HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply

1650 N Hercules Ave,Ste I
Tampa Bay, 33765
Took the beer brewing class to learn how to make a chocolate stout. This company is owned and ran by Rob and Lisa Larson. Interesting fact: Rob is one of the cofounders of Coppertail Brewery. Rob was our instructor. He is a very laid-back and knowledgeable person when it comes to this line of work. He showed us everything to know about the beer self brewing process. There were certain parts during the process where we would have to wait for a certain length of time before the next step. During this time, we were never bored since us and the instructor would have very interesting conversations and stories related to what we're doing and general topics of interest. The classroom for the most part is very sanitary and well put together. It has enough equipment for four small groups of people (5 gallon kegs each). Keep in mind it does take approximately three weeks to ferment before you can come back to get your beer bottled and picked up. This location also contains a number of supplies and ingredients for your beer brewing pleasure. Refer to my posted photos for examples of their supplies. The back/classroom area is still a work in progress. They are currently constructing a tasting room bar counter, etc. once they are complete, it should all go well together with the rest of the equipment. It was a fun, educational experience and can't wait to get our beer in three weeks!
Incredible place to brew beer on premise! Rob was previously one of the founders of Coppertail brewing and is most knowledgable and entertaining while teaching the full brewing process. All ingredients and equipment are provided along with broad selection of recipes. A tasting room will be opening soon (Sept '15). I'm looking forward to taking a bbq class here at some point. Highly recommended for anyone interested or new to home brewing or to purchase brewing equipment or hops, grains, etc
Last Night, I made my first 2 batches of Beer! No reason to feeling overwhelmed by the experience, Rob was Great and explained everything. I think everyone should try it once!

(727) 240-0804

Brewing Supplies, Cooking Classes, Hobby Shops

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Caribbean Choice

5208 N 22 St
Tampa Bay, 33610
The Grand Opening of Tampa Bay Florida's top new Haitian-American Cuisine. Specializing in Haiti's Top Chef Choices served directly to you. Come on in and taste the Pride of the Caribbean.

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Franks Pizza

1600 Virginia St
Tampa Bay, 34698
Fast, friendly and fresh ingredients! We placed our delivery order at 11:45am and we were eating by 12:25. I had mentioned it was for my dental team and they brought is plastic wear, plates and napkins. I ordered two 18" pies, two salads and received complimentary bread. This fed, actually stuffed, 9 people. We had 1/2 a pie and a whole salad left and the price was VERY reasonable! The pizza is New York style, thin crust and large slices. There was a substantial amount of cheese and the sauce was thin. It complimented the thickness of the dough & cheese. Two large salads with romaine lettuce, perfectly ripened tomatoes, fresh onion and cucumber. Variety of dressings, I had the blue cheese and it was think & chunky. Their bread was fresh with flour brushed on the top. The inside the dough was lite and airy. We will definitely order from Franks again!

(727) 216-6963

Pizza, Italian

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Bob’s Ice Cream and Gelato

1989 W Lumsden Rd
Tampa Bay, 33511
Oh, my my! Talk about some good ice cream! It's nice to find something besides the frozen yogurt fad, or the run-of-the-mill (all about the $) franchise. This is a REAL ice cream shop, with REAL ice cream and gelato made with passion. The texture was what I remember as a kid, when we made ice cream at home. It really took me back. It's hard to find a place that takes so much pride in their culinary expertise, it shines through brighter than any other place in the area. Bob's had not only made an ice cream better than anything I've had in years, it's also brought back some long lost childhood memories. It's way different than the average cookie cutter sweet treat place. Different and better! I said it once, and I'll say it again, Bob's knows what they are doing, and it shows!
Amazing gelato! High quality; you can taste the love in their work. I had the tiramisu gelato, and it was awesome! Not too overpowering. I'll definitely be back!
Try the Butterscotch brownie gelato. It's got a great balance between the two flavors. I don't normally pick butterscotch but it's blended nicely. I also got the roasted almond amaretto, very tasty. A nice variety of gelato and ice creams.

