Captain Eddie’s Family Seafood Restaurant Menu

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Visit below restaurant in Nokomis for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Nokomis for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Susana H.

    Let me start with the service here. I was made to feel like family that had just returned home after being gone for an extended period of time. This is the first time I've seen grouper cheeks offered and these cheeky little morsels do not disappoint! You can have cooked in various ways, I chose blackened and it was nicely spiced, milder than what you normally expect. If you chose fried,the batter if light so as not to overpower the flavor of the main ingredient whether that be fish or the delightful zucchini fries. The hush puppies were the right combination of density and delicate crisped crust. Do not pass up on the cole slaw, you'll thank me for this tip once you taste it. Basically what you have is good food made simply in a way that preserves and compliments the flavors of the main ingredient. With some trepidation we allowed ourselves to be talked into key lime pie for dessert. If you are a Floridian you understand the struggle if not trust us we know. This is real key lime pie as it should be! It has not been basterdized as it so often and unfortunately is by many transplants. Get the pie and savor every bite! And if you like to dine with your canine companion they are welcome in the generous outdoor dining space.

  • Deb N.

    First of all the locals know where to go! Since it is the end of stone crab season time to stop in. Very typical florida outdoor dining. You chill out at an outdoor table and are thankful for a breeze. The ambience is relaxed The beer in a bottle is cold No frills here Just good food and good service Rock shrimp is sweet and the fried okra is yummy The cucumber salad is a great refresher to the meal. Can't say enough that I will be back

  • Ben B.

    The food is good the wait is short and it beats similar joints in the area because of this... If you want seafood but not the wait then go here. Food is 3 stars, but the lack of wait time and friendly staff make it a 4 star joint. I can't over look the fact that this food is at best 3. My parents love this hairs

  • David C.

    Our favorite place for happy hour. Best margaritas in the area and the appetizers are delicious and reasonably priced. You can't go wrong going to Captain Eddy's.

  • Felipe L.

    Came here with the family, based on some Yelp reviews, and the hotel people said. The food even though is advertised as where the locals go, has a very turista flair to it. I had the stuffed snapper fillet (crab cake stuffing) and then drowned in Lobster sauce. Hmm the Lobster sauce looked exactly like my wife's Lobster soup bisque. Two snapper fillets, stuffed with the crabcake and sauce, flavor was okay not enough to bring me back. The wife had the Coconut Shrimp again same turist fare I can get in a Dallas restaurant. Kids had the Shrimp and fries, they seemed ok and enjoyed it., just very basic sea food nothing original, wife enjoyed here Piña Colada, I thought it was sweet, we wrapped it up with a home made Key Lime pie, very creamy and sweet, nice tartness, 1st time I have tried this, is it supposed to be made with cream cheese? At least that's what it felt and tasted like, I don't t understand the obsession with frying all seafood. A 3 from me, not bad but not great, we had a good waitress. The sweet spicy tai sauce was refreshingly good, went well with my zucchini sticks.

  • Lawain M.

    I'll preface this by saying that we did not know this was mainly a fried food place so my opinion at the time was harsh... Our friend's friend was sorry we went because this place is great but not for folks with food intolerances or allergies. It was still a pretty awful experience. We went in for a bite to eat this afternoon. My husband's friend heard it was the best. My husband has celiac disease. We've had excellent experiences so far here in Florida. There have been plenty of gluten-free offerings at restaurants. We have eaten at several places without an issue. He has not gotten sick or "glutenized" as I call it. The waitress sits us down. She was very nice. We started to place our orders. My husband explained that he cannot have wheat or gluten at all, nothing fried, etc., etc. She said that certain items can be broiled or "blackened". She didn't expand on that. Nick guessed if shrimp was safe. Then, the sides. She wasn't offering any suggestions. We gave up and said just cole slaw and Jeff or I would eat it. Again he said, please no bread or anything wheat on the plate or with/on the shrimp. The server comes. She sets down Nick's plate. A dozen small shrimp that look like they had been boiled with some kind of orange colored mystery spice on it... and a pair of fried hushpuppies. We were really disappointed. The waitress came back to check on us. He asked if they had wheat, she said most likely. He reiterated that he cannot have wheat. She just looked at us blankly. She said she could take the hushpuppies off the plate. We asked about the seasoning. She wasn't sure but said it was some kind of seasoning salt. Nick was obviously frustrated and refused to eat any of it. She came back later on and Nick's friend asked to have it re-made. She just looked at us blankly. She never offered any solution or even to take it off our bill. It was one of the most awkward and embarrassing experiences I've ever had or witnessed. We reluctantly paid the check and left as soon as we could.

