Horse and Jockey British Pub & Restaurant Menu

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  • Robert P.

    The Horse and mothafuckin Jockey baby. This place right here, you see this place? Yea this place right here, is the mothafuckkinnnnn shiieetttttt. The food, the fuckin wankers, the fact that i use the word wanker now, everything bro. Come in, drink a fcukin pint, leave your vagina at home, yell at some tv's, watch some football. No not that football, futbol football; and basically just have gay (no homo) ole time. I love this place bro, I love this place exists. I want to bathe in the shepherds lie

  • Connie M.

    This place keeps getting better all the time. Food is consistently fresh and tasty. Had the Innis & Gunn aged in the rum barrel. That beer is so rich and flavorful I am craving one just thinking about it. This visit was on the day of the Queen's anniversary. They had a trivia contest which was really fun and I had to explain to my bf why I knew so much about the royal family (secret stalker!) ha!

  • Warren M.

    I have driven by here so many times and didn't realize what a jewel it is. This is an excellent restaurant with authentic British and Scottish fare. We sampled several of the starters and were pleasantly surprised. The Welsh Rarebit and the Scottish Eggs were done to perfection. For the main meal I can't say enough about the fish and chips. Not at all greasy and made with white flakey fish. And it is a VERY generous portion. They have a wide selection of ales and a full-service bar. Can't recommend it enough!

  • Johnny C.

    The best traditional British menu in the bay area and they never seems to miss a beat. Be aware it can be busy at times so book ahead or get there early as it seems quite a few people realize what a hidden gem this restaurant is

  • June B.

    one of the rare places in st. pete where you can be confident that your money and patronage are benefiting really excellent people. lea and emma are outstanding and have created a very special place in south pasadena. super authentic british pub with unbeatable prices and a perfect atmosphere. they suffered a kitchen fire just before st. patrick's day and are currently closed for renovations but we all hope they will come back bigger and better. i miss the horse and jockey! adam justin fiona jackie pauline zoe colin miss you!

  • Windy C.

    I'm a local and this is becoming one of my favorite spots to meet friends and enjoy good food and drinks. Waitresses have all been super friendly and given great service. If you're looking for a healthier dish, try the chicken Greek salad. The Romaine and veggies are always crispy and fresh and the chicken is well seasoned and tender. They have my absolute favorite draft beer, Innis and Gunn. Try it!

  • Joshua B.

    I really had to fight giving this place 1 star after our visit today, but I feel it has potential so I gave it two. We stopped in for a late lunch today on Easter, about 2:30 pm. When we arrived there was a large party of about 10 finishing up, 3 other tables, and a few folks at the bar. Not busy in the least. We were told to take a seat anywhere, so we snagged a booth. There was one server on and one bartender on for the whole place. We watched as the large table was finishing up hoping our server would greet us. It was nearly 10 minutes before we were handed menus and asked if we would like anything to drink. This wasn't the greatest of starts and it really did not get much better. We reviewed over the menu and decided what we would like to sample. We decided on the scotch egg & onion rings to start. We ordered our entrees as well when we placed our appetizer order. We chose the fish and chips, caesar salad, chips and gravy, madras curry, and chicken chip shop curry. Our appetizers came out in good time. The scotch egg arrived on a bed of what seemed like A1 sauce, which complimented it well. The onion rings came out looking very nice and piled high. The scotch egg was decent, but nothing to write home about. The onion rings were barely warm, but had great flavor. The sauce they were served with complimented them well. If the onion rings were warm, they would have been phenomenal. We waited a few more minutes and our entrees least 3 of the 4 did. They brought out everything but the caesar salad. We waited about 5 minutes until the last entree arrived. The fish & chips looked amazing and it was noted that is was very good. This was surely the best meal at the table. The chicken chip shop curry was interesting. It arrived with 2 bowls on the plate, one with fries and one with chicken in yellow curry. The presentation was pretty bad as the plate looked like it was missing something. It was noted that this meal was okay, but not all that great. The madras chicken curry looked great and tasted decent. I was not amazed by it and felt it left a bit to be desired. I did find a grey hair in the food which was somewhat of a turn off, but I continued eating. The naan bread it was served with was tasty. The chips and gravy came out late with the salad. One thing that struck me as odd was the chips were not thick cut fries like those that were served with the fish, but rather thin McDonalds like fries. This was a bit disappointing as well. The caesar salad that came out was quite small, like a side salad and my guest noted that it was quite salty. She ended up ordering some curry sauce for the fries we had at the table. It was agreed upon that it was rather bland and lacking character. Overall, there was only one of 4 guest that were happy with their entrees. As we finished up eating, we stacked the plates by the side of the table so they could be easily removed by our server, but they were not. She was more concerned with cleaning up her last tables that had left instead of waiting on the actual table she currently had. We had to ask for water refills when she did finally come over to remove the stacked up plates. While we were waiting on our check, a cook with grey hair came out from the back of the house. This was most likely where the grey hair came from in my food. I did not make an issue of it, but it made sense now. Overall, the service was bad, 3 out of 4 entrees were not impressive, and we found a hair in our food. It was not the best visit. This is quite surprising given all the glaring reviews previously of this place. I have driven by over the years and always wanted to stop in. Sadly our experience was less than stellar, and for most, they would not return, but for some reason I do want to give this place another shot to redeem itself. There were other menu items that looked attractive and I will give it another chance in the future for no other reason than I think this place has potential. Fingers crossed that the second visit will be the charm as the first visit was not.

