Waffle House

2217 Thomas Dr
Upper Grand Lagoon, 32408
What can you say about Waffle House? You know what you're going to get before you walk in and it NEVER disappoints. Greasy spoon eggs, waffles, pancakes and hashbrowns. I'd have to say that the food in Panama City Beach was so bad that this trip to Waffle House was the best meal we ate there.
I'm going to be honest here, I truly do not believe that what you pay for a breakfast plate at Waffle House is anywhere close to fair. I paid almost TEN DOLLARS for two slices of bread, an egg, a couple strips of bacon, and a small portion of hash browns. Who in their right mind would pay that much for food that had barely been cooked because it was turned out so fast (hard fried egg was still runny, go figure)? Apparently I'm that idiot, because I paid it. The location is small and crowded, even when it's not packed, and the food is overpriced and under cooked. You would be better off going to the McDonald's down the street. Trust me.
Never had a bad meal at Waffle House. They cook everything to order service was fast and friendly. Great place at a low cost

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

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