Burger King

2096 Vandenberg Blvd
Hickam, 96853
Rarely visit this location because they are not efficient! They open late on weekends and are closed for Hawaiian holidays when other places are open! Went the other week because hubby wanted to try New Turkey burger. Guess what they acted like they never heard of it. What! The commercial has been playing for a month already. So go back the next week & brilliant signs are up for the burger but person says we ran out! Went this week because hubby wanted ice cream and there is a sign up saying turkey burger out of stock. I order a bacon cheddar burger & when I get home there is a chicken sandwich! I guess we will never try that burger because all the employees eat them before the customers can. On this visit I order 2 sundaes I get to the window the girl asks what did I order and I tell her. She comes back and hands me a milkshake. I tell her that's not 2 sundaes. She takes back the shake while looking lost and after walking around finally 2 sundaes appear.
I love the funnel cake fries!
First time there, Last time there. I do not have high expectations for fast food and don't expect much but this was nothing short of nasty. Ordered the mushroom/ swiss to go, got a tiny burger covered in something that had melted from inside(my guess is that this was supposed to be swiss cheese) and tasted horrible. Ended up in the trash can. Will not give a second chance to this place...

(808) 422-5965

Burgers, Fast Food

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