Stone Creek Pizza Company

3760 Curtis Blvd
Port St John, 32927
My GF and I frequently order from here for pickup. The food is fast and tasty. I highly reccomend the cheese rocks and cinnarocks! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it's not the best pizza ever, but very good for the price and how fast it's ready. Get some!
Just bad so you've been warned. I really don't know how they're still in business. The prices are ridiculous and constantly change and the pizza has little to no flavor. Never felt the need to try anything else from their menu but the pizza.
I have ordered pizza and a Italian sub many times, every time I place the same exact order and its a different price each time. Ranging from 23.00 to an all time high of 49.00 on New Years Eve. The sub is never prepared the same either. Sometimes is has sufficient meat and it has dressing to other times maybe 2 pieces of meat and no dressing, this is after I stress on the phone to make sure I get dressing. I've also noticed this is the only place that does not put lettuce or anything else on the subs. When I call them to tell them they messed up the order, I get sorry but no offer to correct it. The final straw for me was this evening when I ordered 2 pizzas and was told by the young lady on the phone they were buy one get one free and it would be 18.74 plus tax but when I went to get them someone else there tried to charge me full price for both pizzas at 32.00 and change. More than a 13.00 difference in price.That was just too much for me to handle. I told him I was told they were buy one get one free but he refused to honor what I was told over the phone. So I left without getting the pizzas and went to their competitors for dinner and got excellent food and service. I had learned my lesson on ordering subs from Stonecreek based on them being screwed up nine out of ten times. I would suggest that they set prices and stick to them and work on the quality and make sure the subs are made the same each time. Because it's like a roll of the dice on what the quality is going be on any given day. The pizza is good but it's not worth the headaches of never knowing what you're going to pay on any given day. I would suggest you go to their nearby competition for good food, good service from people who actually know how a business is supposed to be run.

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