  • Susan S.

    We were at the Horse and Jockey a few months ago, and had a good meal. We met up with friends yesterday, and all 4 of us had the steak and kidney pie. The beef was really tough, and very disappointing. We didn't say anything about it, because our friends enjoy this restaurant. The service was excellent. It was the servers first day, and he did great. It will be back to the Britannia Arms, or Moon under Water for us in the future.

  • Lola S.

    Fish n chips great. Service good, clean. The only negative is that it was hard to tell if they were open.

  • Tina Y.

    Nicely decorated. Good drinks and friendly staff

  • Amanda Y.

    Wonderful remodel excellent staff, delicious food the beers are constantly rotated to be with season. The owners of the restaurant are constantly walking around to make sure everyone is happy. I would recommend a scotch egg and the chicken curry.

  • Jim B.

    Nice place with good eats. The staff is always very nice and helpful. Plenty of beer choices (Spaten Dunkel) and a nice atmosphere.

  • Erin J.

    Been about half a dozen ties and never had any complaints about my food. Prices are fair-high for value. The Reuben egg rolls are amazing and enough to fill your belly. It's only improved since their opening following the fire.

  • Leslie L.

    No idea how the food actually is. The menu is different than the one posted online VERY limited. But the service is terrible. We were seated for 15 minutes and no one even offered water or noticed we were there. Got up to leave and the hostess (who sat us) asked whats wrong, we told her no one came to the table she asked if we seated ourselves. ...wont be back.

  • Crystal H.

    When I leave a restaurant with tingly fingers that can't wait to get to a keyboard and do a Yelp know it was a great meal. When I get home and realize I have already done a review but decide to do know it was a dang great meal. This was our first visit to Horse and Jockey in several months (why? I have no idea, but right now I am thinking it is because we are stupid. Plain stupid.) I was craving British food (an English / Cornish Pasty to be exact) and we thought of Horse and Jockey. The restaurant was much busier on this trip then the last time we were there. Despite the dozens of patrons there only seemed to be one server. He was super friendly, laid back and had no problem handling everyone. We were immediately handed a beer list. They have 20 beers on tap and at our visit they included Smithwicks, Boddingtons, Stella Artois, Innis & Gunn and Hoegaarden (Sorry, that is all I remember). After asking the server for suggestions we ordered Bubble and Squeak for our appetizer. It is potato and cabbage mashed together and then fried. It was reminiscent of a really thick and delicious potato pancake. It was served with sour cream which complimented it nicely. I would definitely order it again. For our entrees we were told that the Fish and Chips were the special of the day (I believe they were $8.99 each). My earlier dreams of a Cornish Pasty went out the window as I made the (very good) decision to order Fish and Chips instead. When our Fish and Chips arrived they looked amazing (see the picture!!). The Haddock was HUGE! My one small complaint (or maybe my Husband's complaint) was that my fish was much larger than my Husband's. I felt a little guilty and offered to switch plates. He declined and I did not offer again. The batter on the fish and chips was perfect! Light and crispy and very flavorful. The "chips" were also delicious and nicely seasoned. They appeared to be hand-cut. So to reiterate in case you haven't realized it yet: I highly, HIGHLY recommend visiting the Horse and Jockey British Pub. Everything we have tried has been amazing, but the Fish and Chips are my number one so far.

