La Granja

6542 W Atlantic Blvd
Margate, 33063
La Granja means farm or barn, but it should mean Palace of Awesome Tasty Food:) Three reason why to go here folks; Grilled Chicken Breasts, Tostones, and Onions. By far they make one of the best killer grilled chicken breast topped with onions and cilantro. The chicken has a nice mojo taste ( not sure what the marinade is) and it packs a good flavor punch. They have the BEST Tostones in Broward, but the main star here is the onion bar. They have three or four selections of chopped onions mixed with either hot, BBQ, or garlic sauce. I like the hot one and I always pour it over my chicken and scoop it on my tostones. If you have a passion for onions, which feels weird to even type, lol you must try La Granja. I have been to four different locations, but I like this one the best. Remember to get the Chicken Breast Platter with a salad instead of rice with a side of Tostones and you can be like me for 20 minutes and yes it feels and tastes good to be me:) Remember to tell them Dan sent you and Stay Hungry!

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Spanish, Latin American

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Aunty Sue’s Roti To Go

2718 St Rd 7
Margate, 33063
With a lot of restaurants being closed on Sundays my husband and I found ourselves a gem in Aunty Sues. We ordered the bake and shark (AMAZING), bake and salt fish, doubles, and aloo (potato Dhal pouri) all of it made to order, delicious, and we'll portioned. Customer service: Kenny was amazing chatted with us the whole time. When he found out we where traveling back to Cali he packed our items and even gave us a reusable traveling bag. 5 star food, 5 star service. A must visit when in Fort Lauderdale.
How have I worked across the street from here and never noticed it until today?!?! Thank God for yelp! Got dhal puri, spinach and curry potato! All delicious, drowning in pepper sauce how I like it! Can't wait to go back and try the doubles! I don't normally eat meat, but everything smelled good in there and the meats someone else was eating looked yummy too! Try it out if you're in the area!
This the best tasting Trinidadian food in South Florida. Just came back from Trini and the food at Aunty Sue is as good and even better. We had the duck, chicken and goat curry all excellent.

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Shavedway Subs

4900 Atlantic Blvd,Ste 4
Margate, 33063
My husband and I love sub sandwiches and have been to loads of sub shops. We were in the area at Off the Wall trampolines and looked for nearby restaurants and the Yelp reviews were great so we decided to try it out. The subs at this shop surpass any we've had in the Miami, Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale areas. My husband ordered the Cuban sandwich and it was amazing just as you'll read in so many of the reviews. The meatball sub was also great but my absolute favorite was the steak sub. OMG! I'll be craving that for the next few months without a doubt. The 2 guys running the place were very nice as well and the place was very clean. Huge plus for me! My only regret is that they are so far from where I live but I know this is where I'll eat any time I'm in the neighborhood again. It is a must try!!!
I have passed by this place so many times I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to stop in. Yelpers have made it clear that this place is a hidden gem. I can not agree more. It's in a small strip mall on Atlantic Blvd. just south of Lyons on the south side of the road. The subs are made to order, no pre-cooked meat here like some places. I was having idle conversation with the patrons that were there, they had great things to say. I had already placed my order but the regulars said the Cuban was awesome. Check the pic. The owner really takes pride in his business. He is a humble guy and really appreciates every customer. He evens knows his regulars favorite subs. No commercial atmosphere here. Stop in, you will be happy you did. I'm going to be a regular. And since they do not advertise I'm happy to yelp the facts. Try it and you will be yelping you did.
Wow! I never knew this place existed until I looked at everyones Yelp reviews and decided if you all were giving it 5 stars I better come here and eat. Bill the owner took the time to explain everything on the menu to us. We decided upon the Cuban sandwich that everyone brags about and the meatball sandwich which is also one of their top sellers. The place is a really cool spot it's clean and bright and smells really good I love the little beach theme they have. I also got birch beer one of my favorites. My meatball sub was awesome. The sauce is homemade and as an Italian I say it IS REALLY good. Russells cuban is really unique the shaved pork makes it so tender and the whipped mayo really adds a special kick to it. I have never had a Cuban sandwich that tastes so delicious. Our subs were packed with meat. I love this place...expect an update frequently because it's my night off cooking new place!!! Thanks bill...we will be back.

