T&S Island Jerk

331 SE Port St Lucie Blvd
Port St. Lucie, 34984
I've been to this little jewel four times now. First time I had curried goat second time I had stew brown chicken third time I had jerk pork and last time I had oxtail stew. Each one was as good or better than the next. I love this place and will try everything on the menu! I live in Palm city but it's worth the drive!
I have passed by this little gem a hundred times since it opened and I kept telling my self one of these days I'm gong to go. I am so glad I finally did tonight and I'm mad as myself that I haven't been by sooner. The jerk chicken was great! Moist, tender, well seasoned, and just spicy enough for me. I can handle a lot spice and this chicken was spot on. The rice and peas were also very good and piping hot. The little side of slaw was great. It was crisp and refreshing and the ideal palate cleanser in between the spicy chicken and rice and peas. I got 1 spicy and 1 mild patty. I really couldn't tell the difference between to two spice levels. They were very tasty. The have. Variety of beverages to choose from (ginger beer, kola, ting, etc...). I will definitely be returning to try some more food!
Great jerk and ox tail was superb. Customer service was good as well.. Clean place.. Great food.

(772) 204-2260

Seafood, Caribbean

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Milk ‘N Things

1288 SW California Blvd
Port St. Lucie, 34953
Love, love, love their subs. A little pricier than your average subway but way worth it. Employees could be a little friendlier (they weren't rude or anything just quiet)...I plan to go back soon!
The breakdown sandwiches are soooo good. The stuff in there is pricey and you have to spend at least 5 dollars to use a debit card which is annoying bc I don't need to spend that much when I just a drink. Another downside is that when you leave there you still smell like grease until you shower. The sandwiches are still worth it. Lol
I probably spend too much money here. Its the perfect little neighborhood deli! Wonderful sandwiches made to order for all those nights where making dinner is not on the agenda and for all the weekend breakfasts where you don't want to go out and wait for a seat. Fantastic!

(772) 237-4706


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Redfish Rick’s

3427 SW Darwin Blvd
Port St. Lucie, 34953
This place is a hidden gem. Really amazing home cooking that I definitely recommend especially the pulled pork bbq sandwich.
Was a good experience food was good not over the top great but for the price I was happy
Best breakfast place! Very reasonable prices! Places only has a few tables but they are worth the wait for great food!

(772) 878-2801

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

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Tutto Fresco

9501 Brandywine Ln
Port St. Lucie, 34986
I was traveling for business when I was looking for a good place to eat that wasn't fast food or at a chain. A few accidental wrong turns and I found Tutto Fresco. I'm glad to say it was a wrong turn I didn't regret later. There is indoor and outdoor seating, but I chose the outdoor and since I was traveling alone I grabbed a bar seat with other solo guests. The other part of the outdoor seating has a cozy but fancy area that I would bring a boyfriend or friends. The age range was a variety and @ 9 pm it wasn't too crowded. At the bar I ordered a shrimp fancese with a side of pasta in vodka sauce for 23.80. The food was nothing I hadn't had before but it was cooked right, service was good and I loved the atmosphere. The locals were friendly and welcoming.

(772) 464-8988

Italian, Party & Event Planning

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5457 St James Dr
Port St. Lucie, 34981
Not a fan of Subway but needed to have a quick lunch. Place was clean and staff was friendly. Nothing to rave about but if you are a Subway fan, this Subway is a good one.

Sandwiches, Fast Food

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Tail-Gators Brews & Grill

464 SW Port St Lucie Blvd,Ste 103
Port St. Lucie, 34953
Food was good! The staff and customers were great and very accommodating to my little guy (pup)! They made sure his bowl was filled with plenty of water. The patio is definitely a nice spot and the drink specials were good. Ordered onion petals for an app - the horseradish sauce was a little watery. I had the blackened mahi sandwich with a side of the sweet potato salad - very good... The salad was different, but a tasty different. The mahi portion size was perfect! Totally worth it! My other half had the boneless wings extra hot - not recommended. He's a lover of anything uncomfortably hot. The sauce was absolutely extra hot, but lacked flavor. Better luck next time I suppose!
Great food. Great drinks. Very friendly atmosphere!
The staff is refreshingly friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable. They have THE BEST Philly cheese steak I've ever had ( disclaimer: I've never been to Philly ). Prices are very reasonable and each day is something new in the way of specials and events. Great addition to Port St Lucie.