  • Marc B.

    You can't get closer to the experience of dining in England without crossing the Atlantic! Even some of the wait staff is British. Great selection of beer and a varied traditional British pub menu. Bangers and mash, fish and chips, Cornish pasties, Indian dishes, etc. the food is pretty good and quite reasonably priced.

  • Amy A.

    Cool bar area. Prices are good. Food is ok. Ceasar has seeds instead of croutons, which my dining companion was a huge fan of. Lots of menu items in puff pastry. I had chicken and mushroom pie, which was A-OK. If you are into British food and like menu items that are a little different and you cannot get everywhere, this place is for you. (Bacon wrapped burger, steak and kidney pie, bubble and squeak to name a few). The decent draft list does not hurt either!

  • Levi W.

    Have been coming to this place every Friday night and staff is always friendly and fast!. Would give 10 stars if I could!

  • Anna C.

    I love the way this place looks from the outside...the British Phone Booth, and nice landscaping! My Mom was here with friends before they had the fire, some time in March/April 2013. When I came to visit, she told me we had to go the Horse and Jockey Pub. OKAY! Sunday, September 15th, 2013 lunch time around 12:30p.m. My Mom, my friend, and I go to lunch. My Mom order the Fish & Chips, so do I . My friend orders the Shepherds Pie. (I took pictures of our entrees, just so you can see the size. Huge!) The F&C was $11 and so was S.P. We all were happy with the size of our entrees for $11. My Mom mentioned that they changed their presentation...from newspaper to plate, and that the price had changed from $8 to $11. Also, that the decor had changed inside...from no booths to having some. This was my first visit here, and I thought the decor was okay. Nothing special. Just a large room with tables and booths. It needs more life! Our waitress was slow, and it took her forever to initially take our order. What I liked about Horse and Jockey British Pub and Restaurant, was the food. That's it! It was fresh, but lacked flavor. I have been to Gordon Ramsey's Pub and Grill in Vegas...the Fish and Chips was AMAZING! I would not return here for Fish and Chips, unless my Mom wanted.

  • Elisa C.

    Great spot with a nice variety of brews in tap. We didn't eat anything BT were accommodated with the Brasil soccer game while the rest of the patrons watched the Tampa Bay hockey playoff game. While we had to ask for our rounds of drinks (I'm a fan of bartenders who anticipate the needs of their customers), it was a pleasant experience nonetheless.

  • Brett F.

    Great menu with some welcome variety from standard pub fare while still offering all the mainstays you'd hope to find. The staff is excellent. The beer selection is fantastic. Always a great atmosphere for dinner or to catch a game at the bar. The owners are very friendly and always make sure you've got everything you'd want. I make my way there at least a couple times a week.

  • Megan B.

    Great bangers! Good the spaten. The menu has had some tweaks, but the standards are still there. Wait staff has always been nice.

  • Chantay N.

    Definitely took a chance in eating here! Service was great, prices to match. Great IPA Beer selection. Only downfall was the lack of seasoning in general buuut it was British food so I may be overstepping. ;) if you're looking to try something new and a different atmosphere, stop on in.

  • Jennifer S.

    Terrible service. Took 30 minutes to get someone to take food order. Resorted to ordering soup and salad, thinking it should be served quickly. Nope, took another 15 just to get. Overpriced food for portion size. Left hungry. Maybe they have good bangers and mash but I won't be back to find out. 1st and last time I will be here. Won't be recommending this place. Not busy place either maybe I know why!

  • Jessica D.

