The Patio

421 S Macdill Ave
Southwest Tampa, 33609
Parking is a nightmare. Once you get past that though, the place is just fine. No real frills here though. Lots of televisions, a huge bar that starts indoors and extends to the outdoor area and a bar in the back of the outdoor patio. The majority of the seating is on the patio, hence the name. Decent bartenders, a little slow at times, but decent nonetheless, fair prices and a lot of space. Perfect place for large groups. Not sure I'd ever go back though. There are a lot of fine watering holes that provide more extras than The Patio.
I'd like to try this place at night. We came for a couple drinks before a USF football game and had the place to ourselves. There were a few parking spots up front- not sure what they do at night when I'd assume it's a lot more crowded. They had four people working I believe yet it was difficult to get them to focus on taking my drink order- they seemed more interested on catching up with each other. Several nice tv's showing the football games and the layout was great. Prices are probably what you'd expect for this area- $5.50 for a Cigar City pint.
Cool place! All outside. Full service bar and liquor. Even the bathrooms are outside protected by privacy fences(for the guys anyways). TV's all over the place. Awesome hangout, as long as its good weather

(813) 873-7846


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