  • Melissa A.

    I'm shocked at all of the decent reviews this place has received. Three of us dined here on a recommendation last night and it was awful. I mean really bad. I felt raped after paying the $70.00 tab. 6:00pm on a Saturday night and the place was empty, should have been our first clue. I started with the Lobster/Shrimp bisque, which was returned to the waiter promptly. It was the texture of paste and I found several clumps of flour in the "bisque" and no seafood at all, no big surpirise there I guess. His clam chowder wasn't bad but not great either, it wasn't finished. We decided that investing $20.00+ on a meal here was probably not a good idea at this point, we ordered the "special" appetizer of shrimp cocktail, a crabcake and a burger with fries. The shrimp was obviously frozen and seasoned with something funky that we couldn't figure out. The crabcake was ALL BREADING/FILLING. Not good at all. Our guest managed to choke down about half of the burger which was a pre formed frozen patty cooked way past over done. And that speaks volumes cause that kid is a huge eater! Do not recommend, this is not "real" or fresh seafood.

  • Nuwonia A.

    I loved it! Good price good food! I didn't like that on the pick 2 I couldn't get my half and half (fish blkend and clams fried) you must get both cooked the same but the food was amazing and staff was a+

  • Deb K.

    Excellent! The food was great. Rice pilaf would have been a nice side, but we were very happy with everything. The service was outstanding. We look forward to returning again soon.

  • Drew F.

    The food is good. Overpriced for what it is (16 bucks for a pitcher of beer)but decent. More of a tourist trap type of place, as are many places around here. I would recommend Walts Fish Market in Sarasota.

  • catherine z.

    My parents and I went here last night, on a recommendation from a family friend, when I said I wanted some good fresh fish. All I can say is that there is nothing fresh about this place. We ordered the crab cake appetizer to start and it was mushy and also didn't seem like it had much crab meat in it at all. I'm actually not sure if it was imitation crab meat or not, but either way...not good. I ordered the special, which was the hog fish stuffed with crab and shrimp meat and topped with a lobster sauce. When the food came out I was immediately turned off just by the way it looked. I imagined it would have a drizzle of the sauce considering it was thick, but it was SMOTHERED in it! Like they took a giant ladle and just dumped it on there. My side of coleslaw was watery and my other side of fried zucchini was super mushy. The presentation turned me off as well, as I don't normally eat "fresh" fish out of a plastic boat. I got through less than half of it and I was done. It had very little flavor considering all the different ingredients it contained and the fish just didn't taste right. The only thing out of all of our dishes that was decent were the coconut shrimp my mom ordered as part of the combo dinner. But even still, I've had much better. Needless to say, none of it sat well. My stomach was upset the rest of the night and into the morning. And to top it all off, it was way more expensive than it should have been considering the low quality. I do not recommend this restaurant...unless you enjoy feeling ill after a meal.

  • Chris S.

    After spending a few hours on the beach in Venice I walked up to the lifeguard and asked him where the best local seafood place in town was. It seems everyone touts local seafood, but very few actually have it. The man told us the only place in town to go for good local seafood was Captain Eddie's. We took his advice and enjoyed every bite. Captain Eddie's isn't going to wow you with dockside dining and fancy plates. In fact, their back deck is surrounded by concrete. Meanwhile, great service, fresh fish and a laid back atmosphere does make most want to return here as it did us. We sat in the bar area and our server knew the menu extremely well and was at par with the bar, too. There's no shortage of great items to try here, but do yourself a favor and stay local. There's no reason to order Maine lobster in Florida. We ordered the blackened hog fish and enjoy each bite. They give you a massive fillet and whomever is cooking in the back knows how to season it well. The local hog fish and grouper here and worth your time and much cheaper than at the Crow's Nest, the other worthy seafood place in town. As for the appetizers, you could go crazy here with them. I've had gator in every state from Texas to Florida and the gator bites here were even better than those in Louisiana. We asked for a second batch blackened and it came out awesome! The Gulf Shrimp tasted like it just came off a boat and you'll also enjoy the Blue Crab dip. We didn't find anything that wasn't done well here. If you are in town and looking for great local seafood without an upscale atmosphere this place will exceed expectations. Just imagine there's a beach in front of you and you'll put this place on top of your list to return to year after year.

