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4300 Paces Ferry Rd,Ste 150
Vinings, GA, 30339

(770) 384-0012

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User:Jake M.

Food is good and we are frequent customers. Today we were told a 30 minute wait, which is fine. About 40 minutes later family of the manager walk in and the next table that cleared they were given while everyone else waited almost an hour for a table. I found it very disrespectful as a customer, especially how busy the restaurant was and blatant disrespect everyone that was waiting.

User:Kevin P.

Enjoyed breakfast with my wife. She really enjoyed the pancakes. Especially after such a disappointing evening without Ice Cream!

User:Teresa C.

I fell in love with this place immediately!! Great food, service and oh, did I say food?! The sweet potato pancake is to die for!!! The fried potatoes, perfection, and the shrimp grits has such a great kick! #5ThumbsUp I will definitely go back when I'm in Atlanta again!

User:Mikee R.

I am not usually a breakfast eater, but a do like a good tasty breakfast and this place has it. Our server was friendly and the food was all hot and fresh.

User:TJ F.

Great family atmosphere. Love the people and the food is generally done well. Just make sure you come ready to wait to be seated.

User:DynamicDuo H.

This place has good service and good breakfast. The staff is always friendly and the coffee is always hot . I got the biscuits and gravy and my Bo got the bakizo omelet. He cleaned his plate and I ate most of mine. We tried a pancake, and we both agreed that we could have done without it.

User:Daniel B.

Another Broken Egg Cafe is a new breakfast and brunch restaurant that opened in Vinings in January 2013. It replaced the Vinings Fish Company, which closed last fall. The cafe is located in the Vinings Jubilee shopping center, which is a quaint collection of boutique shops, retailers, and restaurants. Other restaurants at the Vinings Jubilee include La Paz, Cafe at Pharr, Mellow Mushroom, and Noche. The restaurant has several locations in the U.S, mostly in the southeast. There are four locations in Georgia. Including this one, there are cafes in Buckhead, Alpharetta, and Dunwoody. The restaurant is new and looks nice. It totally gives off the "at-home" breakfast feel. The interior is simple and presumably decorated after a country home with contemporary style. The walls are colorfully painted and the attention to detail is noticeable from the ceiling fans to the tables to the tableware. There's a bar near the front, but other than that, this place consists of mostly booth and table seating. The space isn't terribly big, but it's spacious enough. I didn't see any outdoor seating. Operating hours are daily, 7:00am to 2:00pm. Dinner is not served. I stopped by for lunch yesterday (Thursday) around 12:15pm, a peak time. The restaurant was busy, but not packed. Our party of four was seated immediately. The menu has several options with a focus on eggs (any style, though they have a variety of scrambled eggs and eggs Benedict), pancakes, French toast, and an assortment of breakfast meals such as steel-cut oats and shrimp 'n grits. Non-breakfast items include salads, burgers, and sandwiches. Most items are $11.00 or less. I ordered the Classic Biscuit & Gravy ($9.99) as I was immediately drawn to it. I love biscuits and gravy. The entree came with the restaurant's housemade gravy covering an open-faced biscuit with two eggs, two sausage patties, and seasoned country potatoes. It wasn't bad. The biscuits and gravy were good. I really liked the gravy. It has sausage in it and wasn't too rich or thick. The only problem was, there wasn't enough of it. I actually ate some bits of biscuit without any gravy (!). In most cases, the biscuits are drowning in gravy. Not here. The biscuit was super soft. I applied liberal amounts of Another Broken Egg Cafe's hot sauce on my eggs, which I had scrambled. It was OK. Their hot sauce is not very spicy and is a little bit tangy. The sausage patties were small, but dense and delicious. One of my patties was burnt (more than just a little char) on both sides, but at least the inside tasted great. I'm not sure what they put in their sausage patties, but they're quite flavorful and savory. The country potatoes were chopped and tasted ordinary. My tablemates ordered the sweet potato pancakes and an omelette and those dishes looked appetizing. I'd be willing to come back and try other dishes. Portion sizes are filling. Service was good and our orders came out in a reasonable amount of time. Separation of the check was not a problem. If you've never been to Vinings Jubilee, locating the restaurant can be a bit confusing as the shopping center is comprised of many separate buildings and parking areas. Another Broken Egg Cafe is close to the fire station.

User:Laila L.

Not a fan. I gave it 3 shots. The first time, order was messed up but the server was very good so I took it as a fluke. The last two times, slow service, messed up orders, they just can't seem to get it together. The food is pretty blah for the price. I'll stay on the road and head to Goldberg's. Meehan's steak and eggs and sausages are better than Another Broken Egg Cafe. Heck, I get better service and a more enjoyable meal at Ken's Corner Grill.

User:S V.

Worst experience ever! I was told the wait was 20 minutes. After 40 minutes I asked how much longer. After an hour and 20 minutes, I asked to speak to the manager. We were literally the last people there at this point and still not seated. They sat a bunch of people that came in after us. I told the manager and he couldn't care less. Plus he kept saying "let me AKS you ...." A manager should know how to pronounce a common three letter English word properly. I also saw a number of messed up food orders and complaints about the food coming out late. I had to leave since they were about to close and apparently not willing to serve me. Please don't endorse a business with these ethics. I've been here numerous times and the service the past few times has been horrible. Maybe the management changed. Wish I could give 0 stars!

User:Dale R.

Food was expensive, but good. Not exceptional. Had to wait over 1 hour to sit, then waited another hour to receive food. The food isn't worth the wait.

User:Ricky R.

YUMMY! we had a wonderful time here. The service wasn't the best, there were several things that happened that I wasn't a huge fan of. But the breakfast was really yummy I must say. I had the chez b omelette, really fresh and light, yet still filling. The coffee is really good. Not sure if they use the French press but it tastes like it. Also the ambiance is great. Make sure you take advantage of the call ahead seating, there is usually a long wait for this spot!

User:Jana' D.

EXCELLENT! this place is the bomb. It's definitely wayyyyyyyy better than chain restaurants. I didn't expect the food to be as great as it was. The location is perfect. The inside is bright and colorful and sets the mood for the occasion.

User:Lynn B.

Went to restaurant today and left after 5 minutes. Waited to be seated during the entire time and no one even acknowledged our presence. Spoke to manager; obviously a poorly managed restaurant

User:Fui D.

The granola with crusted banana and blueberry quinoa is very good

User:Nadi O.

DEC 29, 2014 and Jan 7, 2015--Very nice and the food YUMMY...We found this by accident and love love love this location. The vibe is smooth and the coffee yummy. We enjoyed it so much went back a week later. The wait staff very friendly and attentive. Awesome sauce!!! Pancakes so good..City Grits Mmmmmm. French toast nice, Crabcake Eggs Benedict WOW!....So much to try....Looking forward to my next visit..

User:Jana S.

I was very disappointed seeing Vinings Fish Company go from this location, but I think this is a good substitute. Today was my first visit to Another Broken Egg Cafe and I was really pleasantly surprised. They have all sorts of fun names for their menu items and they are grouped together on the menu in a way that makes it easy to read. Tons of healthy and gluten-free options as well, so that's great! I enjoyed the quirky little coffee mugs that are custom-made for this restaurant. A nice touch! On to the food: I'm a big fan of Eggs Benedict and they have several variations. I ordered the Benedict Oscar, eggs benedict with flat iron steak, asparagus, and (what appeared to be real) crabmeat. Very very tasty. My husband ordered one of their skillets - the Lakeshore Scramble: eggs, bacon, mushrooms, ham, onions, and cheese. Sooo good! Next time I'm ordering that. I think what I liked most about the food was the flavors. Everything was seasoned very well, I thought. One of the best features of this location is the upstairs patio. If you go, definitely sit outside. It's a great place to hang out and enjoy a bloody mary :) The service was decent. Unfortunately, the people at the next table were some really loud talkers, which took away a bit from our experience, but that's not the restaurants' fault. All in all, I really enjoyed our visit here and we'll definitely come back. I hope they stick around long enough for us to come back! :-)

User:Tiffany N.

It was a sunny Sunday morning with the Atlanta weather being so warm. The love and I decided on a day date and check this place out. He and I really like West Egg but we also like to explore different restaurants. My friends had raved about this place and I had bookmark it to visit, not to mention excited. However, this time was a bust. I gave it 2 stars because the wait time was a lot shorter than what was expected which is always a plus in my book. However, everything else went down the drain. First off, we were seated by the manager which I didn't think it was too odd and I like the fact that the manager was hands on. However, I understood why the manager had to pitch in. It turns out that they had more hostesses than they had wait staff. The place was not even packed, since we were told a wait of 50 minutes but it probably took like 20 mins tops. When we sat down and waited for our drinks to be place...patiently. By the time our waitress came to place our drinks, the bf and I were already ready to place our order. He ordered the steak and eggs and I ordered the Shrimp and Grits. BF said that the steak wasn't season and was just ordinary while my S&G was bland. Sure the sausage gave it somewhat of a kick but it didn't mess well. Just Cajun sauce over ordinary (maybe Quaker oats) grits? Even tho I did see some interesting items, I don't think I will be back. It just lack luster and service, not to mention seasoning.

User:Sabrina B.

Another Broken Restaurant I hate to give a bad review but I really don't understand how one can mess up breakfast. Not that the food is horrible, it's just the whole dining experience, in my opinion, isn't that great. My husband and I ordered pancakes, an omelet, and a side order of grits, and it took close to 40 mins to receive it. The place was near closing so there weren't too many patrons to assist; thus, it shouldn't have taken that long. Furthermore, the prices are too high. How can one sweet potato pancake cost $9.99? Nothing comes with it, just the lonely, expensive pancake. It didn't even taste much like sweet potato. Overall, I'd rather spend my time and money elsewhere.

User:Doug S.