(813) 651-0401

Gelato, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Asiana Bistro

228 Oakfield Dr
Tampa Bay, 33511
It really takes for a place to blow me away for me to give it a five star rating so know that my standards are as high as yours. ;) Just watch Asiana Bistro's promotional video on this Yelp page and that should be enough to sell you all they have to offer but I had to comment regardless. I went during lunchtime on a Tuesday and for their coconut curry with chicken and brown rice. The flavor of the curry was incredible and the brown rice was the perfect consistency. For only $7 (tax included) it can't be beat. This place is definitely worth checking out if you're in the area!
As soon as I walked in the 1st thing I noticed is how clean the restaurant is. And with ceramic tile flooring, marble-topped tables and iron chairs with leather seats - I'm thinking they'll have a good chance of staying clean. They've been open for a year, but they look like they opened yesterday, LOVE IT! On to the food... I ordered chicken with brown sauce and cashew, and a spring roll from the delightful hostess. I took it all home and absolutely devoured it. Everything was so tasty and fresh, I've found yet another good Asian spot. I'm not even sure I should include "Asian" on my list of foods that are hard to come by in Tampa anymore. Pizza is still sketchy....
Came in for a light lunch on a Saturday. This was our first visit. Very pleasant, clean interior with lots of natural light. The appetizers were perfect - excellent portions and flavor. We had potstickers, spring rolls and crab rangoons (best my husband ever had). Miso soup and Tofu Pad Thai were great. Very friendly staff! Excellent service!

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Stage Left

24400 State Rd 54
Tampa Bay, 33559
Stop me if you've heard this one. Two lovers walk into a bar. Its a dark, dingy place that smells of alcohol even though it is only two o'clock in the afternoon. The stage that was occupied by a singer-songwriter last night, now sits empty and barren. The two lovers don't drink. They have come for the food. No? Keep going? Alright. The food isn't your typical bar food. Its healthy and fresh and locally purchased from other small businesses when possible. There is no frying in the kitchen. Instead of burgers and onion rings, you'll find the menu covered with African Peanut Soup, Thai Noodles, Mexican Gumbo and a Mediterranean Plate. This is the story of Stage Left. Stage Left is a relatively new bar located in the Lutz area. It is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Brian and Isabelle Dunleavy. The couple modeled Stage Left after the way Isabelle cooks at home, fresh ingredients with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. After being seated, the waiter gave us some time to look over the menu. We were buried pages deep when he returned and told us about their new guacamole. It was so new that it wasn't even on the menu yet. That sounded good to us, so we put in an order. The guacamole had a nice lime and garlic flavor. I was absolutely ecstatic that they didn't ruin it by putting that terrible, no good, downright rotten, cilantro in it (and if they did, they masked it well). I felt like the ratio of chips to dip was great. I ran out of both of them at the same time (and this wasn't me skimping on the guac either, I was really digging in). I followed the guac with a bowl of African Peanut Soup. The soup is both gluten free and vegan. It consists of sweet potatoes, ginger, peanuts and fresh veggies. With that combination, it should come as no surprise that the soup was sweet. I was fine with the sweetness but others have had a problem. Just take note, if you aren't into sweet soups, steer clear. Next we shared a Mediterranean Plate. The plate includes flatbread, carrots, cucumbers, tapenade and hummus. I was a big fan of the tapenade, all chunky and easy to handle. I liked the flavor of the hummus, a grand little flair, though I prefer mine to be a bit creamier in consistency. J-Fur's ordered the Farmhouse Melt sandwich. It contains mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on pressed Farmhouse Bread. The sandwich certainly looked good. The bread was pressed and crispy and provided a fabulous contrast to the gooey cheese and tomato interior. Based on the ingredients, J-Fur expected a memorable sandwich. By her estimation the Farmhouse Melt was good but not memorable. She craved an exotic pesto to elevate it deity level. There is a lot to like at Stage Left. They've got drinking and live music. On top of that, they have a unique menu that offers a lot of quality food that tastes fresh and homemade. The bar has options y'all. Especially for people with extreme diets as their menu has a number of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. Will I be back? You bet ya.
Latin night is great. Live music is great. Decor is great. Menu needs a little somethin somethin though. Look at a place like Edison food & drink lab for some inspiration. Btw....I put four stars as an encouragement. It's more like 3.5, but with a little work, you guys can really make this a great place. You have a lot of local support. We REALLY want this place to succeed and give us dining and entertainment options in a town full of chain restaurants!!
Great place! I attended their very first Latin Night on Thursday, May 28. I had not heard of this place, even though they've been there for 6 months and it's very close to my mom's house. They had a well-known live Salsa band, Sol Caribe, which started at 9:00. Salsa lessons were from 7-8 pm and a DJ played latin music between 8 and 9. Great atmosphere! The location is perfect for those of us who live in Central Pasco and don't want to drive to Tampa to dance. It's now in our very own back yard! Woo Hoo! The place is cozy, but not so small that you feel claustrophobic. They have an ample dance floor, even with the place packed. Plus, you can dance in the second room as well (next to some of the tables - there's enough space for a few couples). We did not eat there, since we weren't sure what to expect, but we drank beers and wine. Nice selection of both. Our server, Jason, was very attentive. He was nice even though we really didn't spend all that much. When we first arrived, the person who greeted us at the door was very friendly and informative. I think he was the owner. Our entire party had not arrived and I wanted to slide two tables together. He told us we could do so once everyone was there. The rest of my party showed up pretty quickly so there were no problems with securing the extra table and then joining them. We were told that their intent is to have Latin Night every other Thursday. I will definitely be back and next time I'll eat dinner there to check out some of the other Yelpers' suggestions. I'll bring along my Anglo hubby and check out the other live music as well!

