Maui Mike’s Fire-Roasted Chicken

96 S Kamehameha Hwy
Wahiawa, 96786
I love this place!! The chicken is cook to perfection, moist, juicy, delicious and packed with flavors. My family always get the Big Feast Meal (2 whole chicken) with 4 sides, choices of green beans, baked beans, corn, mikes fries, white rice and 8 dipping sauces, choices of lava sauce (my favorite), teriyaki, bbq, chili, ranch, and honey mustard. I give this place 4 star because they only have one Iocation, limited seating and parking. But other than that I highly recommend everyone to give this place a try. Great customer service!!
My husband and I were looking for something popular and a must have to try so we searched Yelp and found this place. It has some pretty amazing reviews so we stopped and tried it. I must say it was good food, not amazing but good. The roasted chicken was good but it was roasted chicken, hard to mess up I didnt think it was amazing or anything special to it, maybe it was and off day when we went. Customer service was super great though, sauces were excellent, sides ehhh, again nothing spectacular especially if you have been to a boston market sides really pale in comparison. Prices awesome. Family meal, whole chicken, 2 sides four sauces like 17 bucks cant beat that price if going out. Im sure we will try again, Ill probably stop by and pick up this cheap dinner after a busy day. If its better ill update my review. Until then try it if you can and have time but not a must try in my opinion there are way better places on the island.
I've had Mikes twice since I've lived on Oahu. so far the chicken has been juicy and cooked very well. The next time I will ask for the fries on the side so they don't get soggy underneath the sandwhich. overall a yummy meal

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American (Traditional), Barbeque

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Marians Catering

79 Mango Place
Wahiawa, 96786
Am I the first to review this catering business??? Ok so my family has used Marians for so long I can't remember the first time I had it. Nestled in the center of Wahiawa behind Dots I think it was when we had a party at Dots. I like their food because everything is fresh and delicious and always the same. You know you can count on the food to be the same :) My particular favorites: flank steak, mac salad, tempura, fried chicken, fried noodles, maki sushi. So yummy!!! Perfect for any occasion :)
Darcie and staff were great! Good good food too. Happy that I hired them for my daughters wedding.
It was a last minute decision to use Marian's for my Mom's funeral and everyone was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. We ordered the shojin menu and added on a couple of "meats" and it was still very reasonable. A lot of guests were asking where the food was from and I think Marian's picked up a few new customers for future catering needs.

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Lum’s Inn

674 Kilani Ave
Wahiawa, 96786
Third day on the island. Best meal yet. I leave both impressed and satisfied. Teri Beef and shrimp was excellent from the standpoint of both taste and price. The few words I shared with the large Hawaiian cook were genuine and pleasant. Overall thumbs up and great Hawaiian food.
Lum's has always been the go to place for lunch when they were still in Mililani, and I was so sad that they left because I thought they closed down, not knowing they moved to Wahiawa. I am so glad that they are still pumping out good food cause it is very rare for me when I can take a bite into something and it brings back memories of my childhood, all the times we use to cruise at the bicycle shop across from there, riding bikes with all the friends, and asking my mom for money so I can go buy a Teri chicken plate, I just got home after purchasing 2 Teri chicken plates, one for now and the other for an early dinner.
Our first visit here. Excellent food and service! We ordered mix plate, breaded scallops and hamburger steak - all tasted great. We will be back for sure!

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Kilani Bakery

704 Kilani Ave
Wahiawa, 96786
I'm a brownie girl and I gotta say their brownies here are the bomb. I love how they cut them into small pieces for you to enjoy and savor. And the powdered sugar on top make its look professional even if it's a white plastic bag. This has to be one of the best brownies on the island!!! I will need to try the other pastries.
Before I begin, this establishment should put their nutritional facts on My Fitness Pal for the IIFYM and people who monitor their intake The staff here are so friendly. The prices are so cheap, and the baked goods are great! I got some of the "yesterday's" sale items, because there was a bag with so much variety, and I got some cinnamon bread too. The woman gave me another bag of goodies for free! She was so sweet to my daughter. We got long johns, cinnamon bread sticks, Danish assortments and malasadas. It was all so good, I had to taste it all. I microwaved them for like 10-15 seconds, and BAM! Like new.
I guess everyone goes to Kalani's for their brownies. Since we were up the street trying out Sunnyside we decided to stop by here for some brownies. I got four pieces which is not much since they are long rectangular pieces. It was good but I wouldn't go out of my way to get them.

