Vito’s Bakery Inc

3934 Curtiss Pkwy
Miami Springs, 33166
It could use a little updating on the inside but its as authentic as you can get here. My fiance and I go almost every morning to get a cortiditio, the ladys up front know us and know what we like and I really like that about this place. Its like they know us.
Best service ever . Everything is made fresh and delicious, the staff always remembers you and always received you with a smile. I recommend the tostadas, orange juice, pastelitos de carne, empanada de jamon y queso y la de pollo, and their pastry dessert are the best... Yumm yumm yumm
When the hotel breakfast just won't cut it this local gem is a must try! The staff entertained the obvious curious tourists. I'm smitten with cafecito now and plan to spend the next few days chasing them down all over town. The pastries are great, very fresh, and come in a wide variety.

(305) 871-6693

Bakeries, Desserts, Cuban

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Harvest Moon Gourmet Bistro

102 Curtiss Pkwy
Miami Springs, 33166
Though this place is only outdoor dining and can get a little warm. To me if they have fresh food, natural juices and fresh baked goods it's deserves 5 stars. We need more places like this. Great for lunch if you work in a stuffy office and want to get out and be in the open. Prices are reasonable for fresh food.
Absolutely love this granola little bistro! Everything is simple, delicious and fresh. I love the carrot, Apple, ginger juice! And the hummus sandwich on toasted multigrain. Also, the desserts are all fantastic only to be enjoyed at their outdoor covered eating area. Come check this lil gem out!!!
This place never disappoints! I have ate here over 30+ times (I work in the area) and every time the food has been delicious and fresh! The services is great as well! Yes, it's cash only but it's well worth it and they have an ATM on location. Definitely try their banana bread, the best I've had!

(305) 863-0707

Vegetarian, Sandwiches

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17 Westward Dr
Miami Springs, 33166
Excellent Service and Quality Food! Unfortunately, Maria P. wrote an untrue comment of AnaCapri Rest Miami Springs. And I want to clarify that Sunday not expect to sit because I visited with my family this restaurant almost every Sunday. Part of this Lady mention salads like mushrooms, not in the menu . I am a customer of this restaurant for quality and service they offer and I think you got the wrong place . What you mention of the waiters is uncertain because he or they do not get to customers as you say and do not offer wine. Excuse me , but I'm completely sure that you are mistaken Restaurant . Thank You, Good Day
What is not to love about this cozy, inviting restaurant. Right down the street from work I had been wanting to check it out. Last Friday I got off early. Yay perfect it's Friday I can drink wine and eat yummy food and not have to go back to work. My husband met me for late lunch. As soon as we walked in I loved the Italian decor. Beautiful pictures of Naples, cool wine wrought iron bikes on the wall filled with wine bottles. Then my favorite is the swirling iron staircase to the second floor. Oh what a pretty place. Our server was awesome from start to finish, never missing a beat. I rushed to look over the wine list and the bottle I wanted they were out of but the server suggested another good bottle I was familiar with. Nice wine list and reasonably priced. So all of their pasta dishes are $10 at lunch time. Keep in mind they do close at 3 and reopen for dinner. Our server did not rush us as we had gotten there around 2:15. He made us feel so welcomed. We started with Calamari that was so lightly breaded, fresh and cooked perfectly with marinara delicious sauce. I have not had such excellent calamari in a very long time. Then I ordered pasta Bolognese which was so good. Pasta was cooked perfectly. Hubby enjoyed his pasta dish as well. The sauce was just how I like, not sweet. Fresh ingredients, great prices, awesome service. Truly a fabulous Italian restaurant. Can't wait for many more visits. Grazie!!!!!
Everything is delicious here! I one of the specials mixed ravioli with Alfredo sauce. It came with meat, cheese, and Spanish, all of them were extremely delicious!! I came with my parents and grandma, they got veal Marsala, veal parmesan, and pasta carbonara. I sampled them all so I can tell you from experience they were amazing!!! You will not be disappointed when you come here!

(305) 863-2088


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Jr’s Gourmet Burgers

7 Westward Dr
Miami Springs, 33166
I really love this place! The price is just right. The food taste amazing! I have a toddler and he totally likes this place as well. Definitely a great place for kids. The Cuban Burger is my top favorite. The service is also good. I know this sounds a little odd, but male servers are the best here. I can't recall if there were any vegan options soooo don't bring vegetarian/vegan friends to this place. I could be wrong and will double check. Overall, an amazing burger place for family and friends!
Ordered my burger well done, got a charred dry burger. Friend ordered medium rare, got a well done burger with hints of pink right in the center. I know "well done" isn't the way to enjoy a burger in most people's minds, but if you can't do a well done burger without burning it, then you are not a good burger place. Friend has eaten here many times before and said it was good in the past, so maybe we went on an off day. Service was fair, very friendly staff.
I love this place. Small and quiet with delicious food and great service. I love all of their burgers, have tried about 4 different one's a few specials here and there too. Great craft beer selection. Best of all, great food, beer and your check comes without disappointment - everything is priced fairly.

