Sammies Paradise Subs

4783 SE Dixie Hwy
Port Salerno, 34997
Excellent sub, good fries and even better cole slaw I will be back!!! Martin Roy Fiberglasss Supply Depot
Excellent subs here. I had the French dip and wifey had cheese steak. Way to go Sammies. The bread is awesome and doesn't fill you up like most subs. Defiantly will be back!!
The chicken salad sub was excellent and their homemade peppers added some yummy spice! The reason for 4 out of 5 stars is because it was hard to eat. The chicken salad was overflowing and the tomato, lettuce and onion were at the bottom of the sub so it was hard to get a bite with everything in it without getting it all over your face, or some chicken salad falling out. That being said, the chicken salad had it's own unique flavor and you could tell it was made fresh! The service was so friendly too ....Price is fair.

(772) 600-8639

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