Café Pastis

7310 SW 57th Ave
South Miami, 33143
Amazing sandwiches with a really great service. It felt like a cafe in a European country. It was a bit small but absolutely quaint. The desserts are really tasty as well. I look forward to returning and trying something new.
I wanted a nice place to take my aunt to for Mother's Day brunch. A few days before I had had brunch in a french bistro a couple doors down from Cafe Pastis when this place caught my eye. I called to make a reservation because there was going to be 6 people in my party but they told me they don't take reservations during the day. Okay then. My party and I braved the crowds and were actually able to get a table right next the the front window. Not bad at all. The food was pretty good. I had the quiche with salad. Others ordered the special (pasta?) and a steak frites. The bread was fantastic and the coffee was delicious as well. The service was slightly slow, but I assumed it was probably because we were a larger party and they were pretty busy. I think Cafe Pastis is a hit for lunch. I'd like to try their dinner as well. I'll definetly be back.
My favorite item of the night was the creme brulee for dessert. One of the top five I've ever had. Slightly chilled, bits of raspberries, and rich but not overpowering. The bouillabaisse $24.50 was delicious and a small treasure trove of seafood until I got a huge bite of grit (probably from the mussels). That kinda ruined the rest of the dish for me. I would avoid dipping any sauce from the bottom of the bowl. The steak frites $24.50 were alright. Fries were crispy. Service was friendly although it felt awkward that everyone else were frequent customers. It was like we had crashed a family reunion.

(305) 665-3322


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Cafe Bonjour

6240 S Dixie Hwy
South Miami, 33143
This is my favorite spot. Lately, if I'm craving something delicious and refreshing I know where to go. It is a really small place but very cozy. The owner and the servers are nice and pleasant. I've been here several times and I have always had a great service. The food is fresh and the flavors are amazing. My favorite of all times: The apple chicken salad. My hubby's fave: steak frites; he claims it is the best of the city!!! Make sure you leave some room for dessert. OMG!!!! Pastries, tarts, macaroons, cakes, eclairs....etc...Pick randomly; I can guarantee you instant happiness. The best part is that they're not too sweet like all the cakes and pastries of regular bakeries. I'll see you next time cafe Bonjour!
The food is always perfect. I don't mean good, I mean perfect. I go whenever I'm in the area and that's at least once a month. Order the steak frites, duck, salmon --- anything you will not be disappointed. The chef deserves praise because - every dish, every time. This place is why I eat out even though I love to cook at home. Get a glass of white wine and enjoy the rustic French chic of this restaurant.
Last minute dessert and coffee meeting! Service has improved..desserts are scrumptious. Nearby patrons were happy to offer suggestions of their favorites - actually made the experience better. Owner offered sample of the puff pastry - we purchased four to take home. Good coffee. Business complete!

(305) 661-4714

Bakeries, Coffee & Tea

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Marhaba Mediterranean Cuisine

5861 Sunset Dr
South Miami, 33143
This is my favorite middle eastern restaurant in Miami. I've been coming for years and it only gets better. I feel the service has greatly improved in the new location and it's more elegant. The food is delicious every time!
Food was great, i recommended the homemade hot sauce! You need to ask for it and it was tasty. Great time with friends at this restaurant.
Portions. Are so small. Middle eastern food needs to hearty. It's just cant be served as a " modern" dish. Good was bland and when I received it cold. No wonder they closed there last location.

(305) 666-9600


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European Corner

5889 SW 73rd St
South Miami, 33143
Good. Bakery style style set up with good warm food made to order option also.
This is probably one of my favorite places in Miami. Nothing is better then a little hole in the wall with FABULOUS food! I prefer that to the 4-star restaurants on SOBE anyday! The desayuno is out of this world- sub maduros for the eggs! The arepas, cachapas and cachitos are incredible and delicious! The bad thing is that this is just down the road from M Cycle and is usually my go to place after a 2 hour work out session. (And I wonder why I work out constantly with no results?!?!) It's well worth it though!
Can someone please explain why this place is called European Corner? Seriously, please message me. We wandered into this casual Venezuelan joint located across the street from the Winn Dixie after grocery shopping. Luckily after a couple minutes a mom with a couple of kids showed up so we weren't the only ones dining here. I asked for a cachapa (several yelpers mentioned these) but the sweet lady didn't quite understand me and said the didn't have them. She also said that there were no tequeños. They either ran out or don't serve them on the weekends. I didn't quite understand the lady. I tried some corn cake filled with pork and it was delicious. Rich, meaty comfort food with sweetness from the corn. It might have been a cachapa after all. I still don't know. Service was very friendly & accommodating considering I had no idea what most things were on the menu. They have a small parking lot in front of the small shop. There are about four tables inside if you want to eat your food right away.

