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  • Ashlea B.

    Many choices of gelato - and all so far have been fantastic. I personally love stopping in for a sandwich! I always get the sandwich/soup combo. Portions are great and food is super fresh! The Capriccio with the Italian-style cured beef and goat cheese is my favorite! The espresso beverages are decadent and delicious. the presentation of the beverage was quite impressive as well. Its often very busy on weekends, but its well-worth it.

  • Mark S.

    Was at the mall decided to get some ice cream with my bride of almost 35 years. No actual ice cream shops, was told about Gelato. So we thought we would give it a shot. It was actually good, I got the cookies n cream in a cone. Nice friendly atmosphere, it was busy but not loud at all, there was music playing that was ok cause it wasn't blaring. Young kids behind the counter were polite & clean.

  • Sarah M.

    Had lunch here 1/24/15. Had one of the lunch crepes and a double latte. Both were superb. I eyed the gellato which looked amazing. I'll definitely be back to try more. Also met Daniella, the owner, who was super sweet and helpful, being it was my first visit.

  • Joseph A.

    They have great breakfast crepes, in addition to the lunch crepes and sandwiches. Really nice staff. Great gelato too! I enjoy eating breakfast at 365, the mall is quiet and peaceful it feels like your at a European cafe. The colors are red and white, very cool.

  • Joel H.

    Thanks to my mother in law's tendency to stop and window browse every food place in existence, I wound up in 365 Caffe Italiano a few weeks back. I always figured there wasn't much for a dairy free eater in a shop that serves mainly gelato and crepes. But 365 Caffe Italiano proved me wrong. Each and every day (365/7) this shop offers at least 3 different dairy free options. Some days they even go all crazy and stretch it to four. If you are in to chocolate and mint and desserty flavors like that and are dairy free, well, you are out of luck. Those all contain the animal stuff. But if you are like me and hate those flavors with a passion, no big deal. It is the fruit options that contain no dairy. My first visit I ordered a mango version. Sweet, cold, refreshing and tasty. I was very impressed with the gelato. My second trip I went with a berry blast flavor that contained a couple different berries. It wasn't quite as good as the mango but it still hit the spot on a nice cold day. A quick examination of the menu showed that there are some sandwiches and salads that could be possibly made vegan as well. I haven't inquired or tried these because dessert is what always calls my name. But next time I'm at Wiregrass and hungry for a meal, I have a new dinner destination in mind.

  • Yesenia J.

    We love this place! We come almost every week. The only complaint I have is that on the days the owners are not present the staff is not as attentive, quick or friendly. I guess it's true about the mice when the cat's away.

  • Diane P.

    Oh my this place has the best smoked salmon crepe it is amazing, so delicious, couldn't try any of the dessert crepes most of them had bananas or strawberries which I am highly allergic to

  • Sally R.

    Unfortunately, this place has gone 180 degrees in service and quality. I just went on the 4th of July to get some delicious cappuccino with a sfogliate like I do every time I am in town. What a huge disappointment! Maybe they had a change in management... On this occasion, I noticed that the entire staff was Spanish. I knew this immediately because they were talking to each other in Spanish at all times while serving the customers. There were two ladies and the usual guy, who makes the crepes. The two ladies were joking around the entire time laughing very loud and talking about their families and weekend. It was disturbing :| because they were not paying attention to the customers. On top of it the sfogliate (Italian pastry) was old and they didn't even offer to warm it up but how can they if they are joking around so much behind the counter that the lady even forgot my order. We ordered a cappuccino and a latte but both came out the exact same with a lot of milk and hardly any coffee. Needless to say the cappuccino had no foam at all. Very bad taste. It was a terrible experience which is very sad because before it really gave you a vibe of a true Italian place with delicious coffee, pastries, and Gelato but not on this occasion. Sad but true. It was good while the owners were there but it's like anything else when the cat's away, the mice will play. Mi dispiace molto

  • Michoo E.

    I love the crepes, and the owner and staff is very nice. The ham, cheese and mushroom crepe is very good for breakfast.

  • Melissa M.

    Gelato flavors are simple and delicious. It can seem pricy but a little goes a long way - order down a size. My kids love the chocolate chip and birthday cake. I like pistachio. The espresso is also very good. Beware of mornings - the whole place smells like crepes... Hard to get out of there without stuffing yourself silly!

  • Enrico P.

    first time there, amazing gelato. authentic. wow.

  • Sarah A.

    This place has the best gelato in New Tampa! Love the different flavors. Everything is fresh made each day. The Crepes are also delicious, if a bit flat in seasoning - depending on which one you get. The sweet ones are great, the savory ones need a bit more flavor. The coffees taste like they're straight from Italy. I love authentic Italian coffee, no American coffees are the same as they do it in there. 365 gets it right on this!

  • Amy Z.

    Grabbed a Caprese panini to go. Very good. Looked around while I was waiting and they have a lot of authentic Italian treats!

  • Olita G.

    Simply the best coffee, crepes, gelato we love coming here every weekend sandwiches, salads every thing taste great. The owners and staff very friendly.

  • Fedor G.

    Outstanding gelato. Never had anything like it. I am drooling just thinking about it.

  • Benjina D.

    I love this place! It's a great brunch/lunch place. The crepes are as yummy as they can be. My fav is the Nutella peanut butter, which is an ooey, gooey, sweet treat! They also have a great selection of gelatos, which seems to be a great hit, as I often see people coming in for a scoop. The coffee they serve there is the Italian Lavazza brand, and is delish! Also on the menu are sandwiches, salads, and pastry deserts, which are imported from Italy. The owner is a very nice lady from Italy, and the cafe's style reflects her background. It's reminiscent of any corner cafe in Rome.

  • J K.

    Really good. The tuna is delicious

  • Rahu R.

    Come here! Great espresso, gelato, salads and paninis!


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
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    Attire : Casual
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    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

365 Caffe Italiano

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