Stopped in here for a late brunch and a couple of bellinis when we had the day off. I generally don't review chains because they are what they are, but honestly the service was so good I did want to chime in on that front. The drinks were good, the black bean benedict with the grilled tomato was pretty tasty and the huevos rancheros were what you'd expect. They didn't get my meal right the first time, but again, great service can save a meal and it was fixed immediately. Everything was a bit over-salted but you get that at chains (and other places too I suppose). It was also a bit pricy for the overall food quality, but I'll say if you are around there and need to grab some food you'll have a nice meal with great service based on my experience. Nice decor too, a pretty relaxing experience. See for yourself.

User:Jason B.

Not sure what the food tastes like, but I am sure my hunger and patience will cloud my taste buds. Seems the kitchen is too slow to service the moderate cloud. Even if the good is good doubt I will be back, wasted a whine Sunday afternoon just to get breakfast! A broken egg, and broken service! Update, food finally showed up. Wanted the sweet potato pancake, but that was screwed up somehow and just got the regular pancake which was mediocre. Overall food was ok, but not worth the wait.

User:Jonna P.

This place is terrible! Came on a Thursday morning at 10am (read: not busy at all) and it still took 15 minutes for breakfast to come. When it did come, French toast was soggy. They replaced with a waffle which was good, but by this time my side of eggs and bacon was cold. Their bacon is overly crisp and greasy. Their prices for OJ are criminal considering there are no refills. I had high hopes but will not be coming back.

User:Eden HugerGurlforlyfe C.

Had the shrimp and grits with andouille sausage was ok but lemony flavor not happening wish they would jus leave it the way it is suppose to be traditionally. ..

User:Tristan A.

So I woke up today, craving something that I eat probably once every 2 or 3 months. Pancakes. Opened up my trusty Yelp app, and it lead me to this place. Didn't want to head to the place that everyone goes to for pancakes, since they taste like cardboard with different types of syrup. After reading how packed this place usually is, I already decided to take my breakfast to go. When I opened the door...I was surprised how empty it was. Maybe just Sundays I guess...anyway, I headed to the bar and ordered the sweet potato pancake combo. The servers were very pleasant, the place has that at-home type of atmosphere. A lot of natural light beaming through the place, which I love. I got my order in about 12 minutes and I was out the door. When I opened the carton with the sausage and eggs, I was a little surprised that they were so little. One little sausage patty, little bit of eggs...but when I saw the pancake, it all made sense. That thing was like a big ass frisbee! My eyes lit up like lets go. I really enjoyed the flavor of the sweet potato pancake. Sweet from the syrup mixed with marmalade and cinnamon (nice touch). Since the pancake is so soft, to add a crunch like the pecans set it off. Whenever I have that craving again, I'll hit this spot.

User:Don B.

Very disappointing! ! They were crowded (isn't that every restaurants dream? Not an excuse for this). The service was mediocre at best and the food was just awful. I really couldn't understand why anyone would wait 30 min to get seated here. THE ONLY bright spot were the beignets, very good and we're from New Orleans. Frankly, everything else my 12 year old could have done better at home. The English muffins came straight out of bag and we're underdone and chewy ... DONT order the shrimp grits unless you love worstershire sauce - it was drowning in it and the rest of the table could smell it. I suspect the other franchises are good because the place was packed, but for the life of me I didn't understand why!!

User:Jang C.

Before Another Broken Egg Cafe moved in, it was the Vinings Fish Company. Before that, it was some crappy burger place. Before that, it was Atlanta Bread Company. Obviously, it's hard to keep a business at this location. That said, I think Another Broken Egg Cafe is the best out of all the restaurants that's been at this location. Just like the other "Egg" places, they sell fancy-smancy breakfast items mainly. Just like other fancy breakfast places, their prices look steep. I ordered their sweet potato pancakes. The pancake itself tasted good. But I wasn't a fan of the orange peel slices they scattered all over the pancake. It made the pancake taste bitter and sour at the same time, if that's even possible. Some people are fans of citrus, and I'm not one of them. If you don't like citrusy things, ask them to not put the orange crap on it. Otherwise, this would've been a great pancake. I got their scrambled eggs. It was okay. I wished they made it fluffier though. Their breakfast sausages taste good. It's probably their best dish. It's nice and tender and cooked well. I had a taste of their biscuits and gravy. They tasted fine. My other complaint about this place was the service. She seemed nice and friendly. But man, she was a slow server. I don't know if they're understaffed or what, but everything seemed so slow. Our water glasses were empty for a long time, our checks didn't come for a while, and so on.

User:Terrence D.

Took my wife and boys here on a Saturday morning. Had my wife call ahead to ensure no wait. Arrived and was promptly greeted and seated. Had a comfortable wait before our food arrived. I ordered the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Amazing presentation and a even more delightful taste. Can't remember what the wife ordered I was too busy enjoying my order, sorry. My (5) yr old had the pancakes, (OMG) they had a sweet nutty taste that was incredible. My (3) yr old could only have the grits with cheese (damn food allergies). In conclusion, a great place for family and/ or friends. Btw, they have a bar area #drinks! I enthusiastically recommend this place. Only giving (4)stars bc it's only my first time eating here. Until next time.

User:Holly C.

Disappointing service and food. I've been to a few other locations in Georgia and Florida and had the same mediocre experience. Unless you're ordering an egg white omelet & fruit, the food is REALLY greasy.

User:Ashley M.

I attended an intimate networking breakfast here on a Tuesday morning. The service was very friendly and took great care of our 10-person group. I ordered the Lobster Brie Omelet. This was not my first time dining at Another Broken Egg, and I remember their portions are hearty. I was right! My huge omelet came with a side of potatoes, an English muffin, and two orange slices. The Lobster/Brie on top of a cream cheese omelet is a great idea, but turned out to be very salty, a little watery, and greasy. As one of their most expensive menu items, I felt like it should have stolen the show but fell short. It's not my first pick for a breakfast restaurant, but with that said, I can be easily convinced to come back.

User:Sally R.

Recently a friend and I ate at the Broken Egg Cafe in Vinings for the first time. We very much enjoyed the food and appreciated its generous portions. But what I remember most is the service. We watched fascinated as James McGhee, who was in charge, took kind, charming and adept care of a table of obstreperous seniors: I can say that since I'm one myself. I asked him for his name since we both thought he was outstanding. In addition, our server was cheerful and efficient, the decor is cozy and comfortable, and I'm looking forward to returning to this welcoming oasis as soon as possible. It was altogether a happy experience.

User:Lorin P.

Great breakfast spot in the heart of downtown Vinings! This place has come a long way from when it first opened, in terms of the food and service. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends, so I usually grab a spot at the bar. Great mimosas and coffee, service is always attentive. Favorite/must-try items: the cinnamon roll (we usually get this as an app when we're feeling naughty, it's huge and delicious!), Popeyes' Scramble, Lakeshore Scramble, and any of the omelettes! They also have a number of vegetarian and gluten free options. Hope you enjoy ABE as much as we do! Happy eating!

User:Aaron H.

We arrived at Another Broken Egg (ABE) at around noon on Sunday for brunch. We were thinking the wait would be ridiculous because Atlantans love Sunday brunch :-). Surprisingly the wait was only about 20 mins which was excellent because it allowed us to stroll around a bit and visit some of the nearby stores. I had the Cinnamon Roll French Toast and can I say it tasted like heaven. They use cinnamon bread to make the french toast, it is topped with strawberries, black and blue berries, whipped cream and some some type of sweet delicious sauce. There was plenty french toast to fill the average person. The coffee is on the strong side and the waitress was very pleasant and attentive.

User:Mike B.

The food is great. Not the fastest when it comes to serving the food after placing my order, but it wasn't an uncomfortable wait time.

User:Loralee P.

Loved the bar area.. The atmosphere is amazing and food was fantastic.. I just moved to Vinings area and this is definitely a place I will go to again!!

User:Adrienne S.

Went to this restaurant today I was a little disappointed but I guess it wasn't a totally unpleasant experience. I went there just to get the crabcake cavallo but my waitress came back to say they were out of the entree. So I picked the blackbean cajun benedict thing and I really didn't enjoy it. The blackbean cake lacked flavor but I will say the cajun hollandaise sauce made up for it a bit but it was a little too spicy/tangy for my liking (thats just me though). My water was never refilled, I had to ask and even then the waitress forgot (I'll leave her name out of this since she was a young girl). Had to wait 15-20 minutes to get the check... Just wasn't the best experience. I will try it again one day... Maybe it was just a bad day, but when I pay money for a service bad days don't make me happy.

User:Jose Q.

Went on a Monday morning with visiting family. The service was good. Our waitress was attentive. Had the Hey Lucy omelette. It was pretty good. Tried my friend's bacon and chorizo omelette. Much better. The sweet potato pancake was pleasant with a mild sweet potato flavor. Overall a good experience.

User:Chanel P.

What better place to go on a Saturday morning! It's cozy and cute! The food is delicious and they even serve alcohol. My guy friend was a little disturbed when I ordered a mimosa at 10 am on a Saturday but it works! It's in a cute little area so if you want to explore and even shop you can. The people are nice! Not over the top but the price and drinks makes up for it!

User:Bea K.

We went to ABEC after planning to eat at Garrisons. Unfortunately, we found out it closed, so ABEC was in walking distance. I'm a big brunch fan, but opted for a salad instead of breakfast. The southwest salad was HUGE and well prepared.. The greens were fresh and crunchy. I was pleasantly suprised. The service was very good and friendly. Will definitely come back, now that I have a set expectation.

User:Charlotte B.