(305) 667-8872

Bakeries, Modern European

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Chicken Kitchen

7315 SW 57th Ave
South Miami, 33143
This was the place to go back in the day. Ah, the good old days: get a chop-chop on the weekend before going golfing or try to get there and back in a 39-minute school lunch period. Every time I've been back recently I wonder why I used to spend so much money there. It's nothing special, just some chicken, vegetables, and rice thrown in a bowl. It must be that they give you huge portions. Or maybe it's the curry mustard sauce--a bunch of that thrown on your food and you're guaranteed to love it. On second thought, it's definitely the curry mustard.
My sister and I talk about food all the time and she asked me "whats the one thing you can eat everyday and not get sick from"? My answer Chicken Kitchen, her answer...Chicken Kitchen. I dont know what magic ingredients they use in the marinade but this chicken can hold its own against Pollo Tropical and the generic Chicken Grills. Same goes for the mustard curry. In a blind taste test I can confidently tell you which sample is from Chicken Kitchen. For fresh food, great prices, fast delivery, and customized chop chops go there. Part of the fun is listening to other customized orders - heard of the slice slice where the customer wants the chicken sliced rather than chopped and the micro chop where they want the chicken in a super fine chop. I'm interested in trying both variations.
Chicken Kitchen has been there for so long. It's a very reliable source of your chop chop needs. For those who are not savvy, chop chop is a delicious combination of rice, chicken, and sometimes other things depending on what type you get. A mexican chop chop for instance would have black beans, guac, and cheese. They have very good white chicken. Out of all the fast chicken possibilities, chicken kitchen is one of the best. I personally prefer the cuban chop chop. The great part is getting to select the sauces you want to top your beautiful chop chop. My personal favorite is yellow curry.

(305) 669-0099

Chicken Wings, Salad, Sandwiches

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Old Lisbon Restaurants - South Miami

5837 Sunset Dr
South Miami, 33143
My new favorite dinner spot. Definitively order the octopus appetizer! The service was really nice and quick, the food was great. Definitely coming back
I went with a good friend for Labor Day Weekend for a Miami Spice dinner. This is definitely a nice place if you want to a quiet, soothing night. I was happy it wasn't too loud. The owner of the restaurant was very kind. The food was great. My friend opted for the arroz de marisco while I chose the veil. Still both dishes were amazingly great. If you're a seafood lover, I'd definitely suggest you stop by before the end of Miami Spice.
I had grilled octopus with veggies and it was perfect. Tender and tasty. I recommend it. The owner was there and was very friendly and helpful. Our waitress was perfect. The service is very good. I loved the fact that the tables have enough space in between them so that you feel you can have a private conversation without having half the restaurant hearing your chat. We went for dinner. The atmosphere is great. You will feel very welcome and eat superbly.