(772) 879-2700

American (Traditional), Sports Bars

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Labby’s Pizza & Pasta

3961 SW Port St Lucie Blvd
Port St. Lucie, 34953
First time here eating in the dining room. We had an order of penne alla vodka, very tasty and a large portion . We also ordered a calzone which was good. We ordered the chicken bruschetta as an appetizer it was delicious dressing was awesome. The service was good an the staff was very friendly
Went there at the suggestion of my wife who had lunch there a few weeks ago and really liked it. Don't be fooled walking in by the pizzeria take out counter (It is and I hear very good pizza) the restaurant is on the right when you go in. First, the service. We were greeted promptly, sat right away and given time to look at the menu and order drinks. Wines and beer and reasonably priced. The young ladies working there were very friendly and welcoming and really seemed to like working there. We both ordered Chicken Parmigiana with a side of spaghetti alia Olio (garlic and oil). This is my go to dish at pizzeria type restaurants. If I want Osso Buco I would go to a finer dining establishment. In a place like this you keep it basic. The chicken was cooked nicely and not overly fried or tough. Enough cheese that it wasn't drowning in it and a very tasty sauce. This is very important as so many pizza-rants serve sauce that tastes like it came out of a can with no added spices and still has a tinny taste. Not this sauce. If it is right out of a can I want to know which one as it tasted very homemade with nice chunks of tomato. Pasta was cooked nicely but a bit heavy on the olive oil but really a minor critique. I usually order the oil garlic due to the aforementioned tinny sauce but next time I would get it with the sauce as it was very good. The pre-dinner salad was fine and the choices of dressing were what would be expected. The garlic knots were nice and crusty and tasty. We were full but love cannoli so we got one to go (it was actually three mini cannoli). We enjoyed them at home and they were fresh with a nice crunchy (not soggy) shell and a nice creamy filling. Prices are average for this type of restaurant but the quality definitely exceeds other pizzarant type places. We will be going back!
Best pizza I've had in south Florida! I'm originally from Chicago and had a very hard time finding an eatable pizza, Labbys goes above and beyond eatable, and it doesn't stop at the pizza, haven't had a bad meal yet. Very friendly atmosphere and staff!

(772) 344-4748

Pizza, Italian

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Jersey Mike’s Subs

262 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, 34984
Pretty good subs, I wouldn't say the best I've had, but not bad for a last minute decision! I had the Italian and tried the Philly.
Great Subs! Best in the area, they even beat Publix subs... What used to be my favorite before Jersey Mike's came along. THE STICKBALL, Mikes way, is "da bomb"
I come here 2-4 times a week and never received the service I got today I came around 3:40pm and whoever the girl working the grills name is she was sooo rude to me because I wanted a hit roast beef sandwich she was like it's going to take a while I guess hoping I would change my mind so I waited then I seen another girl working register show up I guess that's why the other person was so annoyed because someone was taking lunch break? I don't know the girl didn't wrap my hot sand which in tinfoil just I. Regular paper and in the brown bag which the grease leaked all on my leather seat!!! I will never come back to this location!! Jimmy johns is a block away and they are always friendly.

(772) 878-4033

Sandwiches, Fast Food, Delis

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Indian River Burger Co.

338 SE Port St Lucie Blvd
Port St. Lucie, 34983
I'm giving it one star bc I have to. We've given this two tries and it's been bad both times. Just a snip-it of our dining experience: I ordered adult grilled cheese bc I had a burger the day before and apparently they ran out of regular bread so instead of telling me that they proceeded to take a burger bun and turn it inside out and put unmelted cheese in the middle and pass that off as "grilled" cheese. Not mentioned they were a bit understaffed for the amount of people in there and you could cut the tension with a knife. When I go out to eat I want to enjoy my experience not be afraid to show the waiter my messed up food for fear they will go postal on me.
Poor service. Tasteless burger. Beer was decent. Appetizers served with meal. Won't be back.
We walked in feeling super welcome! The owner served us herself, amazing personality. Great beer yummy food! Open late too.

(772) 800-2469


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Rice Hut

980 SW Bayshore Blvd
Port St. Lucie, 34983
This place has amazing wings!! We go atleast twice a week. They need a bigger sign out front or an open sign. Pretty hard to see at night. They could clean up the soda area but the wings are bomb!!
I ordered the chicken Pad Thai. It was okay. The noodles were a bit over cooked. They broke apart and a bit too soft. Taste was okay otherwise.
Best wings in town! Make sure you go to this location!! Because someone took there name!!! The other place copied them and is not even close to good. Friendly staff even if you order right before close.

(772) 336-3154

Asian Fusion

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