  • Julianna J.

    Fantastic Seafood House! Lots of Local Fresh choices. Great service. Clean and Relaxed Atmosphere. We will definitely return.

  • Debra K.

    This place was recommended to us by a nurse at our doctors office. She said all the locals go there. Now we know why! The food was very good. I had a grouper sandwich which was cooked just right. My husband had redfish and said it was delicious. The waitress was a very sweet lady who was attentive to our table, and came back frequently to make source we had everything we needed. And the key lime pie....great! This place goes right to the top of my favorite places when I just want good food and done give a hoot about "atmosphere".

  • Jenny H.

    I've tried multiple times to give Capt. Eddie's a chance and every single time I leave disappointed....and broke. The food always tastes like it had been frozen, even though Capt. Eddie touts that he catches it himself on the same day. I've never had a good meal here and I've tried multiple times. I won't be trying again.

  • Lee P.

    We have gone to other seafood places in Sarasota Country and hands down this is the best one so far. We have come to the restaurant about 10 times now and the food and service is always exceptional.

  • Cindy J S.

    Whenever we are in the area, we make it a point to come to Capt Eddies, where we know we can always get fresh seafood, simply and well prepared. We enjoy the service at the bar, particularly from bartenders named Tim (there are two). We follow their suggestions, but often gravitate to grouper cheeks and hogfish because we can't get that anywhere else. But on the second visit this trip, we shared oysters (so incredibly fresh from Louisiana), and the local stone crab claws. Heaven!!! You can spend a little or a lot, everything we've had has been excellent. Be sure to try to fish dip and the key lime pie.

  • Eric E.

    A good, divey seafood joint in Nokomis. A favorite place of my parents who live in town, we came in for a meal to enjoy some seafood. Parking is ample, and the look of the place fits a casual seafood restaurant. Not dirty, as such, but not immaculate. If you like a greasy seafood mist in the air, you will find this welcoming. I thought it brought back good memories, myself. ;-) Service was decent. Our server was friendly, but wasn't sure about a couple menu items. We thought he was new, and he said he'd only been there a couple months, which is not new for knowing the restaurant menu and policies. His accuracy also lacked quite a bit. I ordered an unsweetened Iced Tea, and got the Raspberry - not a problem as I was wavering. I also ordered the upgrade to onion rings, but got the fries. On the tea, the Raspberry was very good, but the unsweetened was obviously made with local Florida tap water - a very bad idea! I didn't drink it after the first sip. Florida restaurants in this area NEED to use bottled or filtered water for drinks - ask before ordering. The food was decent. Portion size OK for the price though not great, and the food was hot. Several of us ordered combo baskets, and all items were decently prepared. Breaded items had a decent and flavorful batter. Broiled items were very good - I'd recommend them. Overall, it was a decent experience and a fun place. There are other good seafood joints to visit while in the area, however, so can't rate this one higher beyond doing a fair job and bringing memories forth from my mind.

  • Leslie H.

    Loved this place! Food was great! Atmosphere was fun. Great service. We ate outside and enjoyed the beautiful day. They have options for fish prepared fried, grilled, blackened, etc. Yum!

  • Donna S.

    Captain Eddie's specialty is Hogfish. Never heard of a Hogfish, but had to give it a try. Our fantastic waitress Diane told us all about Hogfish. It can also be called Hog Snapper but isn't even related to Snapper. Hogfish is a sweet, meaty white fish that gets its name from rooting like a hog on the bottom of the ocean. Sounds pretty unappetizing, doesn't it? It was exactly as Diane described it: sweet, meaty white fish. I had it blackened. Just enough blackening spice to make it tasty but not tongue scorching. The sides offered are pickled beets, marinated cucumber salad, zucchini strips and the usual sides you find in other restaurants. I had the zucchini strips and the cucumber salad. Fabulous! They make a homemade sweet chili remoulade dipping sauce that is the best thing you've ever put in your mouth. Our waitress, Diane, was amazing - friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Lots of parking. Wonderful service. The place to go in Nokomis.

  • Ann R.

    We had lunch there today and it was perhaps the worst I've ever had. I ordered the grouper basket lightly blackened: there was nothing but fry to it. When I told them that that was the skinniest fish I've ever seen they said that it had to be 4 oz. - I wish I could have weighted it. No way! Lots of watery butter on the bottom.