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The Gem Eatery

1043 N State Rd 7
Margate, 33063
Excellent friendly service. Great atmosphere, Clean. Waiter had joyful servant heart & Owner came out to say welcome. First time And my friend & I said we will come back Monthly. Food was so delicious & nice presentation. Very reasonably priced & worth every penny.
Amazing food great service ! This place is so cute very clean a hidden gem for sure one of the best breakfast places I've tried in South Florida
This place is great! We had the tomato bisque, boneless buffalo wings, chicken cutlet salad with vinaigrette and watermelon, and a breakfast burger (egg, bacon and cheese). We ordered two items from the menu, which they were out of, however the cook and waitress went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with some substituted items. Owner run, small specials menu features the chicken cutlet described above, hickory baby back ribs, boneless ribeye, and shepards pie. Got the crepes and café con leche for dessert. Everything was excellent! We will definitely be back, once the owners return from vacation in two weeks (today is August 23rd).

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American (Traditional), Comfort Food

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Shalama’s Halal Roti Shop

1432 N State Rd 7
Margate, 33063
This is a really improbable place to have some of the best food in South Florida--but it has. The restaurant is a West Indian takeout with a few eat in tables. Plastic plates and utensils. The dishes served are primarily rotisserie; that is, wraps containing dhal (lentils or whatever) plus a chosen main ingredient like chicken or beef, folded together. The wrap (roti) seemed homemade to me, whole wheat, fresh, delicious. The stew (beef in my case, chicken in my wife's case) was sensational, spicy and flavorful while not TOO hot. This is a place for foodies. There is no atmosphere, no pretensions, just amazingly delicious West Indian versions of Indian food. There is a greater selection of dishes at lunch and on weekends.
Been here a few times, tried stew chicken, curry goat amongst others.... loved it... the owner is helpful and informative and answers my questions about food I've never seen or heard of .... totally recommend this place. Oh yeah, also had a double??? It's an amazing little sandwich with chickpeas and some other tasty bits... I WILL order more than one next time... awesome!
This is my favorite roti shop. The doubles are very tasty. The vegetable roti is great for vegetarians. As with most roti shops, it's not fancy. However, if you like curry you will be hooked.

(954) 977-6753

Caribbean, Indian

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Takote Chill n Go

8038 W Sample Rd
Margate, 33065
This place looks like a museum/restaurant. I think it's a very modern concept restaurant as their check out is done on modern electronics. All the design in here is very sleek and clean. They have two led screen tvs. They also have built in shadow box like display cases into the walls. The walls feature authentic Mexican food. I ordered guacamole from the appetizer section and the enchiladas from the entree section. We were promptly greeted and asked if we wanted to sit in or take out. I chose sit in and they came to my table to take my order. They are super quick with your order. I believe coming here for quick tacos was a very great decision. I spent a total of about $15 including Tip. Best taco I have ever had. Which sucks because I live an hour south.
A few updates after my review: 1.- The people working in here are as nice as they are slow it takes forever to prepare and deliver your food to the table. 2.- I ordered twice by phone, first time they forgot to prepare and pack an item of my order I had to come back to the restaurant. The second time I called to order some "tortas" after 20 minutes they called me back to tell me they don't have one ingredient to make my torta... After 20 minutes... Ridiculous!!! Food is good, personnel here need some training. I'm never coming back.
Small and clean, the artwork was bright and interesting. Tv broadcast in Spanish playing. A very small menu that looked good. Friendly lady took our order. There was one large party waiting for their order. We were just there to try a few tacos - not a full meal. We got a 3 taco plate. One pork, one chorizo and one nopales. It took forever! Probably 30-40 minutes to get 3 tiny tacos that took all of 2 minutes to eat. Pork ok, chorizo very tasty, nopales tasteless. I really wanted to like it. :(