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Bakeries, Wedding Planning

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Plumeria Thai Cafe

25 Mango St
Wahiawa, 96786
Located on Mango St in Wahiawa is Plumeria Thai Cafe... a much needed Thai restaurant! My Mom's friend told her about this place so my Mom and I went to give it a try. Mom actually wasn't hungry so I ended up just ordering pad Thai with chicken and an order of fried banana. The restaurant itself is small with minimal seating inside, and parking is available on the street. They have an array of items just as other Thai restaurants do: appetizers, ala carte items, rice items, noodles items, curries, Thai desserts/drinks, and even "local" style plate lunches. They also serve breakfast as well (something 99% of Thai places do not do)... however it may be because they close so early. Hours are 7AM-2PM Monday through Friday. I'm not sure of the hours on Saturday and they are closed on Sunday. Prices are decent as well as portion size. As for my pad Thai... it was okay. It had a good amount of chicken and tofu which was appreciated... but it lacked in flavor to me. I would give it 3/5 stars. I probably wouldn't order it again. My Mom had the fried banana and she said it was okay. The batter wasn't very thick or crispy which is what she (and I) prefer... so we'd give that 3/5 stars as well. Service was efficient and friendly and for that 5/5 stars. All in all, I'd rate them 3.5/5 stars but since I can't give a half star I rounded up to 4 stars. I would give them another try...
Good food, reasonable prices. I usually order the Pork Belly with Chinese Brocolli, which is delicious. I've also ordered the Chicken Fried Rice (okay, a little bland, miss the slightly fish sauce taste of the seasoning that I get from the fried rice in other Thai restaurants), and the Chicken with Waialua Asparagus (need to cut more of the woody part of the asparagus and chicken breasts were a little tough). Overall good taste and prices.
Finally got to try it here. It was A-OK. We got the pad thai and pad see ew ($6.75 each). The pad thai was ok, a little sweeter than I expected. The pad see ew was dry and had no taste. Oh yea, we also got spring rolls which were just ok. The sauce that came with it was not good. The food here is just ok. I'd rather eat somewhere else. BUT...the guy there was super nice. He talked with us while we waited for our food. His the wife (the cook) is actually from Thailand. Super nice guy. There are lots of pictures of the food on the wall. Good to look at. The restaurant itself is small. Parking is street parking. For those of you who remember Cornet (where the hookers would stand), just park right there on the street. The Pro's about this place, really nice owner, decent price and its the only thai place in Wahiawa. With that said...I still don't know if I'll be back.

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Naru’s Place

40 N Kamehameha Hwy
Wahiawa, 96786
I agree with all the other posts. Mrs. Narusawa is great !!! They are open from 5am till they sell out, M-F. Great "hole in the wall" place. I love the cone sushi, and bentos. You can also get made to order items from the daily specials.
Another place I wanted to try when passing through Wahiawa. Must be like a part time business as by 11:00am or earlier, they are closed for the day. So one early morning as I drove by, I saw the open sign so I stopped by and tried one of their premade bentos, priced reasonable but not tasty. Sorry but I will not wake up early to stop by again.
Went to Naru's Place for the first time today. Food was just okay...the fried noodles were a little hard and the hash was a little burnt. Convenient if you want to get okazu early in the morning in Wahiawa. The staff was extremely friendly and service was prompt.

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Cafe Olive

71 S Kamehameha Hwy
Wahiawa, 96786
Good food, nice atmosphere with man playing a guitar
Thank you Cafe Olive for being the best Italian Restaurant on this island and only a mile down the street from where I live! No complaints at all about this place. When you walk in, you feel as if you are in a small cafe in the heart of Italy. You totally forget that just a few blocks away is Chronictown. But it's okay my fellow yelpers! The Christian group Surfing the Nations has taking over the crummy part of the Wahiawa town strip next to Cafe Olive and has added a warm, safe environment. Back to the food. I really like the lump crab Alfredo, the shrimp Alla vodka, and the special that I can't remember what it's name was. But the best thing about this place is the spumoni ice cream cake. That dessert is the reason why I am giving this review a whopping 5-stars. last tip: join their wine club for $10 a year to avoid a $5 corkage fee. This place is the best place to try out different wine pairings without loosing an arm or a leg in the process.
This was the first restaurant we ate at once we arrived on island. I love how quaint the decor is. You feel right at home. The waiter we had was very polite and made great suggestions from the menu. Being new to the island, I was so glad we decided to stop in here on a whim. The food is fresh and delicious. If you're looking for a great date spot, this is it!