  • Bob C.

    Disappointed in crab cakes...there were no lumps of crab cake in our orders, as the menu states....just a lot of filler....good Grouper sandwich though.

  • Toni M.

    We had dinner here w/ friends tonight. They'd had dinner here Friday night and were pretty enthusiastic, enough that we were excited to try it and they were willing to return. We met at 6:45. They close at 8:00 on Sunday nights. Fortunately Alan learned that, so we could arrive early enough to have time not be a problem. It's a large place w/ many booths w/ almost picnic bench-like seats padded w/ cushions. Décor is nautical in theme. On the way to the restrooms there is a beautiful numbered lithograph/screen print entitled Shellfish. I didn't get the artist's name, but it was a beauty. If it had been for sale I would have been sorely tempted. I noticed that the glass protecting it was spotted and dirty. It's a lovely original piece of art and deserves better. We were given menus and there were lots of tempting items. We ordered a hot sampler platter to share among the 4 of us. It came w/ 7 fried grouper bites, fried calamari and 3 coconut shrimp. Alan ordered a dark beer, I ordered a margarita, blended, w/ salt and one of our friends ordered her margarita on the rocks, w/ salt. Our other friend had water and then later a blended margarita w/o salt. Mine had come w/o salt and I joked that she could have had mine, because it had come w/o salt. Turns out our waiter had misinterpreted my order to mean salt blended into the margarita. Oh well. The calamari was nicely done,w/ lots of tentacles, although the tentacles had been fried into a tangle and Alan had to pull them apart w/ his fingers. The grouper bits were fried and were pretty good. The coconut shrimp were tasty. I saw grouper cheeks on the menu and was excited, having a great fondness for halibut cheeks. You could have them fried, grilled or blackened. They come w/ tossed or Caesar salad, one side dish and two hush puppies. I ordered them grilled, w/ fried green tomatoes and a tossed green salad w/ blue cheese dressing. Alan ordered hog fish, grilled, also w/ tossed salad and fried green tomatoes. Our friends both ordered lobster rolls, which Alan had read good things about in reviews. Our salads came in little rowboat shaped dishes. They were fine, nothing exceptional. Our mains arrived soon after. My grouper cheeks had been cut into bite size pieces rather than left whole, which surprised me, but they were perfectly cooked and very tasty. Alan liked his hog fish. I had a bite and it was good but I liked my grouper better. We've both had better fried green tomatoes. He found his too oily and I found mine too heavy on the breading and too light on the tomato taste. The hushpuppies were hard and heavy. Angeline's in Berkeley makes much better ones. Our friends liked their lobster rolls but when Alan and I tasted them we were unimpressed. We've had much better lobster rolls in Maine or even at Yankee Pier. So in all, the food was OK, but that's all.

  • Stacy C.

    My family and I used to love going here. Good fresh seafood, and a nice atmosphere. I unfortunately can't say the same for the last few times we have been. 75$ bill for food that was obviously frozen beforehand. It was a Friday evening and we were literally the only ones in the restaurant minus the few people sitting at the outside bar. The servers were standing behind the servers station talking quite loudly, which normally is no big deal but there was no music or anything in the place so we almost felt like we had to whisper through the whole dinner because it was so quiet in there. I don't know what has changed here but unfortunately we won't be returning. The atmosphere and especially the food has gone downhill immensely. :(

  • Richard E.

    Boated in to the marina at Venice, rode a courtesy bike 3 miles each way to buy stone crab claws at 48 dollars a pound! Imagine my joy at cracking those priceless suckers open to find stinky mush. Hey Capt'n Eddie, after 5 or 6 weeks you may want to think about rotating the stock. Just a thought.

  • Zig H.

    We visited Capt. Eddie's twice in the last two weeks and were very pleased both times. Having been there several times before, we did not go there expecting great ambiance or exceptional service and we were not surprised or disappointed in this regard. The place is decent and the staff is always very friendly and courteous, even if they are not always "fully informed." What we did expect and got was very good seafood at a reasonable (not cheap) price. The raw oysters from Louisiana were top notch and quite inexpensive (I recommend the smaller ones). The steamed gulf shrimp were authentic and delicious. The stone crab claws which are currently in season were fresh, well prepared and all around Yum! Their fried seafood is good also as is the case for most seafood restaurants near the water. Overall a solid choice for local and near local fruits of the sea...we're definitely going back!

