Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA

251 County Rd 939
Sugarloaf Key, 33042
Friendly staff. Clean bathrooms. 30 min to Key West. But... You are playing Russian roulette if you decide to tent in this campground. It would be more accurate to call these group campsites. You are assigned an area and not a site. Yes... For $68/night you are only guaranteed enough space to set up your tent. They don't have enough fire pits or tables for everyone. And, worse, you may have to be inches away from dozens of neighbors. It was a noisy, smoky, frustrating mess. We arrived on Christmas day and the staff said we could pick any spot in the red area. There were no site markers of any kind and only a couple of trees. We apologized as we squeezed in between two other campers. The next night we return to find two more tents (and two more cars!) wedged between us and the road. They had taken over our picnic table and fire pit. The ridiculous thing is that there was a larger open space a few feet away but they didn't realize they were allowed to use that area and so we picked up our tent and moved it at 9pm so that we didn't have to step over people when we had to use the bathroom. The really ridiculous thing is that when we talked to the KOA staff, they knew this was a big problem and we had 2 other people in line behind us with similar issues in their area. You will have no privacy in this site. If they are busy, you will be sleeping within inches of strangers and you may not have a fire pit or table. I'd be a little more understanding if they warned us of this on the site but nothing there.
We arrived here last Wednesday and got a good spot near office . Once we were checked in, we were helped to and into our site. The sites seem a bit smaller than some places we have been to. We were a little disappointed to find that their slow season began the prior Monday. That meant the store-office closed at 5:00 and the cafe was closed for the season. On Sunday as we were preparing to leave we found we had a mechanical problem with our motorhome . We were able to get AAA to come look and it was determined we would need a tow to a local garage. Being Sunday it was closed but the staff was not only good about keeping us on our site, but was able to recommend the right place to have it towed . Waiting now for a rental car to be delivered. The staff here has been checking on us...."if we need anything just let them know ' Place is kept clean. Right now it is not crowded so noise is minimal. Even the pub is quiet at night.
This is sad. I used to LOVE this campground. I was here a few years ago and the campground was kept so clean and well. Well this past weekend my fiance decided we should take a little vacation down to The Keys with the boat. We rented a trailer because we brought my two children ages 3 and 9 and thought this would be easier for them. $200.00 a NIGHT. The bad: ***Jacuzzi on our deck did not hold temp. It was sitting at 93 degrees. Called front desk a few times and they told me that they all had been struck by lightening and well it wasn't their problem. ***Ever try calling KOA customer service at 7pm? Guess what? They are CLOSED. I just called them a few hours ago and guess what? I got a VOICEMAIL. ***BBQ Grill had no cleaning tools and was super dirty. So dirty a fire started and burnt out food! ***NO fire pits for the trailers. I mean you pay $200 a night and your kids want to make some Smores....but NOPE *** Police came. Yep thats right. The trailer that was right next to us had 30 people staying in it and the police came. Then they thought WE called the cops on them!!! Umm...NO. ***The bar is like a senior citizen center. They have some very old guy playing 50's music trying to sell his book and he kept asking for TIPS. ***The bartender was very rude! But maybe thats why she got a $5.00 tip on a $100 tab. *** They wanted to charge us $75.00 a night to dock our small boat. ***Bathrooms looked like a 3rd world country. I would have been better off going outside! When I told the lady at the front office her excuse was that the cleaning lady leaves at 7pm so after that...nobody cleans them. ***The trailer smelled like old lettuce. It wasn't even cleaned before we got there. Never ever ever ever again. I am glad we paid with our Platinum card because I think we are going to contact them and dispute the charges. This was worth about $75.00 a night if that. I thought that KOA was just on Undercover Boss? They should visit this KOA! I'd think that this KOA would be a destination most people would want to go to so the corporate office should make sure its ran smooth. Sad...sad sad!

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