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  • Summer M.

    Wow. Just wow. I had been eyeing this place for a while. It looks pretty rundown on the outside. But inside it is one of the cleanest, nicest places. The food tho, amazing. The duck soup is my favorite. It had the most amazing flavor. We will definitely be going back. I hope people start going to this place. Its wonderful!

  • Bill L.

    When you're driving by this place you probably won't think much of it, looks small and rundown. The inside however, is recently renovated and provides a very comfortable eating experience. I have gotten the noodles here and of course the BBQ pork. Their BBQ pork is probably the most authentic and delicious in town. We have on several occasions ordered the whole roasted pig from them for special events. You must do this a week or so in advance, and it is a bit pricey, but worth it. It is served with good presentation and taste. Definitely stop by and give this place a try!

  • Stacy T.

    My dad loves this place! He gets either the duck or pork, at least two times a month. I went with inside with him on a Friday night before they closed. The guy was very nice & friendly even though they were about to close soon. The food is good, way better than C Fresh's BBQ.

  • Jesse M.

    Dang. Did a take out here today of just roasted meats. Ordered a pound of char siu pork and a quarter roasted chicken. This stuff is LEGIT!. I sure hope more people start visiting Le's. It's very good. If you like Chinese BBQ, look no further. The char siu is as good as Sun Wah's in Chicago and every bit as good as the stuff I used to get growing up in Hawai'i. Go. Now.

  • John F.

    Food was good the service was ok. May not return didn't have sweet and sour sauce and the waitress didn't speak English

  • Karl S.

    Context is important - especially when you're in the mid west, in Iowa and in Des Moines, and you have a hankering for Chinese BBQ. Passing this little place by is easy - it's small and with the smattering of Oriental options in this area it doesn't stand out. Put aside first impressions and step inside - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the ample table and booth space and the clean quiet simplicity of its presentation. Where normally, in a Chinatown in a bigger city, I am used to seeing ducks hanging in the window - here they're hanging inside. Same with the BBQ chicken & pork. The reddish tint is familiar - and welcoming. The ordering was easy, the 3-meat combo included rice and Chinese broccoli - for $9.99 - score baby! Off I went into the night with my abundant bounty...got home and opened a sweet sauce and a savory one - and consumed it all in one setting. All I can say in my defense is this is the real deal- nothing short of entirely satisfying. Don't judge a book by its cover - this is THE spot in Des Moines for real Chinese BBQ! Enjoy.

  • Marianne S.

    YES! YEs! YES!! As good as back in Chicago, China Town. They were very nice and we got there just in time the lot was empty and after we sat down about 20 or more families came in for take out and had arm loads going out the door.

  • Jordan S.

    Please, somebody go to this restaurant!! Seriously, I was the only customer there on a Sat. afternoon. It's the only authentic Hong Kong-style BBQ restaurant in Des Moines (probably the entire state of IA). Having lived for a semester in Hong Kong, I can tell you that this is the real deal - glistening whole glazed and roasted ducks, pork belly/tenderloins, chickens, etc. hanging under halogen bulbs, freshly cut up for each customer. All you need is to order one of these things over rice or noodle soup and you're set. If you want take-out, you can simply take a whole chicken or duck and pay by the pound. And, the prices are very good. I really don't want this place to go out of business, as this kind of cooking is a real art, and probably won't appear again in the area if they go under. Americanized chop suey and eggrolls this is not - it is the only other authentically Cantonese restaurant in Des Moines besides Kwang Tung' (Sunday Dim Sum) on Ingersoll.

  • Apple C.

    I agree with Chiang K. This place is definitely a hidden gem and is easy to miss in traffic! I've been ordering duck here for years and I've never been disappointed. I haven't tried any of the other items on the menu, but I'm definitely looking forward to trying them in the future.

  • Chiang K.

    Don't let the appearance of this little place fool you. On the outside, it looks like a renovated garage, but on the inside, it is quite pleasant with plenty of seating. I had always been curious about this place and after reading the previous review, I went in. I thought the place only served bbq items, but they have more. I ordered the duck and rice and roast pig in rice. I wanted the roast pork but the lady misunderstood me. What I call roast pork or char siu, they call bbq tender pork, so make sure you get the right one. Being on a Friday and being in Iowa, I was not expecting something fantastic, but I was pleasantly surprised. The roast pig was obviously from the day before as the skin was hard and leathery, but the meat was good. The duck was fresh and delicious though! Also on this visit, the vegetable that came with the combo platter was boiled cabbage. Overall, this is a great place and I hope it doesn't go out of business.

  • Tony C.

    Best place is Des Moines for Chinese BBQ pork and ducks. Don't order Kung Pao and those other stuffs, go for their BBQ pork or duck noodles. You could also order one whole roasted piglet a few days in advance, if you are into that.


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Opening Hours

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  • Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

There are not many restaurants in America serving authentic Chinese food. A little research on Restaurant Listings directory can help you locate the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Chinese cuisine is continuously evolving, and you can find a variety of dishes categorized as the food for lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic friendly. So, if you have a group of friends with different taste patterns, save the hassle and visit the nearest Chinese restaurant in your city.

Le’s Chinese Bar-B-Que

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