I must say, the two stars are for the food and the management's attempt to smooth my ruffled feathers... My boyfriend and I went for a late-ish breakfast a couple of weeks ago. We got there around 10:30, waited to be seated and placed our orders at like, 10:47. He ordered a lunch sandwich and I ordered a pancake and potatoes. The waitresses there all seemed frantic and ours may have been the most anxious. After about 20 minutes, she told us our food would be right out. Ten minutes after that, I went to the hostess station where the manager was and complained. I don't do that, but people that had been seated long after us were already eating their food. I was told they were appetizers and cook time for breakfast is 10 minutes. I explained it had been 35 minutes. He apologized if it "seemed that way" to me, and the food would be right out. Shortly after that, the food did come. It wasn't hot, the potatoes were almost room temperature... But my pancake and his sandwich were good. Worth the wait? Not a chance... But good if we'd waited 15 minutes instead of 45... The manager did try to comp our entire meal, including my two lattes that had arrived promptly. We paid anyway, just having him offer was greatly appreciated. I love me some breakfast, but I would rather try someplace new than go back to ABE. :(

User:Danielle H.

This is one of my favorite brunch spots! The Bloody Mary is great! Portions are huge, hence the price. Beignets are awesome, French toast is great, but huge, omelets are good. Wait is always super long... But that's because it's so good..

User:Caitlin L.

First and only time here. Got here early to avoid any sort of rush. We ordered the most basic traditional breakfast on the menu with oj and coffee and the giant cinnamon bun. Food was good. Server was really great and made sure bacon that came with my meal didn't touch my plate and was added to husband's plate. Why the 3 stars? $40+ for breakfast. Ouch. I mean, I suppose if we got one of their fancy lobster omelets or a mimosa than I can see the price getting up that high, but our super basic meal did not equal the cost that was paid. Lesson learned: If you can make the food at home, make it at home.

User:Rajiv M.

Very pleasant surprise right here in Vining's! Loved it! The food was wickedly tastly and our server [Donna] was exceptional. We will definitely be visiting again soon. Very impressed!

User:Chad H.

I would give this play 3.5 stars. Really decent breakfast but I just felt like something was missing. I had biscuits & gravy, everything was good except I don't like the way they make their sausages but it didn't take away from the meal. My friend had the shrimp & grits and loved it as well. I would definitely come back in the future.

User:Greg C.

Fantastic breakfast joint! Bright great service and excellent food. I had a black stone Benedict which was awesome the bignots were amazing!

User:Shane E.

Great service, wonderful food! We had the cinnamon roll French toast, eggs Benedict, veggie omelet and the kids had dollar pancakes. This was a great environment for the kids, and it was an amazing breakfast experience!

User:Ladyheel B.

Excellent food. They unfortunately do not take reservations, but will allow you to call ahead and be placed on the wait list. If you are not aware of that fact though, you will likely wait 15-25 minutes. The food was worth the wait. The server was friendly but the service was slow.

User:Jerry B.

Woke up this morning in ATL and wanted to find some place different for breakfast. Hit Yelp and sure enough found it! Another Broken Egg is a gem. Clean, bright and cheerful for any morning meal, but particularly on a weekend morning. The menu has some fabulous dishes with a Cajun flair towards the spices and flavorful! I had the Mardi Gras omelet that our waitress described as a "party on a plate!" She was correct. A great omelet with just the right amount of heat, but then I added some of their pepper sauce to take it up a notch! If ever in Hot Lanta, seek this one out for a great way to start the day!

User:Romneka G.

I came here about two months ago in September with some friends and it dawned on me I didn't leave a review. You'd think after two months I'd say forget it, but no. I actually remember my meal here. I ordered the lobster and brie omelet with a bowl of grits that I shared with the girls. I also ordered a side of the savory sausage b/c I couldn't resist. I loved the sausage and grits, that could have easily been my meal by itself. But because I'm a tiny hungry person, I indulged. The lobster and brie omelette would have been perfection had my brie been melty and gooey all the way thru instead of just on the ends of the omelette. The champagne sauce was light and delicious, especially with a squirt of lemon juice. The Mimosa's are amazing!!! Be prepared to spend a few pennies, as my meal easily came up to $35 bucks, but dang it if it wasn't worth it!!! Personally, I'm not a fan of eating outside, but if you are, they had a really nice airy balcony that looked so cute. Also, parking was kind of confusing since it was in a shopping plaza. We ended up parking by Francesca's and walking around the corner and up the stairs to the front door, only to find there was a whole parking lot! lol.

User:Jorge P.

This place was amazing !!! The food speaks for itself. We went there for brunch on Sunday after church. We were quickly seated. We sat in the back facing the patio. Next time I go i definitely want to sit outside in the patio. I've added this place to my favorite places to have brunch. Go go go, don't think about it twice.

User:Keesha P.

I have never been a big breakfast eater and when they closed down J Christophers in Vinings I was truly disappointed. A friend told me about this place so I decided to take my family. We came in and the service was great but the food was excellent. I mixed 2 omlets into 1 and was in total shock when there was real crab meat in my omlet...and a lot of it. It was absolutely delicious. It is a little pricey for side items like 2 slices of bacon however, it was a pretty good place to have a sunday brunch or late morning breakfast.

User:Bob M.

If you come for lunch be sure to order breakfast foods They try to make lunch foods something they are not Same name different ingredients A Ruben ain't a Ruben

User:Nekiba M.

Love this place. I first came here with some fellow Yelpers after working out a few months ago. I've been addicted to this place ever since. I promise myself that I'll order different things from the menu but I end up getting my usual, veggie omelet with a side of bacon. The veggie omelet include spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese so good. Don't add any salt to the omelet the potatoes have enough for both. Next time, I'll try the waffles and the scramble. My mother created her own omelet and it was huge. Very tasty but she couldn't finish it all. Service was friendly and quick. Will be back again.

User:Erik M.

When arrived there was a forty five minute wait, which ended up being about fifteen minutes. Once we got inside the crowdedness and table spacing made it somewhat of a pain to get to our table. We didn't realize they serve a cajun style breakfast until we got our menu. We ordered the Mardi Gras Omelette with a pancake instead of an english muffin and the Cajun Potato Skillet with a side of andouille sausage. It seemed like I could taste each individual ingredient separately. We both thoroughly enjoyed our breakfasts with the exception of the pancake... We both felt like it had a taste of bleach or something in it... Not very savory. When the server took my credit card, she decided to try and pronounce my last name. What a train wreck! I'm not exactly sure what she said but I do know that it was about fifty shades of wrong. She explained that she's trying to pronounce it like Manti Te'o's name. I explained that my last name is from Finland and not Hawaii.

User:Lisa V.

The pancakes are better than the French toast. The sausage choices are andouille or a patty or a turkey sausage link. My son loved the Hey Luvy omelette - strongly recommends! Call ahead for a party larger than 4.

User:David S.

For a place that specializes in breakfast it was weak. Poached Eggs had too much vinegar taste. Potato was almost warm. Bacon was good.

User:Shica B.

Came here one Sunday for brunch with a few friends & family members. Two of us ordered Arnold Palmers to drink. When we got the drink, there was an overwhelming sour & tart taste. We asked what the issue was...she decided it would be too sweet if she used sweet tea & lemonade, so she decided to give us unsweet tea. Oh, ok...thanks? I am not sure what has caused the recent trend in breakfast places where the food that is typically supposed to be stuffed INSIDE of the omelet is simply placed on top of the eggs, but I do not like it. It made the food cold, the cheese was blah & the eggs were overly fluffy.I was rather underwhelmed with the offerings, the prices were steep.

User:Mitul B.

The service was great and I would recommend trying the biscuit beignets with a cappuccino. The only reason I gave it a 3 star was because the andouille sausage in my crabcakes cavallo was ice cold. I will give this place another try.

User:Charles O.

This place is great. Staff is so nice and food was wonderful. I came here twice in one weekend and tried two omelets. Both were great. Pepper sauce is great. Brought a bottle to take home. Get the slaw instead of the potatoes and put that on you eggs. So good.

User:Michael W.

Checked in for a table this past Sunday and really wasn't impressed. I wasn't greeted at all. I had to ask how long the wait was and the person told me 45mins. Just didn't get the feeling they wanted my business.

User:Charles H.

Sorry, but even tho the place was packed. I ordered the classic Benedict. Eggs were soft-boiled, almost hard boiled. The ham steak was good, but when paired with the potatoes, there was enough salt in the entree to mirror Salt Lake City! The hollandaise sauce was about one tablespoon on the entire order. Basically, when the food came out, it looked awesome! You can't judge a book by it's cover. The cover looked awesome, but what was served was tragic. I will not be going back.

User:kristoffer m.

This place is not good. Way too busy, expensive and the food tasty just OK. The location is pretty central to Atlanta but still I would not return until they lower their prices and cook better food. I would go to Waffle House before I go back to this place.

User:Jesse P.

Been here 3 times or so, awesome omelettes and gluten-free pancake. In particular, the GF pancake tastes even better than traditional pancakes. Pretty wide variety of options on the menu and service has been excellent each visit.

User:Ashley W.

Love the food but the service was terrible. We had a party of four and arrived around 9:15 am on a Sunday. The hostess made us wait while she continued to answer the phone and take down names for call-ahead seating, which put about 4 parties in front of us even though we were standing right there. We were told 15-20 minutes. I had my 1 yr old with me and figured she could make it that long. 45 minutes later we were FINALLY seated. Once parties stood up and left, it took 3-4 waiters and about 10 minutes to bus, clean, and re-seat the tables. After sitting down, it took another hour to receive our food, despite ordering at our first opportunity. Then more time to get silverware. My coffee never got refilled. The hostess, waitstaff and busers were just sooooo slow. And the manager seemed like he was hungover (or just also lazy and didn't care about the bad service). Next time, we will drive to the Buckhead location, which seems much better run with friendlier staff and a more effective manager.

User:Roger P.

I've eaten here four times between 5/16/2013 and 5/10/2014 (yea for Quicken!). The only criticism I have is of the last meal that had "lobster" on the omelet. It tasted kind of fake but was okay. What I do give high marks to is the fried potatoes that accompanied each of the meals I ordered. They were hot and good! Fried potatoes too often seem like a lukewarm after thought. Here they were actually good. Coffee and service were both great all four times. We've never had to wait for a table.m When I go to Vinings, it's a good place to have brunch.

