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  • Doug L.

    I stopped by on a Thursday night and the place was pretty dead, so hard to gauge the atmosphere but I did enjoy the environment. I started with a Macon Manhattan and the lobster tacos, then moved on to the Osso Bucco entree and finished with a creme brûlée. Everything was well prepared with good sized portions, and service was responsive and met the basic expectations. It certainly warrants a return trip next time in town.

  • Kristi M.

    I went to the Tic Toc Room for a group dinner before a formal event. I had heard great things from friends so I was excited to come here, but I found the service and food to be disappointingly mediocre. The server wasn't very friendly or attentive and many of us were left sitting with empty glasses for long periods of time. I ordered the Chived Lobster and Crab dip as an appetizer, and it was good but much smaller than I was expecting for $8.00. I ordered the Osso Bucco as an entree (braised veal shank) with sides of Smoked Gouda Macaroni and Cheese and Oscar, Crab Meat and Hollaindaise. The veal was alright but I've had better. It certainly wasn't worth the $26. The mac and cheese was pretty good. The Oscar was very bland and mushy and I didn't even want to eat it; my date tried it and also didn't like it. To sum it up, maybe I just went on a bad night, but I found that the food and service were not worth the price. I will probably not come here again.

  • L S.

    The lobster bisque is to die for. Everything is delicious and fresh. Don't miss out on this rare gem in downtown Macon.

  • Charles P.

    Returned recently and staff could not have been friendlier. Great food great atmosphere and great service. I'll be back.

  • Minhtastic P.

    Good place to take the date to. They make their alcohol strong... I like it! Food was pricey but worth it! Would take advantage of restaurant.com's coupons since they do accept them! Cooked my filet Mignon medium rare... excellent, even at the last bite. Don't get their $5 salad... it is a joke, save your money for their main course, dessert, or more alcohol! Live piano music and friendly staff... Thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

  • Rick J.

    Enjoyed a work event in the upstairs private room - service was fantastic and the food was delicious, if a bit fussy. The filet with crabcake was perfectly cooked, which was remarkable since it was a set menu and a big crowd.

  • James P.

    To all of the "sophisticates" complaining about Tic Toc please go to bonefish or some other chain because obviously you wouldn't know good food, good service and good drinks if it bit you on the nose. My wife and I have dined in fine restaurants in more locations than I can list and this is one of our favorite restaurants, from the decor to the service to the innovative and ever-changing menu. It's a don't-miss dining destination.

  • Janine K.

    Came here for Valentine's Day with el duderino. The food was good, though he felt his steak wasn't large enough (especially with the price of it). I ordered Salmon, it was very good.. as were the sides it came with. Service was great.

  • Travis B.

    i agree with the other reviewers on several of their points. it is amazing to find a big city style place like this in macon. very swank and top end. but as mentioned, every drink is considered a martini if you serve it in a martini glass. we loved the decor and the "upscale" feeling walking into this place, as we were well aware that we did in fact live in macon. it's beautiful and posh, and we decided to eat before we went there because we assumed it would be pricey. it was. since we are lightweights, we could only muster 2 martinis each, because to our pleasure, they were all very stiff. the service was excellent. we were surprised when about 10pm, two gentlemen started smoking at the bar. we haven't been to a place that allowed smoking indoors in so long, it looked kind of odd. we asked the couple next to us if Georgia law allowed smoking indoors at bars and one of them said she thought it was the owner....ok then. all said, cool place and if you want to feel hip, check this place out.

  • Shelly M.

    Shocking, but true Macon, GA has a restaurant that should be in the ATL. It is actually called the Tic Toc Room. They serve tapas as well as full dishes. But, it was so good and the atmosphere is very nice too. So, if you happen to be in Macon and want to go somewhere nice, check this place out. Oh, the bartender will make any drink you would like, they just don't do frozen.

  • Matt J.

    Some friends and I went here after a wedding down the street. The interior is very nice and modern, not something I'd expect to see in Macon, GA. The bartender was quite friendly, and whipped up a few good drinks for us. I had a dirty gin martini which came out perfectly made, with extra martini coming in a little vial set in ice on the side. Very nice touch. My only gripe is that after the first drink they made last call. It was only midnight, and we moved on. We definitely would have had a few more.

  • Cecilia L.