    My parents had been bragging about this British style pub for quite some time, so I was over the moon when I finally got to visit it with them. We were of course horrified when we learned the original establishment burnt down due to a kitchen fire, but the current restaurant looks amazing with lots of lovely cottage plates up on the walls and much love from the local clientele. The menu is comprehensive of almost any typical British menu. We of course had to start with pints all around (though mine was iced tea) and scotch eggs and sausage rolls. MMM. From then on anything you pick will delight your anglophile taste buds. I remember ordering some sort of potato and vegetable patty with a delicious sauce. It was a light dinner, so next time I plan on getting a little more meaty. The staff is awake, conversational, and very charming. I wouldn't mind stopping by on an afternoon and getting some nibbles and some hot tea, for my own version of a late afternoon tea. They do have a English high tea service for a minimum of two customers if you give them 24 hrs advance notice. Must try it next time!

  • Wayne M.

    Love this place! Great food and wondeful, friendly service.

  • P M.

    Gotta admit...I'm a frequent flyer here...I'm a foodie...and I'll admit not every dish here is for me..but it seems everything here is fresh....prepared on love love their food and seasoning...just try it...and you'll see.

  • Laura B.

    Nice place for a taste of England. The prices are fair for good made from scratch food. Nice selection of beers on tap. Several large TVs in the bar for sports. Fish and chips were very tasty. Pretty good parking area.

  • Josh W.

    The bangers and mash were awesome! The beer was ice cold and the service was great!

  • Tiffany H.

    I came here with a couple friends recently based on their suggestion. The interior is very nice and the service was okay. We came in on the tail end of happy hour and my friend ordered a cider. It wasn't technically on the list, but they were out of the other one so they would honor it. She nursed it through dinner and never did get her second one. Whomp whomp. We started out with the Scotch Egg. It was okay, but the one I had at Crowley's was better. It didn't have quite the crunch I wanted on the outside. As for dinner, I ordered the Cornish Pasty based on my friend's suggestion. It comes with a side Ceasar salad, which had a bit too much dressing. After what felt like a long wait the mains came out. The outside pastry had a nice texture and flavor, but the inside was a little lacking. It wasn't seasoned much and very wet, making the bottom part of the pastry soggy quicker. It was also a little lacking in the veggies. The fries were fine, but it's hard to make terrible ones. I wouldn't mind going back again if someone wanted to, but I'm not sure I would go out of my way to come back.

  • Thomas A.

    Keeping the 4-stars for now, even though there are serious issues with service at lunchtime. ONE SERVER to manage every table, inside and out, is obviously a fail. Both of my visits were at lunch, and there was only was server (the only problem). Sometimes I drive by at lunch and think about going again, but I just don't have the patience. It's sad because the place is pretty awesome. The fish and chips is straight-up LEGIT. Ditto for the bangers & mash. I was able to try my GF's shepherd's pie as well - again, perfection. You want English pub food, and a pub atmosphere - here you go. The interior might as well BE in Southhampton! Especially recommend the bread pudding...a nice bonus. They do it right. I'm a big fan of bread pudding!

  • Robert H.

    We visited for a Tuesday lunch on the recommendation of a friend. The atmosphere was just what we were hoping - some dark woods, comfortable booths along the wall, and a nice pub feel. We were greeted as we entered by the bartender and told that we could sit where ever we wanted. Aaron (our bartender/server) was great - very attentive during our entire visit. He gave us some good suggestions from their many beer choices. When the beer arrived we both ordered Fish & Chips. Although I'm born in the USA, I have spent some time in England and Ireland, most recently this last summer. The Fish and Chips were very good. Good fries and a nice big portion of fresh white fish in a nice crunchy "British style" batter. It was slightly oily (only slightly), just the way it should be and like I have enjoyed in my fav chip shop in Keighley. We'll be back to try some of the other dishes.

  • Daniel M.

    Excellent food and service. It was hit or miss for a while after the fire, however this place is now running like a well oiled machine with some of the best British food and beer on the Tampa Bay area.

  • Randy P.

    Love coming here where lots of British locals come to cheer their fav soccer, rugby and cricket teams. Great selection of beer, friendly staff & tasty pub grub.

  • Sylvester M.