User:Antwanika S.

Pretty good food. I wasn't blown away, but based on the menu I will have to visit another time or two. I had the Mardi Gras omelette. I found it lacking in flavor a bit. And they were very selfish with the andouille sausage. My waiter was a little less cheerful than I'm used to as well. Still it's a cute spot. I can't wait to try some other items on the menu. The breakfast potatoes that come with the omelettes are wonderful!

User:Kat W.

This is really 3.5 but I pushed it to a 4 with the call ahead seating, which you need! I've been here twice and the food is typical breakfast fare, good portions okay tastes. Maybe I've just picked the odd things and should focus more on the basics. For instance the Belgian Waffle which in reality was a basic rather thin and small waffle covered in powdered sugar. Nowhere near a Belgian more a Frozen microwave type deal. Though I really think they made it there, just might have been better if they had chosen a frozen version. My next choice was the shrimp and grits. The grits were plain to the point of just being there holding up the spicy shrimp which weren't bad. The GF seems to order better than me and enjoys every meal, though she has a tendency to stick with the more basic dishes such as biscuits and gravy. Next time I will stick to some pancakes. Oh yea the coffee is good to.

User:Lesa T.

First time visiting. Arrived around 9 a.m on a gorgeous Fall Saturday. Parking is ample and free. Seated immediately. The waitress was friendly and checked on us several times throughout our meal. I ordered the lakeshore scramble and hubby had the sweet potato pancake with a side of baked bacon. Mine was excellent. Not surprising that their sweet potato pancake doesn't come close to highland bakery's, But he thought he would give it is shot. We will be back. There was a wait when we left.

User:Scott S.

I think the breakfast is terrific. The biscuits and gravy are better than my mother used to make. Go there!

User:Lois L.

Bad food and horrible service! I work in the restaurant industry, and it was the first time in my life I have ever tipped only a dollar. Don't waste your money by eating there.

User:P R.

Great food, great service. Had Stan's #1 and Chez B's omelets. Both were very good. They came with country potatoes - cooked perfectly. Prices are very reasonable for what you get.

User:Sherry A.

So, after playing tennis this morning I wanted to eat breakfast or lunch but it was only a little after 10, and not many choices available as many of the restaurants don't open until 11:00am. I got to Another Broken Egg around 10:25am and was told it would be a 20-35 minutes wait. The hostess gave me the seating buzzer and told me I could sit at the bar if a chair opened up (first come first serve). After standing next to the hostess stand for 10 min because there was no where to stand, a chair opened up at the bar, and the hostess asked me if I would like to take that instead. I sat at the bar from 10:45-11:00 with a dirty place in front of me while the waitress/bartender waited on everyone around me. She did not clean up in front of me, she did not say hello, she did not say that she would be with me in a minute, she did not even look at me... and after 15 minutes of waiting I got up and went to one of the many other restaurants in the area that open at 11:00am. Best choice I ever made! The place I went had better food, better prices, better service, and was happy that I was there!

User:Mark J.

My favorite is the Eggs Blackstone and I've also enjoyed the "Hey Lucy!!!" Omellete. The service was great and if you're going during peak time, be prepared to wait 20-45 minutes. Sign of a good restaurant and worth the wait.

User:Jill B.

Enjoyed brunch here for the first time today. The pancakes were delicious (you could select 1-3) and they were a good size & filling. Bacon was served well cooked. My husband got an omelette and I kept stealing his potatoes. Our server seemed to be having an off day, as we had some awkward delays but she apologized with a complimentary plate of their amazing biscuit beignets. Looking forward to eating here again soon!

User:ADAM V.

I have only ever heard good things about another broken egg and this was true with our visit here this morning. The restaurant is warm and inviting from the time you enter. Our server was very prompt in helping us and recommending a coulpe great menu selections. I started out with an order of beignet's. Gosh they were almost as good a cafe du monde in New Orleans. I followed it up the Eggs Blackstone, an eggs benedict on a bed of tomato with bacon and onions. After this meal, I can certainly say that I will return to another broken egg!

User:Alys R.

Great breakfast. The cheesy grits are not to be missed - multiple layers of cheese were found within them. Breakfast was good and hubby doesn't care much for eggs, so they have lunch (sandwiches) available throughout the day. A little hard to find (we aren't locals and were using GPS) but if you're in the area, definitely look it up and enjoy a great breakfast.

User:Shay W.

This is my 2nd location that I've visited. I really like them both. They are normally always packed. I usually get turkey sausage, eggs with cheese, and pancakes (or French toast). I enjoyed my food both times. I had wonderful service. They messed up my friend's order and the manager came out right away and fixed it. He also came back again to see if we were okay or if we needed anything else. I love the prices as well. There were a few minor things that kept me from giving it a perfect score such as the tea wasn't good, the long wait, etc.

User:Jonathan R.

One word: YUMMERS! My family and I tried this place out one morning for brunch. The prices seemed a bit expensive, but what the hey? Plus, every other place was crowded as heck, so we weren't going anywhere else. The environment is pretty nice, the restaurant clean, and our server deserved an award for his work. I ordered an omelet with chorizo (I forget the name) and oh my god, it was possibly one of the best omelets I've ever had! I tasted a couple other omelets my family ordered and they were both amazing as well. The country potatoes were prepared perfectly as well. They also have the coolest little coffee mugs that they actually sell at their "gift shop". They're expensive, but cool. This place is definitely a winner in my books.

User:Deborah L.

The service was pretty good however this was our first visit which ended in food poisoning. I ordered the Chorizo Omelette, and within an hour I was vomiting. It might have been a fluke, but considering the aftermath from the food and that the prices were similar to First Watch , Jay Christopher's and the Flying Biscuit with not overly amazing food, I can't recommend to anyone coming here. There are just so many other breakfast places that offer a similar menu with more consistency. This is really sad because we like to eat locally and this place did not hit the mark.

User:Charisse P.

I absolutely LOVE the granola, fruit & quinoa dish. And the pancakes are amazing too. Be sure to get there early if you're going on the weekend because there's always a wait. Sometimes I get my food to-go.

User:Amy H.

Meh it's a fine spot for breakfast. It is on the expensive side so when I went I was hoping the ingredients were fresh or it was a little different. It does not stand out to me. It is another J-Christopher and Flying Biscuit. Had the salmon Benedict, I cannot say anything bad about it but it was typical. Service was good though. It's a standard place, you need eggs you need bacon you want french toast come here.

User:Talia F.

This place is great, hands down. The coffee is fantastic, nice and strong but not overbearing (you can buy their coffee btw). The hey lucy omelette and the popeye's scramble are my absolute favorites - so much flavor! The atmosphere and service is charming as well. They are PACKED on the weekends, so come forewarned or enjoy a drink at the bar while you wait.

User:Christine N.

It's not busy and they appear to be fully staffed, but as usual everything is painfully slow here.

User:Carrie F.

I had a breakfast meeting with a colleague at ABEC at 7:30am. 7:30am is pretty darn early, but it ended up being totally worth it to experience a great brunch/breakfast spot! All of the servers were super friendly from the time I walked in, and brightly greeted each guest after me in the same way. The gal at the host stand even asked, as I walked in, if I would be wanting coffee. Heck yes I want coffee! It's 7:30. And, shortly after I was seated, my coffee arrived. It was awesome. My colleague had been here a number of times and got a cinnamon roll (it was enormous, but not I'm-never-going-to-finish-the-whole-thing enormous) and "extremely well-done bacon". His cinnamon roll looked amazing and his bacon was, shockingly, actually well-done! I've found that even if you request this, in most places the just bring you whatever level of doneness they typically prepare anyway. Was nice that they actually took the time to leave the darn bacon on the griddle an extra minute or two. I was fortunate enough to accidentally order the greatest thing ever - Granola, yogurt, and blueberry quinoa. It was unbelievably good. Imagine what you would think of as blueberry quinoa, and then totally throw that notion away and go to ABEC and order this stuff. It's crazy good. Basically, it's that great texture of quinoa, in some magical blueberry gloop. I have no better way to describe it, but the taste and texture were outstanding. The granola was great, too. Lots of dried fruit and toasted nuts. It also had these toasted coconut coated bananas that were delish. My coffee was always hot, the server was attentive, but not obnoxious, and the food was great. I'm not sure what else you can ask for in a breakfast spot! Shocked to see so many poor reviews because I had a great time and look forward to going back for Saturday morning brunch soon!

User:Alex P.

This is a good spot, great breakfast and particularly some very cool coffee mugs (thus you must get the coffee). Nothing from the food particularly blew me away to go out of my way to come back, but everything was fine.

User:Brian M.

Bill O'Reilly famously quipped "you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette." Another Broken Egg takes a note from the famous Fox pundit and breaks a staggering 1.2 million eggs each day across their 350 locations. At the Atlanta location, I received fair service, moderately fresh coffee, and quality eggs (two eggs to be egg-xact*). I give Another Broken Egg a three star rating due to our long wait to be seated, poor choice of music (Goo Goo Dolls, Sheryl Crow, and Train (and not classic early 2000's Train but mediocre mid 2000's era Train - when the lead singer quit for 3 years to audition for Robert Plant's replacement in Led Zeppelin**) Now let's finally get to what everyone came here to read, the food. Regarding the food, it was good. In other aspect of this egg-stablishment*** the booth was fairly comfortable. It seated exactly four people. I'm sure if there were five people in a party, the staff could accommodate. I have seen other restaurants pull up an additional chair at the end of a four-person table.**** If you and your party are looking for a decent breakfast/brunch style eatery that is two steps above the all-American classics like Shoneys, Denny's, and Ponderosa***** this place is for you. If you are searching for an unforgettable brunch (or if your party is 6 or more people) then this place might not be for you. *Pun intended **Fortunately, for the remaining members of Train, the lead singer, Antonio Michael Rogers, was not hired to replace Robert Plant: ***Pun intended once again ****I cannot promise Another Broken Egg would follow this protocol *****Although Ponderosa does not currently serve breakfast, they did have a breakfast buffet from the summer of 1989 to the fall of 1992 (I know this because my family watched the infamous OJ Simpson police chase while eating breakfast at a Ponderosa)

User:Sondra J.