    The food was good. I've had better, but it was okay. That being said, it was overpriced for the area, and for the quality of food. The wait staff were lifeless, and the decor was dull. From the second we walked in, we had the feeling that it was one of those places that tried so hard to be upscale and swanky, but it couldn't pull any of that off. They only succeeded in coming across as a pretentious restaurant that tries too hard, and takes itself too seriously. We thought we had found a gem in a small town, but what we got was an out of place, soulless restaurant with decent food.

  • Jean S.

    We visited the Tic Toc Room to celebrate my better half's birthday. We made reservations and were quickly seated. We were immediately impressed with the decor and ambiance. Three of us had entrees that included the filet which was cooked to perfection. The lobster mashed potatotes were to die for!! The fourth in our party ordered the special: bone in ribeye. It was something that you would have expected to see on Fred Flinstones car that caused it to tip over. It was HUGE and once again, cooked to perfection. The only down side to this restaurant was the bathroom. There is one unisex bathroom and this is probably due to the age of the building. Over all the experience was excellent and we would love to return.

  • thomas s.

    The food is always great, the drinks are always innovative and strong. My only complaint is the occasional entree that rotates isn't rack of lamb when I'm there enough =)

  • nate s.

    You can look at this place in a couple different ways. A nice place to go out if you're all dressed up and spend a night drinking off of their huge martini (every drink is martini now if you serve it out of a martini glass) menu. A pretty awesome place to have host a private party in their upstairs area, which has it's very own full bar/bathroom/music. Or just an average meal destination. The meal I had there was a little disappointing after having experienced the other two facets of the restaurant. The service was nice, friendly, and for the most part attentive, but the food was a definite let down. The star of the place is definitely the location, the refurbished look and feel the place has, and it's martini bar area.

  • Cal L.

    Went to this restaurant on a date with my wife. The atmosphere was stunning. It has a modern feel to it. Nothing to be expected in downtown macon. Every where I looked on the internet, the restaurant was known for their drinks. Their drinks were great, but the food was exceptional. It was pretty pricey (Well worth it though). But I knew that going in so I was not blindsided. I would definitely recommend it for both the bar and the restaurant. The service was exceptional as well.

  • Josh R.

    Tic Toc is a great place for whatever mood. Drinks after work, snacks at the bar, meals in the dining room-- all perfect. Happy hour at the bar is great, especially on Wednesday with complimentary appetizers and young professionals groups. Order appetizers and tapas at the bar for happy hour, including sushi. Decor is hip and comfortable. Chef Julio makes delicious and well-presented food so you can't go wrong for a date, business dinner or evening out. Service is exceptional, wine list diverse and atmosphere great. Check out Tic Toc.

  • Antwan J.

    I had the pleasure of dining here recently and was impressed by the flavor and presentation of the food. Let's start with the downsides though. The sushi was delicious but quickly fell apart while eating. That's a pet peeve of mine that could easily be fixed by making the rolls tighter. Also I ordered a dirty martini but received one that was up. I'm not sure if the bartender was an amateur but they got it right the second, and third time. Our waiter, Jason, was delightful and gave very good recommendations of the best items in the menu. I had the Lobster Ravioli which was phenomenal. It was served with a cream based sauce with large shrimp that added to the decadence of the dish. All in all I had a great experience and will return if I find myself in Macon again.

  • C F.

    If you only have a few meals in Macon, try the Tic Toc Room. Parking might be an issue, but other than that it is a perfect place for dinner.

  • Brian J.

    Real classy restaurant. Nice atmosphere. Good variety of dishes ranging from fish, chicken and steak to pasta and sushi. Bar has good mix of drinks available, too. The place has some history with Little Richard and Otis Redding having played there in their humble beginnings.

  • Ray S.

    My wife and I ate there this Friday evening. Everything was great, from the Pita Points and Hummas to the Lobster Bisque to the entrees. The mixed drinks were good and very reasonably priced. We had a very enjoyable evening and will definitely go back!

  • Amy H.

    I have mixed reviews about this place. It's supposed to be upscale but some of the food items taste like they come out of a can. The Tomato mozzarella appetizer is horrible. They are not fresh tomatoes which is surprising. It's a simple appetizer. The hummus is fantastic! The sushi is horrible. When the fish smells you know it's bad and it surprises me that a high end place would serve subpar sushi. The Steak oscar was a good meal! Good portion and I liked the cocktails. They have a good happy hour! Not a huge fan but will come for cocktails again.