    Great place. I walked in here and caught a super jazz quartet(Nate Najar) can't believe it was a free show. The food is decent and not pricey. The beer selection is also decent. Great casual date place.

  • Brian S.

    I am not sure if this is a English or Irish fare restaurant, but whatever it is I really enjoyed it. The menu has has things like steak and kidney pie, cottage pie, fish and chips etc. I opted for the fish and chips which were by far the best fish and chips I have ever eaten. They gave a large portion. It was not greasy at all. It was very Nice inside with a friendly designed. The waitress could not have been nicer. They have something like twenty beers on tap which other people in my party enjoyed. Next time I am in this area I will go back here because I fully enjoyed it. The prices were very reasonable. The bill came to around $71 for four dinners and three beers.

  • Yana W.

    Came here Friday for a happy hour with my coworkers. The place looks and feels a lot like the pubs in England, just a bit bigger and more open. The bar was already full by 4:30pm. We took a booth. It easily fit the 6 of us. I ordered a pint of Stella and sausage rolls. The rolls were delicious! Loooved the sauce. I also tried Ruben egg rolls. Pretty good, I must say. I was very satisfied with everything. Fate has it, my car battery was dead and so I stayed for a couple hours longer than expected... By 7pm every table was taken. The wait to be seated was 30 minutes. Luckily, we had our booth. The staff was overwhelmed as our dirty glasses were stacking up on the table. The server was coming by less frequently. I ordered Chicken and Mushroom pie. It was really good! Our ketchup bottle could've used more ketchup for my "chips"... I can't wait to bring my British husband here to see what he thinks.

  • Teresa L.

    Was here for a group event. Very enjoyable. Server was a little slow in getting the drinks to us, but it happened. The fish and chips - well the fish was huge! Had a couple of good appetizers as well. Would really like to get back here to check out more of the menu in the near future.

  • Lori C.

    Its a cool place to hang out and have some drinks and food. Nice family place as well, you are not afraid to bring your kids in. The fish and chips are AWESOME!! I have to say if I had to pick something I didn't care for was the sausage wrapped in dough appetizer but that would be the only thing I could come up with. Support your community and hit up these locally owned spots. You will not be disappointed.

  • A H.

    Terribly in-attentive bar staff. They're not even that busy and yet w 4 bartenders (which none makes eye contact) you still have hard time ordering. Really poor bartenders here. Not recommended!

  • Ashley B.

    Great beer selections. Shepherds pie is amazinggg They have trivia night on Thursdays. Service is friendly, and fast enough. Surprisingly there pizza is pretty good too!

  • Christine H.

    We always truly enjoy our visits to H & J! Food is always great and the staff is so friendly and professional. We recently went to another British style pub in downtown St. pete... It shall remain nameless, but has a celestial name and is across from the park. Dinner there was horrible! Food was very questionable! We are so happy to be spoiled by H & J!!! Fish and chips, bangers and mash, Scottish eggs all wonderful! Then there are the absolutely amazing Reuben egg rolls!!!!!!

  • Kevin H.

    I'm new to the area and stopped in to try the fish and chips. The food was excellent. Huge portion of fish and great chips. The surprise of the evening was an amazing balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing that is made in-house.

  • Cas B.

    Went here for the second time and the food was incredible, again!! We found this place on yelp when we were up here looking at a boat. There were 3 of us and all of us thought the food was fabulous! Mind you it's English so beer isn't as cold as we would have liked but the minute the first bite happened we didn't care! I had the fish n chips and they were the best ever! Never knew it could taste so good! Husband and friend had stuffed pastry dishes and they both loved it. They thought for sure with the size of them they would have left overs but neither could stop eating it they said it was so good! Came up here today for the boat show and it was really a no brainier on where lunch was going to be. Four stars is for the beer not being very cold(I know that's being very American of me!) and service can be a little slow but otherwise it's a must hit every time we are up this way.

  • Fran B.

    Had a fun St Paddy's night here. Very busy and noisy but excellent service by Melissa nevertheless. Not the best corned beef & cabbage I've had (maybe should have stuck to the fish n chips !!) but good company and music made for a really good evening.

  • Shane M.