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Premo’s Subs

3280 Nw 62nd Ave
Margate, 33063
I am a sucker for a good sandwich. So at 11:50am when my stomach is turning and the body is telling me feed me and I am no where near my usual spots what must I do.... I turn to Yelp, but of course!!! Premo's pops up, It's the closet thing to me so I give it a go and head on over. Upon arrival the restaurant was empty but no worries I saw them prepping for lunch. I asked for a Tuna Salad 6inch on Wheat. Nice size hoagie bun and all there veggies looked fresh. There's not much you can do to spice up a Tuna so I got created and added Cole slaw to by sandwich. Score!!! Not to many sub places have Cole slaw as there toppings. Added some Dirty Brand Maui Onion chips and a diet coke and my hunger was over. The gentleman making my sandwich used gloves" a must" and wasn't pinching pennies on the toppings either, this made for a large size 6inch sub. If in the area during lunch I will swing by again.
A solid four star turkey sub. Boar's head turkey sliced thin right in front of you...a good start. They have a choice of wheat or white sub roll, I went with white. It was very soft and obviously fresh. I opted for mayo, which they spread liberally making sure to cover both side of the bread. There were quite a few choices of toppings, I went with my usual lettuce, tomato, and pickle. My only complaint here is that the pickles could have been sliced thinner and the lettuce wasn't shredded as finely as I liked (I know, I'm ridiculous). Service was excellent and very quick and the shop, although relatively small, was very well kept. Large subs were about $8 each, so about on par with other sub shops...and the large sub is easily two meals..I just happened to only space my two meals apart by about 20 minutes...don't judge. Their menu is quite large with many hot sandwich choices as well, so I will definitely be back to expand on my experience.
Good old fashioned NYC Deli food without the NY attitude or the prices. The girls from my office are going to have to go into rehab, we order from here at least three times a week. I was so glad to hear that they opened another location in Coral Springs. This is a must not miss restaurant. Super clean with outside seating and the staff is super friendly. The subs are on that yummy soft bread that melts in your mouth. But my favorite is the Brooklyn Melt Sandwich corned beef, coleslaw, melted swiss, russian dressing grilled on new york rye bread. Nom. Nom. Nom.

(954) 979-4392

Cafes, Delis, Cheesesteaks

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Galuppi’s On The Go

4976 W Atlantic Blvd
Margate, 33063
This Sub was delicious. Surely one of the best and freshest I have had including in Dallas, TX. If you are a hungry Bear fan you will probably not be after this.
Great subs, soups, and salads. Lots of toppings, meat sliced to order, nice staff. Eat in, take out, and delivery. 12' sub is a monster! Yum!
They cut you deli meat fresh to order, their subs are overstuffed and very very yummy, nice vibby place to sit at surf the net, I would recommend the Roast Beef Wow.

(954) 942-1122

Salad, Sandwiches, Soup

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La Granja Restaurant

6590 W Atlantic Blvd
Margate, 33063
You just can't go wrong with this place! Big portions and low prices!! To top it off the food taste delicious!!! The yellow rice is to die for!! No matter what you get, grilled steak or chicken this place will never disappoint!! Whenever I have family come from out of town, I bring them here!!
O....M....G! I'm mean seriously? ! My husband and i are totally in love with just the first bite! (And each other of course ) . The food is absolutely tasty for our taste and with BIG portions. Being that we are both from the Caribbean, the flavors were just right. It had a very familiar flavor that we were accustomed to traditional Caribbean get togethers .They have great prices, and really nice people . Also they serve beer, which is nice when you wanna chow down and finish it off with a cold one! nice atmosphere as well to dine in. Since I've moved to Florida, this is definitely my most favorite ! Sad to say, i think i may like it just as much, and plus alittle more, than my beloved, pio pio . Definitely going back!
Fast casual food done right! This place makes homestyle latin-fusion food like you've never had before. Used to be a taco bell, you can still see it in the layout. But you would swear this is NOT fast food. Forget Pollo Tropical with their puny chickens and dried up beans. They are still serving the same as they always have here. Chicken, steak, seafood. The fresh sauces add a great flavor to your meal. If your in the area, come to this branch as it is better than the one over on 441. You won't be disappointed.

(954) 970-8500

Latin American

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Luckie’s Cafe

5828 W Atlantic Blvd
Margate, 33063
I love this place. It's my go to breakfast spot. I always get the same thing, should probably try something new, eh! haha. Maria is so nice and even remembers how I like my eggs. She makes me feel right at home. Everyone there is friendly, the food is great and reasonably priced. Good specials every day. Definitely recommended!
Yum yum yum! I just had the roast beef reminds me of Mom's, we also had the gyro platter, everything was delish! This is now a new favorite!
Large portions for the hungry! Friendly staff call Maria used to be at the Peachtree Café

(954) 970-3322


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