Cello’s Charhouse

143 7th Ave N
Safety Harbor, 34695
This unique and small hidden spot many don't know about continues to deliver. Although the menu is quite limited and varies over time, it is always tasty. I love the friendly service and associated vibe. By the way, there are only a few tables so reservations are generally a must. I won't tell you much more simply because this is a one-of-kind spot that needs to be experienced to truly understand.
I love all of the sauces, always available is apple chutney but nightly have a different sauce to pair with your protein! Love the pierogies and this is my favorite eggplant parm anywhere!! So much fun here and very quaint!! Make sure you make a reservation.
quality foods just like the other reviews say, still have cheese soup and grilled carrot. Corkage fee is $6.00 not free or 3 like some other reviews say. Water is 1.50 and you have to ask.

(727) 723-0909


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Cold Stone Creamery

100 Main Street,Suite 102
Safety Harbor, 34695
Luckily this is a shop that makes what you want versus just sticking to the menu. They ended up making a turtle sundae to my request two thumbs up! Even a treat for my dog. HIGHLY recommend coming over to the Cold Stone in main street Safety Harbor!
All of their sorbets are vegan . Yay! I had the strawberry lemon banana sorbet with Oreos and topped with almonds . Perfect dessert ! The employees are soooo nice ! I didn't get the girl's name . The other employee is named Benn. Highly recommended !
When you sign up for their email club, sometimes Coldstone will send you coupons. I had one for two "like it" sized ice creams(including one mix-in) for $5.00. We rolled into Safety Harbor and the surroundings were beautiful. I was happy I'd be eating ice cream here! Coldstone is located on a street filled with small restaurants and mom-n-pop shops. That's the kind of scene I vibe with. Walking in, I was pleasantly surprised to see a short line. We did go on a Sunday, though. When I approached the counter I was greeted by a girl with a big genuine smile, and she was nothing short of great about welcoming me and my coupon. I chose the marshmallow ice cream with mini chocolate chips as the mix in. Let me tell you, if I wasn't watching my calories I would happily eat that marshmallow ice cream EVERY DAY. It doesn't even need a mix in, in my opinion. It was my first time having the marshmallow flavor and I fell head over heels into sugary love. Imagine if jet puffed marshmallow cream was turned into an ice cream. That's what it tasted like. It wasn't just a flavor. The ice cream actually had the gooey, delicious texture of melty marshmallows. After procuring my tasty treat, my husband and I made our way outside. They had two wrought iron tables to sit at, and I was glad to sit with my ice cream and enjoy the view of Main Street. Coldstone has a good thing going. From the friendly help, to the cool, yum-inducing treats, I can definitely say that this will be my new ice cream spot.

(727) 725-3696

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Pizzeria Gregario

400 2nd St N
Safety Harbor, 34695
I have wanted to try Pizzera Gregario for quite a while now. My parents were in town so we decided to drive over for a bite to eat on Friday night. We arrived and the restaurant was full, except for 2 empty 2-person tables. We waited around for a few minutes until someone came out from the back to help us. We were informed by a gentleman, maybe the manager or owner, that the wait would be 30-40 minutes because there was a party of 6 waiting. We put our name in and were about to leave when we saw a four-top open up. We were told that would be our table - so really, the wait was only 5 minutes. There were at least 3 parties waiting to be seated and instead of getting everyone seated quickly, the gentleman who quoted us the 30-40-minute wait spent his time triple wiping the tables and stacking water glasses. We ordered our food at the counter (this was not clearly explained) and were told we were not allowed to pay when we ordered but instead had to pay after we ate (uhh what?). We ordered the beet salad, roasted vegetable salad, trio of dips, and a margarita pizza with bacon. The salads came out first...the beet salad was so salty it was inedible. I actually spit out the one bite I took, which I haven't done since I was a child. Our "waitress" (there really aren't waitresses) took it back for us and said she would take it off the bill. The roasted vegetable salad was better, but the salad portions were SMALL. I am not one to typically complain about portion size, but these were small portions. The pizza came out next (we kept wondering when our appetizer dip trio would arrive). The pizza was very good. The crust was perfectly charred, though the dough under the toppings was a bit flimsy. Lastly came our dip trio. The bread was delicious (their pizza dough brushed with olive oil and za'atar), but the dips themselves were insanely small portions (aka a rip-off) and included tzaziki, baba ganoush, and a garlic spread (which tasted like garlic and mayo mixed). The tzaziki and baba were good, but the garlic spread was terrible. Overall, the pizza was really good but the organization and management was a mess. Like really, a mess. I am shocked this place is successful given the inefficiencies. And I really felt like the pricepoint was quite high for the portions for the salads and dip trio. I might get pizza again for take-out, but would never dine-in again.
Sit at the counter and have Greg give you a master class in pizza making. Great pizza with a focus on fresh ingredients.
This is my go to favorite place for food! It's not your typical pizza place is a farm to table experience! It's fresh ingredients and creative execution is perfection. They have local craft beers and an amazing staff. I bring all my friends here for pizza and they all leave with full bellies and spirits!