  • Carrie B.

    Considering my folks had told me that everything here was fried I had stayed away until this trip and man am I sorry I didn't go sooner!! They have one of the best Lobster Rolls in the area and we had a great Blue Crab Dip appetizer, not to mention they're not too shabby on the BBQ...go figure! Haven't had a chance to try out the market side yet and take things home, but they're big on local suppliers and have a good bit of sustainable seafood, which I like. Since it was off-season the place tended to be dead, but we sat outside at the bar, which really needs to be on the water, but I can't fault places for that. They have a smaller bar area to the right of the main bar for folks with dogs and a water bowl so feel free to bring the furry one!

  • Emma J.

    I guess I came on the right day because everything was perfect. I read previous reviews but was sold on the alligator bites so it was a must to come here before hitting the road again. We arrived and it was so packed OMG we couldn't find parking a table nothing! Nah just kidding it was a ghost town. We thought it was closed so we asked the guy and he said half closed - obviously we didn't get his joke because immediately after saying that he said just kidding, guess it was the odd look on our faces. So we sit outside and he tries another joke - my god let it go, you're not funny - but to be polite and not get any extra stuff in our food we laughed. We ordered: Calamari Alligator bites Fried zucchini Stone blue crabs Jumbo shrimp w/a delicious orange sauce The food was brought out to us super duper fast and the waiter was always asking if we needed anything. Though I'm not surprised at this because we were the only ones at the place. Food delicious delicious delicious Service fabulous Place is neat inside and out because we heard it was redone bc of the new owners. It was a a divorce settlement wife got the restaurant, husband got the charter. haha had to ask!! ANy way if you're in the area stop here for a great meal in a relaxed atmosphere!

  • Nancy C.

    WHAT HAS CHANGED????? I went yesterday ordered my usual grouper cheeks. It came out 6 little pieces of grouper cheeks, dry coleslaw, hard hush puppy. My daughter ordered shrimp and there was a total of 3. This place was always so wonderful what happened? Did they change owners? Cooks? What? I will never go back.

  • Diane M.

    My husband and I had a pleasant dinner here this evening. Our waiter, Jason, did a very nice job and the bartender made a great martini for my husband. I would like to say the food was great but have to say it was OK. The platter I had consisted of sauteed shrimp, flounder and a crab cake. They came swimming in "butter" but were cooked well. My husband's flounder came with a side of baked potato and a pack of sour cream as well as "butter spread". Really??? Is butter that expensive? The meals were served in cute little boat shaped dishes. I had a side of cucumber/tomato and onion. I'm sure it was fresh made but it was swimming in dressing. Less dressing and this might have been a tasty item. There are so many good restaurants in the area so I don't think we'll rush back.

  • Kyle B.

    Do NOT eat here! We ate here twice and this place is a tourist trap! First lunch we had here was ok. The food was nothing special but the prices matched the quality. We went back a few days later for dinner and two people at our table ordered the same stone crab claws that we ordered at lunch only a few days prior. They were $15 when we had them for lunch. The two people who ordered them for dinner were charged $40 each for only THREE claws which were served to them in a plastic boat! The price wasn't on the menu and the server didn't mention it. I expect dinner prices to be more than lunch prices, but come on! Then we decided to make sure that the price was correct since it was so much more than the lunch price and they tried to argue with us, saying that we would have paid $35 for lunch. WE HAVE THE was $15. Terrible service, greasy food, and touristy atmosphere. We will NOT be returning, especially since there are so many other great places in the area.

  • Nic W.

    Food was ok. Portions were small and the place smelled nasty. Service was mediocre. I cant say it was bad but I have no reason to waste my money at this place again.

  • Cindi A.

    Had crab cakes and didn't see any lump meat in there. Food was decent, service was good, the seafood counter in the front smelled of seafood...not a sign of fresh fish. Also, if stone crabs went out of season May 15th, why are they Still on the menu? Old or still harvesting outside of the season? If you're looking for fried seafood then, this is an option for you. However, if you're looking for a quality seafood dinner, try Casey Key Fish House or another seafood restaurant.

  • kristiana n.

