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  • Brian A.

    Good prices on specials and the biscuits and gravy are always good. The owner is doing some weird T-shirt a hand bag sales out of the restaurant but the food is good.

  • Don U.

    I went again today...they know everyone and treat me the same. I see reviews that say it's dirty but I don't see that. It is dated and the owner Fran is like your favorite Aunt; her husband is the name sake and he passed. Bacon burger was good for lunch, I am sure tomorrow's breakfast will be good too!

  • Vonny W.

    There are some very unfair reviews on this place. Ya the place is run down and needs some work but so what. I've eaten in some of the best restaurants in the country. I find the food good the wait staff friendly and the coffee hot. They know what I am drinking and remember what I had last time I came in. I come about one a month. Richards place is one of the last of the family restaurant. They know your aw and give you a hug if you need it. So take the bad reviews with a grain of salt and don't let that ruin an opportunity to experience a meal in a real country restaurant I do not work her nor am I related to anyone that works here. It's just a nice place.

  • Dave J.

    yea, my kind of breakfast place, probably says a lot about who i am or my upbringing in Chicago. really and truly a local spot in Ocala, and the breakfast menu is very much traditional, and the food is good and filling, and the coffee is good. nothing brilliant or tremendously innovative on the menu but there is a lot to be said for the traditional brekky in this country. true, parking is tight, and the decor is a bit worn from a lot of customers coming in and chowing down and heading out to get their day going. and the place has been in business for a long time, and i like the look of it. but what it really has going for it is good prices and great service and some really good biscuits. good sized biscuits that taste real good with a little butter on them. the grits are good too. being a dam' yankee most of the time i don't get a lot of grits in my life but the ones at richard's are nice and creamy. they run a special every morning that's probably your best value, but you can opt for something on the lower end of the price scale, or order piecemeal, or just get coffee. they'll make it work for you, very much a can-do bunch of people running the place. the waitresses know most of the customers by first name and talk it up with them about how the family is doing, what's going on, how's work, and all that. being the out of towner, i had no problem sitting down and having a great meal and watching the goings on, and everyone is real friendly. so being in town for a few days to dive some of the springs in the area, i can choose to get a sort-of breakfast at the fast food places or something from right by the hotels right off of I75, which I know I won't like (and the staff doesn't seem to really want the tourists around anyway, but they will take your money), or I can cruise into Ocala and get a fine breakfast and then pick out a spring to scuba.

  • Lisa S.

    Hometown food and we've only had to send food back one time. I like how small the place is. I love the staff songs how friendly they are. I really enjoy the simple food and staff.

  • Rhiannon K.

    Nothing too special about this place. The food is usually pretty good but not great. Its very run down and dingy. Parking is a nightmare. The prices are pretty low and the portions are enough to fill up on.

  • Monica G.

    We had a horrible experience. Dirty kitchen, gross tasting food! Would not recommend this place to anyone!!

  • Allison G.

    Some people may dislike the dated appearance of this amazing restaurant at first glance. My boyfriend and I like to go here Sunday mornings because they have an awesome staff who are super friendly, and we look forward to always buying whatever mystery cookies they have at the cash register on our way out. (Always incredible, especially the lemon white chocolate. Yum!) The food is delicious, their sausage gravy and biscuits are really good, the western omlet, and their club sandwich are also pretty awesome. BEST RANCH DRESSING EVER. Don't let this places appearance fool you, it's a classic older place that still has this thing called love in its cooking; And it's a mom and pop place trying to compete in a world with food chain breakfast places. Love love love this place :)

  • Kathy W.

    Short and sweet. This place has gone way down hill over the years. Filthy, dirty and very unappealing inside. Service slow. Breakfast (the special: ham, eggs, grits and biscuits) left a lot to be desired. Very small portion and the biscuits were dry, crumbly and stale. Sort of looked like corn bread. And parking, forget it. Absolute nightmare. Would not recommend.

  • Jumunji H.

    Absolutely the best breakfast in Ocala. Sharon is the best waitress without a doubt. Can't go wrong here.

  • Kathy T.

    Hate to be so negative but disguisting. The phrase you cant ruin eggs goes out the door here. dirty and OLD. needs remodeled...just paint would help. Thought open face roast beef was spoiled but was just way cooked. would not recommend this place. old people from yrs ago keep this open

  • Erin Z.

    D--sgusting. Waitress's smoker breath made me lose my appetite. Saw one of the cooks yak a giant loogie in the parking lot

  • D G.

    You would never stop based on appearance. Parking is atrocious, but worth the effort. Good local place, it's been around forever. Staff is always friendly. Menu is on a white board.

  • Magnus D.