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Pho King

823 California Ave
Wahiawa, 96786
I ordered the beef pho with a side order of spring rolls. The beef pho was AMAZING--full of flavor!!!!!!!!! I ordered a small portion, and it was quite filling with the amount of veggies they gave. The spring rolls were "okay," and I don't think I'll be craving to go back for more...BUT I will definitely be back for their pho. The male waiter was very friendly and efficient (e.g. made sure our water was filled). There's lots of parking on either Long's Drugs or Foodland parking lot. There's and entrance to the restaurant from either parking lots.
This is a favorite spot in Wahiawa. Good food and service, super casual and easy parking. I get the chicken curry pretty much every time, it comes with two scoops of white rice and I absolutely love it. It gets busy at lunch time so it's good to go early. They have deserts available also. The "I love Pho King" shirts are very funny also...
Pho King is pho king good! Ambiance/Feel: Dive in Wahiawa with authentic pho. Simple décor with simple tables. Authentic Asian melamine dishware just like they use in Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.! Casual Asian dining. Shorts, slippahs, ok! Food: I ordered the beef and tendon pho It was much better than other pho I've had on-island. The broth was excellently (is that a word?) flavored - with hints of cilantro and slivers of fresh onion. Their accompanying greens were complete with sprouts, lime, fresh basil, jalapeño, and an Asian bitter leaf (unknown to me) that was great ruffage. Fiber, people! Eat your fiber! Tendon was well-done and not gamey. They could have added a couple more beef slices (e.g. a bit skimpy on the protein). Noodles were perfect in texture and amount. Service was attentive and speedy. Both good things. Tips: A small sized pho was filling enough. Our table of four split the shrimp summer rolls...yum! One of my friends raved about the taro and sweet potato tapioca dessert, which he bought to-go per request of his wife. Good husband. Overall: Come here after a surf lesson at Haleiwa Town or drive back to town feeling healthy and happy! Shaka!

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Dong Yang Inn

546 Olive Ave
Wahiawa, 96786
lots of food... yummy
If you ever find yourself passing through Wahiawa, you MUST try this place. It's such a hidden gem and the #1 place on my list whenever I'm back in town. I LOVE the meat jun and I really LOVE the red sauce that comes with it. I usually get the meat jun/chicken plate and always ask for extra red sauce. They are stingy about the sauce and sometimes even run out, but it's just not same without it. The portion sizes are generous and the service isn't terrible. I've never dined in and suggest ordering over the phone for pick-up. Parking is a nightmare, so it might be a good idea to park across the street at McDonald's and walk over.
Best ever ko chu jang, meat jun & Kim Chee!!! Live it all!! Killerest Korean for on da island!!!

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Koa Pancake House

703 California Ave
Wahiawa, 96786
Because we live in Wahiawa, this is a great place to have breakfast or brunch! It's on California Ave, just a few blocks from Kamehameha High Way! The only problem with this location is the parking situation. It has a few parking stalls around the establishment, but if the parking runs out, your forced to find street parking. The staff is ways friendly here, even when you have idiot customers who take 20 minutes to order and just stand in front of the cashier looking at the menu. The food is local and decently priced. The portions aren't over whelming, but enough to get you through till your next meal. This place is family friendly, but seating is at a first come first serve. Usually me and my husband will come and sit against the window because the tables that are available set more than just us...with that being said, I wish more people were considerate as patrons/customers of the establishment. Here's another tip: if your undecided, step to the side so that others can order what they want and get through the line quicker! Don't be a douche bag and stand in line holding up the line because you're undecided! Great place to get great breakfast food and menu options are a lot to choose from!!!
I usually really like Koa's, but I am VERY disappointed with my breakfast! I'm actually angry. I understand it can get busy, but that doesn't mean you compromise on your food! I ordered Eggs Benedict and my egg was completely cooked all the way through. It wasn't even slightly runny, it was completely cooked through. Very disappointed because I was treated to breakfast today and I felt that person lost good money. Never ordering this again. Total and epic FAIL!!
Came here for brunch. They have a few options here, not much of a choice. Wife ordered the vegetarian omelet and I ordered the #2 which was Canadian bacon, eggs and sausage. Seating is adequate on a busy morning but the parking is limited. Military: No discount here.

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Breakfast & Brunch

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