Billy Rays Smokehouse

108 E Main St
Fremont, 52561
Looking for a food adventure? A small town adventure was on our list for today. We took a motorcycle trip from Des Moines to try this BBQ place. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and the trip and scenery was beautiful. Walked in and the waitress greeted us at the door. One in our group of 7 had called to make sure we had a spot. The table was set and ready for us. The buffet was set up and hoppin. So many hot choices. Fries, ribs, fried chicken, fried catfish, ribs, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, chicken and noodles. The waitress got our drinks right away. We all had the buffet. Salad bar and desserts available to. I think everyone ate more catfish than the ribs they originally thought they were going too eat. Our drinks stayed full and the tables in the rest of the restaurant filled up as we crept up on 6pm. We decided if the ribs on the buffet were the same if you ordered off the menu then might not be the most awesome ribs. The buffet was constantly being filled with fresh food. I watched the ladies walk by multiple times to fill the chicken, ribs, and other hot goods. I think this buffet is a good price got all the good they got on it. I think maybe it was the owner who even stoped and thanked us for coming. A great small town treat for home cooking. I ended on the delicious berry pie. Yum.
Ate at this restaurant on 8/8/12 about mid afternoon. We had 4 adults, and two children. The waitress seated us. It appeared that only 1 waitress was working along with 1 older lady cooking in the back. The restaurant was not busy maybe 2 other people that were already eating at the time we were there. The waitress attempted to take our order but the phone kept ringing. Finally everything was ordered. She brought our drinks I asked for unsweetened tea and she gave me sweetened. So we waited about 30 minutes and finally the food arrives. The tenderloin was not that great at all, it tasted like a pork fritter. The side was a tiny bowl the size of a tea cup of macaroni salad. The price was horrible as well almost $9 for my meal, the total bill was almost $50 which honestly was not worth it. The waitress never checked on us during the meal asking how it was. The drinks were not even refilled until after we were done eating. After she refilled the drinks, again I asked for unsweetend tea and she gave me sweetened tea. I would not eat at this place again.

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