Cabin Creek BBQ Company

199 Memorial Dr
Nicholson, 30565
I have taken a few wrong turns on the BBQ Highway recently thanks to Yelp and the old GPS. Today this old blind hog scored a prize barbecue acorn today. It took three plates to deliver my sampler platter of goodness and it was delivered by a superstar server named Courtney. Greeted with a smile and welcoming atmosphere I started with high hopes. It literally took three plates to deliver my sampler platter. Three meats - pork, brisket & half a chicken. Four sides - fries, slaw, beans & heavenly Brunswick stew. Perfectly complemented by two simple slices of lite bread and a sweet glass of iced tea. It was all good good good. The chicken took the gold but pork and brisket wore the silver and bronze with pride. Meanwhile the Brunswick stew - 3rd generation recipe - was so good the other sides were honored just to be on the same plate. Mild, Hot & Vinegar sauces. Hot was perfectly paired with the brisket. The vinegar loved the pork butt just right. The chicken was so nice it didn't need a saucy friend. Desserts looked good but I didn't have a spot left to squeeze any in me. I'll have to come back. Y'all should come get you some with me.
I am pretty much obsessed with Cabin Creek BBQ. I have had almost everything on their menu and I cannot complain about any of it! My favorite is the lunch buffet on SUNDAYS which is from 11 to 2. The fried grouper and meatloaf are two of my favorites on Sunday's. If you are looking to slip into a good food coma, this is your place. lol. Five stars all the way!
Foodies are not afraid to travel to the ends of the earth for the best food, and in this case, it's good ole Southern BBQ. Okay, so it's not THAT far away, but I don't really know what else is out in these [here] parts. I had the [pork] rib plate with brunswick stew, roasted potatoes, and mac & cheese. The ribs were tender and required no additional sauce to make it any better. The roasted potatoes were addicting and my only gripe is that they don't give you more. The mac & cheese was a little on the bland side, but nothing a little pepper couldn't fix. For the amount of food you get, you can't beat the price. My $12 plate could have easily costed $20 elsewhere. Ask for the brisket sauce. It doesn't matter if you ordered brisket, catfish, potatoes, or anything else. The creamy, tangy, spicy sauce goes with everything.. and will change your life. For real. If you don't gain anything else from my review, heed my advice and save room for dessert. They have an out-of-this-world banana pudding. Other dessert options not as readily available - peach cobbler and German chocolate cake, which I heard were pretty stellar, as well. We had half of the restaurant reserved, so if you come with a large party, just call ahead and they'll take care of you. Also, try to come early, as this place gets quite busy later on in the evening. The restaurant is easy to find and the cute, Southern girls are just the sweetest. FYI, parking is on a gravel lot.

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