Pollo Tropical

6503 University Blvd
Winterpark, 32792
Very bad experience it was almost 2 hrs before closing and they were out of everything almost 75% of the menu and on top of that it took them almost 10 minutes to take my order! On top of that the table was dirty i wanted my drink she didnt even offer! Very bad service!!
I like this pollo a lot. I was a bit frustrated yesterday evening because it was a really long wait for 2 wraps (like 10-15mins), so I had to wait in a parking space. I'm patient, but there's a reason you go to get fast food...and it sure ain't for the health benefits. But either way, when they brought the wraps out they included 2 extra- an apology for the wait I'm assuming, which was very nice. Also, if you've never had their curry mustard, you are missing out. It os sooo good, especially with chicken and their wraps. So good that my husband and I always try to replicate making the sauce at home when we want something zesty to go with our poultry dishes. Their pineapple rum sauce is also very good. I love tomatoes, so am a huge fan of their balsamic tomatoes side- brings out the italian in me. The tomatoes are not mushy and soggy in the balsmic vinegar- impressive in my opinion for a 'shove and luv' place. I also enjoy their plantains. Cooked exactly the way I like em, some have more of a soft consistency, and others are super fried (and I personally love having both types in the serving of a side). I will definitely make this a regular stop on my way home from school.
Pollo tropical is cheap. It is fast. It is usually good! (they have some off days) However, these workers are not efficient. THEY ALWAYS FORGET MY DAMN MOJO. I love mojo and that is all I want with my yuca or tropichop. I can't even tell you how many times I look them dead in the face, smile, ask politely for mojo, and then either have to ask again or pull off without it! People, I am just a girl who loves mojo with her yuca. lol That's what makes me happy in life. Better than Mcdonald's..it's a go!

(407) 673-0888

Fast Food, Latin American, Caribbean

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