(786) 360-5347

Burgers, American (Traditional)

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Crackers Casual Dining

78 Canal St
Miami Springs, 33166
Lately I've been finding quite a few hidden treasures in Miami Springs, Crackers now being one of them. I decided to stop here for lunch while in the area one Sunday afternoon and to my surprise this place was still offering brunch at one in the afternoon. The mimosas were $3. Yes, $3! Sadly, I had to resist being a lush and only had one. For brunch I ordered the eggs Benedict. Delicious! Not an overload of hollandaise sauce on the eggs like some restaurants like to pour on. I also tried the brisket hash. Phenomenal! The brisket was extremely tender and full of flavor. And because I had a little room left, I decided to order the fried bread pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. To die for! Even if you don't have enough room to squeeze in dessert, take a lap around the block and reopen your appetite for this heavenly,sweet dish. You won't regret it.
Bad experience, server was racist, No, Wait, it was more than racist, and first of all Im not confused, even my kids feel the same way, the server was super attentive with the other guests that they where what???? Americans. And if your servers are Cuban, teach them manners and how to look,dress and be clean, even her nails were dirty . It takes like 20 nooo 30 minutes for our food to come, and it was really bad, never again, Not recommended at all.
I love their whole menu I'm going to get fat. They only have breakfast on the weekends which breaks my heart because that my favorite meal of the day but they have amazing ribs and the chicken fried chicken and the fries with cheese and bacon !! So yummy but definitely go for breakfast

(786) 518-3268


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Treats Cafe of Miami Springs

261 Westward Dr
Miami Springs, 33166
Me and my family were there for the sunday brunch,today. The have a very good service and the people are nice and friendly. I ordered the Eggs Benedict that was awesome!The Valentini dessert was also delicius .My wife ordered the Buffalo wings and the experience was great!Our son tried the Will's nutella pancakes and is asking to come back for more!!!Thanks to Diego for the excellent attention!
Ok first I would like to say that the service and staff were great. Just based on the staff I hope this place gets it together. The food was another story. The food here is what I would call very Miami. I say that because it seems to be done with that quintessential "F*%# it" Miami attitude we have all grown accustomed to. I went in for their breakfast and had the eggs Benedict. First, the hollandaise sauce was awful. It was broken, had an off color, and had a sour taste. You would expect that someone who tasted sour sauce would say "hey we can't serve that" but no it's Miami so "f*%# it" give it to them just like that. Next, the Canadian bacon was not Canadian bacon it was just some thin deli ham. Next they toss some super bitter greens under the sauce with tomato, not sure why I guess that makes it healthy or something. And then the "coup de gràce" to finish me off, the poached eggs are really just hard boiled eggs, hard as a rock: "hey I think u over cooked that egg" yea but "f*%# it" just give it to them anyways. If anyone thinks I'm just one of those over demanding dbag yelpers just look at my previous reviews I have only given 1 star on one other occasion. However, in this instance it was warranted because that was by far the worse eggs Benedict I have ever had. Maybe they just had a bad day or something, but the food I got shouldn't have been served. Other people seem to really like this place and maybe their experience was better than mine, but based on the food I received this is my honest opinion.
The place has great service ! Nice people! However the menu items need a lot of work . I tried two of their popular breakfast dishes portobello delight and a sample of the eggs Benedict. The portobello delight was barely edible, the mushroom was sour, egg whites had no taste. I thought the mushroom was going to be cooked with the eggs which would have improved the flavor, but it's basically bland egg whites on a cap of mushroom. The eggs Benedict don't have real Canadian bacon , it's deli ham at its best (or a severely thin slice of Canadian bacon) they added greens to the eggs Benedict which butchered the flavor. The sauce , not buttery, at all . The place is so nice and so are the people, but I hope this honest review improves the food .

(305) 883-2233

Sandwiches, American (New)

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Tom’s NFL Club

5001 NW 36th St
Miami Springs, 33166
Very good wings and their churasco steak tacos are great!
Five star food, but 2-star (for slowness) service. I have eaten here several times and the food is consistently good. The burgers are really good, the shrimp Alfredo is excellent and they are known for the chicken wings. The staff is always friendly and professional, but the service is slow, slow, slow. If you are not on a timetable, this is a great place to eat.
Always have a great time. Food is always good too!

