Crossroads Tavern

1790 Giddings St
Kelley, 50134
When one thinks of a country bar, most imagine a dive-styled establishment. A low key saloon with one type of Budweiser on tap and made almost entirely of stained wood. If we start from the perspective, Crossroads over exceeds the expectations. In terms of small-town bars generally, it feels a little over the top and straining for space. First, the greatest strong points of Crossroads are drink selection and location. It would appear to be out in the middle of nowhere, which it is in a way, but it is also one of the few close stops on a very popular bike trail in that area. This guarantees them a decent crowd of regulars in the summer months. Additionally, it also has a full bar with a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits. It's diverse variety is not that common in rural bars. They know this advantage, and utilize it for slightly higher prices on select drinks. The prices are not outrageous, but greater than the norm for this type of bar. Second, one of Crossroads weakest attributes - the layout. This location used to be a gas station/convenience store. The pumps are still there, but no longer in use. It's square footage is large, but unfortunately split in half by an overly wide and long walk way. This becomes problematic during busier hours because the long entryway filters to a slim opening with the bar front & center and people have go divide either left of right in a scrunched area. The north side is just a sliver of space while the south is a larger opening. They do host live music, but the duo I saw had to be acoustic and were sort of stuck in a corner. This led to poor acoustics and limited mobility on their part. To summarize, I gave Crossroads 3 stars based on their overall "vibe". The bar serves it's purpose as small town watering hole, but has definite room for improvement. It has potential to be so much more. They draw in good crowd, but could certainly use some layout modifications to accommodate people comfortably. Additionally, a clearer presentation of drink specials and events would help. My final verdict - go check this place out, especially if you're a biker or country music fan, but just don't expect the night of your life.

(515) 769-2000


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