This place was a very pleasant surprise. I got great customer service and the food was amazing. There were so many amazing sounding items but I finally decided on the Shrimp and Grits. It was delicious. It was just a little spicy, just like I like it! I also had the beignets. They are a must try. I will definitely be back.

User:Anthony Q.

Terrible experience. Waited over 25 minutes after ordering when tables that came in after Us were served first. And to make things worse the breakfast wasn't satisfying at all. The server was nice and did insist on taking care of the bill which was nice however, the damage had already been done. I've made my last visit to Another Broken Egg.

User:Angie R.

The worst service I have ever had. Took an hour to get our food. Asked to speak to the manager and no one ever came out. Dirty plates stayed on our table the entire hour we waited for food and never got refills in the process. I really don't understand how hard it is to get good customer service.

User:Nole P.

My first time trying ABEC (been looking fwd to trying it for awhile). Started out good by walking in alone and being sat at a nice large booth (not at a tiny two top)-when the restaurant was not full or even 1/2 full. Always aggravating when they stick you at a tiny table when the place isn't busy yet. Things turned a bit South after I placed my order. Ordered the Hey Lucy, subbed the jicama slaw for the potatoes and asked for dry wheat toast instead of the muffin. The food came out pretty quickly but with a muffin and not the wheat toast and my tea sitting empty. Before I noticed the toast, Kayla was long gone and not to be found for a bit. Once I found her, I asked for a tea refill, lemon for the tea and for my wheat toast. I was waiting to eat my omlette until I got the toast, thinking it shouldn't be any more than 5-7minutes tops (how long does it take to make a piece of toast). After easily 10-15 minutes, and another empty tea glass, I flagged the server at the next table and asked if she could locate Kayla. She kindly asked what I needed, said she'd get the toast and a refill on tea (i didn't even have to ask for the tea-she just noticed I was empty). A minute later the server returned and said that Kayla wanted to bring me the toast...I don't care who wants to bring, just bring it already. My food is cold now. Kayla was very mellow and nonchalant about the whole thing as if she didn't realize that she forgot (yes, she had to have forgot the toast). The food overall was good...the avocado was sparse-in one section of the omlette but it was good overall. The omlette was large and had good flavors. The jicama slaw was different in a good way. It was my bad that I thought the slaw was a N/C sub (read the menu wrong) and Kayla didn't debate that with me when I questioned the upcharge at the end of the meal and she took it off. But I think that was because I had a bad experience with waiting for the toast (and having to ask for refills or not getting them, which she didn't even know about the second one). The prices vary - average (lunch) to high (breakfast). I am definitely going to try this place again because the menu options are different from other places and the food was good but I will most likely seek out another server because service is just as important in the dining experience as the actual my opinion anyway. If you have bad service and aren't getting your meal the way you requested then it's not going to be the best dining experience you can have at that establishment.

User:Nhu V.

We came on Sunday. Since it was our first time there and we weren't in a hurry we decided to go here. We were just in time for the after church crowd and the wait would be 1.5 hours for a table. 1.5 HOURS!! But if we could find a seat at the bar, the seats were ours. I ordered the steak and eggs. It was pretty expensive since we are short on money. It was roughly-15-20 one of them. My friend ordered the crab cake one and It was DELISH!!! It had a creamy topping I think butter. My friend also ordered a coffee. I got tea. The thing about the tea is that they let you pick. and it was the good tea too. I am very picky with my tea. Being a first timer I surprised me. They made things very simple there. Gave 3 stars because of the wait and price. I would go back again.

User:Nancy L.

After my stellar experience here, I wonder what all the negative reviews are about? Came here for a week-day lunch as an alternative to my usual West Paces Ferry haunts who all have ridiculously long lunch lines. Walked in, greeted warmly by the hostess, seated promptly and was immediately introduced to the table server! After I informed the server that it was my 1st time here, I received a glamorous introduction to the place and an outline to their highly recommended dishes! Then the manager came out to introduce himself and to personally welcome me as a new guest! Michael, the manager, was so warm, friendly and considerate! Very pleasant man to talk to. He did a great job of taking care of my table throughout the meal! Talk about being blown away! Wowzers! In the end, I chose the GRANOLA with crusted banana and blueberry quinoa. The side of coconut milk was perfect! I loved the crusted banana but the quinoa I could leave off. Next time I'd like to try sitting at the coffee bar just for kicks! The faux tin ceiling was a wonderful decorative touch! Love having local morning newspapers neatly stacks and waiting on the bar top counter! It all seems so inviting! I will definitely return here!

User:Tara R.

Absolutely horrible service! Restaurant was less than half full. After waiting over 5 minutes to be greeted by a hostess or host. We left.

User:Samantha L.

I have been here several times and tried different items on the menu every time, and everything I've had here was always delicious! Last time I went, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benny. If you like salmon on a toasted bagel with cream cheese and poached egg, this is the dish to try!! I so want to have it again soon!! It was mouth watering delicious! Yum yum yum!!

User:Karen C.

This review is based on my 2 visits this weekend. Friday - 3 stars Sunday - 2 stars On Friday, I ordered lunch here for the office since we get to pick a place every other Friday for our "Free Lunch Friday". The boss man suggested this place by placing the menu on the fridge in our kitchen. I called in to place the order and was left on hold for 8 minutes. Way too long. I hung up and called back and expressed my distaste for holding for so long. The young lady apologized and said that the person at the bar would pick up right away. I placed the order and asked about the veggie burger. She said it was great so I went with that. She made other suggestions about the other orders and I was happy about that. I pick up the order and she advised that I check the containers to make sure that everything was in there. Check. Everyone told me that their food was good - except one. They still added something that was supposed to be an 86. She said it was no big deal but I really hate when that happens. My veggie burger was scrumptious. It was a homemade black bean burger topped with grilled onions and garlic cloves - it has to be added to my "Best Veggie Burgers" List. Anyway, my god sisters were in town this weekend and one of them wanted breakfast from a place other than iHop or Waffle House before they hit the road. I figured I would give this place a try for breakfast/brunch. I called ahead to see how long the wait was since I knew it was brunch time and the crowd after church time. I was told that the wait was 20-25 minutes. We get there and we were told the wait was 30 minutes, which turned into an hour wait. They closed at 3 so we had exactly one hour before closing. I ordered The Floridian omelet topped with crabmeat, cheese and green onions and stuffed with cream cheese. I expected the crabmeat to be fresh and not canned. UGH! The cheese grits were bland. I hate when I have to dress my plate with salt and pepper when I go out to eat, hell, otherwise I could've made this at home. I sampled my god sisters pancake - at first I couldn't tell if it was the syrup that was tasty or the pancake itself. It was the pancake. It didn't need heavy syrup at all. It was very light and fluffy and had a bit of sweetness to it. Our waitress messed up our order. My god sister subbed her English muffin for toast and potatoes for fruit. I ended up subbing mine for a biscuit and grits after my god sis asked if we can make substitutes. Mine came out right, hers didn't. She was the one that subbed first, I just followed suit. I swapped her English muffins and gave her son my biscuit. The biscuit was nothing special. Her son's meal was wrong too. She asked for an order of sausages for him and those never came out. She also asked for more hot water for her tea. That finally came out when the check was given to us. The waitress did a disappearing act for a while. She never came by to check to make sure everything was okay until we were damn near finished with our food. She was weird anyway - either high or drunk and she looked like she was crying. I planned on meeting some folks here for brunch next week, but I think I'll pass and suggest something else. NEXT!

User:Serena B.

Food is on par with that of iHop. Or J. Christopher's. Their Hey Lucy omelette is good. So are the different Egg Benedict variations. It's good but it's just your average breakfast food. However, the wait is obscene, always around 30-40 min on any given day I've been in here. And when my friends spoke to management regarding the wait, the manager was unprofessional and kind of rude, like he couldn't wait for us to stop talking so he can walk away. We were not even sure if speaking to the manager actually helped us getting seated any faster. Shouldn't restaurant have accommodated seatings? Or just more professional managers who didn't make his customer feel like they didn't matter? Either way. Not going back.

User:Tilia M.

This place is one of the few restuarants in the Vinings area that don't seem chain-y, but has solid breakfast food. I've been here a couple of times now, and I can honestly say, I'm a fan. There are lots of standard southern breakfast options, that are tasty, and satisfying, at a price that's very resonable - maybe $8-10. Overall, this is my go-to place in Vinings, when I don't feel like standing in the crazy brunch lines down in midtown, but still want to get decent service, and good food.

User:Chris B.

I went to Another Broken Egg for a Sunday brunch with 4 other people. We called-ahead to get on the wait list at 10:45am. When we arrived at the restaurant at 11am, the host stand was struggling. - As in the "greeter" was hanging on to the outside of the bus and the "runner" was driving the struggle bus up a mountain with no gas. - Not pretty. So, after we received our pager, my friend moved to the right a little to get out of the way of other guests. The host, 10 seconds later looked up and asked if we could be helped? Really. You were JUST talking to us. We were waiting to get our quote time for a table, but that never happened. We journeyed outside and waited on the rocking chairs on the patio. 30 minutes later, we haven't been called. Yes, it was busy, but we ended up waiting 45 minutes for a table even with our "call-ahead reservation". Once seated, our server was very friendly. We received our drinks promptly. After ordering our food we waited...and waited...It took about 30 minutes for our food, which is quite ridiculous. Breakfast is the fastest meal of the three to prepare! At 12:20pm we went ahead and put in our order for mimosas (of course). :D I ordered an omelet with green chilies, chorizo, and cheese. I LOVE cheese, but this omelet was waaayyy too cheesy and greasy. I'm surprised I ate the entire thing. The potatoes on the side were delicious. They had just the right amount of crispiness and saltiness. Mmhm Mmhm! The biscuit was too mealy for me. I probably will not be back, unfortunately.