(813) 949-4334

Bars, American (New)

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Glory Days Grill

17508 Dona Michelle Dr
Tampa Bay, 33647
Can't figure out why or how this place could get more than 2 stars, unless it is all about the atmosphere, which is good. There is nothing special about the food other than how long it takes to show up at your table. Burger, fries and ice tea took about 90 min. At lunch time! After I tackled my server as he ran past my table, I was able to pay and get out of there. Restaurant was half full and I was seated in a corner where only half of the TVs were viewable, why? I know you can only watch one at a time but the 2 I could see/view the best had the news on and no sports. I'm sure I could have asked for a different table and didn't. My mistake. Not sure if this place will last long without some major changes in staff and/or management and food quality. After all that's what took a once "hot" Lee Roy Selmon's down. There is no reason I can see to go back for the food. I might give them a 2nd chance in a couple of months but a 90 minute, $20, below average burger lunch for one, doesn't make a great deal of sense.
The appetizers were great. The rest of the meal was awful and everything was overpriced for the quality of food. I had a steak and the next day I was so thirsty - everything is loaded with salt! We will not be back.
Great atmosphere, great food and great service! Buffalo Mac & Cheese and Hellfire Chicken = outstanding. Our server explained the menu and made good recommendations. Baseball and football games going on the many TV's throughout the restaurant. Great outside seating area. Already planning what I will try on my next visit.

(813) 513-7550

Sports Bars, American (New)

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Shark Tales

677 75th Ave
Tampa Bay, 33702
Alright, alright, alright! Shark Tales ( Ye old Sloppy Pelican) is definitely on the up & up since aquiring new ownership. Way to go guys....keep it up. Docked by boat & there is plenty of room for other boats. Clean paint & no urine smell like Sloppy Pelican had! :). Actually clean enough to order food. Had wings. Side portions of hot sauce & bleu cheese were generous. Fairly large crowd which is generally a good sign.
Wish I could give a better review but there was no one else upstairs and I still had to go in to order and never even got our drinks refilled once. The pickle chips were the best item we ordered...better than a ceasar salad or even the boneless wings.
This place is great for what it is -- a bar on the water with outside space for cold beers and bar food. The view is great and the staff was friendly. Prices are reasonable. I wouldn't make a special trip, but if I'm in the neighborhood on a nice afternoon I'd stop by for a drink and a snack.

(727) 360-7100

Bars, American (Traditional)

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Asian House

Tampa Bay, 33707
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The Eagles Golf Club

16101 Nine Eagles Dr
Tampa Bay, 33635
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(813) 920-6681


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