  • britton T.

    The hostess was a rude and incapable hollow shell of a young lady, and the server was very slow. The food was excellent as always, but I can't see us going there again after this visit. I feel bad for the chef who is not supported by the rest of the establishment. I hope that someone will take note and fix the personnel problems. Last trip for me!

  • Michael H.

    First, let's get this out of the way. The complaint below about a poor Manhattan seems to have been someone's attempt to prove they are reading way too much GQ Magazine. "One never shakes a Manhattan"? Really? The Manhattan is my cocktail and I've ordered them in a million places. The one I got at the Tic Toc Room was solid -- balanced and properly made. Plus, giving me the extra to add to my glass later (milkshake style) is a nice touch. We had excellent service from the moment we arrived until the final farewell. The hostess, bartender and server each were pleasant, engaged and friendly -- without overdoing it. The decor is cool but not haughty and the place doesn't seem to be trying to be anything it isn't. I had the shrimp and grits and loved it. The grits were cheesy, which is how I like them; smooth and tasty. The andouille sausage added enough zest to balance the creamy grits and the shrimp were some of the tastiest I've had. These days, I half expect flavorless shrimp, even in high-end places. These tasted like shrimp, which is a very good thing. One of our party of four had the filet benedict, which was constructed beautifully (the addition of fresh asparagus worked nicely). The kitchen let the poached eggs go a half-minute too long, but owned that mistake when it was pointed out and made it right in an instant. I mention this because too many places don't seem to know how to handle the inevitable mistakes that will arise in any service. Tic Toc didn't try to convince me the eggs were supposed to be that way or -- as I've seen elsewhere -- stare at us dumbly when told of the error. They acknowledged the mistake, apologized for it and fixed it in two minutes flat. No service is perfect, but your restaurant's method of handling mistakes can be. Tic Toc's response was perfect. Pecan pie came in giant slabs with quality vanilla ice cream. I'll be back the next time I'm in Macon and I'll wish Tic Toc were an option in California.

  • Ann L.

    Came here on New Years Eve and it was amazing!!! We had the seafood trio and the lamb - both were phenomenal. Unfortunately, no room leftover for dessert! I wasn't crazy about the cornbread served at the beginning. The hostesses were really super friendly. When we had called earlier in the day to make reservations, the woman who answered the phone was not friendly at all and actually sighed when I asked questions. However, service in person was phenomenal. Had a great time!

  • Michelle C.

    The girl's and I went Saturday and I am very pleasantly surprised. I knew of it but never had the desire to venture to it until a friend recommended it. So I arrived before the other's and sat at the bar. The bartender was very friendly and recommended the Cherry Blossom cocktail (it was Cherry Blossom Festival weekend). It was very good and I had about 2 more during the course of the evening! Then when we sat for dinner the shrimp and grits were so good that we were all raving! We all had the same dish! lol! The jalapeno bread was good. We didn't have dessert. The ambiance is very nice, dim, sexy, Atlanta style. We will come back! Definitely a "fancy for Macon" establishment! Loved it!

  • Clay K.

