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  • Bill L.

    This was the first Asian restaurant I have eaten at in Des Moines when I first moved here a few years back. This restaurant is tucked in the plaza surrounded by Mexican restaurants and businesses. Parking can be difficult at times since it is a small lot shared by multiple businesses. The food here us great! I have eaten here countless times and have not had an unpleasant experience. They have southeast Asian dishes that other Asian restaurants do not have. Usually the same staff is working and they are very friendly. Their bubble tea drinks here are well made. It is never crowded here which makes for a good, calm eating environment. I will continue to eat here often. You must try their shrimp in a blanket appetizer here!

  • Malerie P.

    Wow wow wow!!! I had the Khang pad (I think). A beautiful blend of coconut milk and red curry that blew my taste buds away. Baby eggplant with other veggies made a healthy dinner. The restaurant is quaint; The price was right, and with the variety of Chinese, Lao, Vietnamese or Thai, you can't go wrong!

  • Celeste B.

    For quick, delicious Asian takeout, Rolling Wok is a great choice. I will admit, I've driven by so many times as its in a strange little strip mall on Grand. I'm so happy we finally stopped! The potstickers were flavorful and crisp, the egg rolls were tasty and my empress chicken was still juicy and flavorful. My boyfriend LOVES their fried rice (and considering that's all he orders at Chinese restaurants, that says a lot!!!) Parking is goofy, on street, and servings could have been a little bigger, but such a great place.

  • Vishal K.

    Ordered Hunan and Schezwan chicken.. It was awesome.. This is a hidden gem in middle of nowhwhere. Will visit again. Looking forward to visit with more friends. While i was there, i found more repeat customers as these folks knew most of them. Food is amazing. Authentic chinese and Vietnamese..

  • Shannon T.

    The dipping sauce that comes with the sticky rice, as well as the Asian beef jerky, are two of the best things I've ever tasted! It reminds me of the authentic flavors my Asian grandma used to buy. The service never disappoints and the food is never ordinary. The space is new, clean and bright. Great place for a quick lunch or a dinner date!

  • Sherry M.

    Such great food! Well worth the trip. Everything I ordered was primo, will definitely make this a part of my rotation. I picked it up to go and I couldn't wait to get home to eat. I had Pot Stickers, a Beef Soup, and Combination fried rice. The staff was very friendly, and the food was made to order.

  • Ryan A.

    The food is always amazing and fresh. I had the Pho Tom Yum. It was really good. There was enough for 2 meals.

  • Ben T.

    The food is amazing!!! The service was also fantastic will definitely return when we're in town

  • Nate L.

    If it wasn't so busy and understaffed this place is would be my home but the staff there are great friendly and I haven't had one thing there that I haven't lived, down with mainstream Asian restaurants. By far my top tree favorite places to eat.

  • Allie W.

    The best crab rangoons that I've ever had. Definitely going back

  • Stalin S.

