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  • Jade C.

    The Bleu cheese burger is one of the best I've had in this town. Really good food at a great price. Don't forget to check out the additional menu painted on the dining room wall!

  • Heinrik V.

    I had a Mushroom & Swiss cheeseburger with a French Onion soup and my friend had a chef salad. Both were very good and fresh. This is a much better "diner" type restaurant than Richard's nearby.

  • Tommy C.

    It is not natural how good the food is here. It's as if all things amazing came down for the heavens and blessed the kitchen. If you liked to get kicked in the teeth with the flavor of the gods, come to this place. If they would let me, I would just lay of the kitchen floor and wait for the scraps to fall into my gaping maw. Please don't be in my way if there is a wait, I will go GTA just for a slice of ham.

  • Billy J.

    What a great gem in Ocala. Although I wish this place was open for longer hours, this is a great place for lunch. It is busy but not too busy where you have to wait that long. They have a large selection of unique burgers and sandwiches. If you're daring, ask your waitress for her favorite. They won't stead you wrong. This is a great place to go for lunch, I will be back for breakfast and I will see how they are for that.

  • Chris C.

    The breakfast burrito was BOMB! The service was very good, the food came out impressively fast. It's a no thrills little place, didn't expect much but I was impressed by my meal.

  • Michael W.

    Civil society depends for its survival on certain foundational commitments: the rule of law; respect for the dignity of all persons; and a separation of at least four hours between donuts and cheeseburgers. The Lunchbox is chipping away at this pillar of civilization with its White Elephant Burger, a mammoth bacon cheeseburger crowned with a Tas-T-O doughnut. I felt the twitch of a myocardial infarction just sitting next to this thing. But this is not the only culinary Frankenstein's monster at the Lunchbox: There's a waffle and fried chicken sandwich, bacon-wrapped hot dogs and a cheeseburger between two cheese sandwiches. Compared to this stuff my corned beef Reuben might as well have been a sandwich of alfalfa sprouts on rice cake. The good news? If this is how the world ends the service is good and the food is pretty darn tasty.

  • Janet W.

    Not sure you could go wrong with any choice on the menu, and they have great specials too! I was going to order the Chicken Ranch Wrap, and the waitress suggested the Skinny Hawaiian Chicken Wrap - it was great! Prices are very reasonable, I just wish they were open later - we would go there more often! Next time - a burger! They looked delicious.

  • Ann G.

    This is not gourmet food but I've been here often and generally the wait staff is pleasant (the cook staff is always super sweet) and the food is good for what they offer. Good prices, it is pretty loud in there and not really for kids unless you bring their own entertainment. I really like the greek omelette and their sweet potato fries are yummy too. I would recommend as a pit stop.

  • Stephanie S.

    Great local place! Stopped in for a drink... Staff was nice and beers were cheap and I hear great things about the burgers!

  • FS U.

    The chef is a culinary artist... pure genius. He made this cheddar beer soup that was AMAZING! They do not skimp on the lunch meat on their club sandwiches. Nice mom and pop establishment to support. Service was great as well.

  • Doug B.

    I never got my food and never got an apology, wet during a break during jury duty and sat down with 3 other people 2 to a table, the 2 others got medium hamburgers and I orders a cheesesteak waited 45 min food never came, a table of 2 sat next to me 10 minutes after me as they got hamburgers as well, the other people I came with were finished with there food and my lunch time was over so I had to leave I left 2$ for the soda and was upset at the server who was rude back to me as we'll were the cooks, no manager ever came out and asked me what they could do to make it right. I will never go back and will tell all to keep away as well.

  • Pamela Z.

    Great burgers. That's what I recommend! The staff was very friendly and helpful. The food was a little slow coming out but wasn't that bad.

  • David D.

    Great quality food, great atmosphere and amazing service. Come check this place out.

  • Rolf P.

