Chico’s Mexican Restaurant

731 S US Highway 17
San Mateo, 32187
It looks like a dive on the outside but inside is good solid Tex-Mex food. Good chips and salsa. I usually get the enchiladas and they are very tasty. Husband likes their tamales. Mexican beers include Dos Equis and Tecate. No liquor, only beer and wine. Taco bar, which I have never tried but looks decent.
Staff is very nice but the food is terrible. Rice is instant, beans are obviously canned, and the dishes are covered in yellow American cheese which changes the taste. When this hits your palate the sensation is more like hamburger helper than anything resembling Mexican. The salsa has an overwhelming sweet taste. The guacamole is made from a mix. Wait--it gets better! As we were slowly picking at our food in disbelief, we kept hearing chiming bells. We soon realized that it was several microwaves signaling that the food was ready. This was confirmed when we realized that our plates were as hot as the food. To top off this horrible dining experience, the prices were very high. A basic burrito and enchilada dinner cost about $14.79. The check for two of us before tip was $41 and change. Take my advice and try one of Palatka's other Mexican options.
My family loves this hole in the wall for Tex-mex. I'm not a fan of that style, but the homemade tacos are divine. You'll be sorely tempted to just eat the chips, but get the queso,you won't be sorry.

(386) 329-8000

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