    I'll begin by telling you that I go to the Rolling Wok for one meal...the laap. It's absolutely delicious. My awesome girlfriend took me to this place as she has been there numerous times with her friends and coworkers. The menu is loaded with different options, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Laotian. As I said, I go there for the Laap which comes with sticky rice. I always go with the Laap beef as it reminds me of a dish my grandmother used to make (salpicon, it's Nicaraguan). They add a lot of lime to it, which I love, and sits on top of a large piece of cabbage, which helps with the spice (I'll explain later), and about 3 slices of cucumbers (which also helps with the spice). OK, for the long awaited explanation on the spice. The first time I was there, the waiter asked how spicy I wanted it and he said it comes from a level 1 (not spicy) to a level 5 (really spicy). So I decided to be safe and went with level 3. I like spicy food, but not to the point that I can't enjoy or taste the food I'm eating. Level 3 was, for me, very spicy. It made the top of my head sweat, but as I compare it to other levels, I was able to continue eating without stopping much, unlike a level 4, which I'll get to in a bit. If you don't like spicy food at all, don't start with level 3. The next couple of times we were there, I also went with level 3 and it was as delicious as before. So the next time I went to Rolling Wok was a little over a year and I decided to be brave and order a level 4. This was a whole new experience for me. The level 4 was just too spicy! I was able to finish the meal, but had to stop numerous times to either drink water, chew on the cabbage and the cucumbers, steal my girlfriend's cabbage and cucumbers, or to try and blow the steam out of my mouth (which didn't work). There were a few occasions where I started a sentence and had to stop talking as my girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy cause it was just too hot to speak. The top of my head was glistening and if it would've been sunny I'm sure I would've blinded the people driving by (I have a full set of hair and am not bald BTW). Halfway through my meal I swore to never eat a level 4 again and that I would demote myself to a level 2. Yes I know level 3 is below level 4, but it hurt so bad, I have to go with level 2 from now on. The next time we visited i went with a level 2, which still made me sweat, but I wasn't on "fire" the next few days (if you know what I mean). I do have to say that the staff is amazing. Everyone is very friendly and it doesn't seem like I'm eating out when I'm there. Very polite and very informative. My girlfriend ordered a level 2 on our last visit and it was burning her up pretty bad. We talked to the waiter and even told him we would pay for that one, but she needed a level 1 instead...they simply took it off our bill. Every time I am in Des Moines, Rolling Wok is a definite stop for 2 or 3 times. I love me some laap!!!

  • Deren S.

    I came here with my family for the quest for ladnah and I was not disappointed. This place probably tied for first right now along with king and I for best ladnah. The sauce at King and I is a little better but the noodles are better here at rolling wok. The noodles were given a little stir fried with the right amount of burn smell and taste. I would have to say that gives it a little edge over king and I because rolling wok gives better portion. So on 12/14/12 I crown rolling wok the best ladnah of des moines for now. The mee krop was great. Padsahew was great. The pho was one of the best in Des Moines. I have been to Thailand several times and so far this place that comes closest to real good thai food.

  • DaFoodCritic F.

    Small restaurant but very nice. Environment was comfy and I felt comfortable. It's very up kept and clean. Neat and organized. One of the several things I look for at restaurants is how clean they are. Let's skip off and talk about the service. Excellent!! Service wins me over big time and every staff member/worker there was very friendly. They sure looked happy to work there which made me happier to eat there. I never had to ask for refills because they were on it! Their menu selection and choices made me want everything on the menu. Came down to beef laahp and it was on point. Ordered a Taro bubble tea and again was satisfying. Their appetizers were delicious as well. I could honestly say everything I tried was delicious. I walked in with a smile and left with a smile. Just the way I like to enjoy my food and eating experience. I would give 10 stars if could. Highly recommended place!

  • Thao P.

    Decent Pan-Asian Restaurant Out of all the Asian restaurants in Des Moines, this is one my top picks--especially for the lunch hour. The lunch hour poses some cheap lunch specials. You can't go wrong with good Pad Thai for under 6 bucks during lunch. I typically get the pad see eww and hot and sour soup here. I like the location due to its proximity to downtown Des Moines. It's a clean attractive building with attentive staff. The only downsides are the bubble tea (not fresh) and although the quality of the food is good, it is not spectacular as a typical pan-asian restaurant. Overall, I will continue going to this place-- mainly because of its affordable delicious lunch food.

  • Allen P.

    CHICKEN WINGS, BEEF JERK, PAPAYA SALAD, and STICKY RICE. NUFF SAID. SO GOOD. Still got some leftovers i'm lookin forward to eating.. = ) Rolling Wok, you will be seeing my face again to try the spicy sausage OOO YEAHHH (kool-aid guy voice)

  • He And She I.

    Happy to have another place for pho.

  • Austin B.

    I had some really good pad thai here and now I'm pissed off because every time I try to make it at home, it tastes like ass.

  • Monica J.