(727) 386-4107

Pizza, Salad

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The Sandwich on Main

308 Main St
Safety Harbor, 34695
With limited options available in Safety Harbor and the surrounding area, The Sandwich on Main was a pleasant surprise. The Cuban, while not traditional, was tasty. Only the bread for the Cuban and the pork were made on site. A few good craft beers such as Bell's Two Hearted and Jai Alai were available, but the craft selection still was small and weak overall. The staff seemed pleasant and small town-like on my visit. If I could, I would rate the restaurant 3 1/2 stars for a good sandwich. I would be cautious of a decline in quality of the sandwiches since the establishment has only been open a short time.
After 5 visits and 4 different sandwich choices I'm giving this joint 5 stars. Turkey Tom is awesome. Has Brie and cherry spread and is hot pressed. Italian has super fresh bread and meats are fresh. Cuban is unique and tasty. Caution: if you get chips, the Mamma Zummas revenge are insanely spicy. I got through half a bag. The rest of the chips are safe. Awesome cookies. Flavor and size and consistency is soft. Live a good soft and fresh CCC. Highly recommend. Also has lots of unique soda beer and wine options.
Stop for late lunch. Ordered ham and swiss on hoggie roll. Bread was the kind roll you would buy at supermarket . It was soft but it was not very good. There was only about 5 to 6 pcs of ham , very thin . There was two layers of swiss . But you really good not see the ham when the sandwich was closed. Very thin sandwich.i spent about 13.50 for sandwich ,gourmet chips, and gourmet soda. Not worth it. There dead to me.

(727) 773-6234

Cafes, Sandwiches

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Bar Fly Saltwater Grill

100 Main St,Ste 107
Safety Harbor, 34695
Lobster bites and good service. You can skip the rest of the review now. A fun place, we really enjoyed the atmosphere, our waitress Kendall and the cook. We got there early and had an excellent service experience.Not a "touristy" spot, the food is more refined than the atmosphere.. they rock the nautical theme. They only serve beer and wine, Lisa had a taste for a margarita but ended up happy with a white sangria... We started with the Lobster bites, this is a bunch of lobster in a bath of butter served with little toasts that look like they lost their bruschetta topping. Not to worry about those lonely little toasts though.. they have a better topping in store for them. Kendall noticed us spooning the lobster onto the bread and suggested that she likes dipping the toast first. Well.. duh.. our touristiness was showing.. we quickly adjusted our eating technique and reveled in the dish. We both had excellent soup.. Lisa.. the Lobster Bisque.. YUM! and me, the delicious and chunky Clam Chowder Lisa ordered the Fish (Mahi Mahi) tacos, they looked good but she said that they were a little dry.. they served her black beans on top of yellow rice.. I tasted hers and they were delicious! My meal came with a mixed green salad, it was very good.. it was generously sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles and chunks of bacon (yeah, bacon) and drizzled with a balsamic vinagrette.. very good. I ordered the Grouper plate which came with corn and yellow rice. The corn was tasty, but next time I will substitute the black beans for the corn.... My grouper wasn't dry, it was quite good.. maybe could have used a touch more seasoning and the rice was cooked perfectly, soft and loose, great texture and flavor. Overall an excellent experience and great value. We would go back for sure. After dinner we walked over to the cupcake shop, took those purchases to the coffee shop, overindulged some more.. and then enjoyed walking around the town of Safety Harbor. The total experience was a win.
I revisited Bar Fly and have been hooked. Mainly because of the delicious oysters and also the wonderful service. I have been sitting outside with my dog so it brings me great happiness to take my little doggy out while I snack on some raw oysters. They certainly have expanded in size from my first visit. And don't forget all their special deals, every day!!! I just love this place! Amazing place to grub and relax with a drink. Try it please!! Bring happiness to your tummy.
I really enjoyed this place. The portions are great, the food was fresh and there's a good Florida vibe in here: Fishing, beer, sandals, etc. These guys had a good selection on Sweetwater beer and their menu is diverse. I had a Mahi-Mahi bowl that was good-good. I would have never thought of mixing fish with black beans in a bowl but the outcome was tasty. I went for lunch while I waited for an appointment and had wifi to catch up with my work. They have live bands and performers at night (on the weekend for sure) and it seemed like a fun place to hang out.

