Rio Cristal

9872 SW 40th St
Westchester, 33165
It is what everyone says it is, read the 100 other reviews and you'll get pretty much the same breakdown. It's solid Cuban Food that's been around since a really long fucking time. The Steak with the Mountain of French fries is the safest way to go. I suggest you share this with someone in order to avoid the overwhelming feeling of dying you'll get if u house it solo. Side note: their pre meal bread is a cut above the standard Cuban bread and butter/oil. I think they do some sort of garlic oil thing that makes it taste delicious. Stock up on bread.
Largest palomino steak in Westchester for sure!! Let's talk 'bout them fries! Real homemade, peeled and deep fried fries! Awesomeness!! The place could use some updating; the interior makes you feek like your in a late 70's, early 80's time warp, but at least they have plenty of parking!! The other downfall to this place is that you leave smelling like you've been cooking or eating cuban food for hours!
Wish the staff was more attentive but if you're looking for legit Cuban food, this is the spot you wanna go to. Fried fish chunks, white rice with black beans and FRIES = heaven!!!! Affordable and big servings too. Enjoy!

(305) 223-2357


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