    Beer selection is very good! Not incredible, but very good! I had cucumber salad and the coconut seafood curry. Both were very good but milder than I expected. In fact, the curry had ZERO heat by my standards (I enjoy hot things with good flavor, not stupid insanity sauce/ghost pepper jags just for the endorphins). Still, I've been here twice now and really liked it. Plus, BONUS! One of the few places in the South Pasadena area with the NFL network...NICE!

  • Daniel H.

    Great Fish n Chips. Great Beer. What else do you need?

  • Nichole C.

    The mister and I visited this pub after a wine tour across the street {Florida Orange Groves Winery}. Now I have never been to England to compare, but I thought their restaurant looked just like what a British Pub should look like. Hubs and I each ordered meals and also a starter of spinach & artichoke dip with naan. The dip was decent. I ordered the rosemary chicken sandwich and it was so-so. I blame myself for ordering that however, it was just plain and nothing very memorable but I should have honestly ordered something more..authentic. My husband however ordered their fish and chips and .lord. I wish I had ordered that instead! Fried crisp and still light, a giant piece of haddock with delish tarter sauce was THE lunch to have! I would go back if we were to be in the area again, and would order something else next time. But all in all a great experience and the service was decent, as well.

  • Shawn H.

    We have eaten here twice. The first time was a 5 star experience and the second time was a 2 star experience. Wtih that much of a variation in quality and experience, the best I can give this place is a 3 star overall. The shepherd's pie, fish & chips, and gravy are very good and that's what we had the first time we went in. On our second trip we tried the Steak & Mushroom Pie and the Chicken Pot Pie. We also ordered Pappadams and a side of Chips & Gravy. When we ordered the side of chips and gravy our waitress didn't bother to tell us that both of our lunches already came with a generious portion of chips (french fries), so we were surprised by an absolute mountain of french fries that we could not possibly have eaten. We even asked her if we should get the small or large order of chips for two people and she said "Oh, get the large". Either this middle-age blonde waitress was dumb as a box of rocks or she was purposely upselling us by not telling us that we were over-ordering. That's OK, she ended up paying for that side of french fries through a reduction in her tip! The chicken pot pie was entirely too small and although it had a good flavor it didn't have enough chicken or vegetables in it. In fact, we only found two bites of chicken in the whole pie. We had a similar experience with the Steak & Mushroom Guiness pie - very little meat and mushrooms. It had a nice flavor and a great pastry, but entirely too little substance. In this case, the meat that was in it was way overcooked and was dry and had the texture of sawdust. We will be back but not for the Steak & Mushroom pie or the Chicken Pot Pie which were disappointing. We'll either stick with the fish & chips and shepherd's pie or we'll try something else entirely. We will also be sure to ask for a waitress other than the dumb blonde middle age lady who let two people buy a mountain of french fries that could have easily served six people. If future experiences are more like our first time then I may edit this review and give it a 4 star rating, but for now they only get three stars.

  • Ryan B.

    Went here to watch an obscure football (soccer) game and I was pleasantly surprised that they had the channel it was on (beIN). The pub itself is very British and feels authentic. Service was very personal and fast. I was worried about this after reading reviews and was glad they were wrong for my visit. My favorite beer is also on tap, Dogfish 60 minute! Win, win, win!!!

  • Leif S.

    I really like this pub. Service is consistently good and food is done well. This pub has changed hands several times, but the present ownership has done a nice job of retaining the atmosphere while introducing some good food. Their curries are tasty as is their cornish pasty's, puddings and more. And their pizzas (made with beer in the crust) are absolutely a surprising delight! Plus, during October, they have a spectacular pumpkin beer (Pum-King) on draft...wonderful! So why not give it 5 stars, well, each time I've been there recently (3 times over 6 months when I travel to Florida), they were out of my choice of beer. Parking is somewhat limited as they share space with other stores in the strip. Outdoor seating never seems to be a problem as tables always seem available. Indoor seating varies by time of day, but we've hardly ever had a wait. But a reasonable substitute was readily at hand. So go visit them for a good curry, some fish & chips (with gravy), a sweet-crust thin pizza and a pint.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Tue, Fri, Sat
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Horse and Jockey British Pub & Restaurant

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