(727) 400-4790

Seafood, Bars, Caribbean

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Green Springs Bistro

156 4th Ave N
Safety Harbor, 34695
There are a lot of these Florida bungalow homes turned into cute restaurants. And this is one of those! Been here several times and it never disappointed. Tonight ordered the shrimps, sausage, grits from the menu. It comes with a salad, but I upgraded to the Cesar. The first thing to come out was a complementary espresso cup of the soup special--wild mushroom. It tasted as if someone went outside, pulled out some wild shrooms, threw them in a blender with a little cream, oil, salt and pepper and let 'er rip. It was OUTSTANDING. The taste was earthy, and a little creamy. It's the best I've had in awhile. The cesar arrived next. Very tangy. Hint of anchovy (that I love). And the usual Cesar tastes. Now the punchline: the waiter said there were no Anchovies in it! Really? Wow! No little salty fishes, but getting the taste of the little guys...great! But, what was up with the little tomato slices on this salad? Didn't affect the taste, just looked uncesary. The main dish is next. Another great dish. The six grilled shrimp were nestled in the creamy grits with several slices of andouille along with some rolled spinach. The taste was true southern delight. The shrimp and sweet-tangy andouille worked perfectly with the creamy grits. I lapped it up! Got to have desert! Went with the blackberry-blueberry cobbler. Nice mix of sweet fruit and crunchy granola. It was topped with 'Nilla ice cream. Licked it dry. This place is one of several bungalow restaurants in cutesie Safety Harbor. All are good and different. On this night this place hit it out of the park. whack!
Just moved to Tampa and wanted to celebrate my B-day at a local, one of a kind restaurant that isn't too pricey. Found this perfect place! We had dinner next to the fireplace on a weeknight; quaint, cozy, not crowded. Love the cottage, decor, and acoustic guitar music (live during lunchtime & weekends)! We ordered the Pesto-seared Key West shrimp and scallop risotto and coffee-rubbed Hanger steak with buttermilk smashed red potatoes. Oh my delicious! - The risotto is the best I've ever tasted! It was cooked perfect. The pesto with fresh basil slivers kept getting more flavorful with each bite. It could've been eaten alone; the seafood made it even better! The steak was cooked a perfect medium and so tender. But a little too much coffee rub, which made the outside taste burned. The buttermilk smashed potatoes is like dessert! And I avoid mashed potatoes. The service is great! We were given complimentary black bean and tomato bisque sample to try. So good! Topped off the celebration with a multi-layered chocolate cake. Moist and yummy; should've added a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A 4 star because they gave us a complimentary candle; not the dessert. (Yes, I expect a gift on my B-day.) This is definitely the place to take visiting relatives and friends. The price is reasonable for very high quality food. I will be back for lunches and more!
Cute place to meet ladies for lunch. I had the Greek flaming cheese and black bean soup and it was delicious. I also tasted the spinach enchilada and wished I had ordered that too!!! It was sooooo good!!! I would definitely go back. The service was pleasant also.

(727) 669-6762

American (New), Seafood, Cafes

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Parts Of Paris

146 4th Ave N
Safety Harbor, 34695
My husband and I enjoyed dinner here with friends. The outside area is warm and inviting. And the inside is quaint and very clean. The service was impeccable.. We had the scallop appetizer along with the Foie Gras. The appetizers had my taste buds on tingling with wonderful flavored. For dinner I had the mahi with risotto which was prepared perfectly grilled and very flavorful and tasty. My husband had the filet mignon with a béarnaise sauce which was very delicious. We barely had room for the crêpe dessert which was served with chocolate mousse. This was the perfect ending to A truly delectable meal in the wonderful experience. I highly recommend the BARDOT cocktail which was fresh raspberries, vodka and a sparkling champagne. Normally French restaurants are somewhat stuffy. This place was very warm, inviting and friendly not to mention the food was absolutely delectable. Don't miss this little hidden gem
Expected much better - we went there after seeing the ecstatic reviews on yelp (makes you wonder about some of the rumors!). Decor and atmosphere was very nice. We had a tasty malbec - the wine list is fairly small but has good stuff on it. As for the food - fifteen bucks for the poitrine de porc appetizer gets you a 1 1/2" square of pork belly - good flavor but pricey for couple of mouthfuls. The entrees where the problems came - I got the steak frites and my wife the entrecote. Both steaks arrived lukewarm on room temperature plates. The frites were great but the bernaise sauce was thick and bland while the entrecote au jus was room temperature. When we sent the steaks back, they returned slightly warmer but now cooked past medium - I guess I assumed we would get fresh steaks medium rare. We were then treated to a lecture from the waitstaff on how steaks have to rest after cooking. We ended up splitting the entrecote between us and giving up on the steak frites because who wants to fight after a long work week? As a final sign of our waitstaff's displeasure, she cleared the table and brought the check without inquired about coffee/dessert etc. Having grown up in Paris and gone to a French culinary academy, not all that impressed - won't be going back.
I was really expecting better. Ordered Duck Foie Gras with Artisan Bread and Roasted Peaches $16 This was honestly the smallest piece of foie gras I'd ever been served. 1/8" thick and maybe 1.5" diameter. It was tasty but who are they kidding. Served on some lettuce leaves. I had the lamb which was tasty and my wife had the salmon but unfortunately they were both served with the same side. Wasn't supposed to be that way it just came out of the kitchen like this. Very dissatisfied. The server was trying hard but very inexperienced. They gave us a dining card to punch out and after 10 times....pretty classy.