(305) 662-7435

Portuguese, Seafood

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Chocolate Fashion

5868 Sunset Dr
South Miami, 33143
I love Chocolate Fashion in Coral Gables and was by South Miami and wanted to give it a try. Honestly the service was SO BAD it was scary. First off, we were thrown the menus. Asked what kind of quiche they had the waitress responded with "well, what do you want" Asked for 2 ham and cheese croissants and she said "they didn't have" Suddenly, she yelled to the kitchen and 2 croissants come out and just sit on the counter and she tells us they don't have ham and cheese. Finally, ordered the smoked salmon platter with a "bagel on weekend" and when we asked what kind of bagel she said "it's not a bagel, that is a mistake on the menu" COULD NOT WAIT TO GET OUT...even took my cappuccino to go to leave faster. Meanwhile the 2 croissants were still sitting on the counter and the guys behind the counter were asking me, as the customer. I had to explain why there were there (which I wasn't even clear on) They then put them back into the display case. Let's just say, I'll never be back to that location. I thought I was on candid camera and the experience was a joke....Unfortunately, it wasn't.
So I went in not really sure what this place was about. Was it a dessert place, a bakery, a cafe...well...its all that and more. The one thing that sucks is that most of the good bakery items are gone early in the morning. I tried the hot chocolate and it was probably the best in Miami. Everything looked amazing and I want to go back asap.
On our second visit to this location of Chocolate Fashion on Sunday, 2/9/14, we were very disappointed. We parked at the municipal covered parking lot and walked to the restaurant. Just like the Gables location, this location is very small and all the pastries are very, very expensive. We arrived and were greeted by no one, all the tables were taken. We finally got the attention of one harried waitress and asked where to put our name on the waiting list for a vacant table. She said there was no list, that we'd just have to wait and as tables became free we could take one. Keep in mind we were not the only ones waiting for a table. What did she expect us to do? Fight with others over a table? How could we possibly determine who got there first and who had been waiting the longest? Well run restaurants put a waiting list to work and call waiting patrons based on what's on the list. We then walked over to the register area where there were 2-3 young clerks waiting on bakery customers. We asked how we were to secure a table and, got the same reply. Disgusted, we walked out the back and ended up at Lario's where we were promptly able to have a pleasant breakfast, less expensive than those offered at Chocolate Fashion. To the people at this Chocolate Fashion: Get with it and start running your restaurant properly, institute a waiting list on busy days so you can properly serve those customers who are willing to wait for a table. In our case, we drove a good distance to S. Miami and spent some hard-earned money on parking. And this is why such a large % of restaurants fail!

(305) 661-7200


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Sunset Tavern

7232 SW 59th Ave
South Miami, 33143
I love sunset tavern! What a great neighborhood bar. They have great specials and the food is good (this spot shares a kitchen with Deli Lane i.e. good!) Love to watch heat games here 2$ dollar yuengling specials are where it's at. My favorite part is that it's not your typical Miami scene (thank god) good place to go relax shoot some pool, eat and watch sports. Five stars!
Came here a lot in college, and while it is not the nicest place, I always remember being really happy with the food. The pressed duck sandwich with brie and apricot sauce was excellent, and the fries were really good. Def come here for the food.
Awesome Happy Hour, many cheap And tasty draft beers to choose from. Also have all liquor on deck. One of the top Happy Hours in south Miami. A good must stop on any random weekday.

(305) 665-9996

Sports Bars

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Todd’s Subs

5975 Sunset Dr
South Miami, 33143
My goodness I was not expecting this small place to have such a good sub. Of course I walk in all brand new and again, want everything so I got a honey mustard chicken sub on wheat and a steak taco. The taco little too bland and dry...but I'm from Texas and have high expectations. But that sub though, WINNING. I cannot wait to go back and I'm going to get a foot long just because!
You'd never know it from the outside but they make a great Steak and Cheese sub. Just keep in mind there is a difference between a 'Cheesesteak' of the Philly variety and a Steak and Cheese sub.
Just came here during my lunch hour. I had a steak sub. First, the steak had good flavor but was pure cartilage in every single bite. Completely ruined the sub for me, I probably left half the meat on the plate (not that there was much to begin with). I don't know how this place has 4 stars to be honest, I doubt I will be coming back here.

(305) 667-3530


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Panera Bread

5701 Sunset Drive
South Miami, 33143
Food is good very fresh a bit pricey but good food, just not your Starbucks its a bit of a diner feel of eating
Panera you get 5 stars because you are mommy and toddler friendly. I love your "You pick two combos" my favorite being the bacon turkey bravo with creamy tomato soup. My 2 year old loves the Mac and cheese that comes with an organic yogurt as an added bonus. This is a casual spot for a quick lunch- I love it!
Stopped in for lunch. It was good timing. Line was short and ordering was quick. Had the pick 2 special of tomato soup and half fontina grilled cheese. My all time favorite combo, especially since the weather is a bit cooler. Sandwich had a great flavor. Love Fontina cheese. Bread was thick, and toasted perfectly. The soup was very thick and creamy. Lots of flavor. Highly recommend this. I topped with their famous green iced tea.

(305) 667-6760

Sandwiches, Salad, Soup

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