    I am at a loss to understand how this place has gotten 5 stars from previous reviewers. Our dining experience was appalling. We went on a quiet Monday evening, about 7pm. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks and food from the bartender. I asked her about the ingredients in the crab cakes and she gave me attitude about having to go ask because, she stated, "I just came from the kitchen" and she didn't want to have to go back. The kitchen told her they didn't know if wheat was in the crab cakes and if I was allergic I should order something else. I assume this means they buy pre-made frozen crab cakes -- not exactly worth 19 bucks. I ordered the scallops and my husband ordered the soft-shell crab. Our salads were mediocre; iceburg, with dressing in a plastic to-go cup. The bartender gave us four squeeze bottles of gloppy mayonnaise-y sauces. Our food was brought out on giant plastic boats with no consideration for presentation. The hushpuppies were cold and my side dish of pickled beets were straight from a can. The scallops were okay; good texture, bland flavor. My husband was unimpressed with the crab and only finished half the meal. My second glass of wine was served with big blob of crusty sauce on the base of the wineglass. The bartender gave me a new glass, and then started pointing out how the dishwasher never gets lipstick off the glassware -- so I guess that means it's not really her fault?? I don't know. In the end, our tab was $100. For the price, it was one of the worst restaurant meals I've ever had. For what it's worth, I worked in the restaurant industry for years. I've been a server, and a bartender. I empathize with people working in the service industry and am not an uptight customer.

  • Kathleen O.

    Can't wait to have Red Snapper here in Sept. if it's available then. Their fresh catches of the day are incredible. I always order it grilled & it's always perfect. We don't mind that they need to serve in plastic boats due to Sarasota Co. Requirements. Makes it seem more Florida. We love the indoor bar & often dine right at the bar while seated on their over sized wooden arm chairs. No tippy bar stools inside. There is a tiki bar outside which often has music too. All in all, Cap't. eddies is a tradition. Highly recommend the Hog Fish too.

  • Genevieve B.

    Had dinner here after visiting the beach in Venice. Service was friendly but sporadic. Ice tea was not hand brewed but was okay. We got the raw oysters which were so fresh they still had green algae on the shells and alligator bites, both of which were very good. I ordered the grouper cheeks and fried oysters which were pretty good, but I had this sneaking suspicion that they were not ALL grouper cheeks, because some of the grouper were smaller more succulent pieces which I assume were the cheeks but others were bigger and more tough. The oysters were all good though. My sister got the hogfish which was good, but not really distinct from other fish to me. For dessert we got the key lime pie which was pretty good, though I wish it was more tart. The bill was pretty high, but it's seafood, and we ordered a lot. Overall I would recommend this restaurant.

  • Scott H.

    Great food! The only place we found on our trip to SW Florida that server alligator so we had to get some. The staff was friendly and the outdoor seating was great (especially since that was the last day of our trip without rain).

  • Candace D.

    Excellent service. Good food, good value.

  • Bob B.

    Excellent local seafood shack. Fast, friendly service. Great quality seafood, also fresh seafood retail counter. On US-41, Not on the water.

  • Jarett M.

    Blackened Snapper was awesome!! Best hush puppies I have ever had.. The shrimp were beautiful... Great Job Guys!!

  • Jim S.

    We've been going to Captain Eddies for about 20 years and have seen it grow from a simple, yet great, place to get incredibly fresh fish to it's current persona where it is trying to be a "nicer" restaurant/bar/tiki-bar. Thankfully, we are still finding the fish to be very fresh - I had the Hog Fish tonight (one of their unique Florida fish) and it was moist, firm, and tasted as good as it always did. I should mention that I have had Hog Fish there about 100 times in the last 20 years (maybe more) and only once did I get a questionable piece of fish. I mentioned it to the manager and he quickly gave me a new meal of Red Snapper - which was Excellent. Tonight we also had the Rock Shrimp - that was also excellent. We don't go there as often as we did 20 years ago, mainly because there are a lot of other choices in Nokomis/Venice, but we still stop for a fresh fish dinner or even an excellent hog fish sandwich - at least once a month!

  • IJules D.

