Mickey’s Country Cafe

24477 Valley Dr
Pleasant Valley, 52722
The new location is great. Tons of space and a really nice diner.
Great food, service and atmosphere. Can get breakfast until 4pm on the weekend! A little drive to get there but worth it. Quite busy but lots of seating! I will be a repeat customer. Breakfast buffet is Delicious!
Do yourself a favor and try one of their omelets as well as their hash browns. Have yet to find anything comparable in the Quad Cities and I take my breakfast seriously. Jimmy's (good not great), Duck Creek (meh), Tommy's (good not great), Mary Sue's (very good), Ross' (pass), Village Inn (gross) etc.. have been to them all and this is by far the best. The place is constantly busy in the mornings but the staff has always done a pretty good job when I've been there. It's in a nice little spot and definitely doesn't smell like the gentlemen below mentioned. Every time I take a new person there, they come away happy. Will definitely stop in again when I am in the area!

(563) 359-5634


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Valley Inn Ale House

24575 Valley Dr
Pleasant Valley, 52767
We've gone to Valley Inn a couple of times and our recent server, Keeli was amazing! She was great about checking on us and was especially sweet to our rowdy toddler! We love the burgers and love sitting on the patio! Thanks for the great service and food!
This summer a friend of mine and I went into the valley in for lunch. The bartenders looked at us as we sat down at the bar and then ignored us for 10 minutes while they talked on their cellphones and we finally left. The Customer next to us asked the bartender if they were plucking the chicken for his chicken salad.We vowed to never come back. However some good friends of mine were there tonight so we went in there for drinks. once again no service. The bartender actually watched us go to the table and sit down and after 10 minutes I went behind the bar and politely asked the bartender to wait on us and he thought we were just there to sit. I asked him why would he not at least come over and ask us if we wanted something and he had no response. He was completely rude to us and We will never go back. This place does not even rate one star. Someone needs to manage the employees.
We stopped for a mid-afternoon cocktail and spied the Friday Night Prime Rib Special brightly advertised ever so boldly on the wall. I immediately planned a return trip for dinner despite thinking a rather odd Special for a Friday. Maybe a fish fry ...certainly not Prime Rib. So, as it turns out the Prime Rib set before my eyes was the complete opposite of my expectation of a tender, tasty succulent slab of meat. Bottom line...a razor thin slice of the nastiest seasoned, tough, disgustingly tasting piece of some fricken crap portrayed as "Meat."... absolutely the worst Prime Rib experience..."Ever". Did I mention that the Valley Inn picked my pocket for $24.99 for a Prime Rib Illusion? But I learned a valuable lesson to always go with your gut and never order a Prime Rib Special on a Friday Night! The Valley Inn breaks into the top 10 list for the "Crappiest Meal I have Ever Tasted"! I can only imagine what the Saturday Night Special might be...or not be!

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