(305) 888-6022

Sports Bars, American (Traditional), Chicken Wings

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Woodys West End Tavern

600 Payne Dr
Miami Springs, 33166
So.... I was not going to write this review but I am still annoyed from last night so here goes. I am not a fan of eating establishments that separate families. Allow me to explain. I was out with a best girlfriend who is now a single mom with two absolutely wonderful well behaved children. She had mentioned legendary and local talent, Diane Ward would be performing at 7pm so I decided it would be a nice treat for her.... We dropped off her children to a friends house across the street...we ordered a bunch of apps which were ok for bar food. One of her boys is very protective of his mother, so he would intermittingly check in on her and stay about 10 mins at a time. Divorce affects kids in ways we have way to quantify. Our waitress BJ kept kicking him out telling us "children are not allowed on the patio". I was confused. I am pretty familiar with state laws but I had to inquire further in case I was rusty. Urban legend has it that once upon a time a family came and the children were throwing sand around so now all children are banned from the patio area.... What??!!!! The child came one last time to ask his mom something and the owner must have been notified because she stood at the door, arms folded and when she spotted him, she pointed her finger to him (evil school marm style) and motioned for him to come to her. Said child was upset and stormed off. This place discriminates against children. So that was strike #2 for me. #1 was when BJ asked us what I wanted to drink - we didn't have menus yet so I asked her about the house wine. She spewed out the varietals and said they were all the same, to which I responded "What' s your house wine"? She went OFF about how they are a neighborhood bar and only have one type blah blah blah (there is a HUGE difference between BV Coastal vs Gallo etc this would be akin to having absolut over skol in a well). Its not like i asked for a wine list. You can usually gauge the quality of the establishment over these little indicators.... This BJ is REALLY rough around the edges. For a minute I thought I was in a biker bar. Strike #3 came when I requested the upside pineapple cake (a Chudd delicacy not offered in many restaurants) - and requested ice cream over it. She went off AGAIN about how they are a bar blah blah blah. Now I am REALLY confused. I think it is me until another guest at our table (a regular) half heartedly mentions how they boycott ice cream too.... He was trying to make light of the situation. THEN I find out the other owner was involved in politics and now there is a lawsuit involved. Just too much drama in this place for me. Heres a tip owners: Add ice cream and offer it to kids.
It's been years since I've been back to Miami Springs. Had lunch with my brother at Woody's. I ordered the steak sandwich. It was good but small. Looks like a nice place for diner.
Have been here twice. Very much an out of the way place. If you don't know the area you will need your GPS. It's a large restaurant. Seat yourself. Wish they would post that so I wasn't standing around waiting for someone to stop and seat me. The beer selection is pretty nice. Everything tends to lean towards the hoppy side though. I settled on a nice beer called Betchy Brown ale after sampling a few. The waitress BJ is a pleasure and helped me make my decision. Got the jalapeno poppers to start. They were crispy and served with some sort of raspberry jam. Actually worked well together. Finished up the food with a veggie burger and French fries. Can't go wrong with these (most times!) It was hot, and tasty and the fries were nice and crisp. Great food. Great beer. Awesome servers.

(305) 882-1170

Beer, Wine & Spirits, American (New), Sports Bars

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52 Curtiss Pkwy
Miami Springs, 33166
One Star...Yes, One Star. With Starbucks being such a mainstream franchise, steeped in a tradition of consistency, I always expect at least a Two Star level of service. But after many, MANY visits to this location, the extremely slow service and below average consistency forces me to rate this location at 1.5 Stars. If you need coffee and are in the area...the location gets the job done, technically. But, the location of this Starbucks, if what drives sales...not the quality or service. I do Not recommend this location above others.
Super friendly baristas, and the closest place to the Miami Greyhound station to get a skinny vanilla latte! The line moved right along, even though the woman in front of me was ordering every froufrou drink on the menu! This was an easy, friendly stop on a busy day!
Sunday 7/6/14 at 4pm. 30 minutes to get a drink. Only 1 employee.

(305) 885-2296

Coffee & Tea

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Roman’s Pizzeria

391 N Royal Poinciana Blvd
Miami Springs, 33166
Great hidden pizza place in Miami Springs. I've been coming here pretty much my entire life. When ordering here you have to remember this is a mom and pop place not papa johns or dominoes. So If you want fast pizza delivery this is not the place. Jesus makes his own dough. I've had everything from the pizzas, subs, and pastas. Always good!!! Romans is the epitome of good comfort food.
Great find in miami springs. Real delicious simple NYC style pizza. Only accepts cash but worth every trip to the ATM.
Best pizza ever! Its tastes so much better than any other pizza, you can buy a couple slices of any full size pizza. They also have pastas, subs, & garlic bread made to order. Everything is very fresh & the owner is always right behind the counter. Awesome place!! Loveeee it.

(305) 884-3703


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