User:Jillian A.

I'm a breakfast food person. I love breakfast and brunch is the best thing in my world. We finally found an opportunity to go out for brunch, and we decided to try Another Broken Egg Cafe in Vinings. We live really close so it was a no brainer. However, my excitement was short lived. I ordered the "Hey Lucy!" omelet which comes with avocado, green chilis, onions, and cheddar jack cheese with a side of salsa and sour cream. My husband ordered the Supreme omelet with sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar jack. Let's start it off with the service. When we arrive, we are seated simultaneously with another couple. Our waitress was quick to take our drink orders (coffee and sweet tea) and well as the other table. Then we asked her to give us a minute to decide, the other table orders promptly. When we decided to order, we received our food, and ate our food before the other table even received their food. I know that I wasn't burned in this instance, but I just don't take things like this lightly. I never had my coffee refilled, and my husband never had his tea refilled. When it came down to paying the bill, it took our waitress several minute to even drop it off. Even worse, paying with a card it took her quite some time to come back with it again. Let's finish off with the food. My husband enjoyed his omelet, probably because his wasn't missing anything. The only reason I ordered the "Hey Lucy!" is for some spicy breakfast chorizo. Guess what wasn't in my omelet? Chorizo. I figured when I was eating the omelet "It must be in the middle". Kept eating, never found the chorizo. I even thought I was going crazy and thought I may of been mistaken that it had chorizo in it. I checked the menu. Yep, all my marbles are accounted for. Not to mention they put a half a pound of cheese on top the omelet. Plus the "home fries" were clearly frozen potatoes. C'mon now, can I get a fresh potato on my plate? Every breakfast/brunch place I've ever been to does fresh potatoes. Oh, but their pepper sauce is very tasty. I really dislike giving "bad" reviews, but in this instance I was the definition of disappointed. I will most likely never visit this place again. My search for our brunch location continues.

User:Takira J.

The food is incredible and atmosphere was cozy. The customer service was Outstanding. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

User:Gabrielle S.

This place was awful. The service is so slow and sub par at best. I had really high hopes before going so maybe that's why I'm so bitter. The tastes pretty gross. The menu prices are outrageous. There is nothing I hate more then sitting with an empty drink for half the time I'm there. If you're looking for good food that is reasonably priced o to Egg Harbor Cafe in Sandy Springs. That place is so delish and the service is fast.

User:Lorri H.

Service was a little slow, but everyone was friendly! Yummy food- we both had an omelette- one was the Popeye & the other had Crab & cream cheese- one of their signatures. We sat outside on patio which added to the meal.

User:Francie J.

Really acoustics - can't hear yourself talk. Sit Outside on the Veranda - nicer

User:Leanne E.

Homey little spot, reminds me of an old school Shoney's. Great service, friendly server. I ordered the lobster and Brie omelet with a side of cheese grits. This omelet is beyond words. Hearty serving. It's a fluffy omelet with cream cheese in the middle topped with a generous portion of tender lobster meat and drizzled with this luscious buttery champagne sauce. It's heavenly! Cheese grits were standard. Good pricing, I was out for under $20 including tip.

User:Sheena S.

Love ABEC! Everything on the menu is yummy. A must try is the Beignets... (they've given them to me complementary a few times). The oatmeal combined with eggs whites is great if you're trying to be healthy. The southwest scrambler is good and if looking for a good brunch meal, the Crab Stack is a must try! I also like the fried green tomatoes which comes over a bed of lettuce. If you come here during the week, it's usually no wait time. You get friendly servers, complementary appetizers and your food comes out fresh. Anytime on the weekend is going to be slammed which is expected due to the area and the popularity of the place. Any parties over 2 people-- you're looking at least a 30-40 minute wait. It gets insane and the service can be slow so come ready to be patient.

User:Allen H.

Had the gluten free pancake. The berries were not well prepared. Turkey sausage was average. Overall, not great, not bad. Adequate

User:Alex W.

I came in here a few weeks ago when I visited Atlanta, totally forgot to review until Yelp reminded me... SORRY!!! The food was simply amazing but the service totally sucked. We were a party of 5 and ordered different breakfast items. When the items came out of the kitchen, they gave me the wrong item and everyone else got the item they ordered. Once this was spotted, they took the item away and then said my item was accidentally taken by another server and gave it to a table. By the time everyone at my table was finished eating, my order finally came out of the kitchen. The item I ordered was comped but the wait for it was to long. When I do come back to Atlanta, I will probably not be visiting this restuarant or their other locations.

User:Eren C.

This was my second visit to ABEC but my first time having breakfast, (I think I came for lunch before). I was dining alone (which is rare for me since I'm a married gal :) and I know to some people that's intimidating but I actually quite like it...maybe I'm weird...I don't know there's something different about experiencing places alone that intrigues me. When you're not staring across the table at someone else (or on your phone) you have a chance to really absorb everything about the experience whether you're at a restuarant, movie, museum...whereever. Anyway, I digress. So I walked in and was greeted by a very friendly hostess and shown to my table. In two mins or less, even though the place was fairly full since it's a pretty popular spot, my server came out and took my drink order. My server was also really sweet, fast and knowledgable about the menu. I ordered the "Traditional". Two eggs, your choice of meat, an english muffin and potatoes. They have a note that you can substitute anything you wish which I liked because some restaurants seem to get offended when you want to mix and match LOL. I'm not one to "customize" anyhow, I'm just simple that way. I will take the meal you've so kindly taken the time to put together for me and place on your menu thank you! My wife on the other hand will change, mix, match and substitute EVERYTHING until it is to her liking. LOL. I had a craving for grits with my "Traditional" but I noticed that the only grits on the menu was a grits bowl with various toppings. I didn't want that, just wanted some plain ole grits on the side of my meal so I asked my waitress and she said that they had butter grits or cheese grits available so I ordered a side of the former. The food came out quickly and it was mighty delicious. Eggs scrambled with cheese: my least favorite part of the dish . They were dry and stiff, not "juicy" like I like my eggs to be.Does that sound gross? LOL Bacon: YUM! Perfect! crispy, crunchy, but not overcooked, flavorful and delicious. English Muffin: It was an English muffin Potatoes: Very tender with a crisp to them, perfectly seasoned. Grits: Not bad but not the best grits..pretty standard. They were supposed to be "butter grits" but when they came out they didn't seem to have much (any?) butter in them so that was disappointing. Maybe I should've added cheese? Eh, they were just okay. All in all, the food was good, the restaurant is also very cute and pleasant place to eat, gives off a real "breakfast at home"feeling". But, it was the service that made my day...super fast and friendly!

User:Jessica Y.

I've never been to any of the borken egg cafes so here's a review from some fresh blood. Like any plaza, it might be a little hard to find, but it's right by Banana Republic and Francesca's on the second floor. I showed up around 11:30AM and it was crowded, probably since it was basically a national holiday. The restaurant is very homey and has a nice patio area in the side. The wait was going to be about 40 minutes but the bar is first come first serve so my friend and I camped out and managed to snag two seats within 10 minutes. I didn't order any drinks but they did seem very generous with their champagne servings in the mimosas. And the bloody mary looked pretty amazing. I went ahead and ordered their sweet potato pancake, which was pretty tasty. You can make it a combo if you're really feeling hungry. It came with pecans, whipped cream and syrup which had a hint of orange. Now for the negative: Service is sloooooooooooow. I don't know if it was just because I was sitting at the bar, but it felt like most of our time was spent waiting. And note: we were sitting directly in the middle of the bar, right in front of the servers. We had to wait over 5 minutes to even get a menu and some waters. Another 10 minutes to get our orders in. They only gave us one set of silverware and I had to ask for another. It took at least 35-40 minutes for both of our orders to come out, which is a little crazy. So if you are in a rush or if you were hangry, I'd go somewhere else because most likely, you'll be waiting a while. Overall, I'd come on a slower day and would love to try some other stuff on their menu, especially their coffee with irish creme.

User:Nakiesh P.

My cousin and I went here for the first time on Labor Day 2015. We loved it and we are picky eaters. It's hard to find traditional breakfast food that's hearty and good. I'm from south ga so I know what good food tastes like. Lol! I had pancakes, bacon, grits w/cheese bacon, tomatoes & chives. I also had country ham. Everything was really good and so was the service. I will be going back for lunch. I think they take reservations so it would be a good idea to make them.

User:Jahmin L.

I recently went to Another Broken Egg Cafe for brunch. As expected with anywhere in Atlanta, there was a little bit of a wait. Within about 20 minutes, we were seated and warmly welcomed by our waitress (she gets 5 stars for service...super attentive and kind). I ordered a coffee and the Hey Lucy with egg whites and a side of fruit (instead of potatoes). The omelette had a great combination of ingredients--avocado, breakfast chorizo, sautéed onions, green chilies and Cheddar-Jack cheese. The food was pretty standard, but enjoyable.

User:Brett K.

Really good quick and homemade breakfast. Friendly waitstaff. My biscuit was fluffy and fresh, the country gravy want too thick. And the potatoes were nice and crispy.

User:Joanna R.

My boyfriend really liked this place. I thought it was okay. The prices were fair and their potatoes are super tasty. Seeing it's in the area, I would definitely go back on a lazy weekend (we went in our pajamas). There was a bit of a wait on a Saturday morning but I think that's to be expected. Their omelets and scrambles are pretty good. Again... Those potatoes. Ahhhhh.

User:Britney C.

