Pelican Point Restaurant and Lounge

1398 Pelican Point Rd
Crescent, 31304
I've never left a buffet hungry before... That is until I went to Pelican Point. We stayed on Sapelo island this weekend and wanted some fresh seafood on the water before heading home. I just searched for food nearby and this glorious mistake popped up into my life. I knew from the musty smell when I walked in that I was going to have a bad experience but my significant other was too hungry to care. He paid a whopping $70 for us both to eat here (which is normally what we would spend on a week's worth of groceries!). I started with a salad and they only had 4 dressings, none of which looked the least bit healthy. I took one bite of my salad and couldn't even finish it because the dressing was straight up raunchy. So I moved onto the seafood. I gathered up a plate of the grilled fish, some fried shark and some deviled crab thing. I sat down to eat it and I literally lost my appetite entirely. At this point my boyfriend is looking like he wants to kill me after he just dropped all that money and I couldn't even touch the food. So, I go back and get the crab legs. The first few I had were satisfying but after you eat a lot of them the seasoning becomes too much and you just can't consume anymore. I had to use the restroom after I ate and I almost threw it all up right there in the bathroom after I saw how disgusting it was. The bathroom was nauseating to say the least. In fact, it was so gross that I wouldn't even poop there if I had to. It's sad because the staff is nice but they seriously need new management/owner.
I visited this place often but hadn't been in about 5 years & expected so much more than what I found. Maybe that was where things went wrong, b/c I expected too much. We visited on a Sunday for lunch & maybe that too was where we went wrong. Over an hour drive I had to potty as soon as we arrived & found the bathroom to be nasty. Each toilet was fitly, the cleanest one I could find had skid marks (poop down & around the inside of the rim. There was only stall doors, no bathroom door. No sweetener packets on our table or the one closets to us. Food was okay but not worth the money. Hate having to pay before we eat b/c when you pay with a card you have to tip before you even know how the service was. Not keeping a drink refilled is not good service. Waitress was sweet but it didn't make up for the lack of refills. Seemed a little shaky when we drove up & should have been an indication to turn around & go back to the other place we knew was good just a little ways back down the road. Maybe I watch too much Food Network & Restaurant Impossible to know this place can use some help & could do better.
I'm not sure what the reviewers who rated this place higher than a 2 star experienced but unless it was something resembling Grandma's Thanksgiving dinner, I don't understand their logic. My husband and I tried Pelican Point tonight and for a quarter of the price, could have had the exact same things with better flavor and all you can eat sushi at our local Hibachi Grill & Chinese buffet. The service was the only thing that I can say was decent. Our server refilled our drinks promptly before we asked. Other than that, I'm not sure why we just paid $64.00 for overcooked, lukewarm, old tasting crap.

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