    Let's start with a definition: Pretentious, adjective: (1) Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified. [see also, Tic Toc Room, Macon, GA,] Now that I have that out of the way, let's discuss specifics. I'll begin with the negative so as to finish on a high positive note. Firstly, we were treated as poor cousins upon arrival, even though we'd made reservations for four a week in advance. I'm guessing the groupon-type deal we'd acquired made us undeserving of top-shelf treatment. The hostess was affable enough, but our assigned waiter was, in a word, a jerk. He frankly didn't listen to our questions, he rushed our initial orders, often hovering and returning to our table during our discussion and decision making process. Once the food was delivered, he disappeared. As a sidebar, if you have more than two people, you're likely to sit at a large round table. This puts you very far away from your tablemates, and conversation is strained. My recommendation is that if you insist on dining here, do it as a couple or as a large enough group to fill one of these large round tables. Onward to tangible defects with my experience. Firstly, I ordered an Old Fashioned, with Maker's Mark. What I got was a glass of bourbon mixed with ice water and a cherry. I decided to keep this drink because it was stout, I like bourbon, and because I wasn't asked if it was to my liking. Here's my issue with this: there are about a million smartphone bartender aps available for FREE. If your vocation is barkeep, get one and use it. When in doubt, google the daggum request or open up your newfangled application; don't just GUESS. I ordered the crab dip appetizer. It was attractively served on fried plantain chips, and it came out relatively quickly. It is, I assume, a dish intended to be served hot. Mine was cold. I addressed this concern to my less-than-friendly waiter, and he did me the huge favor of removing the offensively temperature-challenged dish and brought back a slightly-warmer (but still not hot) version of same. I kept it this time, figuring that crab dip with a side of loogie was best served as it sat in front of me, as opposed to crab dip with extra loogie. The taste, if not the temperature, was actually quite good. My side dishes included mashed potatoes (which were tasty) and green beans. The green beans were obviously frozen and no attempt was made to liven them up. They were HORRIBLE. Evidence of this fact was found in EVERY single dinner plate on our table having a full serving of the things left at the end of the meal. I informed the waiter that the green beans were absolutely terrible, and he just laughed it off as though I was kidding. I pointed out all of the electric-greenness that remained in front of everyone and said, "No, sir, really. You need to inform the kitchen that those green beans are embarrassingly bad, and I expect more out of a $40 a plate experience." He didn't even apologize. My final negative comment is on desert. I had the tres-leches, and it was bad. So bad, I didn't finish it. I've had tres-leches at several different places, and I've never had bad tres-leches until here. It just tasted like coolwhip and sweet. The upside to this experience was the sugar-sculpture that came with it; it tasted of coffee toffee and it was delicious. And now, the GOOD stuff about Tic-Toc (A shorter section of the review, to be sure). Firstly, the Lobster Bisque is A-May-Zing. Really, honestly, truly, it was fantastic. The veal shank parmesan was also a tasty treat. A full bone-in veal chop is prepared in a prettey good marinara and served with a side of pasta. I loved it. The ROCK STAR of the evening was the porterhouse pork chop. Served grilled with a bourbon glaze, this was an express bus to flavortown. PACKED with deliciousness and a very generous portion size, this entrée is one of my favorites that I've had anywhere. Had I been at home, I'd have grabbed up that bone and gnawed it clean, but I decided to play make-believe with the wait staff and keep up the fake-fancy atmosphere of the joint. Finally, the raspberry chocolate mousse was very good. It was lightly sweetened, not too overpowering, and had just the right amount of chocolate goodness to nearly end the evening on a redeeming high note.

  • Han L.

    Call me a naive. Call me inexperienced. Call me...and I will tell you this is my second favorite restaurant I have been to. The restaurant is cozy, ie, small, but romantic. There's a bar right as you enter and further inside is the dining area. The wine selection was pretty extensive, but I'm no wine connoisseur. The menu consisted of two pages. I was pretty shocked to see a small sushi selection and thought this was a pseudo pan-Asian restaurant for a minute. Of course I did not order sushi there. My friend and I instead ordered as an appetizer, this tuna steak with sriracha (man, that sauce is popular!) and dried something that tasted like mini-dates. It was yummy. Oh yea, from the looks of the restaurant and menu, I was anticipating paying $20 for a pocket size meal, but the portions were good and I was happy (and relieved). My friend ordered pork tenderloins with pilaf or facsimile, with raspberry sauce. I ordered tuna with avocado and steak potatoes. The presentation for both dishes were nice. The food was very good. Although, I kept on eating off my friend's plate and dipping my tuna into his sauce. The service at the restaurant was superb. We were actually greeted and seated by the hostess. A water boy came to give us water and offered wine. We got free cornbread for some reason. The waiter was attentive without being a nuisance. I was taken aback when I left for the restroom and came back to find my napkin neatly folded for me. I was charmed and nearly fainted. As with most downtowns, parking can be a hassle. However, towards the rear of the restaurant there are rows of parking for the taking.

  • Russ F.