My my, let me tell you about the best breakfast I've had in a long time. This was my very first time dining here but it most certainly won't be my last! This location is right in the heart of vinings, parking is a little tight in front of the restaurant but plenty of parking around. I went on Saturday around 12pm, there was about a 30 minute wait for my party of two. Inside is nice, typical breakfast setting, but very clean and nice. Patio sitting is also available. The menu ranges from waffles to egg skillets. Honestly everything sounded so good, it was so difficult to choose. I went with the Hawaiian French toast combo with eggs and bacon. When I tell u this is probably the best French toast I've had! Cooked perfectly on both sides, sweet and the maple syrup brought everything together. It was perfection on a late. The bacon that this place served is thick cut and is amazing as well. He had the Lucy omelette, highly recommended by our server, also a very good choice. Finally I've found my breakfast/brunch go-to! Looking forward to coming back.

User:Penn A.

The food was great. Veggie omelette was made with fresh veggies and tasty. Beignets were wonderful. All of the staff were great, especially the server Sha. Service with a smile

User:Milton S.

Once again YELP led us to explore and find this restaurant in Vinings for my favorite meal of the day, breakfast. What distinquishes this breakfast restaurant is I think it it the most expensive breakfast restaurant I have ever encountered. What is significant is that I found the food and service meets the expectations that the prices lead you to expect. A full coffee bar with appropriately classy hand crafted mugs are the first thing to impress. My coffee and my son's cappuccino were excellent. I forget how the menu described the orange juice, but it was something like the "best orange juice you've ever tasted." With a come-on like that I couldn't resist, and I'll have to say- it was! Their menu features a wide variety of creative takes on omelets as well as pancakes and other eggcentric dishes. You'll find many original and unusual breakfast creations that you'll not find elsewhere. My omelet, the Bacquezo, was great, my son had the Supreme and a low-carb sub of grilled peppers in place of the standard potato or grits sides. Our server was Ellie and like most breakfast places, the waitresses can make it or break it. Ellie was all sunshine on an overcast day in Atlanta. A first class breakfast spot when you are looking for something a little more upscale. Looking forward to one of these coming to Memphis very soon, near our home town.

User:Danny H.

You know what's surprisingly difficult to find in Atlanta? Breakfast.* *understood is the always-availability of Waffle House/IHOP, but this is an opinion based on trying to find breakfast for those _not_ hungover or desperate. Not brunch, that starts at 11 a.m. all across a myriad of restaurants across the Metropolitan area, but actual _breakfast_, that meal we has human beings like to eat when the clock has a leading single-digit a.m. hour. I know there are jokes about why anyone in their right mind would be up at any time before brunch hours on a weekend in the first place, but I'm also an avid runner, and the occasional charity run necessitates being up at some asinine times sometimes, which means they're typically over before 11 a.m. And after you've run/walked several miles, breakfast sounds like a better idea than flying cars. Anyway, a cursory search for breakfast on the old iPhone yielded a surprising number, or lack of, options that weren't brunches that started at 11 a.m. Finally, I came across Another Broken Egg, and I was relieved to finally have found a place in my target area that was actually open before 11 a.m., and had a very promising menu. This particular location is in the Vinings Jubilee shopping center off of Paces Ferry Road. Probably easiest accessed off of I-285, but it can be gotten to from several directions off of I-75 as well. Now I had a little bit of anxiety going there, because anyone familiar with Vinings Jubilee, or the surrounding area in general is probably aware of the massive chokepoint potential the traffic on the single-lane direction road that's Paces Ferry. Where a single car needing to turn left can clog the road for a half mile at a bad time. But seeing as how it was before the city-mandated 11 a.m. brunch time, it was pretty easy to get there, and the parking wasn't (yet) too chaotic. There was no wait for my party, but the restaurant is clearly well-liked and wasn't the least bit slow. The workers were all friendly, efficient, and operated like the proverbial well-oiled machine. Holding doors, expediting plates, drink refills and preemptive bringing of menus and drink orders were the norm. The decor of the establishment is definitely in the "cute" realm. The orange/yellow/muted greens color palette of their place has a warm and welcoming feel, and felt like the perfect place to sit down for a relaxing breakfast. Ultimately, food is what brought us here, and it'd be silly for me to burn (even) more words on stuff not the food. But I'm completely sold on Another Broken Egg. The food I had was all awesome, and I would gladly come back in a heartbeat. To elaborate, for starters, they had beignets. THEY HAD BEIGNETS. It's probably more me not getting out enough, but off the top of my head, I can only think of one other place that had beignets in the Metro area, and even those were a daily special. But Another Broken Egg's beignets are hearty, not too airy, and heavy on the powdered sugar (a good thing) and served with an orange marmalade that's great at complimenting the flavor and not drowning it. Aside from the delicious beignets, Another Broken Egg's menu tends to lean towards a lot of New Orleans flavors; something I wouldn't have expected with a name like "Another Broken Egg." I'm not complaining though, because I love foods of such profile. I ordered a skillet that didn't just have the typical eggs, potatoes and peppers, but it was loaded with andouille sausage and shrimp. The portion was generous, the quality was fantastic, and I enjoyed each and every bite of it. There were no complaints from my party, from the quality of their food to the prices (which are fair, and nothing you wouldn't pay anywhere else). Everyone who worked there was friendly and efficient, the quality of the food was excellent, with a menu full of genuinely unique flavors and options, and it was a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for breakfast. It's not a matter of saying I would most definitely come back, it's really a question of just when. BEIGNETS.

User:Tiffany P.

This is my second time feasting here. I was excited to try something complete 180 (different) from my initial visit here. And how can I forget that time? We had a crazy, ridiculous wait time, on a Saturday morning. The atmosphere inside reminded me of a cozy country farmhouse kitchen. Every table and booth was occupied. We were greeted by a friendly server then and this time around. I made the mistake of not doing my homework or else I would not have gotten my taste buds tuned up for some red velvet pancakes I saw pictured in the restaurant feed. Bah humbug! I was told by our friendly server that those are only available during the Valentine season. After placing our order I was surprised at how quickly our meal came. I thoroughly enjoyed my cream cheesed filled omelet and could taste the lobster based in butter atop it! The disappointment came when I bit into the potatoes (they were overcooked) and my English muffin was hard! My husband insisted I order a side of the City Grits to compensate for a carb. Those were a hit! Another Broken Egg offers a rewards program for visitor frequency. With as many unique dining experiences Atlanta has to offer, this is one place that I wouldn't be able to take advantage of such a program. The wait time on the weekend leaves a lot to be desired. The food is decent, offerings creative, atmosphere typical. There is plenty of parking with quaint shops for a great after breakfast/brunch/lunch stroll.

User:Sharda B.

If you are looking for a nice cozy breakfast brunch restaurant this is it, it's a family-friendly place and the food is very delicious!

User:Katelyn J.

Magnificent place!!! My server was super sweet, since I was a first timer from out of town she even gave me complimentary biscuit begneits, and oh my goodness they were so delicious!!! I then ordered the "Hey Lucy" Omlet, which is chorizo, avocado, and cheese of course! It was also duper scrumptious!! Coffee is served in a super cute mug which I of course purchased as a souvenir :-)

User:Reggie E.

Amazingness all around. Just pure amazing. This is my second time here. The first time I got my food to go and it was good. This time I came with my girlfriend and we were floored by the food AND the service. We had a super nice waitress who accommodated us very nicely and she was very attentive. But on to the food.. I had the Cajun Skillet which was a blend of potatoes, eggs and a sprinkle of Jesus. My girl got the shrimp n grits and I must say they are easily the best shrimp n grits I've had in Atlanta! Go eat here now!

User:Bill W.

Great for Sunday Brunch We were in Marietta for our Grandson's 1st Birthday and Christening last weekend and on Sunday decided to give Another Broken Egg a try. There are two of them in Charlotte and we've talked about driving down into Charlotte from the Lake a couple of times but never got around to it. In this case, we decided to give this one a try and if we liked it, go back and try the two in Charlotte. Walked in the door expecting a very casual and laid back atmosphere. Not the case. This is a high energy place and very easy to get into the swing of things and have a great breakfast. Everyone is moving around in a hghly efficient manner with no wasted motion and delivering total service. True professionals. My wife ordered something called The Floridian which was a Cream Cheese Stuffed Omelet topped with Crab. I had a Belgian Waffle done what they called, Banana's Foster Style. The waffle was a lot thinner that Belgian Waffles I am familiar with and the sauted banana's were done in regular syrup rather the butter like you find with a true Banana's Foster but good anyway. The whipped cream on the side was good but in the heat, the foam was beginning to collaspe. Should chill the dish it was served in a bit more. That said, these were all minor things and we both enjoyed our Brunch. We will be back to this location and will try the two in Charlotte. Our server was outstanding and we never lacked for anything. Definately a true asset to the restaurant.

User:Sheek T.

We enjoyed everything we ate. The waitress had great service. Our food came out in a sufficient amount of time and we didn't have to wait long for a seat on a Monday morning.

User:Erica C.

Server spent most of the time chatting with 2 customers at another table. A different person brought the check. Not sure who my server was...Did not refill coffee or check on me. Food was cold.Spinach omelet with raw spinach-who thinks this is a good idea? I won't bother to go back.

User:Aja M.

Great customer service and it's such a cute place. The biscuit beignets are a must have and if you download the app you can get them for free. I had the city grits and buttermilk pancakes and the only critique I would make would be a little more salt in the grits. My mom had the biscuits and gravy and it was AMAZING. Overall an amazing restaurant.

User:Alicia S.

Decent service, decent food. Nothing to write home about. It's a breakfast joint that's cuter than ihop with somewhat the same level of culinary execution. Meh.....

User:Whitley W.

I initially did a review on this place when I first moved to Smyrna and I absolutely hated it so I decided to give it a second chance and was pleasantly surprised with my second go around.! The food was great the service was awesome and I did not have one complaint. so what I did learn about this place don't go during the busy hours go when it's slow for a great service and hot food

User:Meia B.