(727) 797-7979


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Copperheads Tap House

670 Main St
Safety Harbor, 34695
This place has a wide variety of beer selections on tap,and most of them are really good local breweries. Alan,the bartender was very friendly and accommodating,and was a really good person to talk to after a rough day. The prices are decent,and the place has an overall chill feel. If you're ever in safety harbor hit this place up. You will be happy you did! !
Not a bad spot to grab a brew and play some Mrs. Packman. I didn't count the taps, but I think there were 25-30. Lots of bottles as well. I ordered a Weinhestaphan Octoberfest, delicious BTW, and chewed the fat with my main squeeze at the bar. It was a fine time, the prices were right and the bartender was friendly. Bearded as hell, but friendly. Will definitely stop in again next time I'm in SH.
Great variety of beer on tap with friendly and knowledgeable staff! The bar is really clean and has a fun lively atmosphere, I definitely reccomend!

(727) 400-4721


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Pick Your Poison Cupcake Cafe

100 Main St,Ste 103
Safety Harbor, 34695
Great cup cakes. It's always a treat when we walk down main street withe the kids and they get to pick out a flavor. The cupcakes are very big and comparable to the new large Publix cupcakes (In size). The frosting is enticing and flavorful. The cupcake within is moist. I do get a sugar overload though and feel that there should be less frosting, but that's just me. The owner is very attentive and has a wine bar where you can hang out and watch t.v or talk to the owner who is an ex- corporate attorney who left the dark side to bring the joy of cupcakes to the world. She will do special orders, and I recommend liking her on Facebook. The reason for this is that I do get bored with some of cupcakes. She will make seasonal flavors or limited flavors. If you are not on the look out, you will miss out. Don't pass this place up if you're in the Harbor.
Strolling the streets of Safety Harbor after dinner I did not plan on topping off my meal with dessert. With intentions to only browse, I decided to check out Pick Your Poison Cupcake Cafe but ended up purchasing one of the delicious creations. The display case of cupcakes is filled with a great selection of flavors that can range from Red Velvet to Peanut Butter Cup. The cupcakes are not the largest I have ever seen but can still be considered to be a more than satisfying-sized serving. There is indoor and outdoor seating and a good selection of beverages - including beer and wine for adults who want to pair their cupcakes with a suitable libation. One bite into the delicious, moist cake and I was convinced that this is my new go to place for cupcakes. Thank goodness it is located miles away from my home because I really don't need to make these cupcakes anything more than an occasional indulgence.
Nice shop for sure, but we didn't get to try any cupcakes for a few reasons today: 1)Lots of people waiting for service from the only person in the store at the end of the day 2)Only a few cupcakes left 3)The prices seemed high: $3 for a regular size (that seemed smaller than usual) and $1 for a mini (which is the size of a big thimble We'll try again in the near future.

(727) 725-3616

Desserts, Cupcakes

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2454 McMullen Booth Rd,Ste 207
Safety Harbor, 34695
My second visit. I gave this place my full support on my prior post. Sorry to say that I will not go back. First visit was perfect in customer service and food. This visit as I always do, ordered the exact thing. I was not asked how I wanted my burger cooked. The frys came up immediately and sat there until the order was complete. The burger took 5 minutes to come up. On a to go order this is everything. They came home cold, soggy and greasy. The burger was just okay. I make better ones. The burger left a film coating in my mouth. Customer service was awful. The person was a million miles away.
Great Burgers. Clean place. Very friendly owner who loves his job, making great burgers and taking care of his customers!
First time here but wow. Their burger are good. Don't forget to try out their milkshake as well. Yummy.

(727) 726-4001

Burgers, Donuts

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