Five Guys Burgers and Fries

3107 Daniels Rd,Ste 112
Winter Gardens, 34787
Five guys burgers .... Not the best burgers in town but at least it's clean and freshly cooked right in front of your eyes unlike other joints with their frozen patties, I also like the fact that you can add as many toppings as you like. Fries are Always a hit or miss for me, sometimes they are on the crispy side, other times they tend to be a bit soggy. Overall, not a bad place to go to for a quick bite.
I'm not sure why it has taken us so long to give this place a shot, but I am so glad we ate here today because this is exactly how a burger should taste. My gf and I each ordered a cheeseburger (standard size is two patties). Her burger was topped off with grilled onions and ketchup, while I chose onions, mushrooms and jalapeños. The beef was cooked perfectly; it was probably the juiciest burger I've ever had. The burger definitely didn't need any toppings, but the mushrooms and onions worked very well with the cheese and contributed this to being one of the best traditional burgers I've tasted. The sesame seed bun is also a good touch; it's a good-sized bun that was able to keep all the goodness contained. As if the burger wasn't a good enough reason to come back, their fries are awesome. We ordered Regular Cajun Fries...what did we receive? Enough fries to easily feed 4-5, and I eat a lot. This is not a case in which the restaurant hopes their quantity makes up for quality, these fries really are tasty with or without the additional Cajun seasoning. The service was also surprisingly outstanding. Generally speaking I don't expect awesome service from fast food restaurants, but the entire staff had a smile on their face and were friendly as well. I will definitely return and when I do, I just might try one of their milkshakes...with bacon!
Always clean and friendly service that will find here. Greeted with a smile and helpfulness that is so refreshing to see. Lost art form. The food is pretty good at times a little on the greasy side. But, it's that type of burger so your not going to get a fancy to good for the bun burger. Fries you can take them of leave. You do get a lot of them. Just never really been my cup of tea. The seasonings they put on are ok but, to me not worth the up charge. Top bonus is the free nuts. Who doesn't like free nuts. Crazy people or well the poor souls who can't have them I guess.

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