    This is a nice little breakfast joint that won't disappoint you. Food is pretty good, always hot, and not overcooked. Wait staff is very friendly and fast with getting you your order. Richard's is the kind of place your grandma and mom really like to take the gang. The place needs modernizing, but they do their best to keep it clean. My only complaint here is that they don't make a real omelet -- it's one of those "folded up like an envelope" things that every restaurant in Ocala thinks is an omelet. If they'd learn how to make a fluffy omelet and didn't burn it, I'd give Richard's 5 stars... until then, just the 4. If they read this review and start making one, I hope they call it "The Magnus Omelet."

  • Nikki J W.

    Ok this place is just entirely too much fun! Granted it's not the cleanest place in town ...but the food is amazing and not to mention the waitresses are absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Sharon is the best! I always make it a point to come to Richards with my grandmother when i visit Ocala. It's just good ol southern breakfast. Tuesdays is corn beef hash special... num num in my tum tum! The photos in the front of the restaurant are really fun to look at also while you wait for your table (there's usually a wait). AND parking is a hassle, so be prepared!

  • Katie S.

    Authentic southern breakfast and lunch. Good to visit at least once. If you don't have a grandma who can cook this for you, it is a good replacement.

  • Humberto G.

    I always try to get my breakfast hear, parking is a hassle especially with my big truck

  • Missy S.

    This place has been around forever, from what I hear. Unfortunately, the famed Richard died the day before I ever came here, in July 2006. I had JUST moved to town. Sadly, i never got to meet the nice man. I was desperately seeking a wonderful, yummy, clean place to have breffie in town. Never really found it, altho Wolfys comes much closer than Richards. I do like that Richards is a big locals place (be prepared to be stared at, as u walk in, and as you eat). The locals look like they bite, but most are friendly, especially after they have been fed. You can tell you are at Richards by the old sign out front, that has seen many a better year. It is so pale, u can hardly tell it says "Restaurant"! I had a great waitress here, can't recall her name tho. I stopped coming here after a couple of months, the food was just too inconsistent, and the place was too dirty (read: icky) and I did not want to touch anything outside of my immediate area (and yes, I used to bring wet wipes with me, to wipe down my area). I don;t even want to imagine what the rest rooms must look like! ewwww! The food was ok, I did have a couple of enjoyable (flat) omelets, with their ''buffet' ham (u must specify, or else, you will get the saltier 'country' ham), cheddar, and their sauteed onions. the onions, altho super greasy, were sooo tasty! They made the omelet. That was once or twice, never again could i get the onions that were done that same way. big shame. Big shame, that the very first meal i had there, was the best i ever would. I don't know if things fell off once the family took over after his passing....but I kept trying and trying, hoping things would improve (yup, even tho not the cleanest, I tried so hard to LOVE this place! Dives can be lots of fun if yummy! *I never had any lunch items here, so cannot attest to any non breakfast items!

  • Amanda D.

    Hmm I like good food, and I dont mind eating it in strange locations, but I dont care how good the food is if the place is a dump. I walked into Richards, sat down at the table, and then immediately left the place. The carpet could have possibly been blue a few decades ago, but the amount of Ocala dirt and whatever else is permanently black, giving the place a very moldy smell. The chairs/booths had big holes in them and fiber puffing out. The menu was about as primitive as it comes, with everything being basically the same just a few things added or subtracted. No way, I do not want to die of a young age due to an intestinal parasite, thus I will never eat at Richards.

  • Nicholas K.

    This place was the best place for Breakfast I have found in a long time. I found out about Richard's Place from Yelp and man was I happy. The corn beef hash on Tuesday when we went was on special but in my opinion would be special at any time. The waitress was a trip and the greeting of "HAPPY NEW YEAR" upon entry was a delight. It is definitely a family run joint with a family run atmosphere. You can tell the people working love what they do, the enthusiasm from the wait staff and the care in the food preparation, from the kitchen shown through ten fold from beginning to end. I am an avid lover of corn beef hash and this place did not disappoint. I love that the sweet tea is served in mason jars and definitely was made with care and tasted as sweet tea should. I plan on making Richard's Place a regular stop on our trips to Ocala to visit the in-laws. If you are in the Ocala area and are looking for a down home family breakfast prepared with care and a side of good humor this is definitely the place for you. I am so happy to have found a place that reminds me of how I have always felt a diner should be. This place will hopefully become a tradition with our family now and when we finally have a little one of our own will be able to continue. Just a great experience overall and a great thing to look forward to on our future visits.

  • Christie B.

    Great people watching while you dine on good ol southern food, served by really nice people.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:00 am - 2:3
  • Mon : 6:00 am - 2:3


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Richard’s Place

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