Main Street Bar & Grill

219 Broadway
Larchwood, 51241
Great burgers and very friendly service. This isn't "fine dining" but that doesn't mean the food isn't wonderful. Appreciate it for what it is and revel in it!
Don't judge a restaurant by it's humble exterior - driving by, you'd probably miss the place if you aren't specifically looking for the smallish, folksy carved wooden sign out front letting you know it's Main Street Bar & Grill. Waitresses are friendly and attentive and the menu is a good mix of grill food and midwest/homestyle favorites. Prices simply can't be beat. If you order a burger or sandwich and want fries, you'll have to make sure to order them extra otherwise you'll miss out (they don't come with fries), but everything is so affordable it doesn't make a difference. At first I was a bit incredulous, but I've been back a couple of times now. The locals say that people "drive all the way from Sioux Falls to eat here," (~15-20 miles) the only full-service sit down restaurant in Larchwood. I can't speak to this specifically, but the place is never empty. I haven't had it yet, but my husband is obsessed with the Main Street burger, and all their burgers are large. I recommend the waffle fries and taco salad. Nothing fancy, but honest and hearty and good. They only take cash and check though, so don't forget to hit an ATM first.

(712) 477-2521


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