107 N Main Ave
Alburnett, 52202
Ok. Born and raised in Marion , Iowa, about 5 miles from Mahoneys. Lets just say I've been around a good long time. My first trip here was about 10 weeks ago. That, my friends, is one of life's little regrets. I've always heard about this little joint in Alburnett. My wife and I finally decided we didn't want to cook on a Friday night and CR restaurants are notoriously packed. "Hey, let's try that place in Alburnett?" Wow. I'm not a chicken expert but the broasted chicken at Mahoneys was out of this world! It's hot, crispy, juicy, crunchy and tastes spectacular. Highly recommend it. Now this *is* Alburnett. This not a classy, valet parking, keep up with the neighbors place. It's a meet your neighbors, say hi and buy em a beer place. When it's busy, you are going to,wait. But it is worth it.
Food still hasn't arrived after ordering it over an hour and 15 minutes ago.. Crazy!
The broasted chicken is great. Wing Wednesday especially. If its busy you will wait a bit for food but it is well worth the wait.

(319) 842-2601

Chicken Wings, Sports Bars

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