    I went here for a large party that was upstairs in the private area, so I will talk about that experience. The bartenders were nice and quick to serve. There was an open bar for a limited time still the bartenders did ok. Once the free alcohol tab was up depending on which one you got you either got a small glass or a big glass, my girlfriend got a different glass for each drink. I drank beer so not that big a deal. They did have a couple of craft beers to chose from. The food was good we had the chicken, I believe it was a picata not sure, the sauce was good but the chicken was bordering on not quite done, don't get me wrong it was really good. Also there was a pork dish, that was deffently done all the way. It had some sort of sweet, tangy saucd going on but not enough of it. The veges, rolls pasta were all good. For dessert we had a chocolate moose with some strawberries. Pretty good meal. As for the decor it was going for the industrial look with brick instead of a wall and paint. The private room was clean and in order they even gave us to go boxes. A decent place to have a group function.

  • Ariana B.

    Food tries to make a statement but falls short. For the price you can find better. Had the tuna tar tar. Tuna was cut poorly leaving connective tissue between tuna pieces. It is low quality tuna. The flavor was good but the grade was no acceptable. Had the shrimp and grits but was unable to eat it due to a thick layer of grease/fat/oil on top. I don't know if the fat is a norm in the south as its a southern dish (I've never had before). But it was gross and impossible to eat. I suggest if your looking for a fine dinning experience to go to Natalia's worth the extra $$$.

  • Shannon K.

    Loved this place. Walked in without a reservation and were able to sit at a high top in the front. Service was so friendly and helpful. Started with the tuna nigiri which wasn't that great but the presentation was beautiful. We ordered the ostrich and the shrimp and grits. Both were delicious. I would have licked the bowl if it was socially acceptable to do so. And for dessert: s'mores! Compete with tiny fire pit.

  • Mark M.

    I came here once prior to moving to Macon. I had been told, by numerous people and dozens of online reviews, that this was *THE* place to go in town for a decent cocktail. However, when I glanced at the cocktail list it was filled with drinks named after a fruit plus "-tini" tacked on at the end. Never a good sign of a quality cocktail bar. I asked for a Woodford Reserve Manhattan, and was told that they were out of Woodford Reserve. I asked what other bourbons they had and the server started listing off scotches...also never a good sign. From my seat I could spy some Maker's Mark behind the bar, so I asked for a Manhattan made with that, straight up. I watched the bartender make my drink. He shook it. One never shakes a Manhattan. It's supposed to be stirred. So we're already at 3 strikes with this place and I haven't even tried a single drink or food item yet. When the drink was brought over to me, it looked like Carmen Miranda's hat. It had an entire fruit salad floating in it...cherries, orange, lemon, lime...the works. The liquid itself was bright neon red, and it tasted like fruit punch flavored Robitussin. (I died a little bit inside at that moment, knowing that this was "the best cocktail bar" in Macon, and they weren't even capable of making a simple Manhattan properly) On to our food. I had the smoked salmon appetizer. Adequate. Certainly okay. But nothing to write home about either. For my entree I ordered the ribeye. The seasonings were okay...again, just adequate, nothing special...but I had asked for it to be cooked medium-rare, and the middle of the steak was raw. Not medium rare. Not rare. Raw! The decor is dated. It has that mid-to-late-80's pretentious douchebag-in-LA-or-South-Beach kind of a feel. The waiter's attitudes matched the decor perfectly. In a place that takes itself so seriously, and charges as much as they do, I would definitely expect better than this. Then again, one doesn't have many options in downtown Macon, and they don't really have any competition. In any real city, this place (A) never would've opened in the first place, and (B) if they had, they would've closed down after 6 months. Much like how politician Paul Ryan is what dumb people think a smart person sounds like, the Tic Toc room is what small town people think a "big city" restaurant is supposed to be. In both cases, they're flat-out wrong.

  • Jeremy L.

    So glad I was taken here. Great place for a date or even a drink after work. Service was above average for me and got more than I could manage to eat as much I wanted to.

  • Amy F.

    Delicious dessert and cocktails! The creme brulee was delicious with a gorgeous presentation! They have an extensive and unique martini list and a well appointed selection of high end liquors. Friendly bartender and staff.

  • Berrius B.

    Nice ambiance and good service. Daily specials Monday through Thursday. I've been there twice and have just gotten drinks and light appetizers. The prices for drinks and appetizers are significantly less than the prices for dinner portions. I ordered a Caprese salad on my first visit. It was a little too salty and the tomatoes didn't tast very fresh. The mixed drink that I ordered, however, was outstanding. I will post an update once I've ordered an official dinner.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : No
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Dressy
    Ambience : Trendy
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes

Tic Toc Room

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