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If u are wondering what cevapi is, it's a Bosnian burger filled with assorted mince meats, and spices. My friend recently started dating a Bosnian guy and was dying for me to try one. So, for anyone who knows me, my arm didn't have to be twisted as I'm always eager to try new ethnic foods. It's a small hole in the wall kind of place, not fancy, very limited menu, 10 seats inside, and limited seating outside, yet the place was packed which is an indication of how popular this place has already become under a short period of time amongst the local Bosnians. The friendly owner said he's only been there for about 5 months or so. Sort of reminded me of the smaller establishments in Greek town in Tarpon sponge docks, but instead like a little Bosnia with the locals eating their cevapis, hanging out, drinking their coffees and socializing. A few people came in just to buy desserts to go. So back to the food. I really liked my sandwich. The bread was amazing , the meats were flavorful, a little spicy which I love, and it's all cooked fresh on the spot. I ordered the mixed plate so I could try all the meats, but next time I'm just going to order the plain cevapi which is the plain meat kabob. I think that's where the spiciness was coming from and I really enjoyed it.

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