    Several of my friends and I are regulars to this great little spot now. Sometimes the temperature in the establishment can be a little cold, but the Pho will warm you up quick enough! Always fresh and servcie is usually on par. Try the lunch specials (great deal for the $).

  • Abbie T.

    To be honest, I've only eaten their pho (It's my favorite in town) but their menu has all sorts of Asian delights from Thai/Chinese/Laotin to Vietnamese. Stop in on Monday for cheap bowls of Pho. With beautifully herbal and beefy broth, a piping hot bowl of P1 is full of delicious chunks of intestine and tendon for those adventurous eaters. A great assortment of condiments to spice it up, if you are brave, and always lots of fresh basil and cilantro to enhance the flavor. Because of it's location It's plenty busy during the lunch hour and offers great specials for those not interested in pho. The dining areas are always clean and service is solid.

  • Janet E.

    Definitely a solid four star place. Service was excellent! Our waiter must have checked on us about a handful of times to make sure we were okay. I like that!!!!! The food came out quickly and was very flavorful. My only complaints were that the soup was not boiling hot when it arrived at the table. I like my pho soup steaming hot!!!!! And the bean sprouts looked a little old as some had turned brown in color. Other than that, the food was great, the place was clean, and plenty of parking in the lot. I also ordered a pineapple smoothie to go with no tapioca. They offer jelly instead of tapioca so i opted for jelly in my pineapple smoothie. Delicious!!!!!!!!! I could not stop drinking it even though it was 30 degrees outside. I would definitely come back here again!

  • Diane A.

    For some reason, I actually thought Rolling Wok was located somewhere within the Downtown Sky Walks, but its just east of East 15th & Grand. Being my usual self, not minding dining solo and loving to people watch, it seemed that everyone was enjoying their dishes. From the reviews, I was expecting more from their "Bubble Teas" terms of more variety outside of fruit selections ( my favorite is Almond Milk Tea...but I have to remind myself, that I'm in Iowa)... Going on, I ordered the Pad See Ew with beef, and it was actually really good! I tried stopping by after work, but found out that they have a prep-gap between 2-4pm where they close before dinner, but I would definitely go here again.

  • Ricky Q.

    Love this place! Thai basil noodles have taught me that mushrooms aren't as evil as I thought! Wish they wouldn't close for private parties when I really get in a mood for noodles though. Service great as the food.

  • Lela T.

    Good food, good prices and portion size. Drunken noodles,chicken wing/papaya salad combo and laap beef are our favorites! Resturant is clean and friendly staff!! One of out favorite Thai/Lao food spots in Des Moines.

  • I l.

    Chinese, Thai, Laoition they cover a whole pantheon of asian cuisine. I usually stick to a couple of favorites for lunch. I eat here all the time, and it is awesome lunch place. I recommend the Beef Salad, Kung Pao Chicken, Egg Rolls, Crab Rangoons, and for something a little different try the spring rolls. It's damn tasty, and pretty cheap for lunch

  • Pat D.

    I really enjoy the Lao and Vietnamese food at the Rolling Wok Café. The Pho broth is delicious and they bring a generous assortment of garnishes to spruce it up. The House Eggrolls are generously sized and very tasty. I enjoy the papaya salad combo which is served with sticky rice, cabbage wedge and your choice of chicken wings or meatballs. I tend to like spicy foods, but I only choose a 3 their 1-5 spiciness scale, because it really sneaks up on you in the papaya salad. The first few bites, I always think, hmm, I should have gotten spicier, but by the end, by lips have that wonderful burn. I did find the chicken wings to be a bit bland. They have a dry rub and are cooked a little crispy but I think they could use more zing. The LARP is also very good. It's a spicy pork salad with mint and cilantro. They also have a good bubble-tea business going. The décor could use some work. The carpet has some ugly rips in it. The service is also fairly lax. But if you want to try Lao food, this is very tasty.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


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Rolling Wok

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