    A swing and a miss. Appealing exterior in the only remotely hip corner of Ocala. Step inside and there's an old timey short order grill, which promises great things, but.... The dining room is chaotic and messy with wet dishrags lying around. The wait staff is disconnected and uninterested. Service was slow and lackadaisical. And the food... the food was lousy. My pancakes were embedded with burned grill bits. When I asked for butter, the slacker waitress dumped 3 individual serving tubs of unidentifiable butter-like food product on the table. The first one contained oil with separated solids. I never opened the others. My companion's scrambled eggs were not well mixed so there were distinct white and yellow sections. The butter(?) in which the eggs were cooked was burned, giving a brown tinge to the eggs. Her sausage was more hotdog than breakfast link. My corned beef hash was fine. The Saturday morning farmers market on the next block was fun and had way better food.

  • Shirley N.

    Very good burgers. Paper was right.

  • Marc P.

    Went here today for a birthday brunch with 10 people. They were crowded but we did not wait long and were seated together. Supper nice waitresses. You can order lunch or breakfast and our group did both. 10 for 10 everybody's food was great. Prices in the menus include tax kinda nice. Lot to chose from in the menu. Vegetable omelette was A++. And some big pancakes. It was a little loud when we seated but not a big deal. I would recommend this neat little restaurant . Good Job

  • Josh E.

    Great service! Allie was the best waitress I've had in a long while. Delicious food! I made an off menu order and they were enthusiastic about making sure I got exactly what I wanted. Charming location! The view from the pleasant, albeit small, patio was of a charming classic old-south downtown. Since my only complaint about this place is that I want more of it (food/service/outdoor dinging space), 5 stars can be the only logical outcome. Nice job, The Lunchbox. I'll be back for one of those ridiculous donut burgers soon!

  • Brad K.

    Lindsey was our waitress. What's special about this review is the service and the servers. The food was very very good, best burger and sandwiches we'd had which I'll get to later in this review. Lunch out with the family, we are used to waiters and waitresses just asking us what my brother wants and or is trying to say to his speech. My brother has downs syndrome and Lindsey took the time, looked my brother right in the eyes, took the time during a very very busy lunch to engage him and work through the ordering process. Asking do you like pickles..he says umm you like lettuce on your sandwich..umm you want mayo..umm yes..etc. For us this NEVER happens. What's special about this review and this visit is Lindsey and the staff. What excellent, home town service. We'd go back just for this. No onto the food. Never frozen hamburger meat, freshly made special buns. It look longer than normal due the the crowd because of the Strawberry Festival. But it is a little on the pricey side not buy much, soo worth it as you can taste the quality difference. The place is sort of a hole in the wall. You definitely wouldn't go here for ambiance. It's your basic diner old style place setup. But if you want good home town service with great food we would highly recommend this place. We will be back !!

  • Don U.

    Pretty cool place. Between here and Richard ' s around the corner I am a regular for about 5 weeks out of the year. I travel to Ocala on business for the local phone company around the corner. It's an old downtown style place like you might see in little towns in upstate NY when I was stationed there. Pretty unique, fast and friendly service. I am a little bias because I prefer "Mom and Pop" type places over chains due to years of being on the road, but I would recommend it. It can be loud due to its long narrow characteristics and not very intimate but the food is good. It is open from 7 to 2:30. It's not a place for too large of a group.

  • Lisa S.

    They work hard.... I give them that. The food is amazing. The only thing is that I think they need more help. It's a little tired watching the girls run.... literary from table to table to serve people. #getmorehelp #hire it's distracting. Plus, could be a liability ... Not only that, they don't give much "service" with a smile having to rush like that. Just some helpful advice.

  • Whitney W.

    I work really close by the am a frequent offender here at lunchtime. If they were open for dinner, I'd be there even more often. I've never had anything there that I didn't like. They have the best burgers around and sometimes they have this beer cheese soup....if they have it when you go, get 2 bowls! They have specials on Monday, Wednesday & Friend, but their prices are reasonable all the time. The waitresses are young, energetic & always cheerful. I never leave without a to-go cup. They do off the menu items too, just make sure you have an elastic waistband if you order those. Now, I have to confess, the first time I went I was sceptical because the building is old, but further inspection proved the place to be very clean.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :7:00 am - 2:3
  • Mon : 7:00 am - 2:3


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Brunch
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes

The Lunchbox

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