We eat here often for breakfast or brunch. Food is really good. We always get the same server who is not so great. All in all great place always extremely busy on the weekends.

User:Chris C.

Sigh... Well after coming to this place 3 times a month on average for the last few years we have decided to go elsewhere. The service has always been a tad below average but today it was absolutely awful. The server had zero personality and an "I don't care" attitude. This was just a hair below what we are used when we sit at the bar but there were other issues with this place. The portion sizes have gone from just right to down right minuscule! A skillet is supposed to FILL the skillet but the soggy small handful of potatoes and pathetic amount of protein under a couple of eggs is now overpriced and ridiculous! Not to mention... All of the sudden they are using a balloon guy to entertain the kids. This sound ok in theory but is a TERRIBLE idea. I myself cannot stand the sound of balloons being twisted and manipulated behind my ears while I enjoy my meal with company. This is why I don't go for a nice meal at Chuck E Cheeses because I know that this is what I get when I go there. Once again a good idea for a children's dining place but BAD for the people around without kids or away from their kids for a meal and quiet conversation. If you would like to bring in stuffed mouse puppets and dancing bears then fine, the adults will probably go elsewhere. The prices are still high but for the place we USED to know it was worth the wait(usually 20-30 on sat and sun) but now it is a shell of it's former self and gets worse each time. My question is this... where is the accountability in this place? Managers are scarce and RARELY touch tables and there is a new one seemingly each month! I used to love and highly recommend this place and now I have reached the end and will take my business to First Watch or Jack's New Yorker Deli.

User:Kyle C.

This place is always good. I'm venturing around the menu now and have not been let down yet. The servers work hard to do a good job here and it shows. The food is always fresh and tasty. Only downside is that There is usually a big wait at this restaurant but that's the sign of a great place to go eat. Lines are usually out the door at this place. Stick around this place gets em in and out pretty good here. The other shops at this location are pretty neat to walk around while you wait. Try the baceezo your first time here and the staff usually has good suggestions if that's not your thing. Really just one of my favorite places to eat breakfast and lunch. Another Broken Egg Cafe please Come to Mableton!!!!! We are building a new town square and could use an upscale place there like your restaurant!

User:Ashley T.

Okay the food is decent but the services is bad. They never seem to have enough people working. Always something going with wait times whether it's crowded or not. Kayla is good at the bar.

User:Betty Jo T.

This quaint place had awesome egg omelettes and very friendly service. Great French toast too!

User:Patrice J.

Loved this place. I have never been to one of their restaurants and as a first timer I was not disappointed. The menu seemed pretty simple and the location was even better. The customer service from beginning to the end was some of the best service I've ever had before. I met a friend their and we sat inside. It was crowded but no surprise for a Saturday. We ordered the biscuit beignets, blackberry grits, city grits and buttermilk pancakes. On top of that we had andouille sausage, bacon, mimosas and bellinis.....omg hungover cured. We like to share plates so we order this way all the time. It allows us to sample multiple items with breaking our banks. Out of everything we ordered the city grits, beignets and sausage were the best. The buttermilk pancakes were good but not great. The blackberry grits needed something extra. I enjoyed them but it felt like two separate items put together with no cohesion. I love pancakes and the pancakes were good but not great. Again it seems like something was missing with those but it could be me. The drinks were on point though and defiantly helped cure my hangover. The city grits were to say the least THA BOMB!!! They were so good. I loved them even more cause they put bacon in them. Who doesn't love bacon in their girts along with cheese. I love cheese grits too. They put 2 of my favorite things together: cheese and bacon!!!! I loved the beignets as well. They are going to make a great breakfast for me on Sunday since we ordered way too food. I can't wait to go back and try something else another time. I keep hearing the potatoes are to die for so that'll be on my list the next time to eat along with the city grits that I'll be dreaming of tonight when I go to bed.

User:Omega F.

Love this place! Had the pleasure to visit Another Broken Egg in Destin, Fla. and fell in love. I took my mother and daughter to this location. We enjoyed our entire experience from beginning to end. The customer service was awesome. We sat outside on the patio, it was a magnificent view! We enjoyed Bignets for appetizers, they were served Hot and melted in your mouth. I had the Lobster/Brie omelet (which has champagne butter), heaven in your mouth. Overall, my mother and daughter enjoyed their meals also and want to return. This is a place you must visit, especially if you like breakfast foods.

User:Max C.

I want to be fair here and I'll point out that the reason I am giving a 3rd star is because the sever tried his best to make up for the cluster that was the kitchen. We went on Sunday AM. Be prepared for a wait if you do too. Our party waited 40 mins. The food itself was great, when we finally got it. Definitely try the city grits, they were so good it made me almost forgot that we waited over an hour for them to come. The other stand out for me was the sweet potato pancake.

User:Aisha T.

This place was absolutely great! Everything was delicious... Had the Mardi Gra omelet and a Bellini! Waitress was very friendly and helpful with the menu. I will definitely go back again for breakfast or lunch!

User:Zenovia E.

Homey, colorful, non-chain feel (even though it is a chain)? Check. Fairly reasonable prices? Check. Cute name? Check. The server was a bit off her game here but my friends, who are regulars, assured me that the waitress is usually more with it. Everyone has off days. The food was fine, but not spectacular. What really threw me off was that some very prominent veins were still in the back of the shrimp, which were just placed on top of a crab cake. It really felt like the shrimp were thrown on top as an afterthought and without any seasoning. Also, the skillet potatoes were a bit of a letdown. I really love good skillet potatoes. The manager promptly brought me some freshly cooked deveined shrimp. She was apologetic and admitted that she had never seen it that bad and she said it must have just slipped through. I appreciate that she remedied the situation. I would try this place again.

User:Cara S.

Good brunch experience. I got the Skinny omelette while my boyfriend got the Hey Lucy! We both really enjoyed our meals. The wait was very long though and the service was so-so. We will definitely come back if there is too long of a wait at Paces and Vine.

User:Brooke S.

I went to Another Broken Egg Cafe one Sunday a couple of weeks ago for brunch. I really went in thinking this would be my new go-to spot. Sadly, it did not live up to expectations. We started with the beignets and then I ordered the Floridian omelette. The beignets were fine--how could you go wrong with sugary dough? I did not care for the omelette, but maybe that was just a bad choice on my part. The potatoes that came with the dish were delicious; that was my favorite part of my meal. Not sure if I'll be back here.

User:Raul D.

Consistent great tasting food at a reasonable price. My go-to dish is the "Bacquezo". Can't go wrong!

User:Heavy M.

You ever had food that changed your life... This place has a menu full of things just like that..sat outside and had a great time and great food!!! I think I would marry the menu if they would let me... If you never been!!! Get ready and hold on to your taste buds!!!

User:Chad F.

The food is good but there's absolutely no sense of service. We've been here three times; twice during the rush and once beforehand... It was a ghost town and STILL no service, straight ignored. Three strikes and this place is out.

User:Jennifer S.

I've been here several times and was not impressed with the service. The food is decent but not worth the incredibly long 2 hour wait, especially when you're starving. When I arrived with my family, who was visiting from out of town, we had to wait about an hour to be seated and another hour to receive our food. Our waitress was very inattentive to our needs. What was disappointing was the hostess seated her group of friends before attending to other guest who arrived earlier. Kind of ruins the vibe of dining out. Which should be enjoyable. As for the food, it's good but NOT worth the time wasted. I would recommend West Egg in West Midtown.

User:Lianne S.

My husband and I were first time visitors on Sunday, October 6. We arrived at 9:45am and were surprisingly immediately seated. That is about the only positive feedback from our experience. We waited close to 15 minutes for a server (or anyone!) to acknowledge us. When the server finally approached our table, there was no apology for keeping us waiting. I should've known then this would not be a pleasant experience. We placed our drink order and 5 minutes later the drinks were returned. The server didn't ask to take our order so I spoke up that we were ready to order. After watching several tables around us (including ones that were seated AFTER us) receive their meals, we began to get a bit irritated, especially when the manager didn't even approach us to explain the delay. Finally a server (not ours) told us our food would be right out. 10 minutes later food was brought to our table but it was not what we had ordered. At this point we attempted to get the manager's attention who we had seen moving about the dining room our entire time there. Out server finally addressed us to say that she thought what was brought to our table was what we ordered - nope! I can't say that eggs Benedict and Popeyes favorite skillet are the same thing! At this point, 10:30am, we did not want to even stay to have our correct order brought to us. The manager actually did approach us to apologize and invited us to try them again by giving us a complimentary meal card dated 6/6/13! Thanks, but we won't be trying this location again! I can happily say we left and went to our favorite smyrna breakfast restaurant - never stray from what you know is good - and were immediately seated with a friendly server. We placed our order, food arrived quickly and we were out the door with more $ in our pocket than if we would have stayed for the $40 breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe!

User:Lexi S.

I found out about this place through an old co-worker. A few of us girls decided to meet here for brunch on a Wednesday at 11am. The atmosphere of the restaurant was cheerful; the colors were bright and the place was clean. It wasn't busy when we arrived, however it still took about 7-8 minutes to get a drink order...followed by another 6-7 minutes to get the drinks. We then ordered and I got the veggie egg white omelette. It was great besides the 9 whole cloves of garlic ( yes, I counted them and pulled them out) throughout the omelette. I am a garlic lover, but nine whole garlic cloves in one omelette is too much for me. Food is okay, service is slow. I will be back to try out a lunch entree.

User:Teresa L.

We love this place. The call ahead seating is great, especially for large families. The Oh Lucy omelet is great! We also love that it is kid friendly. Try the bacon...they bake it. It's awesome! Enjoy!



Opening Hours

Mon :7:00 am - 2:0
Takes Reservations : No
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Brunch
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Average
Alcohol : Full Bar
Outdoor Seating : Yes
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : Yes
Waiter Service : Yes