Shaker’s Conch House

10149 NW 22nd Ave
West Little River, 33147
I've had better... The portions are small and the staff is NOT friendly AT all... The food and price in my opinion are just okay.... ... and I know its a hole in the wall, but I just don't like their setup... Naw... All in all, nothing to complain about but definitely not nothing to brag on... Sorry Shakers, but I will not be returning...
i dont think i would have discovered shakers if it wasnt for yelp. be warned, shakers is not in the nicest neighborhood of miami. in other words, shit is real around here. also there is no seating area at shakers so this is exclusively a take out place. fried conch, thats whats up. they also offer other seafood options and fried chicken even bbq ribs but since this is a conch house and it was my first time visiting, i had to go with the fried conch dinner. comes with two sides. i got the pigeon peas & rice and cole slaw but they also have mac & cheese, collar greens, french fries, plantains and more. they unfortunately dont have any water and the lady behind the counter did not offer tab water which is fine with me but whatever, she said they got lemonade and i normally like that so i got a large lemonade. the fried conch is made to order so wait time was about 15 minutes i would say. there are some seats so thats where we chilled and thats when it hit me. i was the only hispanic in this establishment. so... i must tell all of my people (16% of the US population and growing. embrace yourselves fox news disciples) to visit this place cause its awesome. i wish theres was a place as legit at this in south beach or downtown cause for those of us who dont drive, it would be a mission to get here by public transit means. so heres why i cant give shakers a five star rating, firstly: george r doesnt like it when yelpers rate 5 stars, secondly: i did not get the cole slaw i ordered, instead i got potato salad and thirdly: my lemonade had enough sugar to give an elephant a sugar rush intense enough to make him commit suicide. i had never in my life had anything sweeter than this lemonade. i took a couple of sips and would lose consciousness for about two seconds immediately after doing so. this is called diabetes coma. its real. besides, no water? water is life. shakers lemonade is sweet slow death. nevertheless the rest was great. even the potato salad - which i didnt order - was good. the fried conch was fresh and it was crispy and tasty. very generous portion too! pigeon peas & rice is the one side you must get even if you get it extra cause seriously who doesnt like pigeon peas & rice? oh right, the 1% but none of them motherfuckers would even dare to come here so screw them. bunch of snakes.
I feel remorseful every time I have conch since it isn't sustainably fished, but sometimes I can't resist. Shaker's is a chain that's dotted through South Florida. They sell a variety of fried seafood. My only source of annoyance for Shaker's is that they don't offer fresh lemon anymore but packets of lemon juice from concentrate. They go straight to the trash for me. The sauce that comes with the conch which is sort of like a remolaude is pretty tasty as well. The food is cheap, fresh and fried to perfection.

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