Pink Poodle

633 Old Lincoln Hwy
Crescent, 51526
Horrible atmosphere with mediocre service. However, the prime rib is amazing! Huge portions and always cooked to perfection. Be sure and try it if you are in the area.
Absolutely fantastic steaks and prime rib for the price. The Pink Poodle has served my husband THE finest slab of prime rib I have ever seen him receive in any restaurant. It was food magazine-perfect. For those who don't care for prime rib, my personal favorite is the strip steak. Dinners come with both salad AND personal favorite is their bean soup, I think it is only served Saturdays. Trust me, you WILL leave this place stuffed.
Decor is lacking and some what creepy BUT the prime rib makes up for it! A prime rib meal comes with soup and salad plus a side. The house Italian is sweet but very good. The soup selection was bean & ham. It was savory. The waitress brought warm bread to the table. We ate it quickly. Once our prime rib arrived, we requested more bread to sop the au jus. The prime rib was cooked perfect and was very tender. We have ate there 3 times and it was excellent every time.

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Henry’s Diner

836 Old Lincoln Hwy
Crescent, 51526
Good food on extensive menu. Fried chicken specialty. Also steaks, salads , sandwiches also.
My wife and I purchased a Chipper Deal to Henry's Diner and were finally able to use it a few days ago, on a Sunday morning for breakfast. My wife and I walked in and were greeted and seated immediately. The older waitress then came over and just seemed to be in a bad mood. My wife asked to try their orange juice before making her decision on what to drink and that seemed to put her off even more. I ordered the two pork chop breakfast combo with eggs and hash browns. The two pork chops were super thin, over cooked and weren't that good at all. The hash browns and eggs were okay, nothing special. But what can you expect for $7.50? My wife and I split two biscuits and gravy as a side. You definitely get a lot of food, but the gravy was bland and practically tasteless. Not worth the $4 in my opinion. The waitress seemed to be in a better mood towards the end of our meal, not sure why. I really wanted to like this place, but overall, the food was definitely sub par and the prices don't reflect the poor food quality. I wouldn't mind trying lunch or dinner sometime, but if the food is anything like their breakfast, then Their motto 'Nothin Finer' definitely doesn't fit. I would change it to 'Everything else is finer than Henry's Diner'.
I actually came to Crescent, Iowa to eat at Denny's Pizza, but they were not open on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon where the town seemed packed and full of life. Almost a flea market atmosphere in the streets. I then saw the packed parking lot at Henry's Diner and decided that I would try that instead. Henry's is a large metal building and upon entering you notice how much of the place is in the dark. Like people sitting and eating in a darkened half of a building. Only one row of strip lighting on and the natural light. Odd. I sat at the bar and was waited on promptly and asked if I had ever been there before. I said no-and he went through the things that they are known for. Hot beef, tenderloin, onion rings, hamburger etc. I went with the mushroom and swiss burger and curly fries. The bar area is sports themed and the dinning area was more country home themed. Free wi-fi with no password needed. My food arrived-the burger was good. Good beef, hot and juicy, bun toasted and tasted good. Lots of mushrooms (though they were definitely canned mushrooms). The curly fries were you basic curly fries and not seasoned (which is fine with me). A satisfying lunch. Nothing really worth driving over for specifically, but if travelling the old Lincoln Highway or going skiing it is not a bad option. A touch overpriced for small town diner food-but not too bad

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