    After driving by Captain Eddies for almost 7 years we finally stopped for lunch on a Saturday afternoon, the middle of August, one word...Dead! Not because of the place, no one is even here in our neck of the woods in August & September, most places close for 2-3 weeks for vacation! Captain Eddies was impeccably CLEAN! The cute newly renovated tiki bar outside looked like a great place to have a cocktail w/ some peel & eat shrimp & listen to the music, it was just a little to hot in August for that although some guys sitting the bar didn't seem to mind. We were seated inside in a adorable booth & catered to like we were royalty! We ordered Smoked Fish Spread (amber jack) Maryland Style Crab Cakes, made from (fresh blue crab claw meat and jumbo lump meat) & Fresh Gulf Grouper (fried or broiled) that came with 2 sides we had the Sweet Potato Raisin Casserole & Marinated Cucumber Salad. Everything was just as I expected, very tasty, very fresh & reasonably priced, I guess they have been in business for 29 years, that says something right there! I can't wait for our next batch of out of town guest......a great new place to take them! They have a fish counter & retail market that you can purchase from, fresh local fish, even whole key lime pie. There was a steady stream of traffic buying from the counter while we were eating. They say they are the Stone Crab Headquarters! Can't wait for October 15th to arrive! Note to room for Key Lime Pie next time.

  • Patricia H.

    This place was ok. The prices were good and portions generous but everything was fried. This is not a good place if you want something that's not fried.

  • Megan B.

    5 stars because I finally found a place that has good fish tacos! hip hip hooray! Had the tacos with hog fish and rock shrimp..yumm. other people of our party had stone crab (excellent) and snapper (excellent as well) This was our first time here, so I can't compare it to how it has been, but I thought the portion sizes were appropriate, service was friendly, drinks were STRONGG (yay!!), the place wasn't that busy at all on a saturday night, but it was good, stop by!

  • Howard B.

    This is an updated review. We've since been back to Captain Eddie's a few more times and have increased our rating due to the better meals we've had. It is really a good restaurant. The oysters are not farm raised and perfect, as were the stone crab claws. A bit pricy, but you get what you pay for.

  • Clifford J.

    Captain Eddie's just started serving breakfast this morning and I wanted to try it. I got up early to be down there right as they opened at 6:00 p.m.. The chef running this breakfast operation is the former Executive Chef at one of Venice's most famous and popular restaurants, the Crow's Nest. His culinary skills came through in not only the food preparation but the design of the breakfast menu as well. To my delight he offered low Country shrimp and grits with an excellent biscuit. It is the best example of this dish that I have sampled outside of Charleston, S.C. Others have this as a menu option in the Sarasota area but they miss the mark by a mile compared to this preparation. The breakfast menu is extensive and has all of the breakfast items that one would want. For Sunday Brunch they will be serving free bloody mary's until 12 noon. If you are in the Venice area and want a better breakfast than the normal "greasy spoon" breakfast options commonly found in Venice go to Captain Eddie's. They have stepped the breakfast experience up a notch.

  • Richard S.

    I found the staff to be friendly and professional. The meal was great and service fantastic.

  • Jamie F.

    Seafood seafood and more seafood, with lots and lots and lots of appealing options. I'm a vegetarian (former seafood freak!) so I was tagging along with a relative who is local and they were nice enough to let me assemble a bunch of sides (hush puppies, pasta salad, slaw, onion rings) and that was fine. The folks I was with who ate their really liked it. It all looked good to me. It was almost empty when we went, due to road construction directly in front of the restaurant, but I'm told it's usually packed and requires reservations. The carrot cake was also yummy.

  • Jeff H.

    I should start off by saying that I haven't been to Captain Eddie's since about 2003 so my review may be outdated (based on what Lana just posted, I may be right). However, I have good memories from this place. A good friend and I made this our regular stop after golfing in Englewood at our favorite course. I'm a weirdo when it comes to seafood, most people don't like it fried. I, however, love good fried seafood with a truckload of cocktail sauce (compliments the flavor, doesn't mask anything, in my opinion. I know I'm in the minority there.). Eddie's had plenty of good fried stuff served in a very casual atmosphere. I fear that may be a thing of the past with this place, based on Lana's review.

  • Joe Z.

    Classic FLA seafood. Indifferent wait staff Funky, redecorated interior, "new tiki bar, sort of

  • Lulu C.

