability to serve tasteful biscuits and scratch made gravy. I ordered the app of one biscuit & gravy for $3.50 I got my money's worth :) The biscuit came out halved and smothered in a river of chunky sausage country gravy. The bite is airy and with a little chew. The biscuits are delicious and worth trying. I love thee. I love gravy with toast and I love gravy with roast. I love gravy with starch and I love gravy when parched. I love gravy, yes please. I don't love gravy with cheese :-/ The gravy is rich, I mean drowned in butter and heavy ass cream and mixed with bacon/sausage drippings. This gravy has a texture close to custard and rich like it too. This gravy has great smell and looks satisfying. This gravy is flavorful and very tasty all except the off putting cheese flavor. It's not horrible, just weird. My mini-me ordered the breakfast of chompions and was amazed with the girth of the Belgian waffle and the eggs/hashbrown combo.
Probably won't be back again. They need to get rid of the waitress that was wearing a tube top on sat 9/5/15. I can sense the friction between the workers, this presents itself to the customer as insincerity and indifference. I can do without Michael Jackson music also. Eggs Benedict is good, pass on the Stoddard scramble.
This place has everything! The food is delicious. I've tried quite a few things and I love everything! Some of our favorites are the cinnamon rolls, which are the best I've ever had! We also love the waffles with the homemade strawberry jam which is to die for. For coffee lovers they serve Doma coffee as well. Haven't got a chance to try the desserts, but they look amazing. The place is very consistent. Food is consistently excellent, the service is always spot on and the place is constantly busy! The place is small so you'll want to probably count on a wait if you're coming at a popular eating out time. However, it is definitely worth it! Best new restaurant in awhile to the Hayden/CDA area.

(208) 719-0441

Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch

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Capone’s Pub & Grill

9520 N Government Way
Hayden, 83835
The food is as good as would be expected from a sports bar. The service is poor, water and other drinks not refilled, too long to bring check. Another issue is the condiment bottles, they feel like they have not ever been cleaned.
OK, things seems to have gotten back to normal and my faith has been restored in this place. Food quality is back up and the service was attentive and knowledgeable. I think they had a rough patch when they first opened this location but things have really shaped up.
The food is very good! Get a grinder, pizza, or the Popeye salad! Best beer selection in town! They rotate in different beers all the time! A little known secret is their cheesecake. It's always amazing. Just an all around good pub

(208) 762-5999

American (Traditional), Sports Bars, Pizza

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Grandma Zula’s Kitchen

11050 N Government Way
Hayden, 83835
Grandma Zula's is a wonderful, serene experience. Small, with seating for 40, it has a cozy atmosphere and soft background music. My wife and I shared the garden omelette and a Belgian waffle. The waffle was excellent. Soft and with full flavor. Higher quality maple syrup would cap off the waffle. The omelette was tasty as well. Fluffy eggs, packed with fresh veggies, and a good size. We ordered the wheat side toast, which was of artisan quality. Rich flavor and great texture. They even gave us a homemade apple butter which was good but we could have used more. The country potatoes that accompanied the omelette were average. We'll definitely be back.
We went there because it was close to home & all the good reviews. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME !! The food was below average & her homemade bread was bland, tasteless & dry !!! My husband was grossed out when she walked out with a dirty apron on & greasy hair !! There are MUCH better places here in CDA to eat at !!!!
They officially opened today! I've been looking forward to trying this place out for several weeks now. A few weeks ago I went to the Post Falls location, but found them closed down, due to increase in rent. First Impression: Upon arrival I noticed that the atmosphere was very welcoming and casual with some country flair. We were greeted by the friendly staff, then quickly seated. The Grub: After pondering over their extensive breakfast menu, I settled on the Biscuit and Gravy with Hashbrowns (substituted with Homestyle Potatoes). My buddy ordered the Country Benedict, which is kind of misleading in the fact that there is no hollandaise sauce, but gravy. After a short wait, our food arrived and as I started digging in, I noticed that my biscuit and gravy were on the cold side...bummer. My friends benedict was hot. I overheard a gentleman next to me complaining of the same issue with his biscuits and gravy, so I assume that they dish up the biscuits and gravy prior to the more extensive dishes. The flavors of the homestyle potatoes were decent, but could've had some seasoning. The biscuits were moist and fluffy, but on the small side and the sausage gravy was good, but could've had more sausage and thicker. I know, I'm being picky, but I have high hopes for this place. Perhaps they were just working out the kinks for being in a new place, regardless, I will definitely come here again to try their other fare. The Staff: They were extremely nice, friendly and helpful. Our lovely waitress informed us what happened to the last location, along with information about how the owner bakes her own breads and the famous cinnamon rolls. Until next time Grandma Zula, Cheers.

(208) 762-1201

American (Traditional), American (New)

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