    Ugh - wish Captain Eddie got scurvy and then died at the hands of cannibalistic pirates. Then he wouldn't be able to inflict this torture on us. I got lunch - the seafood basket: broiled shrimp (can also get fried) with 1 side (cole slaw), and 2 hush puppies. Got home, opened up my takeout container and was all like, hey dude where's my lunch?? There were maybe 8 pieces of small-medium sized shrimp, 2 hush puppies, 1 container of tartar sauce and 1 container of cocktail sauce. I mean, seriously, it was pathetic how little food there was. The shrimp was okay - not very good but not terrible. Who cares, there's just not enough. I tried to eat as much sauce as possible to fill up. Cole slaw was mediocre. Not tangy at all, not a lot of flavor, not crunchy. Just meh. The place was almost completely empty; now I know why. When I left, the owner thanked us for coming, said "thank you so much for coming, hope you come back, thank you for visiting us," in a kind of pathetic way. Again - now I know why. He must have been desperate. Had high hopes for this place based on Yelp reviews. Seriously, if you want a good, local, fresh, seafood lunch - do yourself a big favor and go to ROBBI'S REEF instead. Went for lunch yesterday - totally should've gone again today. Cpt. Eddie's = complete bomb, sad to have wasted a whole freaking meal on it during my short vacation.

  • The E.

    We(my wonderful husband) and I went with my parents our first night in Sarasota just recently. We loved it from the Hogfish that my husband had to the shrimp that I had. Yummmm-O. We can't wait to go again on our next trip. We did not think that the prices were bad and the wait staff was just fine. They were semi busy but I think that everyone was pleased. I know that the 4 of us were definitely pleased. We do recommend that you check it out.

  • Sabine S.

    Place changed owners so it doesn't look like a shack anymore. Very nice, casual place with nice outdoor bar. Very friendly and attentive servers, fast food service. We had Alligator bites, delicious, and Dozen fresh oysters, really fresh! And then we were disappointed: we ordered grouper, I had broiled, my son fried. Very, very bland. I tried adding some salt, didn't help. This fish was totally tasteless. As sides we had delicious coleslaw, cucumber and tomato salad was also very good. I'd go there again but would stay away from fish and eat shrimp or froglegs or stone crab claws.

  • Susan E.

    I enjoyed everything about this restaurant. Am looking forward to going again when I return to Nokomis.

  • Lana A.

    Years ago when we lived in Venice we used to trek to this place fairly often. Prices, portions and preparation were pretty much perfect back then. (How's that for alliteration?) During a recent visit, however, we were more than disappointed. I guess you can't go home again. Since the expansion of this restaurant's building, prices have increased dramatically and portions have gone down in size from adequate to meager. I presume the reason for this is that they're still paying for the bigger building. What cannot be explained away so easily is the fact that the seafood is no longer as well prepared as we found it to be just a year ago and the attitude of our waitress was unfriendly bordering on surly. We were sorely disappointed by both. When we made a trip here this summer we were initially surprised that Captain Eddie's wasn't crowded like it used to be. Even though it was the noon hour there was only one other couple in our half of the restaurant. After our meal, however, we were tempted to interview that other couple to see why the heck they showed up! If they, too, were visiting after a year or more's absence, what a sad loss of a good restaurant this was for all of us.

  • Jeff W.

    All I have to say is that if you like seafood, go there. Don't be put off by plastic boats the food comes in, the county won't allow them to have a commercial dishwasher. Get the hand picked oysters for the biggest oysters you ever had. Fish is so fresh that if it were any fresher, you'd have to slap it.

  • Bill G.

    Simple and nice seafood. It's been good for the past 30 years. Rock Shrimp are great if a little small? We eat here every time we're in Venice.

  • David B.

    Took the family to Captain Eddie's last night. Arrived around 7:00 and got a table right away. This place is very old-Florida and the food is excellent. All of the seafood was very, very fresh and the service was good. Will definately be going back.

  • Valerie B.

    Incredibly overpriced jumbo stone crab claws on the dinner menu!!! We ordered the large stone crabs claws the previous day at lunch for somewhere around $15.00 - $18.00 and went back the following evening and payed $40.00 for 3 stone crab CLAWS!!! It's not like these were Alaskan King crab legs or that this was a fine dinning establishment! I wouldn't even expect to pay that price for 3 claws at an upscale restaurant! When I questioned the waitress and the man I believe was the manager/owner to be sure we weren't accidentally overcharged all I got was attitude. We just bought a condo in Venice and were looking forward to possibly frequenting this establishment on future trips but will not be returning!

  • Sherri J.

    Tired greasy,flavorless and expensive. Use to be very good. Reviews sound self generated.


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Captain Eddie’s Family Seafood Restaurant

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